Venezuela plot thickens… UN should be probing Washington and allies for regime-change crimes

By Finian Cunningham

January 28, 2019 "Information Clearing House"   Identical condemnations from the US and allies and the synchronicity show that Venezuela is being targeted for regime change in a concerted plot led by Washington.

Given the South American country is reckoned to possess the largest known oil reserves anywhere on the planet, that obviously makes it a major prize for US and European corporations and banks.

How dare the Venezuelan government aspire to harness its vast natural wealth for independent national development! Especially contemptible is a socialist government in the presumed backyard of Uncle Sam. Such temerity qualifies for urgent regime change.

It has emerged US Vice President Mike Pence phoned Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido last week urging him to make the unprecedented move to declare himself the “acting president”, and denounce the incumbent leader Nicolas Maduro as a “usurper.”

In addition, it was also reported that several weeks ago the Bank of England blocked the Venezuela government from repatriating $1.2 billion in gold reserves held in London. That extraordinary refusal by the British authorities had to have been a deliberate political decision, and was way before the tumultuous events in Venezuela last week, suggesting those events were not simply spontaneous.

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