The Zionists, “The Skinnies”, and American Democracy

By R Zwarich

March 10, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - This stunningly beautiful young woman, (and I do hope she will forgive my blatant sexism), our fellow citizen and US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, is a very good figurehead behind whom to marshal a stand against the Orwellian totalitarianism of this Zionist attempt to equate criticism of the behavior of a nation state to ethnic discrimination. We ALL can see that this is a bald-faced Orwellian ploy to rob us of our most basic freedom of speech, our most basic democratic right, by making it ‘verboten!’ to criticize Israel.

Methinks Ole Bibi Joffrey has marched “a bridge too far”. These Zionists want to take away our most basic democratic right, our freedom of speech, to serve their cause of Zionism. This Zionist ’cause’ is currently holding millions of people under brutal martial law while it steadily steals more of their victims’ land each day.

You want my freedom of speech?

Come get it………..

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The agents and operatives of a tiny foreign country are, and long have been, working furiously to try to make it illegal to criticize that country. These forces, these well-financed operatives, are so very highly organized that the Pelosi Machine, the head of The Syndicate’s Democratic Party crew, the current ruling power structure of US House of Representatives, is now trying to censure a Representative for speaking the truth.

She did not even reveal some new and shocking truth. She merely spoke the truth of what we all can clearly see…. with our own eyes…… right out in broad daylight……..right in front of us….

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar dared to simply point at them and say, “Look at what these highly organized Zionist operatives are doing”.

It will reveal the staggering extent of our mass diversion from reality if we can now come to our better senses and realize that these Zionist thugs are trying to make it illegal for us to even acknowledge that they exist, even as they march proudly among us, stomping wherever they will, prominently displaying, and even gloating in, their power.

How have we fallen so far that these operatives of this tiny foreign country have so much power that they can seriously threaten our most basic democratic right, our freedom of speech and thought, itself?

The beauty of the tall people of East Africa are well represented by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Racist American forces have called these people “the skinnies”. These are the people being gunned down in the streets by US Marines, US Army Rangers, and other US Special Forces, in the graphic film, ‘Blackhawk Down’, which was a depiction of the Battle of Bakara Market… Somalia, in the early to mid 90s…..(1993….I think….)

Many Muslim people, and many people from East Africa, have settled in our nation’s Upper Midwest. These people came to the US as refugees. The Battle of Bakara Market was over 25 years ago. Many people whose ethnic roots stretch into the rich traditions of these ancient peoples are now our fellow citizens, with deep roots of their own in our nation.
It may very well be a shock to many of us to see this Muslim woman step forward to challenge the power of Zionism in the US House of Representatives. But Congresswoman Omar is our fellow citizen, and she is an elected officeholder.

Why must it be this daughter of immigrants and refugees that steps forward to defend our most basic freedoms from the power of Zionism?

Never mind that she is an elected office holder…..She is our fellow American citizen…..The very fact that they would even try to take away her most basic democratic right, her freedom of speech, fully exposes the criminal inroads that operatives of a tiny foreign country have made in their attempts to control the US Government….

(Ohh….but we’re too busy… and all in a tizzy…. about the phantasmagoric specter of Russia-gate to notice that AIPAC, and other Zionist operatives, are openly exercising thuggish influence in the US Congress.

They will not merely shut down your financial support, they will go back to your district, find a candidate to run against you, and provide generous financing to unseat you. You vote against Israel, ‘you’re fired’. And anyone even mentions this arm twisting will get her or his arm broken…)

But here come these brave young women. They do not seem to be afraid. We can see that they have now felt the sting of Boss Pelosi’s lash. They still do not appear to be afraid. Will they openly defy Boss Pelosi, and The Syndicate’s Democratic Party Machine?

Stack yer packs….Boys and girls……Buckle up….Shoulder arms…..Be ready…..Noses open…..Let’s smell what’s comin’ ‘fore it’s on us…….

Is someone ready to lead us against against The Syndicate?

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