Is This Why We Raise Our Children?




Ed Note -  This video should only be viewed by a mature audience.


April 25, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  This video of a U.S. solder killed in the Republic of Niger, shows his last moments via his attached bodycam, This is something that needs to be viewed by as many folks as possible.


It's the bare ugly truth, someone’s son dying as an invader in a foreign and unfamiliar land where no one knows him except the guys dragging his body to the cover & protection of a vehicle, hoping and praying to get out of the mess they find themselves in via our totally corrupt and dysfunctional government.


We see what this injured soldier sees, as his lungs grasp that last breath, what thoughts and prayers are passing through his mind as his life comes to an end.


Ask yourself this question, why should our sons & daughters die in our endless wars for the elite oligarchs & their families, who own & control our corrupt government.


Is it for freedom & democracy or the expansion of the empire and control of natural resources throughout the world.


Note from Tom

Our thanks to John. E. Hagan an ICH community member who forwarded this video and text to us so that we may share it with you. To the families of all who have lost loved ones in this insanity our government calls "War On Terror", we send our sincere condolences. Regardless of whose propaganda led them to their deaths we share in your sorrow, anger and disgust with a government who see our children and those of foreign lands and cultures as nothing more than an opportunity for profit and ego aggrandizement.


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