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EU carries out attack on Somalia: Maritime aircraft and attack helicopters took part in the attacks early in the morning on the mainland, a spokesman said. No casualties were reported in the raid, which occurred along Somalia's central coastline in the region of Galmudug.

US stokes war flames before nuclear talks; The US House of Representatives approved a resolution on Tuesday that undermines diplomatic efforts to resolve Iran's nuclear stand-off with the West peacefully.

RAND Corporation warns against striking Iran: One of the most influential and respected U.S. think tanks advising the Pentagon, has published a comprehensive report in the Rand Review warning against striking Iran.

Bolton: ‘Israel should have struck’ Iran several years ago: Former United Nations’ American ambassador John Bolton continued his campaign to have the country of Iran bombed Tuesday evening, feeling that Israel should have accomplished the task several years ago.

Pakistan sells out: Pakistan seeks $1M per day to supply Afghan war The cost of the U.S.-led war effort in Afghanistan is about to rise by $365 million annually under an agreement that would reopen a key NATO supply route through Pakistan that has been closed for nearly six months.

US administration threatens to veto bill placing conditions on Pakistan aid: Opposing many provisions of a key defence bill, including conditions imposed on US aid to Pakistan, the Obama administration has threatened to veto it if it impedes the ability of the government to execute the new American defence strategy.

Palestinians mark Nakba with protests: A source at Ramallah's government hospital said that 17 people had been injured by rubber bullets, 15 at Beitunia and another two at Qalandia.

Hamas condemns PA cabinet reshuffle: – The reshuffled Palestinian Authority government will be sworn in Wednesday at 6 p.m. officials said, in a move that Hamas condemned and labeled illegitimate.

Army deploys in north Lebanon after deadly clashe: Lebanese soldiers backed by armored vehicles deployed Tuesday in the northern coastal city of Tripoli to restore order after three days of clashes between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen that claimed the lives of three and wounded scores more.

Egypt: U.S. Image Still Negative: Poll: America’s image remains overwhelmingly negative – only 19% offer a favorable opinion of the U.S. Egyptian opinions about President Obama have grown steadily more negative over the course of his presidency.

Islamists & Necrophilia: How Western Media Fell For Bogus Islam-Bashing Tale: The making of a hoax: how a story about a law allowing Egyptian men to have sex with their dead wives went from rumor to front page of the Daily Mail, the Huffington Post and Al-Arabiya.

House panel wants $5.3B more for weapons: A powerful House defense spending panel has recommended adding more than $5.3 billion to the Pentagon’s procurement accounts in 2013 to buy more aircraft, ships, vehicles and weapons, according to a report.

Survey finds 23 percent rise in street homelessness in New York City: In a cynical attempt to limit press coverage of the survey, the agency released the data late on a Friday afternoon.

FACT CHECK: Romney oversimplifies debt 'inferno': A look at some of Romney's assertions and how they compare with the facts:

Two killed as Colombia blast targets former minister: Video - President says two dead and several others, including ex-interior minister Fernando Londono, injured in explosion.

Yankee, come here: Mexicans want US to clean up War on Drugs mess: More than half of Mexican voters want America take a bigger role in fighting against Mexican drug cartels, a pre-election poll shows. They want the US to take more responsibility for the violence, which they partially blame on the northern neighbor.

Nearly $2M in Guns, Combat Gear Sold to Gangs: A wide-reaching investigation by military and civilian authorities has uncovered a criminal conspiracy within the Armed Forces to steal and sell nearly $2 million in guns and combat gear to gangs in the U.S. and foreign countries including China, military officials have confirmed.

Welcome to 1984: US has 55 daily encounters with "suspected terrorists": The figure - which equals more than 20,000 contacts per year - underscores the growing sweep of the watchlists, which have expanded significantly since a failed Christmas Day 2009 bombing attempt of a U.S. airliner. But officials note that very few of those daily contacts lead to arrests.

FBI Crackdown on Anti-War Groups Targets Chicano, Brown Beret Activist Carlos Montes: A longtime leader in the Chicano, immigrant rights, and antiwar movements, Montes’ arrest in a May 2011 raid followed similar FBI raids on activists in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois targeting fellow members of a political group called the Anti-War Committee.

China Real Estate Unravels: Foreign investors are pulling back from China’s property sector. Foreign funding for property development was down -91.4% in March and -80.8% in April, compared to the same months last year.

Greek President Told Banks Anxious as Deposits Pulled: Central bank head George Provopoulos told Papoulias that Greeks have withdrawn as much as 700 million euros ($891 million) and the situation could worsen, according to the transcript of the president’s meeting with party leaders on May 14 that was published yesterday.

Moody’s to downgrade 21 Spanish banks: Moody’s is set to ‘significantly’ downgrade 21 Spanish banks within a week, following a cut of credit ratings on Italian banks, the Spanish economic daily Expansion said on Wednesday. 


May 15, 2012

Likely Victory for MeK Shills
US poised to take Iranian exile group off terrorism list

By Glenn Greenwald

MeK is trained and funded by the Israelis and has been perpetrating acts of violence on Iranian soil aimed at that country’s civilian nuclear scientists and facilities. Continue

Nakba Day 2012
Palestinian Refugees Waiting, 64 Years and Counting

By Sam Bahour

The Nakba – the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist and later Israeli forces from late 1947 into 1948. Continue

The Zionist Scenario: Now And In The Future

By Lawrence Davidson

In the process of this ethnic cleansing, the number of Palestinians who die is irrelevant to the Zionist leadership. The Palestinians, like the American Indians, are seen as hardly human. Continue

Five Reasons Drone Assassinations Are Illegal

By Bill Quigley

These killings would be criminal acts if they occurred inside the US. Does it make legal sense that these killings would be legal outside the US? Continue

Desperate Times Demand Revolutionary Measures

By Peter Phillips

Do we understand that habeas corpus is no longer a legal protection in the US or that the US president can torture and kill American citizens, let along anyone in the world? Continue

The Horrible Things That The Empire Offer Us

By Fidel Castro

In our homeland, the problems described here do not exist: would this be the reason why the empire is trying to make it surrender by starvation and hostility? Continue

The Third Candidate
The National Security State Wins (Again)

By William J. Astore

That candidate is guaranteed to be the one clear winner of election 2012: the US military and our ever-surging national security state. Continue

How Being 'The Party Of No' Is Working For The GOP

By Gary Younge

Intransigent, extremist, uncompromising … the Republican party should be a basket case. Instead, it has a winning strategy. Continue

Greeks Rush the Banks; Lines Form at ATMs;
Nearly $1 Billion Withdrawn in Past Week

By Mac Slavo

The Greek people are realizing that the economic and political system as they know it is rapidly descending into chaos. Continue

Dimon, the Whale Man, and Glass-Steagall

By Nomi Prins

It was fitting that while President Obama and his Hollywood apostles broke fundraising records at a sumptuous $40,000 per plate dinner at George Clooney’s place, word of JPM Chase’s ‘mistake’ rippled through the news. Continue

Grandma Sentenced to Life Without Parole for First-Time Drug Offense

By Rebecca McCray

Yes, you read that right — the latest casualty of our War on Drugs is a grandmother who never even touched the drugs that sent her to prison. Continue

At least 42 killed in offensive on Yemen militants: At least 42 people including 30 Islamist militants were killed in Yemen on Monday night and Tuesday, officials and residents said, as the government pressed ahead with a new U.S.-backed offensive against insurgents in the south.

Yemen: U.S. troops directly guiding four-front assault on "Qaeda militants" for "first time": Yemeni warplanes and troops backed by heavy artillery waged a four-front assault on al Qaeda militants Tuesday, trying to uproot their hold in the south in an offensive Yemeni officials said was for the first time being directly guided by American troops at a nearby airbase.

Suspected US attack kills 12 civilians in Yemen: Reports vary but between 14 and 15 people have been killed in a double air strike on the southern city of Jaar. Of these, as many as a dozen are being reported as civilians. Up to 21 civilians have also been reported injured.

"Al-Qaida "attacks Yemen information minister : Yemeni authorities said Information Minister Ali Amrani was targeted by al-Qaida militants when a bomb exploded at his residence.

Syrian attack kills 21; rebels hold U.N. monitors: Reuters asked one of the four monitors by phone if they were being held prisoner. He did not reply.

Tunisian Islamists join jihad against Syria: The first that Tunisian schoolteacher Mokhtar Mars heard of his brother fighting alongside rebels in Syria was a phone call from a foreign number, telling him Houssein was dead.

Russia warns Kosovo against training Syria rebels: Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin condemned what he called "disturbing information" that Kosovo authorities had been "establishing contacts with the Syrian opposition to train insurgents" in Kosovo. Kosovo's foreign minister denied any training was planned.

Over 51% of Syria voters cast ballots in recent elections: Official : A Syrian official says more than half of the eligible voters in Syria participated in the May 7 parliamentary elections, which were held under a new constitution that paved the way for a multiparty system in the country.

Split Syria opposition keeps chief, violence grinds on: Ghalioun, 67, who will serve another three-month term, has been criticised by some opposition figures for failing to unify the SNC and forge close ties to dissidents inside Syria. He has also been accused of providing a liberal veneer to what is a widely Islamist, albeit factionalised, opposition.

Syrian "unrest" spills into Lebanon for 3rd day: Firing assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, Lebanese gunmen clashed in street battles Monday as sectarian tensions linked to the 14-month-old uprising in Syria bled across the border for a third day.

Major war games on Syria border ‘have nothing to do’ with Syria: U.S.: The United States and its allies have started in Jordan what was described as the largest military exercises in the Middle East in 10 years, focusing on "irregular warfare," top officers said on Tuesday.

2 Pakistani lawsuits pressure government to deal with CIA drone strikes: Although Pakistan’s leaders have complained bitterly about CIA drones targeting militants on their country’s soil, they seem powerless to stop them. Now attorneys for drone strike victims want to know why the government has failed to act.

Pakistan sells out for seat at NATO table: Nato Invites Pakistan to Chicago as Supply Route Opens: Nato invited Pakistan to join the alliance's biggest summit ever in Chicago starting Sunday after the announced the reopening of a key supply route through its territory into Afghanistan.

Afghanistan hopeful of extra US cash to fund security: Officials believe Washington will pay more on top of lion's share of expected $4.1bn annual budget after foreign troops leave

5 Iraqi soldiers killed in suicide bombing: Iraqi officials say a suicide bomber who drove an explosives-rigged fuel truck into the front gate of an army post has killed five soldiers in the country's north.

Bodyguard says Iraqi VP paid him to gun down official who was ‘annoyance’: A bodyguard for Iraq’s fugitive vice-president testified Tuesday that he was paid $3,000 to assassinate a government security official in one of hundreds of death squad killings that authorities link to one of the nation’s highest-ranking Sunni leaders.

Iraq still operating secret torture site, rights group says: A clandestine jail and alleged torture site under the control of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki continues to operate more than a year after the government ordered it shut down, Human Rights Watch claims in a report being released Tuesday.

Lest we forget: : How U.S. used MeK to brand Iraq as a supporter of International Terrorism : Iraq shelters terrorist groups including the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), which has used terrorist violence against Iran and in the 1970s was responsible for killing several U.S. military personnel and U.S. civilians.

Iran hangs "Mossad agent' for scientist killing: Iran has hanged a man it said was an agent for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad whom it convicted of killing one of its nuclear scientists in 2010, Iranian state media reported on Tuesday.

Palestinian strike: a coup for non-violent protest: The deal which ended the Palestinian prisoners' mass hunger strike not only headed off a confrontation with Israel, but it also proved the growing success of their strategy of non-violent protest.

Ex-Murdoch editor charged over U.K. tabloid scandal: Rebekah Brooks, a close confidante of Rupert Murdoch, was charged on Tuesday with interfering with a police investigation into a phone hacking scandal that has rocked the tycoon's empire and sent shockwaves through the British political establishment.

Motorman: Britain’s other massive press scandal: It remains largely buried by a combination of official secrecy and press industry cover-up.

TSA Agents Conduct ‘Full Monty’ Pat-Down On Henry Kissinger: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got searched by a Transportation Security Administration employee while going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York Friday, The Washington Post reports.

Rendition victim takes his case to European court: A German car salesman of Lebanese birth who was the victim of a mistaken “extraordinary rendition” by the CIA is to have his case heard by the European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday.

Daniel Ellsberg accepts Human Rights Award on behalf of Bradley Manning : Video - Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers whistle-blower) accepts the "People's Choice Human Rights Award" on behalf of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Army PFC Bradley Manning at Global Exchange's ceremony at the San Francisco War Memorial Building on May 10, 2012.

The wrong Carlos: how Texas sent an innocent man to his death: Groundbreaking Columbia law school study sets out in shocking detail the flaws that led to Carlos DeLuna's execution in 1989

JPM Losses Already $3-4 bln; Europe's Core Emergency Ongoing Bank Runs; Greece To Re-Default" - Eric Sprott's comments from the New York 2012 Hard Assets Conference, going on now

The Truth About JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Loss: Before we can understand what’s really going on with JP Morgan’s loss, we need a little background.

Greece to repay maturing debt: govt source: Greece will repay 436 million euros ($A564 million) in maturing debt, covering private creditors who had refused to take part in a write-down under an EU-IMF bailout, a government source says.

Moody's Downgrades 26 Italian Banks: Moody's move came hours after the firm raised an alarm on Spain, arguing the country's banks remain vulnerable even after Madrid moved to increase the banks' cushions against potential losses from real-estate loans.

France's Hollande is in Berlin after 'lightning hit': Newly sworn in French President Francois Hollande has now arrived in Berlin for key talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after his plane was apparently hit by lightning.

Homeland Security Files Show Feds Central to Occupy Crackdown: The new documents, only “scratch the surface of a mass intelligence network including Fusion Centers, saturated with 'anti-terrorism' funding, that mobilizes thousands of local and federal officers and agents to investigate and monitor the social justice movement.”

Occupy Directory: Trying to find a local occupation? : The Occupation Directory is a public listing of all known Occupation sites built by and for the #Occupy movement.

May 14, 2012

AIPAC Resolution Demanding War With Iran On House Floor Tomorrow

By M.J. Rosenberg

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives is slated to vote on a resolution designed to tie the president’s hands on Iran policy. Continue

This Weekend's Extravaganza of Crapoganda on Iran's Nuclear Program

By Nima Shirazi

These are the depths to which propaganda about the Iranian nuclear program have sunk.  It's not even clever anymore, it's just stupid. Continue

IAEA Refuses Iran Cooperation Pact Until After Parchin Visit

By Gareth Porter

Talks this week over alleged nuclear weapons work by Iran are likely to remain gridlocked after International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano warned that he will hold up an agreement until Tehran allows the United Nations watchdog's inspectors to visit the key military complex of Parchin. Continue

Long Live 'Our' Gulf Bastards

By Pepe Escobar

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can torture, kill, repress and demonize their own subjects - in full confidence the "master" will let you get away with it. Continue

Why So Little Condemnation of Israel's Extremism?

By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The moralistic Chief Rabbi will not be on "Thought for the Day" expressing sorrow for the treatment of these prisoners. Ardent British Zionists will not be pressed to condemn those responsible for the state barbarism. Continue

A Tipping Point for Israel

By Philip Giraldi

We have reached the point where the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Everyone, with the possible exception of the U.S. Congress, has become aware that there is something terribly wrong with Israel. Continue

The Palestinian Hunger Strike & Occupy Wall Street

By Noam Chomsky

Occupy Wall Street "Has Created Something That Didn’t Really Exist" in U.S. — Solidarity. Continue

America as a Shining Drone Upon a Hill

By Tom Engelhardt

We have turned much of the rest of the planet into what can only be considered an American free-fire zone. Continue

The Case of the Missing Terrorists

By: Paul Craig Roberts

If there were any real terrorists, Jose Rodriguez would be dead. Continue

Idiocy as WMD

By Linh Dinh

The dumbing down of America will only accelerate as this cornered and bankrupt country becomes ever more vicious to its citizens and foreigners alike. Continue

The Enjoyment Of Servitude
Man's Almost Infinite Appetite For Distractions.

By Aldous Huxley

Even in Rome there was nothing like the non-stop distractions now provided by newspapers and magazines, by radio, television and the cinema. Continue

Colonized by Corporations

By Chris Hedges

In Robert E. Gamer’s book “The Developing Nations” is a chapter called “Why Men Do Not Revolt.” In it Gamer notes that although the oppressed often do revolt, the object of their hostility is misplaced. They vent their fury on a political puppet, someone who masks colonial power, a despised racial or ethnic group or an apostate within their own political class. Continue

Learning From The Eurocrisis

By Michael Hudson

The banks really have no power at all except the power to bribe, and in Europe—in South America, the power to assassinate, which they do quite frequently. Continue

Deja Vu: JP Morgan Credit Default Swaps Put Markets on Brink

By Silver Vigilante

The element of Occupy Wall Street that supports the establishment left-wing  might find themselves today dumbfounded to explain how their candidate of choice, Barack Obama, has allowed JPMorgan to accrue derivatives positions which have proven hazardous to the global economy. Continue

Five Facts That Put America to Shame

By Paul Buchheit

The golden door on the Statue of Liberty seems to have an invisible hand holding it shut. Continue

"Rebels' kill 23 Syrian soldiers, opposition seeks unity: Syrian rebels killed 23 government soldiers on Monday, activists said, as efforts to find a viable political alternative to Bashar al-Assad faltered when an opposition group said it would boycott Arab-backed talks to unite its splintered ranks.

Red Cross: Syrian Rebels Using Guerrilla Tactics: The International Committee of the Red Cross chief Jakob Kellenberger says , rebels have shifted their types of attacks in recent weeks after engaging in heavy fighting with better-equipped government forces earlier this year.

Al-Qaeda Behind Blasts in Damascus – Russian Foreign Ministry: “Terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, are behind the recent acts of terror in Syria, including al-Qaeda,” Gatilov said. “There are confirmed reports indicating that armed rebel groups enlist mercenaries from Libya and other Arab countries.”

Syria violence spreads to Lebanon, death toll rises: Two men were killed and at least 20 were wounded in clashes between Alawite supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Sunni Muslim fighters in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, medical sources said on Monday.

11 "Insurgents" Killed in Afghan Raids: In two separate Afghan police operations in northern Faryab province on Sunday night, six insurgents were killed and two others were wounded, a spokesman for the 303 Pamir Police Zone in northern Afghanistan, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, said.

Afghanistan: 9 killed in market blast: The Monday morning blast took place inside a shop in a market in the Ghormuch district of northern Faryab province.

Pakistan: 17 militants killed in Khyber, Khurram Agencies: At least 17 militants were killed and several others injured, while three hideouts were also destroyed in security forces actions in Khyber and Kurram Agencies on Monday.

Yemen battles kill 16 Al Qaida militants; 6 troops: Yemeni government forces pounded Al Qaida fighters on Monday, killing at least 16, while six soldiers died in clashes with militants in the country's troubled south, military officials said.

Six people killed in spate of Iraq bombings: Six people were killed in attacks in central and northern Iraq on Monday, including five who died in a spate of bombings in Fallujah, officials said.

George Bush Guilty of Torture: FORMER US President George W Bush and seven key members of his team have been found guilty of war crimes by a tribunal in Malaysia.

Nuclear infowar: New ‘evidence’ of Iran’s nuclear ambitions: The computer-generated revelation of murky origins comes just a day before IAEA and Iranian officials meet in Vienna for a two-day talks.

Iran tells West to 'correct its manner' ahead of talks; "If the West corrects its manners and respects the Iranian people, in return it will gain the respect of the Iranians," the official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in the northeastern city of Qoochan where he is on a provincial tour.

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium: Kodak may be going under, but apparently they could have started their own nuclear war if they wanted, just six years ago. Down in a basement in Rochester, NY, they had a nuclear reactor loaded with 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium—the same kind they use in atomic warheads.

Saudi and Bahrain expected to seek union: minister: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are expected to announce closer political union at a meeting of Gulf Arab leaders on Monday, a Bahraini minister said, a move dismissed by the opposition as a ruse to avoid political reform.

Rights group: NATO underplayed civilian deaths in Libya: NATO air strikes killed 72 civilians in Libya last year, Human Rights Watch said on Monday, accusing the western alliance of failing to acknowledge the scope of collateral damage it caused during the campaign that helped oust Moammar Gadhafi.

Unacknowledged Deaths: HRW: Report: This report examines in detail eight NATO air strikes in Libya that resulted in 72 civilian deaths, including 20 women and 24 children. It is based on one or more field investigations to each of the bombing sites during and after the conflict, including interviews with witnesses and local resident.

Growing the Empire: U.S. Seeks Global Spec Ops Network: U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants to establish a worldwide network linking special operations forces (SOF) of allied and partner nations to combat terrorism.

Ron Paul Statement on Campaign Going Forward: 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement to supporters and the general public concerning the continuation of his historic bid for the GOP nomination.

Italy mulls using army to stem political violence: Although protests against Italy's austerity programme have been largely peaceful, last week a well-known anarchist group claimed responsibility for an attack in which a Finmeccanica executive was shot in the leg.

Anti-bailout bloc to shun Greek crisis talks: The leader of far-left bloc Syriza has rejected an invitation from the Greek president to join a final round of coalition talks, all but ensuring new elections in the debt-stricken country.

Mass anti-austerity protests sweep through Spain: At least 100,000 protesters angered by the country's grim economic prospects turned out for street demonstrations in 80 cities across Spain. This marked the one-year anniversary of a movement that inspired similar activist groups in other countries.


May 13, 2012

It Will Lead To War

By Ron Paul

The bill calls for the United States to significantly increase our provision of sophisticated weaponry to Israel, and states that it is to be US policy to "help Israel preserve its qualitative military edge" in the region. Continue

Empty Stomachs, Clenched Fists:
How Palestinians Are Fighting Israel's Unaccountable Prison System

By Anna Lekas Miller

Israeli policy toward Palestinian prisoners is now facing unprecedented scrutiny due to a mass hunger strike aimed at ending administrative detention and other harsh policies. Continue

The Israel Lobby Never Sleeps

By Philip Giraldi

Israel and its partisan hacks in Congress are utterly shameless. At a time when the country is screaming for some measure of restraint in government spending, Israel is the one budget line that only sees increases. Continue

The US Military's 'Anti-Islam Classes'
How widespread is the use of anti-Islamic material in the US military?


"This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self destruction." Continue

Honoring a ‘Terror War’ Architect

By Ray McGovern

Brennan is widely known for his advocacy of kidnapping-for-torture (aka “extraordinary rendition”) and killing “militants” (including U.S. citizens) with “Hellfire” missiles fired by “Predator” and “Reaper” drone aircraft. Continue

Americans Love a Good Killer

By John Grant

President Obama knows how much Americans love a good killer, and he's bragging about being the man who "took out" Osama bin Laden with a SEAL Team. Continue

Cuba, The Drug War, And The Isolation Of The U.S.

By Noam Chomsky

Latin Americans may yet again inspire progress in human rights in the United States. Continue

End of the Euro

By Paul Krugman

Some of us have been talking it over, and here’s what we think the end game looks like Continue

Indentured Servitude for Seniors:
Social Security Garnished for Student Debts

By Ellen Brown

Congress has removed nearly every consumer protection from student loans, including not only standard bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, and truth in lending requirements, but protection from usury (excessive interest). Continue

42 killed in Yemen as troops battle militants: The military used warplanes and heavy artillery in its assault early today on the town of al-Hurur in Abyan province, killing at least 30 "militants", officials said.

US kills 11 "al-Qaida militants" in Yemen: The first of the two attacks took place on Saturday near the border of Marib and Shabwa provinces southeast of the capital, Sana'a, killing six militants, including one Egyptian national, the Yemeni officials said. A second strike hit two cars in Marib, killing a further five "al-Qaida-linked" fighters.

Drone strikes in Yemen: US expert warns of anti-western sentiment: Former CIA counter-terrorism chief says US military strategy in the region is forcing Yemenis into violent extremism

Believe It or Not! Hunt to find doctors training Al Qaeda to plant explosives inside suicide bombers: Security at airports in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East has been stepped up amid fears terrorists with surgically implanted bombs are planning to strike.

Al-Qaida bomb maker is top threat, must be killed, says U.S. senator: Senator Dianne Feinstein says al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is top security threat to the U.S.; lawmakers say premature leak of operation to media was criminal.

8 NATO forces dead in 3 days in Afghanistan: Two service members with NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan were killed Sunday, bringing the death toll among NATO troops to eight in three days

2 British occupation force servicemen killed by Afghan police: Two British servicemen have been shot dead in southern Afghanistan by members of the Afghan national police force, the Ministry of Defence has said, according to BBC News.

Why two soldiers were killed by Afghan police in a lost war: These soldiers died because the British government would rather continue fighting an unjustified war that is being lost than admit that after eleven years nothing has been achieved but mass slaughter and destruction.

Afghanistan: peace negotiator shot dead: Maulvi Arsala Rahmani, a former Taliban defector, was stuck in traffic when the occupant of a car beside him opened fire.

US plans punitive action on Pakistan: A far-reaching legislation has been introduced in the US Congress that would deduct $50 million from the aid to Islamabad for every American killed by terrorists operating from the safe havens in Pakistan with the “support” of ISI.

NATO: Pakistan may be unwelcome at Afghan War summit: NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen strongly suggested at his monthly press conference on Friday that Pakistan would not be welcome at the May 20-21 gathering unless it reopens key supply routes into Afghanistan.

MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps: MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed.

Syrian rebels kill four soldiers: The attack targeted two army personnel carriers during clashes between rebels and the military in a village in Idlib

Activists: 3 Killed in Syria: Government shelling and security force gunfire have left at least three people dead across Syria as U.N. observers launch more tours to monitor a shaky cease-fire.

Nasrallah says Syria risks becoming like Iraq: Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, has accused the US, Israel and some Arab states of stoking "terrorism" in Syria during a speech broadcast to thousands of his supporters in southern Beirut.

"Eager Lion": Pentagon leads unprecedented exercises on Syrian border: The Pentagon is this week leading the largest multinational military exercises in the history of Jordan, with maneuvers planned along the Syrian border as well as in the Gulf of Aqaba, across from Israel.

Alawite-Sunni fighting erupts in Lebanon, 3 killed: Three people were killed when fighting erupted overnight in the Lebanese city of Tripoli between members of the Alawite minority loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and members of the Sunni majority, witnesses and security officials said.

4 killed in Iraq blasts: A series of bombings in Iraq have killed four people today. An attack in the West of the country was targeted at a police station killed one police man, and injured five.

US fury after Baghdad court frees al-Sadr ally linked to killing spree: Diplomatic storm rages around commander accused of ordering the kidnap of British contractors and murder of American soldiers.

Iran: Shades of Colin Powell And Curveball: The A.P. says it has been given a drawing supposed to be of the alleged exposives testing chamber at Parchin, Iran. The drawing is sourced from an exile via "an official of a country tracking Iran’s nuclear program"

Leading Egypt candidate calls 'racist' Israel a threat: A leading Islamist candidate in Egypt's presidential election has branded Israel a "racist state" and said a shared 1979 peace treaty was "a national security threat" that should be revised.

No Deal Reached With Hunger-Striking Detainees: The Palestinian Center for Defending the Detainees (PCDD) issued a press release stating that, contrary to certain media reports, no agreement has been reached between the hunger-striking Palestinian detainees and the Israeli Prison Administration.

Arab-Israeli drivers denied access to Kirya canteen: After Japanese defense minister's convoy parks in military compound, security guards instruct Arab drivers to remain in their vehicles; Jewish drivers allowed to do as they please

Europe To Denounce Israeli West Bank Actions: 27 foreign ministers of the European Union are expected on Sunday to issue a harsh denunciation of Israel’s activities on the West Bank. The EU’s Foreign Affairs Council will criticize violence by Jewish settlers against Palestinians and will call on Israel to remove restrictions on Palestinian construction and economic development projects

Netanyahu ordered evacuation of Hebron home over fears of war crimes suits: AG's fear of legal action against Israeli officials at The Hague also reason for state's hesitance regarding authorization of the Ulpana Hill West Bank outpost.

Barak, Panetta to Announce Special U.S. Military Assistance to Israel: Panetta announced last month that Congress has approved an additional $680 million for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, on top of the $205 million that the Obama administration has already transferred to Israel. The current assistance is an addition to the yearly $3 billion in military aid that the U.S. gives Israel.

The US military's 'anti-Islam classes': How widespread is the use of anti-Islamic material in the US military? And is the government doing enough to put an end to its use?

Meet the Former Right-Wing Blogger Who Realized Conservatives Are Crazy: Charles Johnson was among the nation's leading "anti-jihad" bloggers until he realized that his compatriots were totally nuts.

Putin promises a strong Russia on Victory Day: President Vladimir Putin, speaking in Moscow's Red Square with military generals at his side, said he would promote Russia's might on the world stage.

Mexican police find 40 mutilated bodies, state media report: The remains were found in plastic bags along the highway between the cities of Monterrey and Reynosa, the state-run Notimex news agency reported, citing police sources.

US officials at Mexican border accused of widespread human rights abuses: Civil rights body accuses Customs and Border Protection agents of using excessive force against US citizens and immigrants

Chicago police bulk up with $1m in riot gear for 'peaceful' Nato summit protests: Police to employ use of controversial equipment ahead of planned action by a coalition of anti-war and Occupy groups

Lobbyists Arranged N.Y. Congressman’s $20,000 Trip To Taiwan: Last year, Rep. Bill Owens, D-N.Y., and his wife, Jane, boarded a first-class flight to Taiwan for a four-day tour of the island. Owens and his wife roomed at $500-a-night luxury hotels and enjoyed fine meals between meetings with Taiwanese officials and a day trip to Taipei’s famed National Palace Museum.

Obama's gay marriage stance sets off money rush: While it is too early to say how much extra cash is being raised, Obama's explicit support of the right for same-sex couples to marry is giving a boost to his campaign's coffers.

Top 10 donors make up a third of donations to super PACs: The top 10 contributors gave more than a third, or $68 million of the nearly $202 million reported by the outside spending groups this election, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

JPMorgan is big donor to presidential campaigns: - JPMorgan Chase & Co made big donations to U.S. presidential campaigns, particularly Mitt Romney's, as it lobbied against financial regulations, according to a Reuters analysis of campaign financial reports on Friday.

Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It: Compared to the Pentagon’s current budget, Romney’s plan would lead to $2.1 trillion in additional spending over the next ten years

House Votes to Cut Food Stamps to Avoid Defense Reductions: The U.S. House voted to cut food stamps, federal workers' benefits and other domestic programs to avoid scheduled reductions in defense spending.

What kind of defense budget would the American public make?: VIDEO: Public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts

Jobless Americans to lose unemployment benefits: More than 200,000 long-term jobless Americans will lose their unemployment checks this week, when eight states roll off the federal extended benefits program.

Amid mass unemployment, corporate profits surge: Fortune magazine released its ranking of the 500 biggest US corporations Monday, which showed that they received a record-breaking $824 billion in combined profits in 2011, up 16 percent from 2010.ck lost more than 8% of its value Friday after the bank, the largest in the United States, revealed a monster $2 billion loss in a trading group that manages the risks the bank takes with its own money.

Why Isn't Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News? : In what should be the biggest story of the week, the city of Philadelphia's school system announced Tuesday that it expects to close 40 public schools next year and 64 by 2017.

Greece will run out of money soon, warns deputy prime minister: Greece's deputy prime minister has said the country will run out of money in six weeks unless it honours its bitterly-disputed EU bailout deal.

U.N. Warns of Social Fall-Out from Spain's Austerity Plan: - An expert body of the United Nations has warned the Spanish government that the severe budget cutbacks it is applying must not undermine its commitment to upholding the economic, social and cultural

Angela Merkel dealt further blow by German voters in key state election: North Rhine-Westphalia re-elects SPD-Greens in bellwether result seen as a rejection of her austerity measures at local level

Americans consume EIGHTY percent of the world's pain pills: More than 110 tons of pure, addictive opiates every year -- as the country's prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes.


May 11/12, 2012

“U.S. Military Taught Officers:
Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam,”

By Noah Shachtman and Spencer Ackerman

“The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a ‘total war’ against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists" Continue

Extremists Ravaging Syria Created by US in 2007

By Tony Cartalucci 

US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel funded and have backed regional army of Sunni terrorists since 2007 specifically to overthrow Syria and Iran. Continue

King Bibi Rules Supreme

By Uri Avnery

Dirty tricks are the usual trade of politicians, and this one is no dirtier than many others. Continue

Does The West Have A Future?

By Paul Craig Roberts

The new tyranny is arising in the West, not in Russia and China. The danger to humanity is in the nuclear button briefcase in the Oval Office and in the brainwashed and militant Amerikan population, the most totally disinformed and ignorant people on earth. Continue

Underwear Bomb Seizure Being 'Exploited' By FBI
Urges Restoration of Searches Without Warrants

By News Agencies

“We also remain concerned about the threat from homegrown violent extremists. Continue

Overhyped Terror Plots and Government Entrapment
The Spectacle of Terror and its Vested Interests

By Naomi Wolf

The news stories, which quickly surface, long enough to cause scary headlines, then vanish before people can learn how often the cases are thrown out. Continue

War Criminal Admits He Destroyed Torture Evidence
'Vomiting and Screaming' in Destroyed Waterboarding Tapes

By Peter Taylor

"Portions of the tapes, particularly those of Zubaydah being waterboarded, were extraordinarily hard to watch," Rizzo told me. Continue

60 Minutes Producer: "The Nazis Did A Lot Of This"

By Andrew Sullivan

There are a couple of things worth knowing about Jose Rodriguez: that he is a war criminal and that he destroyed the evidence that would prove it without a doubt. The third thing you need to know is that he has no shame about any of this, and intends to make money off it. Continue

Bush Found Guilty Of War Crimes

By Yvonne Ridley

In what is the first ever conviction of its kind anywhere in the world, the former US President and seven key members of his administration were today (Friday) found guilty of war crimes. Continue

How Soon Do Empires Forget The Lessons of History!
The 67th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi-Fascism

By Fidel Castro

No political event can be judged outside of the era and the circumstances in which it took place. Continue

Is The United States An Accidental Empire?

By The Globalist

The United States was born out of a struggle against an imperial power. Beginning in the 1840s — seven decades after its founding — it embarked on a succession of "wars of choice" that were profoundly at odds with its founding principles and left it with an empire of its own. Continue

Guns Or Butter?
House Votes to Stop Pentagon Cuts, Cuts Social Programs Instead


Turning their budget knife to domestic programs to protect the Pentagon, House Republicans on Thursday approved legislation cutting food stamps, benefits for federal workers and social services programs like day care for children and Meals on Wheels for the elderly.

Unfathomable Stupidity
TSA 'Terror Baby' Crackdown


The TSA detains an eighteen month old for questioning. Continue

Hollande in Retreat
Backpeddling In France

By Mike Whitney

There’s no better way to endear oneself to big finance than by taking the crusts out of old people’s mouths. Continue

Jamie's Cryin:
Dimon, J.P. Morgan Chase Lose $2 Billion

By Matt Taibbi

If you’re wondering why you should care if some idiot trader (who apparently has been making $100 million a year at Chase, a company that has been the recipient of at least $390 billion in emergency Fed loans) loses $2 billion for Jamie Dimon, here’s why: Continue

Syria: 70 killed in huge Damascus explosions: Human remains and badly burned bodies littered the streets after the explosions, which also destroyed as many as 40 cars and pickup trucks. Syrian Ministry of Interior says 70 people were killed by the explosions, including 15 whose bodies were completely torn apart.

Another bomb attack foiled - state TV: The security forces killed the would-be bomber, who had 1,200kg (2,640lb) of explosives in the car.

Syria says attackers came from "well known" countries: Syria's UN Ambassador did not name the countries in an address delivered to the 15-nation council, which was meeting on international terrorism. But he had been accusing Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and also al Qaeda, for assisting the armed opposition in Syria.

Syria envoy says British, French, Belgian fighters killed: Syria’s UN envoy said Thursday that British, French and Belgian nationals were among foreign fighters killed in the country’s mounting conflict and that there was Al-Qaeda involvement.

Believe It Or Not!: Syrian Opposition’s Turn to Violence Creates U.S. Dilemma: Syria’s deadliest bombing to date highlights the Obama administration’s dilemma as foes of President Bashar al-Assad increasingly adopt tactics the U.S. and its allies have condemned as terrorism.

Turkey says still possible to invoke NATO's Article 5 over Syria tension: The possibility of invoking the right to military protection of Turkish borders against threats from Syria under Article 5 of the NATO charter is still on Turkey's agenda, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said.

Regime change: Kerry: Time to consider safe zones and arming the opposition in Syria: The United States needs to do more to protect civilians in Syria, including considering setting up safe zones inside Syria and potentially arming the opposition, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA) told The Cable in an interview Tuesday

Somalia: Rebels Killed in Clash: Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces killed 17 Shabab rebels on Thursday after the rebels blocked a road in southern Somalia and stole supplies from passing trucks, said Mohamed Abdi Mayow, the governor of the Bakool region.

US kills eight "militants" in Yemen: “We heard three explosions rock the town” he said, adding that a “US drone” carried out the strikes on a residence where they had been meeting. “Eight militants were killed and their bodies were left in pieces,” the source told AFP

Undercover agent in al-Qaeda bomb plot 'was British': As well as reporting that the secret agent was a British citizen, NBC News in the US also says UK intelligence agencies were "heavily involved" in his recruitment.

Bodies of 7 men found in Fallujah: Authorities found the corpses of seven men — all handcuffed, blindfolded and shot in the head — in a desert area of central Iraq on Thursday, officials said.

4 killed in Afghan suicide attack: Four people were killed and five wounded on Thursday when a group of six suicide bombers wearing police uniforms attempted to storm a government building in southeastern Afghanistan, police said.

Two NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: The American was killed by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform in Eastern Afghanistan.

French President-Elect, Confirms Afghanistan Exit In 2012: Hollande's communications director, Manuel Valls, confirmed to the Telegraph on Monday that France will "announce the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan between now and the end of the year." The announcement will take place at the NATO summit being held in Chicago on May 20 and 21.

UN says three Libya prisoners likely tortured to death: Several prisoners likely were tortured to death at a detention center in Libya under government control, the United Nations said on Thursday as it urged the country to make stamping out such practices a top priority.

Libya moving to "democracy" through torture?: Thousands of supporters of Colonel Gaddafi are being detained, with some tortured in secret prisons by revolutionary brigades, the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya says. Rights groups have already raised the alarm on torture in Libyan prisons.

"U.S. Concerned" Netanyahu, Mofaz May Attack Iran: U.S. worried that Israel's new unity government could result in an attack on Iran at any given moment.

UN ambassador, at Boca Raton synagogue, asserts U.S. solidarity with Israel: The Obama administration is committed to preserving the "unshakeable bond" between the U.S. and Israel and preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, UN Ambassador Susan Rice told a crowd of about 500 at a synagogue west of Boca Raton.

Democracy For Sale!: Super PAC Spending Teeters at $100 Million Mark: A single super PAC, the pro-Mitt Romney Restore Our Future, has already spent more -- $44.5 million -- than all outside groups combined had spent by this point in 2008.

Obama's Embrace of Marriage Equality Is VERY Smart Politics: Mitt Romney's response to President Obama's announcement of support for marriage equality has been so tone deaf and exploitive that I suspect even George Romney would be disappointed in the kid.

House panel OKs East Coast missile defense plan: The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday backed construction of a missile defense site on the East Coast, rejecting Pentagon arguments that the facility is unnecessary and Democratic complaints that the nearly $5 billion project amounts to wasteful spending in a time of tight budgets.

ACLU in Appeals Court Today for No Fly List Challenge: . The ACLU represents 15 U.S. citizens and permanent residents, including four military veterans, who are banned from flying to or from the U.S. or over American airspace, causing great personal hardship. They have never been told why they are on the list or given a reasonable opportunity to get off it.

USAF Drones May Conduct “Incidental” Domestic Surveillance: U.S. Air Force policy permits the incidental collection of domestic imagery by unmanned aerial systems (drones), but ordinarily would not allow targeted surveillance of a U.S. person. The Air Force policy was restated in a newly reissued instruction on oversight of Air Force intelligence.

Spain Underplaying Bank Losses Faces Ireland Fate: Spain, which yesterday took over Bankia SA, the nation’s third-largest lender, is mired in a double-dip recession that has driven unemployment above 24 percent and government borrowing costs to the highest level since the country adopted the euro

JPMorgan Chase acknowledges $2 billion trading loss and 'many errors': JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States, said Thursday that it lost $2 billion in the past six weeks in a trading portfolio designed to hedge against risks the company takes with its own money.

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover: The United States opened its banking market to China's biggest bank ICBC, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.


May 10, 2012

Another Foiled False Flag 

By Stephen Lendman

Pretexts are needed for militarism, imperial wars, and homeland repression. If and when people learn they were duped, it's too late to matter. Continue

World Powers Rush to Plunge Syria Into War

By Pepe Escobar

We are in a race against time to promote full-scale civil war - "death on a potentially massive scale," officials guaranteed. Continue

In preparation for war against Iran,
U.S. Set to Give Israel Largest Grant of Military Aid Ever

By News Sources

Israel will receive a record $4 billion in military aid in 2013. Continue

Are American Jews Falling Out Of Love With Israel?

Norman Finkelstein - Video - BBC HARDtalk

That's what the Jewish American academic Norman Finkelstein claims is happening. Continue

Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

By Ralph Cinque

We just passed the one-year anniversary of the (alleged) execution of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. But, did he really live until 2011? Continue

The Everyday Evil of America's Torture State

By William N. Grigg

If a dog had been subjected to treatment similar to the abuse inflicted on Daniel Chong, those responsible would face felony charges. Continue

The Countdown To The Break Up Of The Euro Has Officially Begun

By Michael Snyder

Most analysts will tell you that they think that it is inconceivable that Germany could leave the euro. But stranger things have happened. Continue

Capitalism in the Second Decade of the 21st Century
From the “Golden” to the Dark Ages of Capitalism

By James Petras

Capitalist rule in the West is based on a reversal of seventy years of social gains. The reality of growing immiseration replaces the idea of social progress. Continue

TSA Agent Whacks Congressman in the Testicles

The guy goes up close to my groin and when you get pat there it hurts! And there’s a very human reaction when it hurts there. Continue

21 "Taliban" Killed In Paktika: Security forces had killed 21 Taliban militants mostly Pakistani Nationals during operation in Naka district of Paktika province the other day, spokesman for provincial administration Mukhlis Afghan said.

Afghan ambushes kill nine: officials: Five Afghan policemen and four bodyguards assigned to protect an education chief have been killed in two ambushes blamed on Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, officials said Wednesday.

NATO Admits Killing Afghan Mother, 5 Children in Air Strike: NATO has admitted it mistakenly killed an Afghan mother and five of her children in an air strike last week. Meanwhile, there are reports that as many as 14 civilians were killed in another incident in northwestern Badghis province

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize Afghan Insurgents: Year after year, the American public was spoon-fed government reports that lacked honesty about why our top-down security and development programs were constantly failing.

Majority of Americans reject new US-Afghan security pact: poll: By a margin of 63 percent disapproval to 33 percent approval, respondents rejected a description of the deal that will include a US troop presence and billions of dollars in monetary support for Afghan forces in the decade after 2014

US commandos looted gold, cash from Osama’s house: Osama bin Laden’s wives who said “get lost” to the CIA interrogators when approached for investigation, told Pakistani authorities that the raiding US soldiers also took away 21 gold biscuits and cash with them on May 2 from the Abbottabad compound, reveals a document.

Syria rebels kill 7, bomb explodes near U.N. monitors: Syrian rebels killed at least seven pro-government militiamen in a Damascus suburb on Wednesday, activists said, and an explosion wounded eight soldiers escorting U.N. ceasefire observers in the southern province of Deraa.

Syria border shooting kills Lebanese: Syrian security forces have killed an elderly Lebanese woman and wounded her daughter in a cross-border shooting, a Lebanese official said on Wednesday.

Free Syrian Army amassing weapons: Free Syrian Army is using a relative lull in fighting to regroup, according to Al Jazeera journalists inside the country.

Despite Annan efforts, US hell-bent on regime change in Syria: A few hours after Annan briefed the UN Security Council (UNSC) by videoconference from Geneva on Tuesday on his efforts to end the year-plus-long unrest in Syria, US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice reiterated Washington’s call for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Turkish Security Forces Kill 5, Detain 28 Rebels: Five Kurdish rebels were killed in a clash with security forces in Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast. The clash took place near the town of Tatvan in Bitlis province.

Five killed in attack on home of Iraqi government worker: Gunmen broke into the house of Interior Ministry worker Tariq Mohammed in the city of Baqouba and shot him dead, along with his 18-year-old son. Minutes later, a bomb planted by the gunmen exploded as neighbours rushed to the scene of the shooting. The blast killed three people and injured five others.

Turkey 'refuses to extradite' fugitive Iraqi vice president: Turkey refuses to extradite fugitive Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, who is being tried in abstentia on charges of running a death squad, Turkey’s deputy PM was quoted as saying Wednesday, a day after Interpol issued an alert for his arrest.

Two killed as rebels attack Libyan PM’s compound : Former Libyan rebels attacked the interim government’s headquarters in Tripoli yesterday, killing at least two people and wounding several others, an interior ministry official said.

In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive: The country’s oil is being pumped again, but there are still no lawmakers, no provincial governors, no unions and almost no police.

Two of Mass Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike "On Verge of Death" : Over 1600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail hold mass hunger strike, two of the arrested pass 70 days without food

Act now for starving political prisoners: Emergency statement by Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Historic Hunger Strikes: Lightning in the Skies of Palestine: There is ongoing militant expression of Palestinian resistance to the abuses of Israel’s 45 years of occupation and de facto annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and five year blockade of Gaza taking the form of a series of hunger strikes.

Rivals back Benjamin Netanyahu in deal that could mandate attack on Iran: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, has cancelled snap elections and formed a national unity government with the largest opposition party in a dramatic deal that would give the hawkish premier a commanding mandate should he choose to strike against Iran

Persian Gulf states join US-Israel plot by agreeing to missile shield: Iran cmdr.: Ali Razmjou warned the regional countries that cooperating with the US in the missile shield plan would amount to joining the “operational phase of a US-Israeli plot” for the region.

Thousand of Saud Shia protesters hold fresh anti-regime demo in Qatif: Thousand of Saud Shia protesters hold fresh anti-regime demo in Qatif(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Saudi Arabia's Eastern province has been hit by yet another anti-government protest rally in which demonstrators have condemned the long-time rule of Al Saud for its suppression of protests.

U.S. drone attacks in Yemen cause political strain: U.S. drone attacks, which have often killed civilians in the past, are resented by Yemenis, even the many who abhor al Qaeda. Suspicions that feuding generals and politicians, from Saleh down, are not averse to using the militants to advance their own ends also complicate efforts to combat them.

Pentagon sending military trainers back into Yemen: The Pentagon said Tuesday it is sending military trainers back to Yemen for “routine” counterterrorism cooperation with Yemeni security forces amid an intensified battle against an offshoot of the al Qaeda terror network.

Believe It Or Not!: Yemen underwear bomber was 'Saudi double agent': Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency placed the operative inside al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, with the goal of convincing his handlers to give him a new type of non-metallic bomb for the mission, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Undressing the Underwear Bomb Plot: The government has an incentive to mislead the press in various ways with its anonymously offered statements, so best to reserve judgment on what precisely happened and how much credit the C.I.A. should get.

Australia offers military jobs to US troops : The Australian government is recruiting experienced U.S. enlisted personnel and officers to fill a range of positions — from submariners to doctors — in its military, according to a posting on the Australian Defence Force website.

Top Republican Urges Deeper Engagement in Latin America: "The best defense against an expansion of Iranian influence in Latin America - and against the destructive aspirations of international criminals in the region - is for the United States to double down on a policy of direct engagement," U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said at the State Department.

Local Republican Party Newsletter Suggests ‘Armed Revolution’ If President Obama Is Reelected: The Republican Party of Greene County in Virginia published their monthly newsletter in March and in it, the editor suggested an “armed revolution” will be necessary if President Obama is reelected in November:

NATO hosts red-faced over ‘Red Zone’ militarization plan: The image of federal agents on downtown streets far from McCormick Place — in battle gear, weapons slung — three weeks before the summit is certain to have a chilling effect on those who live and work in the Loop.

Greece sinks in deeper crisis amid rescue deal doubts: Greece could be forced to leave the eurozone if it fails to abide by EU and IMF loan commitments, a government economic advisor warned Wednesday as Athens raised prospects of renegotiating a bailout deal.

A Lesson from Iceland: In Iceland, the people has made the government resign, the primary banks have been nationalized, it was decided to not pay the debt that these created with Great Britain and Holland due to their bad financial politics and a public assembly has been created to rewrite the constitution.

Protests mark Bank of America meeting; 4 arrested: Four people were arrested Wednesday as they tried to force their way into the annual Bank of America shareholders' meeting in Charlotte. Police used a new ordinance to declare the gathering an extraordinary event subject to special restrictions.

May 09, 2012

US Kills 5 Afghan Kids

By Glenn Greenwald

The way in which the U.S. media ignores such events speaks volumes about how we perceive them. Continue

Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda


Click to view

President Paul
America's best bet on foreign policy.

By Michael Scheuer

Paul's call for staying out of other people's wars unless genuine U.S. national interests are at stake is deemed radical, immoral, even anti-American. Amazing. Continue

Stop the Pointless Demonization of Putin

By Stephen F. Cohen

Not infrequently, Putin is compared to Saddam Hussein and even Stalin. Continue

A Vital (and Unlearned) Lesson from Julius Caesar

By Glenn Greenwald

When a band of Roman traitors was uncovered, he urged they not be killed due to the precedent it would set. Continue

Torture: The Bush Administration on Trial

By Andy Worthington

While people like Jose Rodriguez remain free to peddle their lies and distortions about torture, and to profit from it, America’s name not only continues to be tarnished, but the American public also continue to be shamefully misled. Continue

Watch What You Say
Welcome to America's Biggest Spy Center

By James Bamford

What will be going on within the top-secret walls of the $2 billion Utah Data Center? The answer...surveillance - but not just surveillance - we're talking the biggest spy center this nation has ever seen. Continue

Kelly Thomas Video: 'Dad, They Are Killing Me'

By LA Times

Warning - Video Contains Scenes Of Shocking Police Violence

The sounds of the baton and a fist hitting the homeless man can be heard on an audio recorder that one of the officers had on his belt. Several spectators in the courtroom left during the video, and the judge paused it at one point as people in the crowd groaned. Continue

A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age?
On the History of the US Economy in Decline

By Noam Chomsky

For many people in the United States, there’s a pervasive sense of hopelessness, sometimes despair. I think it’s quite new in American history. And it has an objective basis. Continue

US Jobless Toll—a Failure of Capitalism

By Patrick Martin

Big business is the cause of the economic crisis confronting tens of millions of working people, not the solution. Continue


At least 32 Yemen troops killed in militant attack: Gunmen killed at least 32 government soldiers on Monday when they stormed a military position in southern Yemen where militants control broad swathes of territory, a military official said.

Believe It or Not!: CIA thwarts new al-Qaida underwear bomb plot: The would-be suicide bomber, based in Yemen, had not yet picked a target or bought a plane ticket when the CIA stepped in and seized the bomb, officials said. It's not immediately clear what happened to the alleged bomber.

Government of Yemen has 'no information' on bomb plot: A senior Yemeni official told Reuters that the government has "no information" on the alleged underpants bomb plot the CIA claim to have disrupted.

Afghanistan: US airstrikes kill at least 14 civilians: NATO officials confirmed on Monday that an airstrike launched late Friday in the Sangin district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan resulted in the death of one mother and five children.

US secretly releasing Taliban prisoners from Bagram prison: America has secretly been releasing high-level Taliban prisoners from a top security military prison as part of negotiations with insurgents.

US Refuses To Negotiate With Al Qaeda For Hostage Warren Weinstein's Release: Weinstein, 70, was taken from his home in Lahore, Pakistan, nine months ago by heavily armed men. He was working as a country director for J.E. Austin Associates, a consultancy doing contract work for the U.S. Agency for International Development to build small businesses in the region.

Taliban kill 14 Pakistani troops, string up heads: Taliban fighters killed 14 Pakistani soldiers in a key militant sanctuary along the Afghan border, beheaded all but one of them and hung two of the heads from wooden poles in the center of town, officials said Monday.

Nine killed by mortar shelling in Somalia: Rebels armed with mortars and machine guns attacked African Union forces in Somalia's capital Mogadishu overnight, sparking a battle that killed at least nine people, officials and residents said today.

Libya rebels kill 2 people, storm PM's Tripoli office demanding wages: Former rebels angry over an unpaid stipend stormed the office of Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim al-Keib in the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday, killing at least two security officials and wounding many more.

Billions go missing in Libya: The disarray in Libya's state finances at the end of last year was so bad the new leadership did not know the size of state assets, how their money was being spent, or what had happened to more than $2 billion transferred from the sovereign wealth fund.

Reporters Without Borders blasts new Libyan press law: Comments harming the 17 February Libyan Revolution, glorifying the former regime and its leader, Col. Gaddafi, or his sons, or insulting the Libyan people, their flag and Islam are all also criminal offences under the new law.

Four killed in attacks across Iraq: Four people were killed and 15 others were wounded, including security forces in five separate attacks across Iraq on Monday, security and medical officials said.

Iraq's Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi faces Interpol arrest notice: A Red Notice is a request for local police to detain a wanted person with a view to their extradition.

Officials warn of Syrian civil war, 7 killed: Activists said: Across Syria, clashes between state forces and rebels who have joined the uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad raged overnight and flared again on Tuesday afternoon,

Turkey ready to ask NATO for military intervention in Syria: Erdogan: Erdogan also stated that the turmoil in Syria has to be brought to an end with the cooperation of international powers. “We have been very patient with Syria issue so far,” he claimed.

Lebanon: Munitions seized from Italian ship: Lebanese authorities seized 60,000 firearms cartridges hidden in two cars on an Italian container ship in Tripoli. According to the security source who gave the news,

Syria tallies ballots from parliamentary election : Monday's election for the 250-member parliament is the first part of reforms Syria approved in February. The judicial sub-committees started to count votes in all Syria provinces.

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran: EU tells Iran it "must" suspend uranium enrichment: "Iran must suspend its enrichment activities and heavy water related projects, including research and development," Gyorgyi Martin Zanathy, head of the EU delegation, said.

U.S. Vice President Biden: No options off table on Iran nuclear program: Speaking at the annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly, Vice President attempts to leverage long-term relationship with the Jewish community to convince audience that Obama is pro-Israel.

In case you missed it: Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons? Israel has American warheads ready to fire : Israel is the fifth-largest nuclear power on the planet with much of its delivery systems technology funded by US taxpayers.

Mankind’s Most Desperate Hour: A time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos. This is a close-up look into the insanity of the main governments of the world over the last 67 years.

Iran accepts Chinese yuan in exchange for oil: The Financial Times on Monday reported that China for months has been transferring renminbi to Tehran through Russian banks to pay for Iranian crude. OPEC's second largest oil producer was using the currency to spend on goods and services imported from China.

Israel Warns Hizbullah Over Responding to Attack on Iran: Israeli military officer warns that a Hizbullah retaliation to an attack on Iran would prompt Israel to launch a war in Lebanon.

Netanyahu, Mofaz agree to form unity government, cancel early elections: PM, opposition leader reach dramatic late-night agreement to form national unity government, in which Kadima head Mofaz expected to be appointed deputy prime minister.

Candidate who wants Olmert's job once 'sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day': A leading candidate to be Israel's next premier called for a death toll of 70 Palestinians a day when he was head of the military during the second intifada, according to a best-selling book by two Israeli journalists.