Propaganda and Pedophile Priests

By Jerry Kroth

March 01, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -Most reasonably literate Americans recognize how the media has lost much of its objectivity. Mainstream, corporate American media has obvious political leanings—so report a surfeit of media studies on what is now called  “opinion journalism.”  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 

The problem is what happens when facts don’t fit those opinions.  A good example is how we perceive sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.  

Something like 80 percent of the children abused by Catholic priests are boys, which means homosexual priests are most often the culprits. But since the media has some very strong Will-and-Grace opinions on this subject, that statistic falls into the shadows and doesn’t really get discussed.  (7) In psychology we call that denial.  Elsewhere it is just plain old censorship.  

The Catholic Church housed some 3,000 pedophile priests over the last 50 years, (8) but now we have to incorporate the unpleasant fact that that the majority of its child abuse victims are due to the illegal conduct of homosexual priests, not just garden variety ones.  

That doesn’t sit well with the media zeitgeist, and it causes some considerable cognitive dissonance, so we don’t hear much about this side of it. 

At least, though, if for only a moment, we lifted the veil of denial and started to see the real world more as it really is. 

But then we return to regular news programming to hear more about Catholic abuse of children, more priests indicted, more Archbishops compromised, more out of court settlements with victims, and we shake our heads in dismay. All the while the membership in the Catholic Church in the United States plummets— from 24 percent of the population in 2007 down to only 18 percent in 2016. [9] 

The constant fusillade reinforces a growing anti-Catholic bias, but if we start to pay a bit closer attention, along comes another statistic to shake us up again:  between 4-7 of Catholic priests are pedophiles,  (10) but at least that many pedophiles exist in public schools too.  

Say what?   

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