Capitalism vs. The World

By James Rothenberg

The love of money is a sin…the root of all evil.

    • Judeo-Christian biblical tradition –

O believers Do not devour one another’s wealth by evil means except through trading by mutual consent.

    • Islamic tradition –

Sharing wealth is a divine duty, but wealth gained and spent for one’s behalf is evil.

    • Hindu tradition –

Is our toleration of the dominating global capitalist system the greatest work-around in recorded history?

work-around (noun): a plan or method to circumvent a problem without eliminating it – Merriam-Webster

Test cases for our survival:

June 30, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  The global climate has recently been getting warmer, forewarning more frequent and severe storms, threatening many life forms, coastal habitations, resources, and food production.

The warming we see is but a tiny picture of an ever changing big whole, with a history of reversals.

Global wealth inequality has created an underclass of billions, forewarning social and political unrest, threatening rebellions and wars.

Inequality is a feature of the human condition due to people’s innate differences in adaptation, aptitude, and desire.

State secrecy and surveillance of citizens has reached a fascistic level, forewarning loss of personal freedom and liberty.

States have a responsibility to monitor citizen activity to maintain order for the general good.

Nuclear weapons show no signs of going away, forewarning devastating consequences of their usage.

Nuclear weapons have proved to be an effective tool for maintaining world hierarchal order.

In each of these cases, U.S. capitalism comes down on the italicized side of the equation. It is not in the nature of capitalism to tolerate any loss of private profit, whether it be diverting capital from proven profitable production, allowing the world’s poorest countries to prosper from their own above and underground wealth resources, de-coupling its interests from a state founded in support of it, or allowing competing nations and ideologies a chance to rival our economy.

As the name implies, socialism places people ahead of capital, working people as distinct from people that prosper off of other’s work. Relatively few people prosper off of other’s work, yet these few people have, in their hands, an inordinate amount of the world’s wealth. And these few people have, in their hands, the means to set the conditions under which the workers of the world must sustain themselves. You don’t have to be a fan of socialism to see that capitalism favors the billionaire (with trillionaires not far off) and that it is incapable of dealing with existing survival threats.


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