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“Regime Change Wars."

Consequences of US-led Regime Change Wars in the Greater Middle East (the Muslim World).

By Majid Sharifi, Ph.D.

December 07, 2020 "Information Clearing House" -  This documentary shows the catastrophic costs and consequences of US-led regime-change at home and abroad.

The video focuses on the role of the American Foreign Policy Establishment (AFPE) in waging endless wars, whose consequences the United States has not been able to determine, let alone control. As the collective brain of the military industrial complex, the AFPE is made up of a loose network of prominent academics, journalists, military generals, government officials, and privately funded advocacy groups, otherwise known as thinktanks.


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The documentary is based on Majid Sharifi’s 2020 book, “The Insecurity Communities of South Asia and the Middle East: Consequences of US Foreign Policy,” the documentary shows the catastrophic costs and consequences of US-led regime-change at home and abroad.

Majid Sharifi, Ph.D. is the director of and professor in the international affairs program at Eastern Washington University. He is the author of several articles on violence. His 2013 book, Imagining Iran: The Tragedy of Subaltern Nationalism, focuses on the violence subaltern nationalism. Influenced by and embedded in post-colonial studies, Dr. Sharifi’s latest book, Insecurity Communities in South Asian and Middle East, explores the consequences of US foreign policy in producing systemic insecurity in the Muslim world. Sharifi’s book examines how the embedded imperiality of the American Foreign Policy Establishment reproduces itself. Sharifi’s latest work is a 57-minute documentary called “Regime Change Wars. The documentary shows the unintended consequences of waging wars in the name of protecting national security and exporting democracy and human rights.

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