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The Party’s Over, the Gloves are Off


The US and allies trying to use Ukraine as a bludgeon to subdue the world are instead hastening the demise of their own empire of shame

By Daniel Patrick Welch


This whole Ukranian episode of the Forever War is more and more like a caricature every day. In the first place, it’s not a Ukranian war. We have to abandon that propaganda narrative that we’ve been aiding and abetting. It’s not a war where “the Ukranians did this, the Russians did this, the Ukranians, the Russians…” and on and on. That’s not what’s happening. It is--and has always been--a proxy war of the combined west against Russia. Absolutely every bit of that is true.

And now even the word “proxy” is getting to be a little creaky. Because all they are using is foreign investment in weapons: missiles that shoot farther, uranium depleted weapons. All those things are overseen by NATO and by the US. What provides an interesting light shone on this idea of it being j


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 You now have the President of Ukraine going to the Germans. To ask *The Germans* to be the greatest provider of weapons in his fight against Russia.

Is this 1939? Is W.H. Auden going to write about this? Is Stepan Bandera actually alive? What is this? The trouble is that this is exactly what it is-- to replay of the end of World War II. Which, let’s be honest—let’s be completely honest—didn’t quite end the way the west wanted. From that space which the Nazis share. ALL the Nazis! I don’t mean the German word “Nazi.” I  mean it sounds cool, and it’s fun to say the word, Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! But Nazi isn’t a German tradition. And they certainly weren’t the only Nazis around!

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In fact, they shared all that space with Bandera, with half the aristocracy of the British Empire, with all the great titans of American corporations who were building up Hitler to ruin Russia. This is what happens with exceptionalists, supremacists. It’s okay to kill the people who live on the land you want to take. And you can flip Auden either way you want from that time until now: “I and the public know./ What all schoolchildren learn,/ Those to whom evil is done/ Do evil in return.”

This is what is happening. And what is going to happen. The ending is no different. The movie is the same. The Russians (Soviets) lost 27 million people. And it might as well have happened yesterday. The same people are providing the same weapons to the same people (with the details slightly tweaked). These are the Somozas! This is the very origin of the Proxy. Older than Somoza. Older than SAVAK. Older than settlers in South Africa—well maybe not, I don’t know. But certainly Bandera is revered in this corner, in this northwest corner of Ukraine, for “making it free from 1939 to 1945.”

How? By slaughtering tens of thousands of Poles, Russians, Jews. Friends of Hitler! Friends of Hitler have never been enemies of the United States in its policy machinations. They’re the first ones they went to! And one of the first things they do is to demonize the hell out of anything that has to do with those people targeted. The attack--the slaughter—on Russian language, Russian tradition, Russian history. Is mindblowing. So much so that Americans don’t even know how brain dead they are. And they should. I mean, if so many of us come from Ireland, and we had to suffer historically what the British do. Which is sell the narrative that says Ah, the Irish are all drunks anyway. And they’re lazy. And they’re most likely terrorists. So we just march in with Cromwell and slaughter them all. And take that land!

So you always have the resonance of that war, of World War II…all the wars come back and feed into each other. What the Wolfe Tones sang in the 80’s: Cromwell’s men are here again! England’s name again is sullied in the eyes of honest men.

And it is ridiculous to think that you can change that. That history is just the long arm of a clock that if you have enough necons running things and enough capitalists on your payroll, you can stop that hand. You can move it! Guess what? You can’t.

And the Russians know it. What are you going to do? Bring in all sorts of long range missiles? Well, we’ll blow them up where they are. These go 300 or 400 kilometers? Then I guess that is how far we have to push in. None of this shit is going to be a threat to Russia. Period.

Americans? The neocons who run things? They don’t understand that. Partly because they come out of this tradition. The King of England! Was pro Nazi. He had to abdicate partly because of that. Truman said Eh, if the Russians win, we’ll help the Germans, and if the Germans win we’ll help the Russians. Today. Today, in 2023, there is a woman sitting as an advisor to President Biden, who actually said you know what? Hitler might have been controversial, but no one really sings his praises for fighting communism to the death.

What is this? Its okay to be soft on Hitler now? Then what the hell was that all for? Ah, we know. We know what it was all for. And guess what? It had very little to do with communism. I’m sorry. I don’t buy that. I know that that is the narrative. But it’s about Russia—it’s not about Lenin, Stalin, or even Marx. It’s about Mackinder! It’s about The Heartland. Abou preventing anyone from uniting that central part of—fast-forward now--Russia and China. And that is the threat! And the irony is that these people are so arrogant, and so full of themselves that they can’t see that they have made that even more inevitable than time itself. Russia and China are now joined at the hip because they know their existence depends on it.

These wars are not proxies. These are fingers of a LONG armed puppet. They are dangerous. And they are threats everywhere. So just like you do at a dinner party with friends you don’t really like or trust. You nod and smile. Find the exit. And jump and run to it—quick as you can—when it feels like you’re in danger. And—unknowingly, apparently--that is what the west is facing. They can’t help it. It is the demise of their control for the last five hundred years. It will yield incredible shortages and difficulties for the hundreds of millions of us who live under the western regime. But the party is over. 


Daniel Patrick Welch is a writer of political commentary and analysis. He lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School. He has traveled widely, speaks five languages and studied Russian History and Literature at Harvard University. Welch has also appeared as a guest on several TV and radio channels to speak on topics of foreign affairs and political analysis--around his day job--and may be available as time permits.

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The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

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