Glen Greenwald reams media for Collusion coverage


May 03, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - Tucker Carlson, Itís been a bewildering couple of months for Bill Barr. Barr first served as attorney general in the George HW Bush administration. That was 1991. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had just turned two years old at the time. Thatís how long ago it was. Then, this February, by process of elimination, Barr became attorney general again. The Mueller investigation was nearly over when he got the job.

Barr probably didnít expect to become a major figure in the Russia story. He had nothing to do with it. As far as we know, Barr never met with secret agents in Prague. He never texted Vladimir Putin on his blackberry. He never managed a Macedonian content farm. If Barr betrayed his country for a sack or rubles and a case of vodka, nobody has ever proved it. But it doesnít matter. The Russia story cannot die. CNN, The Washington Post, and the Democratic Party have too much invested in it.

The fact itís been proved a hoax is irrelevant to them. Bill Barr is a handy way to keep the Russia in the news. Watch todayís talking point in action. Somewhere in the basement of the DNC, some a messaging consultant has decided that ďcredibilityĒ is the most effective line of attack:

Greenwald Reacts to "Rage" against AG Barr after Senate Hearing



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