The May-Trump Guide to War and Terror

By Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren

May 25, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - 

1. Bomb, terrorize and slaughter Middle Eastern majority-Muslim countries for strategic self-interest, but call it humanitarian.

2. Thereby destroy the state's security and infrastructure creating the perfect conditions for terror groups to operate.

3. Arm, train & fund terror groups who are/have the same ideology as those you claim to be fighting against, but call them rebels.

4. Create 100s of thousands of refugees

5. Don't let many/any/ban said refugees from entering despite their situation being caused by the bombs you claimed were humanitarian.

6. Remain silent on arms sold to the Saudis and their ideological/military proxies - ISIS and Al Qaeda

7. Fall victim to the same kind of horrific terror attack, as committed by people of the same ideology/groups that our money, arms and training support in the Middle East.

8. Blame Islam and all Muslims everywhere, and make sure they're all deemed responsible, answerable and contrite. Despite them being the main victims of state and insurgent terrorism.

9. Blame and scapegoat immigrants. Especially brown ones.

10. Then, in the same breath of arming, funding and partaking in terrorism, court our vote with the claim of fighting against it.  

People, don't reward the lies with your vote. And don't let the ruling class cynically use the lives of the victims as political capital.

We owe that much to the slain of war and terrorism.

Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren is an independent writer and social justice campaigner based in Leeds, England. He takes daily inspiration from Paolo Friere’s words: “Washing ones hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless is to side with the powerful; not to be neutral”. Contact: - Twitter/Instagram: @sequoyahdv


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