The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela’s Clueless Opposition

By Justin Raimondo

February 26, 2019 "Information Clearing House" My contrarian view of Venezuela’s regime change drama – that it’s regime change theater put on by President Trump for purely domestic political reasons – was confirmed on the big day when the conflict was supposed to come to a head, when the looming confrontation proved to be … dueling concerts! Regime change as entertainment – there’s something so American about that.

What the heck, a little music is what every regime change operation needs: however, the theme song of this one is turning out to be more John Cage than John Philip Sousa. Instead of “President” Guaidó rallying his forces and leading them into battle, he’s trying to cross a bridge that has never been used with 1000 cans of Chef Boyardee, 500 cartons of mac-and-cheese, and enough airline “food” (courtesy of Richard Branson) to kill off a number of Chavistas.

That flopped big time, with the trucks transporting this culinary Trojan Horse set on fire and the whole incident degenerating into an argument over who lit the match.

What did neocons expect? Did they really think the Venezuelan army, at that dramatic moment, would lay down their arms and defect to the opposition? The whole thing was a farce, and I mean that literally – in the sense that this stunt was never meant to succeed, or even to be taken seriously. It’s all a show, produced and directed by that expert showman: Donald J. Trump.

As I explained in a previous column, this fake regime change campaign is a ploy by Trump to stick the neocons with a well-publicized failure. After all, his newly-appointed special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, declared Trump “unfit” to be President: the rest of the neocon network is now marching at the head of the “Resistance.”

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