US Will Act Against ‘Monster’ Assad With or Without UN ‒ Haley


The Dishonorable U.S. Ambassador Nikky Haley, Lies to UN Security Counsel Regarding Alleged Syria Gas Attacks

“The Russian regime, whose hands are all covered with the blood of Syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. We’ve tried that before,” Haley said, adding that “no civilized government would have anything to do with Assad’s murderous regime.”

Posted April 09, 2018

Complete Video Of UN Meeting

Russian UN Rep. Begins at 11:20 sec

U.S. UN Rep. Begins at 46:54

French UN Rep Begins at 56:51

British UN Rep Begins at 1:07:41

China UN Rep Begins at 1:16:17

Sweden UN Rep Begins 1:20:12

Russian UN Rep Replies 2:03:11

Syrian UN Rep Speaks 2:10:01


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