Four ominous reasons Trump will win in 2020

By Jerry Kroth

October 30, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -    Moodys Analytics correctly predicted every Presidential winner since 1980, and two days ago, smack in the middle of the latest impeachment kerfuffle, they predicted Trump would win in 2020 by an electoral landslide.[1]

As a supporter of climate activism, having a climate change denier occupy the presidency another four years is absolutely bone-chilling. But the way the Democratic Party machine is acting, tethered to the corporate media as it is, chances are looking dimmer every day.

Here are four intrusive smelling salts intended to rouse Democrats from their sleep, because if they don´t wake up, Donald Trump is going to get re-elected.

Reason 1: Illegal immigration

One million people were stopped trying to cross into the United States last year. Yes, one million people! [2] One can only guess how many snuck into the country that were not stopped.

This actually bothers many Americans.

The liberal media interminably carps that detainees are treated poorly, that a child died in detention, that a pregnant mother was not given care, that a baby is crying for his parents, and that a racist, corrupt, uncaring, narcissistic President is responsible for it all.

It then tosses in a dollop of pedagogy to school Americans that the term “illegal alien” is racist, demeaning, and absolutely needs to be excised from the lexicon. All migrants, legal and otherwise, should be called “immigrants.” Most media outlets conform. New York City fines a violator $250,000 for using the term “illegal alien.” [3] Universities take it one step further and now fail students who use the term “illegal immigrant” on term papers.[4]

But despite this fusillade of sympathy for immigrants, that is, illegal immigrants, there is a large segment of American society that isn´t playing along.

Whatever this demographic is named —some call them “deplorables”—these Americans actually object to a million people entering the country without visas. They really do.

Here´s a voice large segments of the media and Democrats in particular, have not heard, are not listening to, but most importantly, will not listen to:

“Just because I don´t like these folks coming into our country, I don´t like being called a racist. I don´t like being told I am intolerant or that I´m a hate criminal. I just don´t like a hundred and fifty thousand foreigners slipping into our country every month, enrolling in our schools, using fake social security numbers, taking jobs, having babies who are given citizenship on the spot, being granted driver´s licenses, even medical insurance, and getting away with it all. The media and the Democratic Party seem to support every bit of it. And if you are opposed like I am, they call you a bigot. The only person I see who represents my feelings at all is Donald Trump!”

Most Democrats think something in those words is deeply offensive, or racist, or politically incorrect, or at the very least inappropriate, but unfortunately they represent feelings of real people. . . lots and lots of real people.[5]

Eighty percent of Americans think illegal immigration is a serious problem, [6] and

if Democrats and the liberal media do not wake up, Trump is going to exploit this sentiment and take illegal immigration fears, worries, and anger right to the bank.

He did it before, and he´ll do it again.

Reason 2: Impeachment backlash

Americans are weary of the impeachment circus parading on their nightly news. Impeachment talk began as soon as Trump took office and continued throughout his entire Presidency. If there was insufficient Mueller proof that the President colluded, that morphed into obstruction. And when obstruction withered, the Ukrainegate flag was raised for more saluting.

But a large share of the American body politic is beleaguered beyond belief by the obsessive CNN-MSNBC-New York Times fixations on this subject. Some of the population just doesn´t buy in. They are tired. They believe most of it is based on falsehood, rumor, inaccuracy, and wholesale hatred of the President of the United States.

We don´t know exactly how big that demographic is, but wherever this sliver of the population looks, and every late-night comedian they encounter, it seems just another anti-Trump propaganda foil is walking on stage. Whether Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher or the entire cast of Saturday Night Live, Trump hatred syndrome seems ubiquitous.

Despite these media festivities, an important backlash is incubating to which Democrats seem oblivious. They don´t realize that the sanctimonious moral purity trip has gone on far too long, in too great an excess, and inside the inflating bubble of Trumpian animus, scads of on-the-fence-independent voters are fed up with the piety, condescension, character assassination, and saying to themselves, “enough is enough!”

Trump is going to accuse the media, Rachel Maddow, Major Garret, Jake Tapper, CNN, the Washington Post and SNL of promoting a witch hunt made up of falsehood, rumor, innuendo, defamation, endless conspiracies, constant attacks on his Presidency, character, and family, and he will remind his twitter followers that none of this turned out to be true. He will wear the “No collusion, No obstruction, Fake News” trope blazoned across his chest right across the finish line into 2020.

And it isn´t going to help the sanctimony of the Democratic Party one bit when Joe Biden keeps insisting that his son never came to him and said “Hey, dad I just got a job in the Ukraine that pays $50,000 a month! No experience necessary.” Democrat elites magically convinced themselves that Americans will believe Hunter Biden never got around to mentioning any of that to his dad. But they may be underestimating the intelligence of the electorate.

Vote for Joe? Seriously?


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