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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died


Madeline Albright: Is The Price Worth It?






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Obey: The Routine Of Obedience

"This film was absolutely WONDERFUL! It is inspiring and maddening"

Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

"I Am An American Indian Patriot"

"We live in a prisoner of war camp, that's why they call it a reservation"

A Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

The Power of Nightmares

By Adam Curtis

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

“How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem”,
  “I simply got tired of western mainstream media presenting the Palestinian-Israeli issue as being complex."

Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths

"If Anybody here, came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

"Political Fraud"

Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Lifting the Veil:
Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”.

Surviving Progress

The film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

A brief and crucial history of the United States

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever......?

Scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom.

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces...
As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

The Power Principle

Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Managing Public Perception - Psywar

The real battlefield is your mind.

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Why We Fight

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

Norman Finkelstein: American Radical

Probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein

Stop the Machine!!!!!:
A brief and crucial history of the United States.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government

Lives In The Balance : Jackson Browne

"You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know that you've seen it before
Where a government lies to a people
And a country is drifting to war "

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

How money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but an entire government.

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel
The Fourth World War

Documentary of radical resistance to global capitalism

The Israel Lobby

Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so?

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

The story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein wouldn't be a great idea.

Poison DUst

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

John Pilger: Truth Game

The worldwide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race is scrutinised.

The Road To Guantanamo

Three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there


"I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees":

A prisoner of the "war on terror" disturbing allegations of mistreatment and murder.

Global Dimming

It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon.

 An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's Documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming


America Freedom to Fascism

Startling facts about our laws, raising critical issues that Americans must consider if they are to be a free people.


Despotism & Democracy : Video

Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.






























































































































































































































































































Obama Administration SHOCKED That People Being Bombed May Retaliate
By Moon Of Alabama
These people are too pathetically clueless to even be embarrassed about it.  - Continue


The New Axis of Evil in America's Voracious Lust for Power and Resources
By Jason Hirthler
Russia, Iran and China are identified as the current obstacles to America's everlasting quest for full spectrum dominance of the world. - Continue


Power in the Service of Power
By Finian Cunningham
Irish-born Samantha Power, 44, has made a successful career for herself from the profane use of human rights, atrocities and genocide for the furtherance of American foreign policy. - Continue


Lies My History Teacher Told Me
Why Americans Believe That Bombing Hiroshima Was Necessary
By Gary G. Kohls
We historically-illiterate Americans are blocked, again and again, from learning historical truths about the American Empire   - Continue


Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an "Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery"
By Jon Schwarz
Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.”   - Continue


Bernie Sanders, Dr. King, and the Triple Evils
By Paul Street
Sanders’ silence is consistent with his long and ongoing record of supporting Washington’s criminal military adventures abroad and Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.   - Continue


Migrant Crisis: Has Nothing To Do With So-called 'Economic Migration'
By Chris Nineham
Most of the migrants in Calais are fleeing violence in countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and Afghanistan.  - Continue


Turkey air strike kills 10 civilians; Army denies: Ten civilians were killed this weekend in a Turkish air strike against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq, a Turkish pro-Kurdish party said Sunday, but the army denied the bombing had taken place near a populated area.

Obama's deal with Ankara is a betrayal of Syrian Kurds and may not even weaken Isis: -News Analysis - : Since the accord, the Turks have only waged war on Kurds while no US bomber has used Incirlik airbase

1.3 million Killed in Iraq, US is worse than IS: Deepa Kumar, an Indian-American professor of journalism and media studies at New Jersey’s main public university has set off a blaze in the media and academic circles by declaring that the US is more brutal than the IS for the reason that it has killed more people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

Three Turkish soldiers killed as PKK steps up attacks after air strikes: Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants killed two soldiers and wounded 31 in a suicide attack overnight in eastern Turkey, the army said on Sunday, as violence escalated following Ankara's air bombardment targeting Kurdish militants.

Hezbollah pushes on in Zabadani, loses 4 fighters: Hezbollah and the Syrian Army capture a new position in east Zabadani Sunday, in a push that leaves scores of militants either dead or wounded, the party’s Al-Manar TV reports

Watch: Syria Qaeda posts video of 'capture' of US-trained rebels: It depicts five men walking through a field in a straight line, hands behind their heads, supervised by one hooded man and one armed man.

Israeli leaders lit the match that burned baby Ali Dawabsha: To anyone paying attention to the widespread expressions of hatred emanating from many quarters of Israeli Jewish society, these stern platitudes are not only unconvincing, they are an obvious handwashing performance meant for external consumption.

US gov’t has ‘faith in the system’ that Israel will prosecute killers of Palestinian child– why?: News Analysis - It must be “faith” because there’s no evidence for it: the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem documents that Israeli government has a policy of NOT enforcing the law against Jewish settlers

Iran plans to buy 80-90 Boeing, Airbus planes a year, post sanctions: "We will purchase planes from Boeing and Airbus in equal numbers," Khodakarami was quoted as saying, adding that Iran would initially need to add at least 80 planes to its fleet each year. That would mean a total of 300 planes within five years, he added.

Boko Haram fighters kill 13 villagers in attack in NE Nigeria: witnesses: Local farmer Moha Saleh said 27 people were also injured in the attack, which began when the Islamist militants stormed the village at around 1:00 am (0000 GMT).

88 "militants" killed in Egypt’s Sinai over 11 days: Army: In a statement posted on Facebook, Brigadier-General Mohamed Samir said the army had killed a total of 88 militants in the volatile region between July 20 and July 31.

5 killed in eastern Libya: Five people were killed and 12 wounded during clashes in eastern Libya between forces loyal to its internationally recognized government and militant groups, medics said on Sunday.

Two Malian soldiers killed in ambush: military: Armed men placed explosives on a road in a region near the Mauritanian border where Islamist militants have launched attacks in the past, the sources said.

Burundi presidential aide Nshimirimana killed in attack: The attackers targeted his car in the Kamenge district reportedly with machine guns and rocket launchers.

UN peacekeeper killed in clashes in Central African Republic: At least one soldier with the U.N. peackeeping mission in Central African Republic was killed on Sunday during clashes with armed assailants in a northern neighbourhood of the capital Bangui, a spokesman for the mission said.

UN fears humanitarian disaster in CAR: The Central African Republic is staring at one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time if immediate action is not taken to increase aid to the country, according to the UN.

Russian Security Forces Kill 8 Suspected ISIL Militants in North Caucasus: A suspected mastermind of the December 2014 attacks on the Chechen capital city of Grozny, Adam Tagilov, was identified among those killed. The counter-terrorism agency said it found ready-to-use improvised explosive devices and over 2,000 rounds during the raid.

Institute of Peace’s Hawkish Chairman Wants Ukraine to Send Russians Back in Body Bags: Its chairman, Stephen Hadley, is a relentless hawk whose advocacy for greater military intervention often dovetails closely with the interests of Raytheon, a major defense contractor that pays him handsomely as a member of its board of directors.

Italy coast guard rescues 1,800 migrants, five found dead: The dead bodies were found on board at the time of the rescue, a coast guard spokeswoman said on Sunday. The cause of death was not yet known, she said.

Four migrants drown off Moroccan coast: ministry: Four migrants died on Sunday after trying to swim to Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta from northern Morocco, the government in Rabat said.

Calais: Migrants Pepper-sprayed as Church Urges 'Humanity': Refugees attempting to cross the French border to England are being beaten back with increasingly aggressive tactics.

Church attacks David Cameron’s lack of compassion over asylum crisis: Bishop of Dover pleads for PM to ‘rediscover what it is to be human’ as No 10 reveals a joint plan with France to boost security around Eurotunnel

Anglo Irish Bank officials jailed for offences related to financial crash: The three ex-employees are the first bankers to be imprisoned for actions that helped turn the Celtic Tiger boom to bust

Venezuela Receives US$5 Billion Loan from China: The most recent loan comes as President Maduro visited Beijing last January in which he secured US$20 billion in investment from China in support of social and infrastructure projects.

Journalist among five slain in Mexico City: Mexican authorities have discovered five bodies with their hands tied and showing apparent signs of torture in a middle-class area of Mexico City. One of the victims was a "self-exiled" photojournalist from Veracruz.

'Narcoland' Author on El Chapo's Escape and Government Corruption in Mexico: We are not talking about a guy that has the idea of making a tunnel with a spoon, we are talking about a guy who, for decades, has paid millions of dollars in bribes to top officials of the PGR (attorney general's office) , the army, federal police, Interior Ministry, the navy ... top officials from the governments of the states of Mexico

How America Exported A Gang War: Street gangs in the capital of El Salvador brought buses to a halt this week. The armed groups killed nine people who defied their transportation stoppage.

Colombia to buy land for poor in post-war period: Colombia aims to buy land from private owners and redistribute it among the poor after its 50-year-old war ends, the government said Sunday, addressing the root cause of the conflict

Hedge funds tell Puerto Rico: lay off teachers and close schools to pay us back: Report commissioned by 34 hedge funds says government had been ‘massively overspending on education’ despite spending only 79% of US average per pupil

Canada PM Harper calls general election for 19 October: Mr Harper's centre-right Conservative Party has been in office since 2006 but analysts say he could struggle to form another majority government. If he is successful, Mr Harper would be the first prime minister since Sir Wilfrid Laurier in 1908 to win four consecutive elections.

Donald Trump On Black Lives Matter: ‘We Have To Give Power Back To The Police’

60 People Have Provided One-Third Of All Campaign Donations For 2016: Donors who gave at least $100,000 account for about half of all donations so far to candidates’ presidential committees and the super PACs that support them.

67 donors change 2016 race: The flood of seven-figure contributions to outside groups supporting presidential candidates — illustrates in stark terms how the unprecedented political buying power of wealthy donors has fundamentally shifted U.S. presidential campaigns.

“Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics


August 01, 2015


Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria will Inflame the War Zone
By Shamus Cooke
Iran and Hezbollah have recently ramped up direct support of the Syrian government. As Turkish and the U.S. military enter the war space, confrontation is inevitable. Confrontation is the plan. - Continue


Erodogan and Netanyahu Declare War
By James Petras
The rulers of the two most powerful authoritarian regimes in the Middle East are launching major wars to reconfigure the Middle East.  - Continue


Iran Has Signed A Historic Nuclear Deal – Now It’s Israel’s Turn
By Javad Zarif
If the Vienna deal is to mean anything, the whole of the Middle East must rid itself of weapons of mass destruction . - Continue


Hollow Israeli Sorrow Over Palestinian Baby Immolation by Settlers
By Stephen Lendman
Netanyahu’s “shock” over 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha’s immolation by settlers belies his reign of terror on Palestine and his genocidal war on Gaza last summer. - Continue


Morning Beach Remembrance of Gaza
In the summer of 2014, Israeli occupation forces attacked Gaza, killed over 2,100 people and injured 11,000 others during 51 days of continuous bombardment. - Continue


Incongruities in the News
By Paul Craig Roberts
The gullibility of the population ensures the government’s success. - Continue


Pentagon Employing Top Scientists to Improve US Propaganda Machine
By Cassius Methyl
Throughout human history, governments have been interested in “mastering the human domain”—in fully understanding how to control the minds of their populations. - Continue


Americans Have Too Much Respect for Presidents and Power
By Charles Davis
The corporate press and its pundits act horrified when common citizens interrupt the people in power who are ruining their lives. - Continue


Methods of Media Manipulation
By Michael Parenti
The corporate mainstream media seldom stray into territory that might cause discomfort to those who hold political and economic power, including those who own the media or advertise in it. - Continue


100 Years Ago, The U.S. Invaded And Occupied This Country. Can You Name It?
By Ishaan Tharoor
Thousands of residents perished during what turned out to be 19 years of de facto U.S. rule. - Continue


God’s Masterpiece or the Devil’s Bad Joke?
By Eduardo Galeano
“Are you descended from the apes on your grandfather’s side or your grandmother’s?” - Continue


U.N.: At least 1,332 Iraqis killed in July : The U.N. mission to Iraq said Saturday that at least 844 civilians were among the dead, while 488 members of Iraqi security forces and pro-government militias fighting ISIS were killed.

Turkish warplanes kill civilians in Kurdish region's Qandil: Turkish fighter jets launched a fresh attack against Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) on Saturday, killing 10 civilians and injuring 11 others in the Qandil Mountains of the Kurdistan region, a Rudaw reporter at the scene said.

Iraq's Barzani condemns Turkish bombing he says killed civilians: "We condemn this bombardment that led to the martyrdom of people from the Kurdistan region and call on Turkey not to bombard civilians again," Massoud Barzani said in a statement.

PKK should leave Iraqi Kurdistan, says Barzani leadership: The Kurdish leadership in Iraq says the PKK must leave to avoid civilian casualties in air strikes by Turkey

Propaganda alert: : UN describes Turkish airstrikes against PKK as self-defense: “This action taken by Turkey was done in accordance with the UN Charter, as a way of exercising their self-defence. That is what has been explained to me by Prime Minister Davutoglu.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Iraq's scorching heat kills 52 children in refugee camps: The recent wave of stifling heat and a lack of electricity has led to the deaths of at least 52 children in refugee camps in less than a week, a Baghdad official said on Friday.

Iraqis vent anger over power cuts and corruption: When the governor's deputy went out to hear their demands, demonstrators pelted him with plastic water bottles and insisted on seeing the governor himself.

39 killed as Syria army 'pushes back rebels near regime heartland' AFP; At least 20 government forces and 19 rebels from the Army of Conquest alliance had been killed in 24 hours of clashes in Hama province's Sahl al-Ghab region. Government forces have retaken seven positions, including the power plant.

25 Syria rebels killed in failed Aleppo attack: Nine government forces were also killed in fighting that erupted after several rebel groups launched the attack late Friday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Syrian army advances on plain after rebel offensive: monitor: The Syrian army and allied militia have regained control over several northwestern villages from insurgents on a plain crucial for defending costal areas that Damascus holds, a group monitoring the war said on Saturday.

Al-Qaeda-led court executes 10 in Syria's Aleppo: The executions, in the eastern Aleppo neighbourhood of Shaar, were ordered by a religious court that includes several conservative rebel groups but is dominated by Al-Nusra Front. All 10 men were shot dead, the Observatory said.

US-backed rebel group flees north Syria HQ after clash with Nusra: On Friday night the Nusra Front said it attacked Division 30 and abducted some of its members because they were trained by the CIA and vowed in a statement to cut off "the arms" of the American government in Syria.

Al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria flaunts U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missiles: The Caucasus Emirate in Syria, an al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group, recently released photos on Twitter showing them possessing a U.S.-made BGM-71 anti-tank missile.

US, Turkey differ over how to fight Islamic State from Incirlik airbase: State Department spokesman John Kirby said Incirlik could be used as part of its continuing air support to Syrian Kurdish militia belonging to the PYD in its fight against the Islamic State group. But Kirby’s Turkish counterpart Tanju Bilgic said that supporting the Kurdish militia was not part of the agreement.

Despite bombing, Islamic State is no weaker than a year ago : After billions of dollars spent and more than 10,000 extremist fighters killed, the Islamic State group is fundamentally no weaker than it was when the U.S.-led bombing campaign began a year ago, American intelligence agencies have concluded.

2 Palestinian teens shot dead amid clashes over toddler killed in arson attack : Two 17-yo Palestinian boys were shot dead by Israeli forces in separate incidents amid clashes in the West Bank incited by the death of an 18-month-old child in a suspected Jewish arson attack on a Palestinian village.

Slain Palestinian toddler's parents, brother fighting for lives: The family's small brick and cement home in the village of Duma was gutted by fire, and a Jewish Star of David spray-painted on a wall along with the words "revenge" and "long live the Messiah."

Palestinians to haul Israel before ICC in wake of arson attack, Abbas says: The Palestinians will argue before the ICC that Israel's policy of protecting Jewish settlers and expanding settlements in the West Bank encouraged incidents such as the arson.

Drone strike kills 20 suspected members of IS group: At least 15 people have been killed and several others injured in a series of US drone strikes in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.

New Taliban leader calls for unity, continued insurgency in audio message: The new Taliban leader's call for unity comes a day after one of Mullah Omar's sons, Yacoob, said he opposed Mansoor's election. He said the vote took place among a small clique of Mansoor's supporters and demanded a re-election that includes all Taliban commanders, including those fighting in Afghanistan.

Mercenary Drone Operators Kill Outside US Chain of Command: Experts say that the US armed forces are using a growing number of mercenaries or contractors to operate lethal drone attacks as regular troops are increasingly unwilling to do so.

CISA: The Dirty Deal Between Google and the NSA That No One Is Talking About: One of the things that civil liberties activists like to lament about is that the general public seems to care more about Google and Facebook using their personal data to target advertising than the government using it to target drone strikes.

Two Ukrainian soldiers killed in war-torn east: Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 14 more injured over 24 hours in clashes between government forces and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, a security official in Kiev said on Saturday.

Merkel to run for fourth term in 2017: Der Spiegel: Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has governed Germany since 2005, has decided to run for a fourth term and has started planning her 2017 re-election campaign, Der Spiegel news magazine said on Saturday in an unsourced report.

Cameron's grip on Calais crisis in doubt amid pledges of sniffer dogs and fencing: Prime minister’s package to stop migrant incursions at Calais is condemned by hauliers, while Kent police question plans to ease traffic congestion

Puerto Rico Makes One Payment, to Default on Another: Puerto Rico faces a deadline Saturday for a debt payment of US$58 million to the Public Finance Corporation (PFC) bonds. The U.S. commonwealth territory is expected to default on this payment as the government had indicated that the territory's bank did not have enough funds to make it.

Mexican judge suspends U.S. extradition order for fugitive 'Chapo' Guzman: A Mexican judge temporarily suspended a U.S. extradition order on Friday for the fugitive drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman even though the federal attorney general's office had approved it a day earlier. No reason was given for the suspension.

Police brutality: How UK cops disarmed knife attacker and why it stirred debate over US practices: A video of a man trying to stab two police officers with an eight-inch knife in the UK has sparked a massive debate on social media. Many contrasted the way British cops subdued the attacker without incident with the way police in the US would have done

121 Dead: July Was the Deadliest Month in Recent History for Police Killings: In recent years the alternative media has begun to expose police killings, independent organizations are beginning to keep a tally of every killing they possibly can.

Watch: Cop Shows Exactly Why People are Losing Faith in Police: A deputy has been suspended after he was captured on video, in a sickening display of authoritarianism.

Watch: Woman facing charges after police shoot, kill dog: "He just shot the dog and stood there with no remorse, no regrets in front of her and her kids," - "He just took a step back and he just shot at the dog," Smarr said. "And then he started laughing afterward."

House votes to revoke passports of US citizens: The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would let the government confiscate passports of Americans with links to terrorist groups.

Hillary Clinton Releases Her 2007-2014 Joint Tax Returns Reporting $139 Million Income; 99% Of Charitable Contributions Went To Clinton Family Foundation

Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out: "We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders)"

July 31, 2015


Erdogan Launches War in Attempt to Become Turkey’s Supreme Leader
By Mike Whitney
Erdogan wouldn’t be the first leader to start a war to boost his popularity at home, or the last. - Continue


“Bomb Iran” Plan Simply Won’t Go Away
By Pepe Escobar
"It's hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding." - Continue


Why Republicans Oppose the Iran Agreement: Follow the Money
By Jeff Faux
Republicans say they oppose the agreement for two reasons. First, it will not succeed. Second, it will succeed. - Continue


Why Russia Shut Down NED Fronts
By Robert Parry
The Washington Post’s descent into the depths of neoconservative propaganda – willfully misleading its readers on matters of grave importance – apparently knows no bounds. - Continue


Assange: The Untold Story Of An Epic Struggle For Justice
By John Pilger
The siege of Knightsbridge is both an emblem of gross injustice and a gruelling farce. - Continue


Kos, Bodrum, Desperate Refugees and a Dying Child
By Andre Vltchek
As a child lies in agony, thousands of tourists nearby are downing expensive food and drinks. - Continue


Greece – And the Horror of Europe
By Peter Koenig
The endless and steadily growing flood of refugees – are the direct result of western destructive interventions in these peoples’ home countries. - Continue


Do We Care More About a Dead Lion, or Dead Children?
By Joe Clifford
What a strange and frightening world we live in. - Continue


Treason Charges: What Lurks Behind the Bizarre Allegations
By Yanis Varoufakis
The bizarre attempt to have me indicted on… treason charges, reflects something much broader. - Continue


The Greek Coup: Liquidity as a Weapon of Coercion
By Ellen Brown
The Greek government was broken Mafia-style at the knees, until it was forced to abandon its national sovereignty. - Continue


John Perkins : The Economic Hitmen
How corporations take control of countries, and how capitalism drives the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex. - Continue


Actually, It’s Never Okay to Hit Children
By Cynthia Peters
Should spanking be legal? The answer is simple: No. - Continue


Turkey bombs PKK camps with 30 F-16s after 190 militants were killed: A total of 190 militants have reportedly been killed in two major airstrikes by the Turkish military targeting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) bases both inside Turkey and northern Iraq.

13 killed as Nusra Front attacks Western-backed rebels in northern Syria: The Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front attacked Western-backed rebels in northern Syria Friday, rebel groups and an activist organization monitoring the war said, escalating tension between rival insurgents near the Turkish border.

U.S. Launches Airstrikes to Aid American-Trained Syrian Rebels: Syrian rebels, came under heavy fire Friday in northern Syria and for the first time called in U.S. airstrikes to repel the enemy.

Rebel commander says Americans on the ground in Syria calling in airstrikes: The Pentagon has denied reports that al-Qaida linked fighters have abducted several U.S.-trained Syrian rebels outside of Aleppo, Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the men were taken by members of the al-Nusra Front.

16 civilians killed in Iraqi airstrike: No fewer than 16 civilians were killed on Friday in an airstrike by a government jet in Iraq’s restive western province of Anbar, a local medical official has said.

Turkey: 5 killed in clashes between authorities and PKK: Kurdish rebels raided a Turkish police station and fired on railway workers in two separate attacks that left five dead, officials said Friday, amid renewed conflict between the security forces and insurgents that has wrecked a fragile peace process.

Three Saudi soldiers killed in cross-border shelling: The shelling took place in Dhahran Aljanoub, a governorate in the Saudi border region of Aseer, SPA said, citing the security spokesman at the interior ministry.

Yemen Map of War: The big Saudi sucsess in Aden has turned out to be a failure. Saudi proxies with the support of Operation Golden Arrow have been expanding areas of control north of Aden, showing local gains rather than total victory.

'Jewish settler' arson attack kills child: The 18-month-old boy was killed in the night-time attack on two homes in the village of Duma. His parents and brother suffered serious injuries.

UN Envoy Denounces Child’s Brutal Murder By Israeli Fanatics In Nablus: Mladinov said “the crime in Douma village, south of Nablus, is a terrorist crime that stresses the urgent need to end the Israeli occupation.”

Ashrawi Says Israel Now "Completely Out of Control": “Israel is deliberately and willfully defying international consensus to create ‘Greater Israel’ on historical Palestine.

Right-wing Israeli fanatic stabs six at gay rights parade: A right-wing Orthodox Jewish zealot carried out an attack Thursday against a gay pride march in occupied East Jerusalem, stabbing at least six marchers. Two of them—a 17-year-old girl and a female border guard—were reported in critical condition.

Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal: As unanimous as the politicians are in backing the prime minister, the generals and spymasters are nearly as unanimous in questioning him. Generals publicly backing Netanyahu can be counted on — well — one finger.

MSM avoids central Pollard question: Did Israel trade secrets to Soviets for emigres?: The American public would be interested to know about this angle; and legislators ought to demand an accounting of the damage before Pollard is freed.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign 'Cairo Declaration': Regional powers sign pact to boost economic and military ties, and pledge to work together to create joint Arab force.

Gunmen killed 16 as force chief promises to crush Boko Haram: A woman bomber on a tricycle killed six people in a busy market in Maiduguri, the largest city in Nigeria’s restive northeastern Borno state. The jihadists also struck neighbouring Yobe state, killing at least 10 people including two women

Seven Libyan soldiers killed in clashes with Islamic State: Seven Libyan soldiers were killed on Friday when Islamic State militants stormed a checkpoint manned by forces loyal to the official government, military officials said.

Muslims being 'erased' from Central African Republic: Amnesty International says Muslims living in rural areas especially targeted as militias undertake "ethnic cleansing".

Afghanistan: Rocket explosion leaves five children killed in Helmand: Five children have been killed after the rocket they were playing with exploded in Nad Ali District of southern Helmand province.

WikiLeaks: US spied on Japanese government and companies: WikiLeaks posted an NSA list of 35 Japanese targets for telephone intercepts including the Japanese cabinet office, Bank of Japan officials, Finance and Trade Ministry numbers and fossil fuel departments at Mitsubishi and Mitsui.

US govt never minded Americans killing rare lions before Cecil – WikiLeaks document: A 2008’s classified memo signed by James D McGee, the-then US ambassador to Zimbabwe, has revealed that the US government knew about and approved of its citizens going trophy hunting to South Africa, says WikiLeaks.

US imposes further sanctions on Russia over Crimea, east Ukraine conflict: The new US sanctions also targeted a Ukrainian businessman from Donetsk, Oleksandr Yanukovich, son of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who was toppled by the Maidan protests in 2014.

Moscow vows to retaliate against latest US sanctions: "Having imposed new sanctions against Russian citizens and companies, the US has once again demonstrated that it has opted for aggravating confrontation," the ministry said in a statement Friday.

Russia and China Plan Military Drills in Sea of Japan: According to Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun, the exercises will focus on anti-submarine and anti-ship exercises. While the Russian military will supply ships, submarines and fixed-wing aircraft, China will send fighter jets, destroyers, frigates, and supply vessels.

IMF cannot join Greek rescue, board told: “Some Greek officials suspect the IMF and Wolfgang Schäuble, the hardline German finance minister, are determined to scupper a Greek rescue despite this month’s agreement to move forward with a third bailout.

German government accuses news website of treason over leaks: For the first time in more than 50 years journalists are facing treason charges, which is being denounced as an attack on the freedom of the press

Coast Guard rescues 1,230 migrants, recovers two bodies: The Coast Guard coordinated a total of five operations to save people steeped aboard two rubber dinghies and three boats, some 30 nautical miles off the coast of Libya.

4 common myths about the Calais migrants debunked: Another man died in Calais Tuesday night. The victim, believed to be in his late 20s and from Sudan, was crushed under the wheels of a truck as he tried to stow away on a vehicle bound for England.

George Galloway: ‘If Corbyn wins, I’d rejoin Labour pretty damn quick’ : Asked whether he would consider joining a Corbyn-led Labour Party, Galloway said: “Definitely. Pretty damn quick. And I think hundreds of thousands of people would.” With Corbyn at the helm, “everyone on the left” would join the party, he added.

US judge rejects legal challenge from Guantanamo detainee: "A court cannot look to political speeches alone to determine factual and legal realities merely because doing so would be easier than looking at all the relevant evidence," Lamberth wrote. "The government may not always mean what it says or say what it means."

Mexico: Eight members of the same family including two teens beheaded in suspected drugs violence: The bodies, including those of two teenagers, were found after a ninth member of the family kidnapped at the same time managed to escape and alerted police to the abduction near Casa Quemada, Chihuahua, according to prosecutors.

Court Rules in Favor of El Chapo's Extradition to the US: Despite the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto vowing it would not extradite Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, three weeks after his embarrassing escape, a federal court Thursday ordered the drug lord's detention for extradition to the United States.

The War On Drugs Is A War On Minorities: Former El Reno Prison Inmate Freed By Obama Speaks Out

Bombs Explode Outside Two Newspaper Offices in Ecuador: Two bombs exploded Wednesday night near the headquarters of two major Ecuadorean daily newspapers, El Telegrafo and El Universo, located in the port city of Guayaquil.

Colombian Families Hope for Truth as Mass Grave Exhumed: The exhumation expects to find bodies of up to 300 victims of a counter-insurgency campaign against left-wing rebels launched in 2002 by Colombian former President Alvaro Uribe.

Hillary Clinton and secret Swiss bank accounts: The only unusual aspect of the transactions is the detailed record, supplied in part thanks to the publication of US State Department cables from Switzerland by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s Pro-War Super PAC Bankrolled by Defense Contractors: As Graham tours the early primary states, he tells voters that he is running to boost U.S. defense spending.

Trump Says He Would 'Get Along Very Well' With Putin: "He hates Obama, Obama hates him. We have unbelievably bad relationships. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. She was the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. The world blew apart during her reign. Now she wants to be president," Trump added.

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record: This 165 reading, recorded at 4:30 p.m. local time Friday, comes one day after the heat index soared to 159 degrees (70 Celsius) in the same location.

Greenpeace protest: Controversial ship Fennica moves through protesters on St. Johns Bridge: After winning an early morning game of chicken with the ship, Greenpeace protesters suspended from the bridge and in kayaks and canoes on the river were left disappointed. Thirteen of them had spent the better part of 40 hours in climbers slings and on portable platforms.

Study: Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Cancer: For example, using your phone for just 20 minutes a day for five years increased the risk of one type of brain tumor threefold, and using the phone an hour a day for four years upped the risk of some tumors three to five times, Yakymenko said.



































Headlines Continued



Key Articles


Key Articles

Zionism's Jewish Enemy


Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’

US Protection Racket Root of Korea Conflict

By Finian Cunningham

The conflict emanates from Washington and is perpetuated by Washington. Why? To justify what would otherwise be seen as simply outrageous US militarism in the Asia Pacific.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

America's War for Global Domination: by Michel Chossudovsky

The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a broader military agenda, which was launched at the end of the Cold War. The ongoing war agenda is a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War and the NATO led wars on Yugoslavia (1991-2001).

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world: By David Armstrong

The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage.

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President - By Neil Mackay

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The president's real goal in Iraq: By JAY BOOKMAN

29 September 2002. - The official story on Iraq has never made sense.

The Project for the New American Century: By William Rivers Pitt

02/25/03 - The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy: By WARREN P. STROBEL and JOHN WALCOTT

A highly classified British memo, leaked in the midst of Britain's just-concluded election campaign, indicates that President Bush decided to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by summer 2002 and was determined to ensure that U.S. intelligence data supported his policy.

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse": By Michael Smith

MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

Will Iran Be Next?: by Mark Gaffney

Those who have hoped that a U.S. military victory in Iraq would somehow bring about a more peaceful world are in for a rude awakening. The final resolution of this war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq will likely not be the end, rather, only the prelude to a succession of future crises: in Kashmir, Syria, North Korea, and Iran.

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran - Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran's President Ahmadinejad .


  "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

Some people have compared it to Hitler's publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.
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