Breaking: Syrian Military Confirms Israeli Missiles Targeted Airbase in Eastern Homs

By Leith Aboufadel

Updated April 17, 2018

Military source: Syria was not targeted by any foreign attack last night

Syria Blames Missiles, False Alarm on 'Joint Electronic Attack' by Israel and U.S.: Syrian military officials denied reports of an attack, but say defense systems triggered by electronic attack on radars.

April 16, 2018 "Information Clearing House" - BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:15 A.M.) – The Syrian military announced at approximately 1:10 A.M. (Damascus Time), the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Shay’rat Airbase and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate.

According to the statement, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept several of the missiles, but there was no mention as to whether or not the Israelis scored any direct hits.

This attack by Israel tonight marks the second time in seven days that they have targeted the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

No further details have been released.

This article was originally published by "Al Masdar News" -

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