Trained to Lie: The Making of the Modern Politician

By Julian Rose

June 25, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - It would appear these days, that unless one can show that one is important or an expert in some way or other, one will not be taken seriously by those who only see life as a social climbing highway called ‘career making’.

Gone, as important values for society, is respect for simple common sense, the quiet search for deeper knowledge and the expression of native indigenous wisdom. Unless one is on the road to ‘making it’ or has already ‘made it’ on the terms of reference of the current status quo, one is treated as a kind of social misfit.

Accordingly, aspirants of fame and fortune struggle to attain positions in society which enable them to make an impression by pronouncing authoritatively on various issues of the day. Most people seeking to acquire this authoritative aura go out of their way to ensure they look the part, choosing their attire with great care and no doubt spending much time in front of the mirror before anchoring themselves to their chosen pedestal and awaiting the applause of the public arena.

Some get an early break and are able to establish a good foothold on the ‘making-it’ ladder; while others flounder and fall from grace without getting beyond the first or second rung. They are the lucky ones, because they are saved from the overwhelming temptation to sell their souls to the devil called power.

For the perspective of this article I am interested in following those who, once on the ladder, single-mindedly devote their entire lives to getting to the top. Those who become steadily more and more blinded by the prospect of achieving the holy grail status of becoming what is commonly called ‘ a power broker’.

The most febrile setting for the enactment of this Faustian power game is politics. The Politician learns the rules of the game at an early stage of his/her career and the first and most important rule is to become thoroughly well versed in the art of deception. There really is not much hope of moving up the rungs of the 21st century political ladder without perfecting this skill. The ability to oh so convincingly make a lie sound like a truth.


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