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 Venezuelan Opposition Rejects Juan Guaido's Leadership

By teleSUR

January 05, 2020 "Information Clearing House" -  The parliamentarians declared themselves in opposition against Guaidó for having used the presidency of the parliament as a personal project to enrich himself.

The Venezuelan opposition stated on Sunday that they would not be seeking the reelection of the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó. According to their statement, the opposition is choosing to move forward without Guaido, as his corruption and failures have worsened their cause.

The parliamentarians declared themselves in revolt against Guaidó for having used the presidency of the parliament as a personal project to enrich himself.

"In  2019 that has just concluded, you were the hope of the country, today you are the biggest disappointment, you could be the future, but today you are and you will be the past, you were a dream turned into a nightmare, Juan Guaidó from today your time ended," the right-wing opposition deputy, José Brito, said this week.

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He continued that they will propose that deputy Luis Eduardo Parra is elected as the new president of the Popular Will Party (AN).

“Guaidó lied to the country and to the international community, he also repeatedly denied to everyone that he was not in talks with (President Nicolás) Maduro and the truth is that you got up and sat back and again back to the country and the main international allies."   

He said that he also asked the people to stay on the streets and Venezuelans came out again and again and "in each of them the frustration and hopelessness was eating away at their fighting spirit."

"Guaidó used the people to consolidate not the forces of change, but their own position of power," Brito said in a statement to the media from the immediate vicinity of the seat of parliament in Caracas.

The installation of the legislative period 2020-2021 is marked by the maneuver of a possible ratification of Juan Guaidó, of the Voluntad Popular (VP) cell, as president of the Parliament.

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