Senator: We Are Concerned Trump 'Is So Unstable' He Might Order Nuclear Attack

By David Badash

November 15, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - During a Senate hearing reviewing the powers of the president to order a nuclear strike, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) made clear what many Americans are thinking.

"We are concerned that the President of the United States is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic, that he might order a nuclear weapons strike that is wildly out of step with U.S. national security interests."

The hearing was called by the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. Sen. Corker has become an outspoken critic of the president, although he says Tuesday's hearing was not specific to President Trump.

Other Democrats offered concern as well:

Two Republicans:

Tuesday's hearing marks the first time since 1976 since either the House or Senate Foreign Relations Committees have examined the president's ability to use nuclear weapons.

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Newsweek reports Princeton nuclear expert Bruce Blair tells them, “We all need to confront the fact that this system gives one person the God-like power to end the world.”

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