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Palestinian Holocaust to Continue

Trump May Cut Funding to UN If It Recognizes Palestinian State

By Nathan Guttman

January 26, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - "Forward" - A massive cut in American funding for the United Nations could be in the works if President Trump signs an executive order prepared by his aides.

The order, first reported by the New York Times on Wednesday, will cut at least 40% of funding for the international body and its agencies, if they grant full membership status to the Palestinians.

Congress has already passed legislation requiring funding cuts to UN bodies that recognize a Palestinian state, resulting in a cut to American funding for UNESCO. Recently, following the UN Security Councilís vote condemning Israelís settlements in the West Bank, several members of Congress introduced legislation calling for cuts in Americaís funding for the UN.

Israel and the pro-Israel lobby in America have supported threats to cut funding for the UN if it grants full membership status to the Palestinian Authority, in hope that it can deter international agencies from taking this step.

But the presidential order, if enacted, could also potentially harm Israel, since it entails a cut to UN international peacekeeping forces, including those stationed alongside Israelís border with Syria on the Golan Heights.

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Trump Executive Order Will Defund UN and All Agencies Recognizing Palestinian State: Agencies will also be defunded for supporting reproductive rights or engaging in activities which violate international sanctions against Iran or North Korea.

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