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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died


Madeline Albright: Is The Price Worth It?






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Obey: The Routine Of Obedience

"This film was absolutely WONDERFUL! It is inspiring and maddening"

Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

"I Am An American Indian Patriot"

"We live in a prisoner of war camp, that's why they call it a reservation"

A Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

The Power of Nightmares

By Adam Curtis

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

“How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem”,
  “I simply got tired of western mainstream media presenting the Palestinian-Israeli issue as being complex."

Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths

"If Anybody here, came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

"Political Fraud"

Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Lifting the Veil:
Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”.

Surviving Progress

The film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

A brief and crucial history of the United States

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever......?

Scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom.

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces...
As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

The Power Principle

Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Managing Public Perception - Psywar

The real battlefield is your mind.

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Why We Fight

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

Norman Finkelstein: American Radical

Probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein

Stop the Machine!!!!!:
A brief and crucial history of the United States.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government

Lives In The Balance : Jackson Browne

"You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know that you've seen it before
Where a government lies to a people
And a country is drifting to war "

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

How money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but an entire government.

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel
The Fourth World War

Documentary of radical resistance to global capitalism

The Israel Lobby

Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so?

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

The story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein wouldn't be a great idea.

Poison DUst

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

John Pilger: Truth Game

The worldwide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race is scrutinised.

The Road To Guantanamo

Three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there


"I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees":

A prisoner of the "war on terror" disturbing allegations of mistreatment and murder.

Global Dimming

It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon.

 An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's Documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming


America Freedom to Fascism

Startling facts about our laws, raising critical issues that Americans must consider if they are to be a free people.


Despotism & Democracy : Video

Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.






























































































































































































































































































Say Hello To My Cruise Missiles
By Pepe Escobar
The Pentagon is apoplectic because this display of Russian technology revealed the end of the American monopoly over long-range cruise missiles. - Continue



Putin Slams US On Syria, Says Partners Have 'Mush For Brains'
Putin on Tuesday slammed Washington for refusing to share intelligence with Russia on Syria, accusing it of muddled thinking. - Continue



Obama and Putin Agreed To Screw Erdogan?
By Moon Of Alabama
Why does the U.S still deliver thousands of TOWs to al-Qaeda which only kill more Syrians and prolong the fighting? - Continue



On Building Armies (and Watching Them Fail)
Why Washington Can’t “Stand Up” Foreign Militaries

By Andrew J. Bacevich
Washington’s expected victories in both Afghanistan and Iraq were meant to affirm and broaden its preeminence by incorporating large parts of the Islamic world into the American imperium. - Continue



‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’
By Jonathan Cook
“the police and media are encouraging cold-blooded executions of Arab citizens”. - Continue



Politicians Exploit School Shooting While Ignoring Bombing Victims
By Ron Paul
To admit that the US military sometimes commits immoral acts is to admit that the US government is not an unalloyed force for good. - Continue



How Do You Prepare a Child for Life in the American Police State?
By John W. Whitehead
What is particularly chilling is how effective these lessons in compliance are in indoctrinating young people to accept their role in the police state. - Continue


13 killed in bombings, clashes with extremist militants in Iraq; Iraqi security forces on Tuesday continued major offensive against the Islamic State (IS) militants in northern central province of Salahudin, while 13 people were killed in separate bomb attacks and clashes with IS, security sources said.

Islamic State second-in-command killed by US airstrike in Iraq, group confirms: A spokesperson from IS warned that the US would 'taste the tragedy' after a senior member of their ranks was killed by an airstrike

Iraq using information from new intelligence centre to bomb ISIS: Iraq has started bombing ISIS with help from a new intelligence centre that has staff from Russia, Iran and Syria, a senior parliamentary figure said on Tuesday about cooperation seen as a threat to US interests in the region.

Iraqi Forces Seize US-Supplied Anti-Armor Missiles from ISIL in Fallujah: The Iraqi army and volunteer forces discovered US-made military hardware and ammunition, including anti-armor missiles, in terrorists' positions and trenches captured during the operations in the Fallujah region in Al-Anbar province.

Syrian rebels fortify frontline with anti-tank missiles: Syrian insurgents are deploying extensive supplies of anti-tank missiles provided by their foreign backers to counter ground attacks by the Syrian army and its allies. Activists however said supplies had been stepped up since the Russian airstrikes began on Sept. 30.

US airdrops arms in Syria: News Analysis - The US is engaged in an increasingly desperate attempt to rescue the Syrian adherents of Al Qaeda, a force which the American people have been told for the last 18 years is their most deadly threat, to be countered with endless war and sweeping attacks on democratic rights.

U.S. Weaponry Is Turning Syria Into Proxy War With Russia: Insurgent commanders say that since Russia began air attacks in support of the Syrian government, they are receiving for the first time bountiful supplies of powerful American-made antitank missiles.

Lavrov: Little doubt US arms delivered to Syrian opposition to fall into terrorists' hands: The Russian Foreign Ministry has few doubts that weapons and munitions supplied by the US to the so-called “moderate Syrian opposition” will end up in terrorists’ hands. The US Air Force has reportedly delivered 50 tons of munitions to Syrian rebels.

US vs Russia military showdown is INEVITABLE top MI6 chief warns: Former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers said there is a "real risk of a clash" as tensions boil between both superpowers amid Russia's bombing crusade in Syria.

Syria's Al-Nusra Calls On Jihadists in Caucasus to Attack Russia: "If the Russian army kills the people of Syria, then kill their people. And if they kill our soldiers, then kill their soldiers. An eye for an eye," Abu Mohamed al-Jolani, the head of Al-Nusra Front, said in an audio recording released late Monday. He pledged that Moscow's air war in Syria, would have dire consequences for Russia.

Rockets hit Russian embassy compound in Damascus: Two rockets struck the Russian embassy compound in Damascus Tuesday sparking panic as several hundred people gathered to express their support for Moscow's air war in Syria, AFP journalists said.

The moderate opposition doesn’t exist: News Analysis - 90% of the so-called “Syrian rebels” are clearly terrorists supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other foreign players.

Over 15 Militants Killed in Syrian Forces' Operations near Aleppo City: Militants' centers in the outskirts of the Northern city of Aleppo were targeted by the Syrian Army, leaving at least 15 terrorists dead and several others wounded, local sources said on Tuesday.

Two Hezbollah commanders killed fighting rebels in Syria: Two Hezbollah commanders have been killed fighting alongside government forces against rebels in Syria's Idlib province, reports indicate.

Russia hit 86 'terrorist' targets in Syria in past 24 hours: "In the last 24 hours, Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM planes carried out 88 sorties against 86 terrorist infrastructure targets in the provinces of Raqa, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo," the defense ministry said in a statement.

ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian airstrikes – military: Islamic State militants have lost "most" of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in Russian airstrikes, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. At least 86 ISIS targets were hit during 88 sorties in the last 24 hours.

Turkey would talk with Russia and Iran on political solution in Syria: PM: Turkey would hold talks with Russia and Iran to work towards a political solution in Syria but would not take a foreign policy stance which "legitimizes the Syrian regime", Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday.

Turkish officials claim 'concrete evidence' of Isis link to bombings: Officials also hit back at accusations that the state was responsible for the massacre, saying 2,000 security personnel had been deployed to protect the peace rally, and rejected accusations that the ruling party sought to exploit the violence to bolster its chances at snap elections due next month.

Turkey warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria: "This is clear cut for us and there is no joking about it," one official said of the possibility of Syrian Kurdish militia crossing the Euphrates to extend control along Turkish borders from Iraq's Kurdistan region towards the Mediterranean coast.

Syrian Kurdish forces razed Arab villages: Amnesty International has accused Kurdish armed units in northern Syria of razing Arab and Turkmen villages, actions it says amounted to war crimes.

8 killed as Saudi airstrikes pound rebel supply lines in Yemen's south: Security officials say airstrikes from a Saudi-led coalition targeting Yemen's Shiite rebels have killed eight rebel fighters in a renewed attempt to cut their supply lines to the country's third largest city.

Houthi leader urges all followers to join fight against Arab coalition: - The leader of Yemen's Houthis urged all followers on Tuesday to head to war fronts to repel what he called invaders, a reference to an Arab coalition that intervened to overturn the rule of his Iranian-allied group over large parts of the country.

Briton, 74, may not survive Saudi's lashings over illicit wine: The crime is related to homemade wine. But can 74-year-old Karl Andree survive the punishment -- 360 lashes by Saudi authorities?

Three Israelis killed as wave of violence escalates: Two Palestinians shot and stabbed passengers on a bus in Jerusalem, killing two people and wounding at least five others, amid tit-for-tat stabbing attacks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Over 1,300 Palestinians Shot in Last 11 Days: News Analysis - Daily horrors continue. A 15-year-old Palestinian girl was shot and critically wounded en route home from school with friends, threatening no one.

US condemns 'terror attacks' on Israeli civilians: "The United States condemns in the strongest terms today's terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians," spokesman John Kirby said.

Ten killed in clash between Nigerian troops, militants in Kogi: Ten suspected Islamic fundamentalists were killed on Tuesday in Okene, near Lokoja in Kogi during a bloody encounter between an Islamic sect and men of the Nigerian Army.

Seven killed in shootings, grenade attack in Burundi capital - police, residents: At least seven people were killed in shootings and a grenade attack on Tuesday in Burundi's capital, police and residents said, in a further spate of violence following the election of President Pierre Nkurunziza to a third term.

At least six killed in Islamist ambush in northern Mali: "The Islamists first laid a mine. A civilian vehicle exploded on the mine," a security source said. Two other civilian vehicles arrived and were damaged before "the Islamists came out from their hiding place to fire on the civilians," the source added.

Six killed in new DR Congo attacks blamed on Uganda rebels: The gun attacks happened within two hours of each other on Monday in the restive north of North Kivu province, from which many locals have been evacuated after a string of massacres blamed on the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces.

Pakistan: 16 Armed Militants Killed: Eyewitness told BNA local reporters so far 31 dead bodies of armed militants were on the battlefield.

Afghanistan: 10 Daesh fighters killed: : Afghan security forces have killed at least 10 Daesh fighters in a series of mop-up operation conducted in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, military official said on Tuesday.

2 killed in suicide bombing in S. Afghanistan: - Two people, including the attacker, were killed as a suicide bomber blew himself up next to a police checkpoint in Miwand district of the southern Kandahar province on Tuesday, police spokesman in the province Zia Durani said.

Taliban pull back from Kunduz as fighting flares on southern highway: The Taliban said they were pulling back in the northern city of Kunduz on Tuesday in order to protect civilians, but fighting continued elsewhere in the country with government troops battling to reopen the main highway south of the capital Kabul.

Obama Won't Back Down After Chinese Threat, Sends U.S. Warships To Contested Islands In "Matter Of Days": After months of debate in the U.S. government, there is now a consensus that the U.S. Navy should send ships or aircraft within 12 nautical miles of the artificial islands to challenge China’s territorial claims there, according to people familiar with internal discussions.

Dutch board says Russian-made missile downed MH17: Findings do not specify who launched BUK missile which brought down passenger jet over eastern Ukraine in July 2014.

Russia: 'serious doubts' about MH17 probe: "There remain serious doubts whether the genuine goal of an investigation conducted in the Netherlands is the establishment of true reasons behind the catastrophe and not a justification of accusations that have been put forward in advance," a foreign ministry spokeswoman said.

Czech refugee camp offers 'worse conditions' than prisons: Refugees in a Czech refugee center were "debased in front of their children," according to human rights official Anna Sabatova. The conditions violate international conventions, she said after visiting the facility.

Justice for Assange: Assange has already been cleared and the woman says the police made it up in order to ’get him’. On August 25 2010, Assange was cleared of the suspicion of ’rape’ by Stockholm’s Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne, who stated she "made the assessment that the evidence did not disclose any offence of rape (against SW)".

Former US Detainees Sue CIA Torture Program Architects: CIA psychologists behind the U.S. intelligence agency’s “enhanced interrogation” program are guilty of torture, non-consensual human experimentation, and war crimes, three former detainees alleged in a federal lawsuit Tuesday.

Georgia deputies filmed tasing handcuffed inmate hours before his death: A video has emerged showing deputies in Georgia tasing a mentally ill man in the groin while he was restrained in a chair. He was found dead just hours later. Two deputies and a jail nurse are being tried for involuntary manslaughter following his death.

Chris Christie Says He Would Shoot Down Russian Planes Over Syria: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey ramped up his tough talk on foreign policy on Monday, calling President Obama a “weakling” and saying that the United States should threaten to shoot down Russian planes conducting airstrikes in Syria.

The Donald Trump doctrine: 'Assad is bad' but US must stop 'nation-building': Republican frontrunner lays out foreign policy - Condemns Iraq ‘disaster’ with exceptions for atrocities – ‘Isis is one of them’ - Suggests sympathy for Putin’s Syrian intervention in wide-ranging interview

Ben Carson discusses the end of days: When asked if he thinks the end of the world is near, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said "you could guess that we are getting closer to that."


October 12, 2015


US, Russia & Syria: The Problem With Faking It
By Thomas S. Harrington
Yes, the US and Israelis, have been "faking it" in Syria for a good long time now. And Putin has come along and called their bluff. - Continue


US Must Call Off Dogs of War in Syria
By Finian Cunningham
Washington and its Saudi client are motivated by regime change against Moscow’s ally, and they are moving to escalate arms supplies to their mercenary terror networks. - Continue


Putin Knows that Peace with America is Impossible
By Miroslav Lazanski
Putin understands that reconciliation with America is not possible, because the interests of the two countries are simply incompatible. - Continue


Recognizing Neocon Failure Shows Obama Has Come To His Senses
By Paul Craig Roberts
Obama is trying to take America off the neocon road to failure and more war. - Continue


From Iraq to Kunduz, US Civilian Killings Are No Accident - They're Policy
By Peter Van Buren
The killing of civilians as a result of American war is not limited to attacks on hospitals. - Continue


The Longest War in U.S. History
By Ryan Harvey
This title reveals a deep-seated problem in the popular mythology of U.S. history – that the nations and assemblies of peoples that existed here before Europeans came were not sovereign, or even real. - Continue


Even Gandhi Would Understand the Palestinians’ Violence
By Gideon Levy
The injustice can go on for many more years. Why? Because Israel is stronger than ever and the West is letting it run wild. - Continue


There Will Be No Peace Until Israel’s Occupation Of Palestine Ends
By Marwan Barghouti
They frame the public debate with an implicit embrace of the U.S. right to invade countries and topple governments. - Continue


‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’
By Chris Hedges
When you are poor in America, everything conspires to make sure you remain poor. - Continue


How CNN Shapes Political Debate
By Ray McGovern
They frame the public debate with an implicit embrace of the U.S. right to invade countries and topple governments. - Continue


Do the Democrats Offer a Progressive Choice for President?
By Marjorie Cohn
"The Democratic Party," according to Stein, "continues to march to the right and become more of a corporatist party, more of an imperialist party, more of a militarist party." - Continue


18 Nusra Terrorists Killed in Idlib: The army destroyed a position of al-Nusra terrorists in al-Mastouma village in the Southern countryside of Idlib, killing at least 18 terrorists. The Syrian forces also targeted positions of the so-called "Jaish al-Fatih" terrorists in al-Tamanna town.

Russian jets strike 53 ISIS targets in last 24 hours (VIDEOS): The Russian Air Force has carried out 55 sorties in the last 24 hours, hitting 53 Islamic State targets in four Syrian provinces and destroying command posts, terrorist training camps and a transfer point, among others.

Russia to ramp up Syria airstrikes: report: “The Russian air command operation room in Syria reported the need to increase the amount of airstrikes from 60 a day to 200 or 300 a day in Syria,” sources in the Russian-Iraqi-Iranian-Hezbollah operations room in Baghdad told Al-Rai.

Syrian army, Russian jets advance against rebels: On Monday, Syrian troops and allied forces gained ground in the central province of Hama, advancing on the strategic Sahl al-Ghab plain backed by Russian air power.

'A step closer to war': UK pilots given green light to shoot down hostile Russian jets in Syria: As relations between the West and Russia steadily deteriorate, Royal Air Force pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq if they are endangered by them.

British diplomat summoned by Russia over 'missile' reports: Russia summoned Britain's defence attache in Moscow to explain reports that RAF pilots had been authorised to shoot down Russian aircraft in the Middle East, the Foreign Office says. But the Ministry of Defence said there was "absolutely no truth" in this.

Watch: Report from the frontline where Syrian troops are fighting ISIS: RT's Murad Gazdiev has been to the area of Hama where heavy fighting is taking place between ISIS and Syrian troops. The large-scale offensive against the terrorists' strongholds started after air support from Russian bomber jets.

U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups: U.S. military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step in the Obama Administration's urgent effort to find new ways to support those groups.

New Syrian rebel alliance formed, says weapons on the way: A Kurdish militia in northern Syria has joined forces with Arab rebels, and their new alliance has been promised fresh weapon supplies by the United States for an assault on Islamic State forces in Raqqa, a spokesman said on Monday.

WATCH: Saudi Arabia Warns Russia of 'Dangerous Consequences' From Syrian Intervention: The Saudis urged Russia to help fight terrorism in Syria by joining the existing coalition comprising more than 20 nations that is battling Islamic State militants, the source said. He also reiterated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must quit as part of a process agreed at a Syrian peace conference held in Geneva in June 2012.

United States, Allies Conduct 20 Air Strikes in Syria and Iraq: A coalition led by the United States conducted 18 air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq on Sunday, according to a military statement

22 killed in suicide attacks, clashes with IS militants in Iraq: - Twenty-two people were killed and some 60 others wounded on Monday in clashes with Islamic State (IS) militants and a suicide bomb attack in Iraq's western province of Anbar, security sources said.

An Iraqi Air Strike Has Killed Eight Senior ISIS Officials, Reports Say: Iraq announced the successful strike on Sunday, noting that the air force had also hit a convoy carrying the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to the meeting in the town of Karbala, near the Syrian border

Saudi-led coalition airstrike kills 20 prisoners in Yemen: Xinhua news agency, quoting witnesses and medical sources, reported the strikes hit a Houthi-controlled prison housing up to 100 detainees. At least 30 others were injured in the attacks.

Israel kills toddler and pregnant mother in Gaza: This video shows Yahya Hassan embracing and bidding farewell to his baby daughter Rahaf in Gaza on Sunday. “Wake up, my daughter,” the inconsolable father says, and asks relatives to “leave her with me.”

Deaths as Israeli-Palestinian violence continues: At least three Palestinians killed and two Israelis critically wounded as violence rages in occupied territories.

Palestinians in Israel call for strike as protests grow: - Palestinian citizens of Israel have announced a general strike and more protests as unrest continues to sweep Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories since the killing of two Israeli settlers in the West Bank on October 1.

Two Tunisia soldiers killed in clash with gunmen: Ministry: The soldiers were undergoing an operation to free a man who was kidnapped by an armed group, Tunisia's army says

Pakistan: 22 militants killed in air strikes: Pakistani military said Sunday that at least 22 militants were killed in air strikes overnight in North Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Resurgent Taliban threaten to overrun another Afghan city: Fighting flared in eastern Afghanistan Monday as Taliban insurgents threatened to storm another provincial capital, two weeks after their lightning capture of northern Kunduz city which marked their biggest military victory in 14 years.

Afghan Taliban’s reach is widest since 2001, UN says: The Taliban insurgency has spread through more of Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, according to data compiled by the United Nations as well as interviews with numerous local officials in areas under threat. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan over the past two weeks has evacuated four of its 13 provincial offices around the country.

Kunduz: US To Make 'Condolence Payments': The US has said it will make "condolence payments" to the families of those it killed when planes bombed a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Afghan Taliban prepare ‘special forces’ to combat Daesh: BBC citing informed sources says that the new Taliban force is called ‘Reserve Units’ which has been formed in eastern provinces of Afghanistan. According to these sources, the new Taliban force is training young people to fight with Daesh.

ISIS-trained suspects planned terror attack on Moscow public transport – FSB: Several people were detained in a Moscow apartment on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Moscow, Russian news agencies reported, citing the FSB press service. Two of the detained confessed the attack was to be on public transport, the FSB said.

Julian Assange: 24-hour police watch at Ecuador embassy ends: British police officers are no longer stationed outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange took refuge to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex allegations, Scotland Yard has said.

Bolivia: WikiLeaks exposes US plot to kill Evo Morales: Bolivia is calling for investigations into cables leaked by WikiLeaks that reveal the US had plans in 2008 to topple the left-wing government of President Evo Morales, including potentially backing his assassination.

Mexican Soldiers Kill 5 'Kidnappers' in Intense Shootout: One soldier also died in the confrontation. One woman was rescued in delicate but stable condition.

October 12: Day of Indigenous Resistance: On Monday, some Latin American countries are celebrating the Day of the Indigenous Resistance, instead of Christopher Columbus' non-discovery of the continent in 1492 and the beginning of its so-called "civilization."

Is The End Of Independent News In Sight?: A day is coming soon when simply operating any independent website could be completely outlawed. Web users are being forced into the cyber “ghettos” of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


October 11, 2015


Week One Of The Russian Military Intervention In Syria
By The Saker
The US controls or, rather, thinks that it controls the Wahabi crazies and can unleash them against any opponent. - Continue


A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred
By Paul Craig Roberts
Putin, without issuing any verbal threats or engaging in any name-calling, has decisively shifted the power balance, and the world knows it. - Continue


Tell Washington to Get Lost
By Finian Cunningham
Russia’s air strikes in Syria appear to have achieved more in one week than Washington’s coalition has in more than one year. - Continue


Iraq: Caliph Not Killed But Still A 4+1 Intelligence Room Success
By Moon Of Alabama
The believe in Baghdad is that the U.S. does not want to kill off the Islamic State but is silently supporting it. . - Continue


ISIS & the Psycho-nightmare of US Middle East “Policy”
By BlackCatte
That ISIS/Islamic State/al Qaeda/al Nusra, or whatever new name we want to use, were to some extent packaged and marketed as designer fear porn seems beyond doubt. - Continue


Syria: US Success Would Only Be the End of the Beginning
By Tony Cartalucci
US senators and generals conspire to arm and back a new terrorist army aimed at Iran. - Continue


Video: Israeli Occupation Forces Fire On Palestinian Demonstrators In Gaza Killing Seven
By Dan Cohen
Israeli soldiers clad in full combat gear shot protestors and occasionally fired tear gas canisters into the crowd of an estimated 1,000 young men and boys, killing seven and injuring 145 in Gaza. - Continue


The ‘US Way of War’ from Columbus to Kunduz
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
What does Celebrating Columbus say About the Character of the United States? - Continue


America Is Exhibiting All of the Signs of a Failing Empire: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
By WashingtonsBlog
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – notes that the U.S. is exhibiting all of the signs of a failing empire, including. - Continue


Farrakhan: ‘America Is Under Divine Judgment’
By Louis Farrakhan
"Let me be clear, America has no future for you, or for me. She can’t make a future for herself, much less a future for us." - Continue


The US Strategy to Create a New Global Legal and Economic System: TPP
Must Watch Video
It's a Corporate coup d'état, war by stealth. - Continue


More than 90 killed by blasts in Turkish capital: At least 95 people have been killed and around 250 wounded in the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history after two explosions targeted a peace rally in the centre of the capital.

14 killed as Turkish air force bombs PKK targets despite ceasefire: Shelters and gun positions of Kurdistan Workers Party destroyed in Iraq and 14 fighters killed in Turkey, army says.

2 soldiers killed in clashes with PKK in eastern Turkey: The clashes erupted when troops launched an operation against a group of PKK militants in a forested area in the Senyaka district, the Dogan news agency said.

Turkey hit by protests over government response to suicide bombings: Demonstrators in Istanbul accuse Recep Tayyip Erdogan of slow action after Ankara terror attack on peace rally, and of censoring press and social media.

Fact or propaganda? Russian jet 'shot down by Turkish forces : Unconfirmed reports claim a Russian jet was shot down by Turkish forces. Eyewitnesses on social media said they saw an explosion in northern Syria. It was alleged that Russian fighter planes had violated Turkey's airspace.

Chief editor of Today’s Zaman put behind bars for tweets critical of Erdogan: A court has ordered the arrest of Today's Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bülent Kenes after he was taken into custody Friday evening, on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan via his tweets, in what is seen as another blow to freedom of the press in Turkey.

Turkey says its jets again harassed at border with Syria: A military statement said the missile systems locked radar on the Turkish jets for two minutes while Syrian SU-22 and SU-24 jets placed the Turkish planes under lock for two minutes and 35 seconds. It said the incidents occurred on Saturday.

Russian strikes hit 55 ISIS targets in Syria: military: The Russian military said the latest strikes - conducted in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Raqa and Idlib -destroyed 29 training camps for "terrorists", 23 defensive positions, two command centers and an ammunition depot.

Russia-backed Syrian forces advance on rebels: Twelve days into Russia's aerial campaign, the troops were gaining ground on two fronts: in central Hama province around the Damascus-Aleppo highway, and in the northern part of government stronghold Latakia province.

Watch: Trail of bodies behind retreating jihadists in Syria (GRAPHIC) : The village was under control of the Al-Nusra Front, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda. They retreated on Friday as the Syrian government forces, supported from the air by Russian warplanes, went on the offensive.

Russia's Putin, Saudi defense minister agree to cooperate in Syria: Russian President Vladimir Putin met Saudi Arabia's defense minister on Sunday, in Moscow's biggest attempt so far to reach out to enemies of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad since Russia joined the conflict with air strikes.

U.S. to supply arms, gear to vetted rebel chiefs: The U.S. will largely abandon its failed efforts to train moderate Syrian rebels fighting ISIS, and instead provide arms and equipment directly to rebel leaders and their units on the battlefield, the Obama administration said Friday.

10 Palestinians killed in last 24 hours as deadly attacks continue: The Gaza Health Ministry provided the details of the other six those killed as Shadi Hussam Dawla, 20, Ahmad al-Harbawi, 20 and Abed al-Wahidi, 20, who were shot at the protest near Shujai’yah, and Muhammad al-Raqeb, 15, Ziad Nabil Sharaf, 20 and Adnan Moussa Abu Elayyan, 22, who were shot at the Khan Younis demonstration.

Israeli forces shoot dead two boys, aged 13 and 15, in Gaza: Their deaths come after seven Palestinians were killed when Israeli snipers opened fire on demonstrations near the Gaza border fence on Friday, also east of Khan Younis. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israeli forces injured 145 other Palestinians by live fire or rubber-coated steel bullets during the protests.

Watch: Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza: Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian protestor as he throws a stone.

Pregnant Palestinian and child killed in Israeli air raid: A Palestinian woman who was five-months pregnant and her three-year-old daughter have been killed in an Israeli air strike east of Gaza City.

Israel accused of 'deliberately killing' protesters: Rights groups say Israel is using excessive force against unarmed Palestinian civilians in the recent wave of violence.

HRW slams Israel's 'indiscriminate firing' after researcher wounded: - Human Rights Watch on Sunday slammed the Israeli army's "indiscriminate or deliberate firing" on protesters and observers the pose no threat, several days after one of the group's researchers was injured at a demonstration.

2 Israeli police stabbed in Jerusalem, Palestinian attacker killed: A Palestinian stabbed two police officers outside the Old City in east Jerusalem before being shot dead by security forces, police said, in the second such attack in the same area Saturday.

Israeli settlers carry out attacks in East Jerusalem, West Bank: In western Hebron, locals said that settlers attacked Palestinian homes near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arbaa. Settlers reportedly attacked the homes in Wad al-Hisn, spreading waste water and firing tear gas canisters. Israeli soldiers reportedly protected them.

Jordan’s parliament accuses ‘Israeli enemy’ of state terrorism: Lawmakers in Amman condemn ‘barbaric crimes’ committed against Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza

Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel - says Israeli minister: “To me, they are like animals, they aren’t human.”

Iraqi Officials: Attacks Across Baghdad Kill 8: The deadliest attack Saturday took place in the eastern neighborhood of al-Shaab. A police official says a sticky bomb inside a microbus killed three people and wounded seven.

4 killed Iraqi Kurdish protests urge regional president to quit: Four people have been killed in two days of demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan, as outrage over unpaid salaries have morphed into large scale protests for the regional president's resignation.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims killing of men over witchcraft: Armed group hands out flyers in the town of Mayfaa claiming killing of four men suspected of practising sorcery.

Iraqi air force hits convoy of ISIS leader Baghdadi: "The Iraqi air force carried out a heroic operation targeting the convoy of the criminal terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," Iraq's security forces said in a joint statement. "His health status is unknown," it said, adding that the leader of ISIS was "transported in a vehicle" after the strike.

Suicide bombings at Chad market, refugee camp kill 38: The head of the gendarmerie in Chad's capital says two groups of suicide bombers attacked a market and refugee camp in a village, killing at least 38 people and injuring at least 51. A military official said the extremist group Boko Haram is suspected.

Twin suicide bombings kill 11 in north Cameroon: sources: Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Cameroon's Far North Region early on Sunday, killing 11 people, three military sources told Reuters.

Seven killed in Mali, Burkina attacks blamed on jihadists: Seven people, including one fighter, were killed today in two separate border region attacks blamed on jihadists in Mali and neighbouring Burkina Faso, security and government sources said.

Pre-election violence in Guinea kills 3, injures 50: Opposition demonstrators have clashed with supporters of President Alpha Conde who is running for re-election in polls Sunday.

China launches global yuan payment system: China’s Central Bank has started a global payment system which provides cross-border transactions in yuan. The China International Payment System (CIPS) intends to internationalize the yuan and challenge the US dollar's dominance.

Ukraine rebels say one killed in Donetsk despite truce: Ukrainian army fire killed one person and wounded another in the pro-Moscow rebel bastion of Donetsk in the east on Saturday, despite a truce that had held for several weeks, the separatists said.

Any NATO movement toward Russia’s borders will lead to reciprocal steps - Kremlin: Vladimir Putin’s press secretary has said that the excuses used by NATO to move its infrastructure to Russian borders were nothing but camouflage and warned that none of such steps would be left unanswered.

Hundreds of thousands protest in Berlin against EU-U.S. trade deal: At least 150,000 people marched in Berlin on Saturday in protest against a planned free trade deal between Europe and the United States that they say is anti-democratic and will lower food safety, labor and environmental standards.

Hundreds face off in Australian town in anti-Islam protest: Right-wing activists from the United Patriots Front, which says that its aim is opposing the spread of Islam, faced off with members of a left-wing coalition promoting tolerance in the town of Bendigo in Victoria state.

Canada PM's office ordered delay on Syrian refugee claims processing: Opposition attacked Stephen Harper for ‘meddling’ in immigration minister’s domain with order to halt entry of refugees until he could approve them

Anti-Muslim protests span US: How mosques are responding: Anti-Muslim protesters – some armed – plan to gather in front of mosques and Muslim community centers across the country.

Watch: Bodycam Captures Undocuemented Immigrants Rescue : Texas police officers found 39 undocumented immigrants in the back of an 18-wheeler truck, and the dramatic rescue was caught on the body cameras worn by officers.

Condo owners in Panama tell Trump: You’re fired!: During the four years that Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC had managed the property, Central America’s largest building, a team installed by the Trump family was accused of running up more than $2 million in unauthorized debts, paying its executives undisclosed bonuses and withholding basic financial information from owners.

Go Ahead, Back Hillary Clinton and Forget All About Her Record: For confirmation of the Margaret Thatcher hawkish side of Clinton, simply refer to her book “Hard Choices,” which clearly is biased against choosing the more peaceful course and instead betrays a bellicose posturing that seems to harken back to the Goldwater Girl days that reflected her earliest political instincts.

The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election : Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House.


Headlines Continued












Key Articles

Zionism's Jewish Enemy


Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’

US Protection Racket Root of Korea Conflict

By Finian Cunningham

The conflict emanates from Washington and is perpetuated by Washington. Why? To justify what would otherwise be seen as simply outrageous US militarism in the Asia Pacific.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

America's War for Global Domination: by Michel Chossudovsky

The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a broader military agenda, which was launched at the end of the Cold War. The ongoing war agenda is a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War and the NATO led wars on Yugoslavia (1991-2001).

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world: By David Armstrong

The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage.

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President - By Neil Mackay

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The president's real goal in Iraq: By JAY BOOKMAN

29 September 2002. - The official story on Iraq has never made sense.

The Project for the New American Century: By William Rivers Pitt

02/25/03 - The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy: By WARREN P. STROBEL and JOHN WALCOTT

A highly classified British memo, leaked in the midst of Britain's just-concluded election campaign, indicates that President Bush decided to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by summer 2002 and was determined to ensure that U.S. intelligence data supported his policy.

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse": By Michael Smith

MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

Will Iran Be Next?: by Mark Gaffney

Those who have hoped that a U.S. military victory in Iraq would somehow bring about a more peaceful world are in for a rude awakening. The final resolution of this war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq will likely not be the end, rather, only the prelude to a succession of future crises: in Kashmir, Syria, North Korea, and Iran.

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran - Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran's President Ahmadinejad .


  "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

Some people have compared it to Hitler's publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.
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