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The last train to Auschwitz

By Tom Feeley

October 15, 2020 "
Information Clearing House" - I feel like an engine driver witnessing herds of people join the last train to Auschwitz. Across the platform, another engine builds steam for what has been called the most important race in our nation's history.

The passengers are mirror images of each other, yet they lean from open windows, their lips quivering as the cast well-worn expletives at each other. Left-wing, baby-killing, socialist, freeloading, CNN commie, Democrat bastards, shouts one group as the raging cries from the other train condemn the Fox news loving capitalist, racists, Republican right-wing, racist, warmongering extremist bastards.

The stars and stripes adorn each train and the occupants of each locomotive wear either red or blue baseball caps. The train's destination as described and advertised by both parties is "a better America".

The golden coaches at the rear of each train carry the "leaders" who shout "the people first", "we support the people," at $5,000 suits who beam this insanity directly to the phones now assembled in each of the trains rolling stock. What neither party has conveyed to those in the second-class coaches, is that the golden salons will decouple before the final destination and they will travel further on to various ports to be welcomed aboard luxurious yachts where they will party with the one percent who have bought their allegiance.

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Nancy Pelosi, her personal masseuse, and plastic surgeon are on board, while those who fawn at her feet practice their tired monologues that convey their disgust with the Republican party who have left them with no other option but to flee to some private estate where they will write books about their bravery in a long war and how the people failed to listen to their wisdom and follow directions.

Meanwhile anger fogs Mitch McConnell's glasses as he denounces the betrayal (by Democrats) of his cherished nation, his tears rushing to meet the foam now emanating from between his lips. He speaks in meaningless phrases so skillful constructed that no human person could have the slightest idea of what he is saying, yet, his minions applaude and clinked their champagne glasses as they caressed the bulging packets of cash which has bought their loyalty and the destruction of a long betrayed American dream.

The train rumbles on, as patriotic songs are sung and refurbished histories, constructed of lies and propaganda are lovingly consumed by a people who hunger for comfort rather than face facts. Cries of USA, USA, USA are emanating from each train as though it was a prayer which would hide their fear, for beneath the patriotic bullshit that they have consumed is a belief that we are an exceptional people, chosen by some deity to rule the world with our nukes and bibles.

We need to wake the f**k up! We need to stop blaming the government, presidents' senators, the Jews, the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, etc? Look in the mirror. We are on the edge of extinction as a species because of the choices we have made. We thought our way into this situation. yes, you and I. We sold our kids future for a flat-screen TV an iPhone and a BMW. The only thing we as humans have that has any value is time, we spend that time in working to acquire stuff that has no worth. The 1% are not the problem, we have enslaved ourselves and given our whole lives and countless suffering for what?

We have taught our children by example, they watch the disconnect between what we say and how we behave as we educate them to be obedient consumers of worthless junk that serves as caretakers while we avoid reality, and place our creditworthiness and financial indebtedness above their growth into decent, caring human beings. Shouldn't we be teaching our children how to think rather than what to think?

Face the facts, we are all brainwashed idiots and anyone of us who thinks he is capable of leading a nation is a danger to himself and others.

What arrogance, that any one of us should say, " I know the way, follow me" What childishness within us would have us search for a leader to follow? how has that worked for humanity? The only benefit to be had from that system is that when it inevitably fails, we have someone to blame. That it appears to me is the only thing that government supplies to its citizens. Someone to blame for the hunger, wars, and wasted lives spent in prisons of frustration as we engage in a mad search to prove to ourselves that we are somehow better than our neighbor.

Can our children play in the street? Will a doctor visit us in our home if our children are sick? Will we continue to leave our parents and grandparents to die in retirement warehouses because we don't have time to care for them? We pay people to look after our children just two weeks after we have celebrated their birth, because we don't have time to nurture their growth.

We call this progress?

Enjoy it!

Tom Feeley is editor of Information Clearing House. Tom is tired of the endless self-deception that prevents our mental evolution from tribal-based wars and suffering to an acceptance of the inherited realities of our species.

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