Trumpís 2020 budget proposal is going after Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and more.

By Tara Golshan

March 11, 2019 "Information Clearing House" President Donald Trumpís administration unveiled its third budget proposal Monday, cementing a vision for the United States that bolsters funding for defense and border walls, while severely cutting social programs for the nationís poorest.

The $4.7 trillion budget proposal, which encompasses everything from funding for food aid, education, and health care to national defense, seeks to slash $845 billion from Medicare ó a program Trump notably promised to leave untouched ó $241 billion from Medicaid through major structural reforms, as well as a 9 percent cut across non-defense programs, all while increasing the defense budget to $750 billion, 5 percent more than the 2019 budget.

Additionally, Trumpís administration has asked Congress for $8.6 billion for the presidentís border wall, a project the president declared a national emergency over earlier this year amid the nationís longest government shutdown in history.

The proposal also predicts significant economic growth over the next decade ó at about 3 percent annually ó with the expectation that the government will continue to enact tax cuts and a deregulatory agenda. The projections are far rosier than what outside forecasters expect.

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