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CNN Pretty Much Just Confirmed Project Veritas's Whistleblower Is Telling The Truth

By Timothy Meads

October 17, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -    CNN really isn't doing itself any favors to distance itself from Project Veritas' groundbreaking video release this week focusing on the inner-workings of their network. On Wednesday, CNN released a digital ad showing that the network is solely focused on impeachment. On tape, Project Veritas caught CNN president Jeff Zucker saying this is all he wants to focus on, and ignore pretty much the rest of everything in the news. 

Cary Poarch, a contract employee in Washington Bureau, became so sick with what he saw at CNN that he decided to turn to Project Veritas and go undercover. He recorded hours of top brass, including Zucker, discussing how they shape the news. The videos have confirmed what we all suspected for quite some time, but which CNN has vehemently denied. It is obvious to anybody with a brain that the "news" station leans to the left and despises President Trump, but it still claims to be unbiased. 

One of Poarch's clips show that Zucker wants CNN to focus on impeachment all the time. He has a personal vendetta against Trump, and wants impeachment to take over the news cycle. He would never say this in public, but on weekly morning phone calls he makes sure that this is what his network is focusing on:

Jeff Zucker has served as president of CNN Worldwide since 2013. In recordings of daily phone calls, Zucker directed staffers to push the impeachment narrative.

ďI want to stay with this, our top, top Ė our own reporters, our own political analysts, the top, the top [unintelligible] we have. Okay, so make sure weíre doing that. All these moves are moves towards impeachment. So, donít Ė donít lose sight of what the biggest story is.Ē

Zucker also says he doesn't care about the whole gun control issue, he wants everybody focused on impeachment.

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"I donít care about the MSNBC event, OK? I donít care about them. Letís just stay very focused on impeachment," Zucker said of an MSNBC gun town hall. "We shouldnít just pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all of these moves are toward impeachment." 

Well, here's the over the top, movie trailer-like video CNN released today: As The Federalist's Erielle Davidson points out, "Itís almost like...CNN wants impeachment. This is one of the most bizarre ads I have seen in a while."


And we know that they want impeachment. They are caught on tape saying as much. Perhaps they will now admit their biases? 

Editor's Note: In the interest of transparency, the author of this piece has a relative who works for Project Veritas. 

This article was originally published by "Town Hall"- -  

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