Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria

By Jerusalem Post

September 14, 2019 "
Information Clearing House" -   The controversy between Israel and Russia regarding the striking of Iranian targets in Syria, as published by "Independent Arabia". A Russian source: "Putin has shown his dissatisfaction of Israel's

The controversy between Israel and Russia regarding airstrikes of Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq continues, despite the meeting Between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President . This was reported on Friday by Independent Arabia.

According to the report, Moscow has prevented three Israeli airstrikes on three Syrian outposts recently, and even threatened that any jets attempting such a thing would be shot down, either by Russian jets or by the S400 Anti-aircraft missiles.

The source cited in the report claims a similar situation has happened twice, and that during August, Moscow stopped an airstrike on a Syrian outpost in Qasioun, where a S300 missile battery is placed.

Moreover, it was claimed that another airstrike planned for a week later on a Syrian outpost in the Qunaitra area and a third airstrike on a sensitive area in Latakia. This development is what pushed Netanyahu to have his quick visit in Russia to try and convince Putin to ignore Israel's attacks in Syria. According to the Russian source, Putin let Netanyahu know that his country will not allow any damage to be done to the Syrian regime's army, or any of the weapons being given to it, because giving such a permission would be seen as giving Israel leniency something that contradicts Russia's goal of assisting the Syrian regime.


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