The Silencing of the Left

By Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer

The New McCarthyism underway to silence the left-wing press.

Robert Scheer, Editor-in-Chief of Truthdig and author of "They Know Everything About You: How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy” discusses the New MaCartheyism that is underway to silence the left-wing press. RT correspondent Anya Parempil


Since these Google changes been instigated as described in the RT report above, Information Clearing House search traffic has declined by much as 45%. We are also listed as a of Russian Propaganda outlet supposedly in the pay President Putin. All of which our readers know is complete nonsense. The reality is that the deep state, and the democratic and republican parties are scared because of the effect we and others have in helping to break people free of the propaganda matrix, which has been created  to keep citizens asleep as our country goes rampaging across the globe, killing anyone that stands in the way of it's perceived right to rule the world.

Peace and Joy

Tom Feeley

Because some times you just have to laugh!


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