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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"




Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801



Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487


Total Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001


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Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died


Madeline Albright: Is The Price Worth It?





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Watch the Full Film: The Israel Lobby Didn’t Want You To See

Obey: The Routine Of Obedience

"This film was absolutely WONDERFUL! It is inspiring and maddening"

Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

"I Am An American Indian Patriot"

"We live in a prisoner of war camp, that's why they call it a reservation"

A Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

The Power of Nightmares

By Adam Curtis

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

“How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem”,
  “I simply got tired of western mainstream media presenting the Palestinian-Israeli issue as being complex."

Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths

"If Anybody here, came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

"Political Fraud"

Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Lifting the Veil:
Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”.

Surviving Progress

The film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

A brief and crucial history of the United States

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever......?

Scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom.

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces...
As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

The Power Principle

Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Managing Public Perception - Psywar

The real battlefield is your mind.

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Why We Fight

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

Norman Finkelstein: American Radical

Probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein

Stop the Machine!!!!!:
A brief and crucial history of the United States.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government

Lives In The Balance : Jackson Browne

"You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know that you've seen it before
Where a government lies to a people
And a country is drifting to war "

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

How money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but an entire government.

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel
The Fourth World War

Documentary of radical resistance to global capitalism

The Israel Lobby

Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so?

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

The story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein wouldn't be a great idea.

Poison DUst

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

John Pilger: Truth Game

The worldwide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race is scrutinised.

The Road To Guantanamo

Three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there


"I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees":

A prisoner of the "war on terror" disturbing allegations of mistreatment and murder.

Global Dimming

It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon.

 An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's Documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming


America Freedom to Fascism

Startling facts about our laws, raising critical issues that Americans must consider if they are to be a free people.


Despotism & Democracy : Video

Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Impeachment Report Alleges Trump Solicited Foreign Election Interference
By Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee
Democrats on Tuesday released a 300-page impeachment report asserting that President Trump abused his power . - Continue


Iraqis rise up against 16 years of 'made in the USA' corruption
By Nicolas J S Davies
The bloody handprints of US officials and their Iraqi puppets are all over this crisis and should stand as a dire warning to Americans. - Continue


Could The U.S. Survive a Truth Commission?
By Charles Hugh Smith
There is precious little evidence that a Truth Commission in the U.S. would be aimed at one goal: protecting the powerful from the consequences of their decisions and actions. - Continue


Hong Kong Unmasked
Hong Kong’s protest movement continues to rage. But what’s really fueling the chaos? - Continue


Violence and the State
By Craig Murray
There is every moral right to employ violence against the state. - Continue




Syria: 136 killed in three-day battle in Idlib, NGO

Turkish shelling in Syria leaves eight children among eleven reported killed

More than 9 civilians killed, 16 injured in terrorist attack on Tal Rifaat in Aleppo countryside

2 Turkish soldiers killed in terrorist attacks

Child killed, others injured by terrorist shelling on Aleppo countryside

Tucker Carlson on New Evidence Calling Into Question Assad's Role in 2018 Chemical Attack

UAE hails ‘wise leadership’ of Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad

Three protesters killed as Iraqi PM submits resignation

43 Iraqi police officers will be prosecuted over the deaths of anti-government protesters

Sadr's bloc calls for travel ban, trials for Iraqi officials involved in 'massacre of protesters'

Iran Still Selling Oil Despite US Sanctions

Tehran Wants to Sue US $130bln for Civil Unrest in Iran - Court Authorities

'Rioters' shot and killed at protests, Iran admits for first time

Yemen: Child killed, 4 others wounded in coalition’s bombing on Hodeidah

German court annuls de facto armoured vehicles export ban to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia becomes first Arab nation to head G20 despite human rights concerns

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli occupation forces, near Hebron settlements

New details on covert Israeli operation in Gaza revealed

Netanyahu, Trump Discuss ‘Opportunity’ to Seize Jordan Valley

Proof Zionist Israel Supports 'Good Neighbor' Terrorism: Western neocons have allied for almost a century to deploy brutal mercenaries, such as Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and ISIS, for the ultimate goal of creating a global Greater Israel.

The Story of Daher Al-Umar Undermines Israel’s Own Origin Story


20 'terrorists' and three Burkina troops killed in double attack

16 killed in Libya air attack – and its mostly children, women

Libya: UAE drones strike house in Murzuq, killing 11, incl 9 children

Militants kill 3 troops at LNA checkpoint

UN condemns Haftar airstrikes on civilians in Libya

Anti-UN Protests in DR Congo Kill One, Wound Five


4 activists killed in Afghanistan

Two killed, Nine hurt in Pak shelling

Confronting the ugly legacy of military prostitution in South Korea

Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests?

China's schoolchildren are now the smartest in the world


NATO expansion towards Russian borders ‘one of the potential threats’ to us but Moscow is ready to talk – Putin

Gorbachev warns of 'hot war' between US, Russia: A new cold war, might turn out to be a hot war that could mean the destruction of our entire civilization

Yes, Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election

Note to Trump: China Is Considering Buying More Russian Su-35 Jet Fighters

Trump blasts Macron over ‘brain dead’ Nato remarks: US president calls French leader’s comments ‘nasty’ and says Paris could leave alliance.

Trump, Macron hold tense meeting: 'Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?

US vows 100% tariffs on French Champagne, cheese, etc.

France Vows Retaliation Over $2.4 Billion U.S. Tariff Threat.

Germans In Favor Of 'Reducing Reliance' On US

UK election: Health secretary booed at hustings for attacking Jeremy Corbyn's 'antisemitic attitude'

In its election coverage, the BBC has let down the people who believe in it: The corporation, admired around the world, has been behaving in a way that favours the Tories

British newspapers’ attacks on Labour have intensified while Tories continue to get positive coverage, study finds

PM to downplay ties to Donald Trump amid claims of 'NHS sell-off'

Nato Secretary General responds to Scottish Government's desire to scrap nuclear weapons


Watch: Who spied on Julian Assange?

Assange to Testify on Being Recorded in Embassy in London: Recordings have emerged of private conversations that Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder

CIA spying on Assange’s lawyers exposes criminal operation against WikiLeaks founder

Australian MPs to visit jailed WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange in London:

US efforts to extradite Julian Assange akin to rendition, WikiLeaks editor says


CIA opp? US Marine charged with illegally flying guns into Haiti

Trump just slapped tariffs on Brazil and Argentina to try and dig himself out of a problem he created

‘A pretty strong betrayal’: Brazil’s Bolsonaro joins other leaders in learning that a good personal relationship with Trump has its limits

Deutsche Bank must turn over Trump’s financial records to Congress, Appeals Court rules

3.7 Million Americans Would Lose Food Stamps Under Trump Administration Rules: Study

Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential election race

Obama spearheads campaign against Sanders’ nomination as Democratic presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton Still Refuses to Rule Out Running For President

How Biden helped create the student debt problem he now promises to fix

Huawei plans to shift research center to Canada from U.S.

47 Percent Of GDP – This Is Definitely The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History

75% Of Millennials May Never Be Able To Afford Owning A House

State DMVs Making Millions Off Selling Personal Information Drivers are Required to Provide

December 02, 2019

As The OPCW Is Accused Of False Reporting U.S. Propaganda Jumps To Its Help
By Moon Of Alabama
An international organization published two false reports and got caught in the act. - Continue


Trump Was Right: NATO Should Be Obsolete
By Medea Benjamin
Instead of preventing war, it promotes militarism, exacerbates global tensions and makes war more likely. - Continue


What’s next for Bolivia after military coup?
By Reese Erlich
Morales was the glue that held everything together. - Continue


Empire, Intervention, and the Intentional Sacrifice of U.S. Soldiers
By Jacob G. Hornberger
The turn toward empire and intervention began with the Spanish American War. - Continue


American Exceptionalism Is Killing the Planet
By William J. Astore
We need to stop idealizing war and idolizing its so-called warriors. - Continue


What Would It Cost to Buy the 2020 Election?
By Sam Pizzigati
America’s wealthiest billionaires buy a national election at $100 a vote — and still make money. - Continue


The New 'Black Codes'
By Chris Hedges
The police forces in impoverished urban communities, empowered to harass and kill largely at will, are the principal tools for the social control of the poor. - Continue




70 killed in violent clashes between Syrian government forces and militant groups in Idlib despite ceasefire

Eight children among 9 killed in Turkish shelling on north Syria

Watch": Syria's Bashar al-Assad: US ALWAYS Loots Other Countries

Watch; Former Yazidi slave confronts her ISIS rapist on Iraqi TV

4 Hashd Shaabi members killed in IS attack in eastern Iraq

Iraqi protesters vow to overthrow entire political elite

Yemen war: Eight killed in air strike near Kitaf hospital

Corbyn would stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen if elected

Hamas: Palestinians entitled to defending homeland, by ‘armed struggle’

Israel: Corruption charges case against Netanyahu includes billionaire witnesses

Microsoft Funds Facial Recognition Technology Secretly Tested on Palestinians

Trump administration quietly releases Lebanon military aid


At Least 14 People Killed in Burkina Faso Church Attack

Airstrikes in Libya kill 14 children in 72 hours

Heavy gunfire erupts as DR Congo's anti-UN protests continue

The hidden costs of US airstrikes in Somalia : This unjust killing of innocent people, should caution US policymakers.


US kills Afghan civilians including woman who had just given birth, officials say

2 intelligence officials killed in ambush in Afghan capital

2 Pak army officers among 4 killed in Indian retaliation on LoC

Watch: Hong Kong protestors beat a guy unconscious

China suspends US army's Hong Kong visits in response to new law

China No Longer Needs US Parts in its Phones


Russia, China launch massive gas pipeline

US primes NATO to confront Russia, China: Over $100 billion is expected to be added to the member states’ defence budgets by end-2020.

'I Don’t Trust Anyone at All.' Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Speaks Out on Trump, Putin and a Divided Europe


John Pilger describes visiting Assange in Belmarsh: "When we greet each other, I can feel his ribs" -

Spanish judge to question Julian Assange over Ecuador embassy spying claims

Watch: Britain today, where more than 4 million children are growing up in poverty.

Climate disasters have forced more than 20 million people a year to flee homes


Trump Hits Argentina and Brazil With New Tariffs

Bolivia to Hold New General Elections in March 2020

Bolivia": Hatred of the Indian: The role of racial hatred in motivating the coup which forced him and President Evo Morales out of office and into exile

US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

Trump, lawyers won’t participate in upcoming impeachment hearing

Democrats seek to redefine crimes to reframe the Trump impeachment

Bloomberg’s Awful Foreign Policy: Bloomberg supported perhaps the most dishonest, justification for the war: that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Lawmakers Admit Lobbyists Helped Them Write Attacks on Medicare for All

US Gov’t Created Fake University to Lure Int’l Students, Arrest Them

63 Percent Of All U.S. Jobs Created Since 1990 Have Been Low Wage Jobs

Millions of Americans Are Living in Third-World Conditions

December 01, 2019

I talked to everybody I could in Syria, That's how you find out the truth
By Robert Fisk
Half the Syrian soldiers I’ve interviewed have later been killed. - Continue


March of the Uyghurs
By Andre Vltchek
Again, The West Tries to Destroy China, Using Religion and Terror. - Continue


Epstein Tapes? Sordid Case Takes A Bizarre Turn After Mystery 'Hacker' Emerges
By Tyler Durden
Did America’s best-connected sexual predator accumulate incriminating videos of powerful men? - Continue


Donald Trump, Democratic Dictator
By Jacob G. Hornberger
Did you ever think live in a country where the ruler could issue orders to private individuals, as though they were in the army? - Continue


Say No to Bloomberg
By Margaret Kimberley
Bloomberg says he wants to stop Donald Trump but he’s really running to stop Bernie Sanders. - Continue



Iraqi families mourn their dead after 52 people were killed during protests.

Iraqi demonstrators continue fiery protests following prime minister’s resignation

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric condemns anti-protester violence, 'vandals'

Ayatollah Sistani warns of enemy plot seeking to create civil strife, bring back 'era of dictatorship'

Explosion kills, wounds 13 in N Syria

Syrian Military Bombs Oil Smuggling Infrastructure In Turkish-Occupied Areas, War Report

Watch: Tucker Carlson: New Evidence Shows Syria's Assad May Have Been Falsely Blamed for 2018 Chemical Attack

Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog's report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored

Caitlin Johnstone: Understand The OPCW Scandal In Seven Minutes

Saudi-Backed Militants’ Shelling Kills 6 Civilians in Yemen’s Sa’ada, Hudaydah

Saudi, Sudanese soldiers killed, wounded by Yemeni army

6 more EU nations defy sanctions bypass device INSTEX & urge saving Iran nuclear deal

US Enraged After 6 More EU Nations Join INSTEX To Bypass Iran Sanctions

Apartheid: Israel needs to attack Iran in Syria to force them out: MoD

Israel attacks Hamas targets in Gaza

Israel to DOUBLE Jewish population in Occupied

West Bank’s Hebron

Israel's drone industry becomes global force

Jerusalem Post admits it has no evidence for shocking anti-Semitism claim

The US is working to turn Lebanon’s anti-corruption protests against Hezbollah

Germany denies plans to impose total ban on Hezbollah

Erdogan announces Turkey-Russia gas pipeline TurkStream will be launched on January 8

Turkey refusing to sign NATO defense plan for the Baltics

Macron is in a state of 'brain death', Erdogan says


DR Congo buries 27 massacre victims as anger mounts

UAE-backed drone strike kills entire family in south Libya

Russia seeks release of its citizens captured in Libya

New UAE arms to renegade Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar

Burkina Faso armed forces kill extremist leader, 5 others

Southern Africa’s deadly drought leaving millions hungry

The Secret War in Africa: The United States and NATO operate the largest military infrastructure in Africa with thirty-four bases (some secret) and thirty new US military or NATO construction projects underway in Africa

Anatomy of a Bribe: A deep dive into an underworld of corruption: Al Jazeera investigation into the corrupt power brokers defrauding the Namibian people.


Over 2 dozen militants killed, 31 IS fighters surrender in Afghanistan

Drone Strike Kills at Least 6 Civilians

8 killed in India-Pakistan fighting amid high tensions

Arundhati Roy: It’s Hard to Communicate the Scale and the Shape of This Shadow Taking India Over

Hong Kong: The real reasons & instigators behind anti-Beijing riots


Putin, Xi Jinping to give start to Russian gas supplies to China on December 2

Turk Stream gas pipeline launch scheduled for January 8 in Istanbul - Erdogan

The missile was fired from a MiG-31K supersonic interceptor aircraft, which NATO calls ‘Foxhound.’ Kinzhal “reached the speed of Mach 10 (over 12,000kph),”

London Bridge Terror Attack: 2 Dead, Cops Shoot Knife-Wielding Man

Suspect in attack had served time for terrorism

UK PM Johnson implores Trump: please avoid the election

American Healthcare’s Coming to Britain to Make a Killing. Brits Don’t Know What’s About to Hit Them.

BBC host slams BoJo as PM reveals 74 convicted terrorists roaming UK streets

Watch: Boris Johnson tries to pretend the Conservatives haven’t been in power for the last ten years

I'm not going to say how many children I have: UK PM Johnson

Boris Johnson Has 22% Chance of Losing Seat, Bookmaker Says

Theresa May under fire after unveiling statue of ‘Nazi-sympathising’ MP


Pamela Anderson reveals threats made to her and Julian Assange by Belmarsh Prison: How the maximum security conditions being inflicted on Julian, a non-violent political prisoner on remand, are being used to try and break him.

Spanish judge allow to question Julian Assange over Ecuador embassy spying claims: Security firm allegedly sent illegally obtained material to the CIA

Watch: Julian Assange Free the Truth John Pilger: John Pilger describes his HMP Belmarsh visit to Julian Assange earlier today.

Spanish firm accused of spying on Assange, boasted of US intelligence ties

Google Secretly Harvests the Health Data of Millions

Watch: Total global surveillance? Discussion with Sarah Harrison and Jacob Appelbaum


Evidence talks: U.S. government propelled coup in Bolivia

Maduro Says US, Colombia Prepare Provocation, Mobilises Venezuelan Army

Russian state oil major Rosneft has become the main trader of Venezuelan crude oil.

UN: Unnecessary and Disproportionate Repression in Ecuador

VIDEO: Protests in front of USEmbassy on outskirts of Haiti's capital... "Down with the Occupation! Down with #Imperialism!

US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World’s Dictatorships

Mexico registers record number of homicides

Mexico rejects US intervention after Trump outlines drug cartel plan

Trump plan to label Mexico cartels as terror groups defies logic, experts say

Donald Trump to use the Patriot Act to detain a US Resident FOREVER without charge

Trump to decide if he wants lawyers at impeachment hearings

Trump bypasses Congress to give US$20 billion to farmers hurting from US-China trade war

Watch: Bloomberg: Raising Taxes on Poor People is a “Good Thing.”

You Must Never Vote for Bloomberg; His expansion of the notoriously racist stop-and-frisk program is a complete and nonnegotiable deal breaker.

World's Highest Rate of Child Detention Under Obama

Obama Takes the Field and Hillary May be Around the Corner

Poll: Majority of Republicans say Trump better president than Lincoln

Trump seeks to slash $8.5 billion from Education Department budget

Warren Wealth Tax Has Wide Support, Except Among One Group

Tulsi Gabbard: Wake Up and Smell Our $6.4 Trillion Wars: The bipartisan War Party has done its best to wreck America and plenty of other nations too.

Gabbard Accuses ‘Arbitrary’ DNC of Rejecting Poll From Accepted Pollster

Former President of Poland says Hunter Biden DID get on the board of Ukrainian energy firm thanks to dad

Hunter Biden demands his financial records are kept SECRET by court in child support suit following claims of significant debts -

Jeffrey Epstein, Blackmail and a Lucrative ‘Hot List’: A shadowy hacker claimed to have the financier’s sex tapes. Two top lawyers wondered: What would the men in those videos pay to keep them secret?

2 powerful lawyers reportedly planned to use videos of Epstein associates to rake in millions — but it appears they were duped

Nation That Says It Can't Afford Medicare for All Has Spent $5.6 Trillion on War Since 9/11

United States has the highest child detention rate in the world

Watch: Black Friday Freakouts 2019

November 29/30, 2019

Henry Kissinger Gets It... US ‘Exceptionalism’ Is Over
The United States must recognize the reality of China as an equal. - Continue


Visiting Britain’s political prisoner
By John Pilger
Julian sat alone, his fist clenched and held high. - Continue


Bolivian Coup and Indian Wars on Thanksgiving
By Finian Cunningham
The Bolivian oligarchs and their supporters espouse a rightwing Christian fundamentalism which disparages the indigenous culture as pagan. - Continue


Bolivia restores relations with Israel
Morales cut off relations with Israel in 2008 after an Israeli attack on occupied Gaza. He also classified Israel as a terrorist nation. - Continue


The contract on Corbyn
By Gideon Levy
Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. His real sin is to fight against injustice in the world, including the version Israel perpetrates. - Continue


Chief Rabbi Mirvis is helping stoke antisemitism
By Jonathan Cook
Our most prized rights, such as free speech, are being eroded and subverted to "protect" Israel. - Continue


New Study: "Russian Trolls" Did Not "Sow Discord" - They Influenced No One
By Moon Of Alabama
The U.S. intelligence agencies pretended that the commercial Internet Research Agency was a political agency. - Continue



Iraq unrest: Nearly 40 killed in fresh wave of protests

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Announces Resignation

Huthi prisoners freed in Saudi Arabia, flown to Yemen

African migrants among 20 civilians killed in attacks on Yemen

Yemeni forces down Saudi Apache helicopter

Turkey says 2 soldiers killed near Syria border

Call for NATO to 'get own house in order' over Syria attacks: NATO member states Turkey and the USA - as well as the UK and France - have been responsible for possible war crimes in Syria.

White Helmets Whitewash: founder's death, OPCW scandal lift mask on al-Qaeda's ally in Syria

Syria and Iran, signs key reconstruction deal

Report: Germany to outlaw Hezbollah terror group next week

Turkey stalls NATO's Russia "defense" plans for eastern Europe

Israeli occupation force troops kill Palestinian teen at Gaza protest

Israeli bulldozers killed a man as they demolished Palestinian homes in the West Bank

Israel bombs some Gaza "targets" without checking for civilians in real time

The Systematic Torture of Palestinians in Israeli Detention

Is Michael Bloomberg, good for Israel? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would be “problematic” for Israel. Joe Biden is a friend of Israel, but he is an “American politician” and there are questions as to what motivated that support.


30 Boko Haram Terrorists killed in air strikes – NAF

Three killed in Burkina Faso attack

East Libyan Warplanes Attack Chadian Forces Near Southwest Oilfields: LNA Official

Turkey inks military deal with Libyan govt


16 killed in 2 separate attacks in Afghanistan

Eight children among 15 civilians killed in landmine explosion in Afghanistan

Taliban says 'way too early' to resume peace talks with US

North Korea's Thanksgiving Day test shows improving speed for missile crews

China threatens to take ‘strong counter-measures’ against US after Hong Kong bill signings

Hong Kong police find almost 4,000 petrol bombs on campus


London Bridge attack: two members of public killed and police shoot suspect dead – live updates

Leaked papers prove Tories want to sell off NHS, claims Corbyn

Israel could halt intelligence cooperation with UK if Jeremy Corbyn wins election, Benjamin Netanyahu suggests

Boris Johnson Called Children Of Single Mothers 'Ill-Raised, Ignorant, Aggressive And Illegitimate'

Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for racist 'burka' comments

Macron Defends His 'Brain-Dead' Remark for NATO After Holding Talks With Chief


Why Trump’s Drone War Shows He Wants American Global Supremacy: While Donald Trump has been eager to keep in place, its worldwide military presence and near-constant use of lethal force.

Watch: Assange’s father takes part in public hearing on son’s case and freedom of the press


Lula da Silva: “Bolsonaro’s government poses a great risk for Brazil”

Chilean President Rejected by 84% of the Population

Martinez Concedes Uruguayan Presidency to Right-Wing Candidate

Operation Condor 2.0: After Bolivia coup, Trump dubs Nicaragua ‘national security threat’ and targets Mexico

Trump Is First to Use PATRIOT Act to Detain a Man Forever

Is Michael Bloomberg, good for Israel? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would be “problematic” for Israel. Joe Biden is a friend of Israel, but he is an “American politician” and there are questions as to what motivated that support.

Brookings Institution study finds a staggering 44 percent of US workers earn low wages


November 27/28, 2019

Senior Religious 'Leader Interferes In UK Election
By ICH & Agencies
Corbyn: 'We will recognise a Palestinian state when we take office' - Continue


The Antisemitic Card
By Finian Cunningham
The antisemitic card is played to shield Israel from criticism - Continue


Washington, the Cesspool of the World, Will Never Rat on Itself
By Paul Craig Roberts
There was no reason for Epstein to kill himself. He had so much dirt on the Western political elite that he was murdered. - Continue


Clinton Foundation: 'Vehicle to Transform Once Broke Family Into Mega-Multi-Millionaires' – Analyst
By Ekaterina Blinova
The Clinton Foundation's donations have plummeted by $49.6 million since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election prompting the "pay to play" debate. - Continue


The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings
By Ron Paul
The permanent government will not allow a change in our aggressive interventionist foreign policy, particularly when it comes to Russia. - Continue


State Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption
By Tyler Durden
US State Department releases detailed accusations of corruption against the Bidens. - Continue


Impeach the Government: Rogue Agencies Have Been Abusing Their Powers for Decades
By John W. Whitehead
This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls. - Continue


American Exceptionalism Driving World to War – John Pilger
By Finian Cunningham
It’s the spawn of the most rapacious ideology on earth: Americanism. - Continue


Medical doctors seriously concerned "Mr Assange could die in prison"
Open Letter From Sixty Doctors
"We have serious concerns about Mr Assange’s fitness to stand trial in February" - Continue



Syria: Car bomb kills at least 17 civilians in northern Syria

Report: 7 killed in shelling in Syrian government liberated city

Syria: Car bomb kills 2 civilians in Azaz, injures 3

Serian Government Forces Liberate More Areas In Southern Idlib

Russia warns Syrian Kurds against relying on U.S. support

OPCW management accused of doctoring Syrian chemical weapons report

Tucker Carlson Claims There's 'No Evidence' Assad Was Behind Deadly Chemical Attack in Syria

Six protesters killed amid violence in Baghdad, south Iraq

Officials: Iraq protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf

Iraq media regulator orders closure of 12 broadcast news outlets

Iran Thwarted An Enemy Attack On Oil Assets

Propaganda alert: Iran considered striking US bases before deciding on Saudi Arabian oil fields, officials claim

Saudi crown prince visits UAE amid push to end Yemen war

Saudi behind murder of ex-Yemeni president?

Turkish paper: CIA had recording of Saudi prince demanding Khashoggi be 'silenced'

Lebanon: Hariri says will not be next PM

Hezbollah rejects US position on Lebanese government formation

Palestine threatens to sever relations with US after U-turn on Israeli settlements

‘Israel has lost even pretense of respect for international law’ – expelled HRW official

A small victory for free speech on Israel : “Why bring up anti-Semitism and not Islamophobia, white supremacy and other serious forms of racism?"

UK Labour Party would suspend arms to Israel and Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Philip Weiss: The root cause of the conflict is the Israel lobby

How the hand of Israeli spy tech reaches deep into our lives


DR Congo: At least 19 killed in new rebel attack near Beni

At least eight civilians killed after rebel attack, as angry demonstrators storm UN camp in DRC after deadly attack

Democratic Republic of Congo: Government and UN forces must halt wave of killings in Beni

Libyan National Army Captures El Feel Oil Field

US officials meet with Libya warlord Khalifa Haftar to end Tripoli offensive


Eight children among 15 civilians killed by mine in Afghanistan: govt

US-Led Coalition Kills 9 Civilians In Afghanistan

Rights group: Afghans jailed after exposing pedophile ring

2 civilians killed in militant attack on Kashmir’s Anantnag district

India consul general in United States calls for 'Israeli model' in Kashmir


Huawei affair: German 'insult' on spying angers US: The US ambassador to Berlin has criticised German Economy Minister for suggesting a parallel between Chinese and US spying.

Germans are deeply worried about U.S. alliance

What could a Bernie Sanders victory mean for Palestine? President Sanders could transform foreign policy in a way that would begin to dismantle US imperialism.

Secret documents show NHS for sale in Trump Brexit trade talks: Corbyn

In case you missed it: U.S. told to stay out of British politics as Pompeo wades into Labour's anti-Semitism row

Sowing fear: UK chief rabbi: What will be the fate of Jews if Labour ‘poison’ comes to power?

The Antisemitism Controversy; Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have been subjected to an outrageous campaign of scurrilous smears.

Antisemitism claims have one goal: To stop Jeremy Corbyn winning power

The knives are out: British Secret Services attack Jeremy Corbyn:


‘Sacred right to suck up to power’: Pilger blasts ‘cruel’ media coverage of Julian Assang

Exclusive: Doctor who signed Assange petition speaks out

Watch: Julian Assange Case: Abby Martin, Snowden, Chomsky, Jill Stein, Varoufakis, Horvat & Richter Respond

Rudd says Assange faces 'unacceptable' and 'disproportionate' punishment


Australia investigates alleged Chinese plot to install spy MP

Kevin Rudd lashes Coalition over increasingly strained relationship with China : Rudd said it was “kind of crazy to overreact and to get into reds under the bed land, to get into yellow peril land”.

Urgent warning to farmers who are 'struggling enough with the drought'; Horrific photos have revealed the awful realities of the drought


The coup in Bolivia has U.S. fingerprints all over it

Ex-Morales' officials take refuge in Mexico embassy in Bolivia

Bolivia’s exiled Morales says US opposes his return

Anger in Chile as ally of president says rights abuses necessary

Argentina's elected President; Won’t Ask for Money From IMF

Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists

Mexico rejects US 'intervention' cartel 'terrorists'

Mexico's has a $44bn infrastructure plan to boost economy

U.S. Defense secretary fires Navy chief over SEAL war crimes case

The Real Reason the Navy Stood Up to Trump: “The real issue here is whether the Navy will be successful in reining in its out-of-control and ill-disciplined special forces units,”

Epstein Suicide: Guards Say They're Scapegoats for a Broken System

Trump Knew of Whistleblower Complaint When He Released Aid to Ukraine

Judge orders Pentagon, budget office to give Ukraine documents to news outlet

They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.

Insanity Reigns Supreme: Perry shares why he thinks Trump is the 'chosen one' - 'God's used imperfect people all through history'

U.S. workforce is dying faster than any other wealthy country, study shows

College costs skyrocket 112% above rate of inflation over last four years: study

America's largest truck-engine manufacturer just announced 2,000 layoffs

November 25/26, 2019

The Lies About Assange Must Stop Now
UPFATED - By John Pilger
This amounts to torture and could lead to Assange’s death. - Continue


Netanyahu’s Get-out-of-Jail Card... War With Iran
By Finian Cunningham
Netanyahu has always drummed up votes by presenting himself as the great defender of Israelis.    - Continue


The Problem With Israeli Settlements Is Not Only That They Are Illegal. It’s That They Are Immoral
By Peter Beinart
“If giving some people liberty while denying it to others because of their race, ethnicity or religion was wrong in the segregated South, why isn’t it wrong in the West Bank?”    - Continue


China – The Belt and Road Initiative – The Bridge that Spans the World
By Peter Koenig
China’s New Silk Road is creating a multipolar world, where all participants will benefit. - Continue


House Intelligence Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas
By Katherine Faulders, John Santucci and Allison Pecorin
The material submitted to the committee includes audio, video and photos that include Giuliani and Trump. - Continue


Rudy Giuliani : I’ve discovered a pattern of corruption that the Washington press has been covering up
By ICH & Agencies
I told my colleagues, they’re going to try to kill me,” - “Because they’re going to kill the messenger. - Continue


The Ukrainian Influence Peddling Rings—A Microcosm Of How Imperial Washington Rolls
By David Stockman
People make policies which extend the Empire – as did these Clintonistas with the NATO expansion project – and then cash-in afterwards by peddling influence. - Continue


Why the Hell Did Democrats Just Extend the Patriot Act?
By Sam Adler-Bell
Just 10 Democrats defied the leadership to vote against the resolution to extend the administration’s authority to warrantlessly gather data on Americans. - Continue


Land of the free? Voter surpression in the US
By Molly McCracken
Such policies reflect a deep-rooted thread of racism at the heart of American politics.    - Continue


Eroding Exceptionalism - America In Decline
By Mark Hannah
Indispensable No More? - How the American Public Sees U.S. Foreign Policy.    - Continue


Deep State Coup D’Etat: Subverting the U.S. Presidency from JFK to Trump
By Michael Welch, Mark Robinowitz, and Prof Peter Dale Scott
View the current impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump through the lens of ‘deep politics’. - Continue



Landmine explosion kills 5 children in eastern Syria

Syrian Civilians Killed and Wounded due to Al-Nusra Front Shelling on Aleppo Neighborhoods

Children among civilians killed in car bomb targeting Turkish-held northern Syria town

Syria: Turkish occupation forces launch fierce attack on Ayn Issa in northern Raqqa

Syrian Troops Liberate Village From Insurgents in Idlib

US Centcom commander: 500 US occupation forces in east Syria expected to resume operations against "ISIS "in coming days and weeks.

Iraq officials: 13 killed in south in 24 hours

Pro-Iran militia chief: US, Israel have hand in killing of Iraq protesters

Iraqi F-16 fighter jets destroy IS hideout in Iraq

UK and US forces ran secret desert prisons in Iraq after 2003 invasion: Prisoners were concealed from Red Cross inspectors

Iraq leaders 'unaware' of Mike Pence's 'stealthy' Iraq visit as American VP avoids Baghdad

Yemen: Scores of civilians killed and wounded in Sa'ada Governorate

Experts dispute Canada’s claim of no link between Saudi arms sales and human rights abuses

Hunger Kills a Yemeni Child Under 5 Every 10 minutes in Yemen

Skeletal baby in Yemeni hospital lays bare heartbreaking cost of conflict

Angry Russia exposes operational details of Israeli strikes in Syria: Moscow says IAF jets used Jordanian airspace for strikes on targets in and around Damascus, accuses Israel of causing 'increased tensions

Propaganda alert: Iran planning attacks on Israel: Netanyahu

Manufacturing consent for war on Iran: Netanyahu, Top U.S. Commander Warn of More Attacks by Iran in the Middle East

In case you missed it: Benjamin Netanyahu hastily deletes tweet calling for 'war with Iran'

Israel: Netanyahu to Give up 4 Ministry Posts Due to Corruption Charges

Israel 1st Western "Democracy" (LOL) to Expel HRW Worker: HRW Director

Israeli squatters torch Palestinian cars in occupied West Bank

'Stone-throwing' Israeli squatters storm Hebron mosque after attacking Palestinians


Up to 117 migrants bound for Europe may have been killed as rubber dinghy capsizes off coast of Libya

Haftar-led army announces 'no-fly zone' over western Libya

Trump Officials Meet With Libyan Politician Aligned With Opposition (CIA) ‘Strongman’ In Potential Policy Shift

Death toll from Kenya landslides rises to 56 as heavy rains lash country's north west


8 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks

Afghanistan: '8 Taliban killed' in Kunduz op, says officials

North Korea says it’s gained nothing from US but `betrayal’

Hong Kong democrats score historic victory amid ongoing protests

Canada's defense minister says China is not an adversary

How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders? Understanding China’s University System

Philippines’ Duterte strips Vice President Robredo from drugs post


Italy leaves rescued African migrants stranded at sea

Exit polls: Romania's President Iohannis wins re-election

Is Corbyn a socialist and does it (no longer) matter if he isn’t?

Prince Andrew met with Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell for secret summit at Buckingham Palace


UN expert slams media for silence on Assange's 'mental torture'


Uruguay: Far-Right Calls Armed Forces to Vote Against Leftists

Colombia: Curfew in Bogota On Nationwide Strike's Second Day

United Nations Presents a Peace-Building Agreement for Bolivia An agreement between the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and the Jeanine Añez administration whereby they pledge to pacify Bolivia and ensure credible elections.

Bolivia approves new elections excluding Evo Morales

New Bolivian interior minister vows to jail Evo Morales for rest of his life

Justin Trudeau Sides With Pro-Israel Thuggery At York University

Billionaires Battle: : Michael Bloomberg launches Democratic presidential bid

Rudy Giuliani : I’m also going to bring out a massive pay-for-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party.

Rudy Giuliani says he has 'files' on the Bidens that will be released 'if I disappear'

FBI Lawyer Who Sent Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Text Message Also Altered Russia Probe Documents: Report

Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden

Watch: Rep. Devin Nunes On Schiff, Dems, 'They Got Caught': The Democrats “got caught”, including Rep. Schiff’s attempt to get nude photos of the president.

Warren is confronted with evidence she sent her son to a private school after denying it

DOD chief asks for Navy secretary’s resignation over private proposal in Navy SEAL’s case: Spencer’s resignation came in the wake of the controversial case of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, a Navy SEAL who was accused of war crimes

2 million Americans don’t have access to running water and basic plumbing



Headlines Continue




Key Articles

ICH: Meet The Man Who Made Trump President

Zionism's Jewish Enemy


Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’

US Protection Racket Root of Korea Conflict

By Finian Cunningham

The conflict emanates from Washington and is perpetuated by Washington. Why? To justify what would otherwise be seen as simply outrageous US militarism in the Asia Pacific.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

America's War for Global Domination: by Michel Chossudovsky

The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a broader military agenda, which was launched at the end of the Cold War. The ongoing war agenda is a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War and the NATO led wars on Yugoslavia (1991-2001).

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world: By David Armstrong

The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage.

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President - By Neil Mackay

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The president's real goal in Iraq: By JAY BOOKMAN

29 September 2002. - The official story on Iraq has never made sense.

The Project for the New American Century: By William Rivers Pitt

02/25/03 - The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy: By WARREN P. STROBEL and JOHN WALCOTT

A highly classified British memo, leaked in the midst of Britain's just-concluded election campaign, indicates that President Bush decided to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by summer 2002 and was determined to ensure that U.S. intelligence data supported his policy.

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse": By Michael Smith

MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

Will Iran Be Next?: by Mark Gaffney

Those who have hoped that a U.S. military victory in Iraq would somehow bring about a more peaceful world are in for a rude awakening. The final resolution of this war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq will likely not be the end, rather, only the prelude to a succession of future crises: in Kashmir, Syria, North Korea, and Iran.

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran - Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran's President Ahmadinejad .


  "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

Some people have compared it to Hitler's publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.
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