Don’t Listen to Billionaires Who Complain About Taxes

When the U.S. last had a top tax rate of over 70 percent, it was a period of unparalleled prosperity.

By Jim Hightower

February 10, 2019 "Information Clearing House" Once upon a time, there was a place where the prevailing ethic of the very richest people was that monetary self-indulgence was tacky. Wealth, they believed, was a matter of good fortune, carrying with it an obligation to the Common Good.

Believe it or not, that place was the United States. Where did it go?

The prevailing ethic of today’s billionaire’s club is one of entitlement, superiority, and grandiosity — including flaunting their wealth like the robber barons of old. For example, a ludicrously large “house” is under construction in Florida for one of our modern-day barons, boasting 11 kitchens, five swimming pools, and a 30 car garage.

Worse, the billionaire class is asserting its sense of plutocratic privilege by weaponizing their huge fortunes. They’ve been spending massively (and often secretly) to build a culture of inequality across our land.

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