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July 17, 2017

War With Iran is Back on The Table – Thanks to Trump
By Trita Parsi
Had Obama stuck with sanctions, he wouldn’t have gotten a better deal. He would have gotten war. - Continue


Israel Against Peace in Syria. Netanyahu Supports the Jihadists?
By Mehmet Ersoy
Is it wise of Netanyahu not only to confront Russia and the U.S. but also to display contempt for peace in a neighboring state? - Continue


Can Washington Mitigate The Death Of The Gulf States?
By Moon Of Alabama
U.S. plans for a united GCC under Saudi leadership and U.S. control are in shambles. - Continue


U.S. Milking Gulf Coffers
By Abdel Bari Atwan
Trump does not want to starve the beast of terrorism. His country created and reared that beast, and still does.. - Continue


Trump’s Road to Debacle in the Greater Middle East
By Alfred W. McCoy
The superhighway to disaster is already being paved. - Continue


Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’
By Nafeez Ahmed
Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’ - Continue


How to Sustain Perpetual War? Easy: Hide the Bodies
By Peter Van Buren
“Amputees up to the waist. No arms. No legs. No genitals. Age 21 or 22. We cry.” - Continue


The Sun King and The American Friend
By Pepe Escobar
A serious misconception prevails, that Macron is an outsider, an anti-establishment maverick. Nothing is further from the facts. - Continue


Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?
By Richard Greene
5 Professors of Psychiatry Say Donald Trump is “unraveling” and Call on Congress “to remove him from office”


The Long Reach Of The US Border
By Belen Fernandez
"We probably have more bases in other people's lands than any other people, nation, or empire in world history". - Continue


Eugene Debs and the Kingdom of Evil
By Chris Hedges
“Teaching this kind of people’s history puts a lot of power in working-class people’s hands,” - Continue


Watch; Video of TSA Molesting Man’s Wife
By Matt Agorist
Exposes What Americans Will Endure for False Sense of Safety. - Continue


Trump’s Air War Kills 12 Civilians Every Day Of His Administration.

More than 30 IS members killed  by warplanes west of Mosul

Soldier killed in clashes with IS vestiges in Mosul’s Old City

Before and After Satellite Images of Mosul

Can we ever understand the deep suffering of the children of Mosul?

Syrian army sweeps across IS-held territory: Reports

Rival groups clash in Syria’s rebel-packed Idlib

US Building Third Base in Rojava, Northern Syria

What’s Behind the Pentagon’s Push to Build New Bases in Iraq and Syria?

Photos Of Aleppo Rising: Swimsuits, Concerts And Rebuilding In First Jihadi-Free Summer

Netanyahu: Israel Opposes Syria Cease-fire Brokered By U.S. And Russia Because It Empowers Iran

Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria

Testimonies From the Censored Deir Yassin Massacre:

Militants kill 5 police in attacks in Egypt's Sinai

Fifteen Yemeni rebels and 8 soldiers killed in clashes

Eight killed in car bomb explosion targeting Yemen military base

Fresh Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen's capital airport

U.S. House Votes To Block U.S. Participation In Saudi War In Yemen

Help Stop Imminent Executions Of 14 People Sentenced to Death on Protest Charges in Saudi Arabia

UAE accused of hacking Qatar state media according to US intelligence officials

'Not true': UAE denies involvement in Qatar hacking

Nigeria suicide bombers strike Maiduguri, kill 12

‘Taliban’ Suicide Bomber Kills Two in Peshawar

South Korea Makes First Move, Offers Exchanges With North Korea

Far-right activists boat tries to block migrant rescues

Dry Run Vote Shows Venezuela Wants Peace, Dialogue and a Future

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

Aussie woman killed by police in US after dialing 911 to report disturbance

WATCH: Woman Brutally Assaulted for Allegedly Selling Flowers With No Permit

How Elite Billionaires Like Sheldon Adelson Are Restricting Press Freedom in America

Majority of Republicans, Democrats don't trust media for 'very accurate' info

Only 6 percent of people say they have a great deal of confidence in the press

Majority says mainstream media publishes fake news

Congress Trying to Sneak Through Major Giveaway to Defense Contractors

New U.S. Subprime Boom: Auto Defaults Are Soaring

Headlines Continued


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