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British ex-minister reveals 'Israeli control' of UK foreign affairs
By New Arab

June 07, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - - "New Arab" - Former British minister Alan Duncan has revealed the extent of Israeli influence on the UKís diplomacy in his recently published memoirs, saying the pro-Israel lobby wanted to "destroy" him.

The report, published by the Daily Maverick, considered that Duncan's memoirs, released in April, provide "an unprecedented view of the influence of the Israeli government and pro-Israel lobby groups on the British Foreign Office".

Duncan, a Conservative member who served as foreign secretary between 2016 and 2019, revealed in his diaries, entitled 'In the Thick of It: The Private Diaries of a Minister', that Israel "succeeded in preventing Prime Minister Boris Johnson from appointing him" as minister of the Middle East at the foreign ministry, just because he believed in Palestinian rights.

Al Jazeera had contacted Duncan early 2017 to inform him of its investigation into the impact of Israelís influence on British policy, which included information relating to him personally.

Duncan also revealed that the network owned footage of diplomats from the Israeli embassy in London "collaborating with MPs from both the Labour and Conservative (parties) on Israel," adding that Israeli diplomatic Shai Masot wanted him "destroyed" so that he never becomes foreign secretary.

In July 2016, the former minister wrote: "All seems clear and agreed that I will be minister for the Middle East, as expected. Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald called to say it's all been agreed, and he would recommend it to the foreign secretary."

He says this angered the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group, adding that Johnson had told him the CFI were "going ballistic".

The CFI is a powerful lobbying group in London, which does not reveal its source of funding, but claims that 80% of Conservative parliamentarians are members of it, according to the Daily Maverick report.

"Whereas they pretend to believe in two parallel states, itís quite clear that they donít, and so set out to destroy all genuine advocates for Palestine," Duncan wrote, and concluded by saying: "They just want to belittle and subjugate the Palestinians.

"The CFI and the Israelis think they control the Foreign Office. And they do!íĒ 

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