Trump/Kushner Deal of the Century: ‘Money, Money, Money, It’s A Rich Man’s World’

By Stuart Rees

The Trump/Kushner Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan, ‘the deal of the century’, was presented in a workshop held in the Manama Hotel, Bahrein on June 25. The authors emphasised economic proposals not political considerations, but their deal had a more sinister policy objective: the crafting of every conceivable cruelty towards Palestinians.

July 20, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  Cruelty occurs when one group maintains superiority over another, sustains inequalities and, as the means of control, uses force and creates fear. US and Israeli governments have heeded Machiavelli’s lesson that cruelty never occurred between equals, that inferior groups should be kept unequal and treated as of no consequence. Despite Kushner’s claims about economic development to promote ‘peace to prosperity’, and contrary to Judaism’s ideals about justice, cruelty as policy has been a consistent Zionist objective.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said that Palestinians did not exist, but if they did, she claimed that Jews always had a ‘supreme morality.’ Her infamous contention, ’Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us’ displayed a belief that Palestinian Arabs were barely human.

Cruelty by discrimination became explicit in the Jewish Nation State Law of August 2018, which says this state actualises its national, religious and historical rights for self-determination. The distinguished Israeli journalist Gideon Levy concluded that through this law, Israel had adopted apartheid as a form of government, bolstered by the ‘moral rot’ of a ‘legal system far removed from fundamental principles of equality and justice.’

The latest demand to maintain the superiority of one people over another comes from the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon. In a New York Times Opinion piece, he wrote as a leader of a master race. Armed with his assumptions about the merits of top down abuses of power, about humiliation as a policy, and cruelty to inferiors taken for granted, he advised that the best the Palestinians could do is surrender. They should negotiate without any prospect of a State. ‘A national suicide of Palestinians’ current political and cultural ethos is what is needed for peace.’


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