Jailed for Sagging Pants?

By Reggie Yates

Investigating theriots in Ferguson, Missouri, Reggie meets Human Rights lawyer Brendan Roediger, and discovers a policing system biased against poor African Americans.


BBC presenter Reggie Yates is left utterly shocked during a trip to America when he finds out a 'saggy pants' law is still in full effect.

Talking to human rights lawyer and political activist Brendan Roediger in the BBC Three documentary Race Riots USA, Reggie finds out about the so-called 'manor of walking' citation.

It enables police officers to charge people and as the lawyer says he has experienced most often, African American males, up to $200 per citation.

Because African Americans can not usually afford the charges they end up getting taken to court and land themselves in jail if they cannot pay.

The lawyer also believes that the police are just, "Looking for ways to begin interactions with people, to give them citations and ultimately get money out of them," adding, "The police operate for profit."

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