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Syrian "Rebels" Kill at Least 80 Assad Troops: Free Syrian Army fighters said they had killed "more than 100 soldiers" and "destroyed some tanks" in clashes across Syria, including Damascus and Idlib province in the northwest. Syria's state news agency reported the burial on Monday of 30 members of the security forces killed by rebels.

"Syria opposition" says no longer committed to Annan plan: "We have decided to end our commitment to this (plan) and starting from that date (Friday) we began defending our people," Major Sami al-Kurdi, a spokesman for the rebel military council, told Reuters

UK to set up camps inside Syria to help rebels: SAS troops and MI6 agents are in the country ready to help rebels if civil war breaks out as ­expected this weekend.

China's top paper warns against armed intervention in Syria: China's top state newspaper warned on Monday that any Western-backed military intervention in Syria would unleash even bloodier chaos, and said abandoning envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan could push Syria into the "abyss" of full-scale war.

Assad: Houla killings monstrous: Syrian President Bashar Assad condemned Sunday the “abominable” massacre of over 100 people in Houla, saying even monsters could not carry out such acts, and promised that the 15-month-old crisis in the country would end soon if Syrians pulled together.

Army deploys in Tripoli after 15 killed: - Lebanese troops deployed in the city of Tripoli on Sunday after 15 people were killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, local medics said, the deadliest fighting in Lebanon since Syria's uprising began.

Sudan army says 45 rebels killed in Darfur: Sudan's army said it killed 45 rebels who were looting in eastern Darfur on Saturday but the insurgents told a different story, saying they had seized an army compound.

Car bombing at north Nigeria church kills 15: A suicide car bomber drove into a church compound in northern Nigeria Sunday and detonated his explosives as worshippers left an early morning service, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens more, officials and witnesses said.

Bomb attack in Baghdad kills 22: A suicide attacker blew up a bomb-packed car at a Shiite religious foundation's headquarters in Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 22 people in the capital's deadliest blast in more than four month

PKK claims killing five soldiers: - Five Turkish soldiers were killed Sunday in clashes with Kurdish rebels southeastern Turkey, according to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Afghan forces kill 8 Taliban fighters: Afghan security forces raided a Taliban hideout in Badakhshan province 315 km northeast of capital Kabul killing eight militants including their commander on Sunday, spokesman for provincial administration Abdul Marouf Rasikh said.

British soldier killed on Afghanistan patrol: A British soldier has been killed by small arms fire while on a patrol to disrupt insurgent activity in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

US. Kills 15 people in Pakistan: US drones targeted "Taliban militants" gathered in a house in the South Waziristan tribal region Sunday, killing at least 10 of them in the latest in a series of attacks carried out by CIA-operated spy planes despite protests from Pakistan government.

Pakistan condemns U.S. drone strikes: Three drone strikes in as many days on suspected militants have killed 27 people, Pakistani intelligence officials say. The foreign ministry called the attacks "illegal" and said they violated the South Asian country's sovereignty.

US agrees to pay Pakistan $1.18b of Coalition Support Fund arrears: - The United States has agreed to reimburse US$1.18 billion or almost 75 per cent of the claims Pakistan has submitted for the expenses incurred in the fight against militants along the Afghan border, diplomatic sources told Dawn.

Pakistani police question U.S. diplomats on weapons: Pakistani authorities briefly questioned three American diplomats on Monday in the city of Peshawar after weapons were found in their vehicles, police said.

We are sleepwalking into the Drone Age, unaware of the consequences: Obama's policy of killing 'militants' in Pakistan may go down well in the US, but it is provoking an extremist backlash abroad

Obama Was 'Obsessed' With Killing The American Al-Awlaki: This certainly doesn't fit into the popular conservative image of a president that is diffident when it comes to the war on terror

S. Yemen suicide car bomb kills four: A suicide bomber blew up an explosives-laden car at a checkpoint in Yemen's restive southern province of Abyan on Monday, killing four pro-army gunmen, a military source said.

Houthis take control of three positions in north Yemen, claim confiscating Saudi weapons: The Houthi rebels of the Shiite group said they took over Saudi weapons in renewed battles with armed Salafis in the area of Kittaf area in the province of Sa’ada.

Israel reneges : Palestinian threat to relaunch prisoner hunger strike: Palestinian prisoners in Israel are threatening to relaunch a hunger strike, a Palestinian official said on Sunday, blaming Israel for reneging on a deal that ended a recent one.

Advanced Homeland Security Training in Israel by Security Solutions International (SSI): This new program is designed for seasoned Homeland Security professionals interested in advanced topics in Homeland Security while at the same time having the opportunity to visit Haifa, the Northern Border, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Dead Sea.

Ex-Blackwater executives finger CIA in weapons trial: Five ex-Blackwater executives, facing federal firearms charges in connection with a gift of weaponry to a Middle Eastern monarch, have come up with a new explanation for how it occurred:

Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning: “Cyberweapons are the most dangerous innovation of this century,”

Egyptians threaten more protests after Mubarak verdict: They saw the sentence and the acquittal of senior police officers as proof that the old regime still wields influence and feared Mubarak could now be acquitted on appeal.

Egyptian Candidate Attacks Islamist Rival: Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq, a former prime minister under ex-President Hosni Mubarak, has attacked his Islamist rival by saying he would lead Egypt to "the dark ages."

New book confirms US-Australia plans for war on China: A newly published book by journalist David Uren has revealed that the Australian government’s 2009 Defence White Paper contained a “secret chapter” that assessed “Australia’s ability to fight an air-sea battle alongside the United States against China.”

Japan’s Nuclear Industry: The CIA Link: Tetsuo Arima, a researcher at Waseda University in Tokyo, told JRT he discovered in the U.S. National Archives a trove of declassified CIA files that showed how one man, Matsutaro Shoriki, was instrumental in jumpstarting Japan’s nascent nuclear industry.

Food Shortage in Greek Prisons Due to State Budget Cuts: The state budget for many prisons has decreased to a minimum for some months now resulting in hundreds of detainees being malnourished and literally surviving on the charity of local communities, a Proto Thema article reveals.

Britain could face £4.8bn bailout bill if Greece leaves euro: Thinktank says UK might also face calls for referendum on EU membership if a Greek exit were to prompt full treaty change

Is the UK About to Engage in a Stealth Default?: If there was ever an article that should spark every British citizen to immediately shift their savings into physical gold this is it

U.S. Factory Orders Decline : Demand for U.S. factory goods fell again April to the lowest level in half a year, a worrying sign for a sector that has been a steady source of job creation during the economic recovery.

Supreme Court Finds Dick Cheney's Secret Service Agents Immune From Free Speech Lawsuit: Secret Service agents who arrested a man after he disparaged and then touched Dick Cheney cannot be sued for violating the man's free speech rights, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday morning.

Romney-Paul ticket a reality?: One is the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president and the other is the offspring of the likely candidate’s only GOP challenger. And, for now, that's all that's known about a recent closed-door meeting between Mitt Romney and Rand Paul.


June 02, 2012

U.S. And Israel Developed Iran Worm


The covert CIA effort also includes persistent drone surveillance and cyberspying on Iranian scientists, they said. Continue

Two sides of the same coin
NATO Summit Highlights Neo-con/neo-liberal Overlap

By Paul Rosenberg

Neither the neo-cons nor the neo-liberals have any intention to realistically face up to the facts of imperial decline or the damage America's empire does to its own democracy, much less anyone else's. Continue

America's Unrequited Love For Israel
Has US Support for Israel Reached a Tipping Point?

By Stephen J. Sniegoski

American support for Israel had not had such a detrimental impact on American well-being as it does today. Continue

War Kills People …
As Do Lies By U.S. And Western Interventionists

By Michael Scheuer

What have the Syrians ever done to the United States to merit Washington’s decision to manipulate an internal Syrian dispute to oust Asaad? Continue

Ghosts of Syria: Diehard Militias Who Kill in the Name of Assad

By Peter Kellier

The shabiha have been blamed for the massacre in Houla, but who is their paymaster, and who gives them orders? Continue

Sunni Vs Shia - The War Your Enemies Want


A warning to muslims. Continue

The Leveson Inquiry Into the British Press -
Oh, What a Lovely Game

By John Pilger

Offering glimpses of the power and petty gangsterism of the British tabloid press, the inquiry conducted by Lord Leveson has, I suspect, shocked few people. Continue

Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal


Francis Boyle: Judgement at Malaysian hearing may help push case at ICC; Obama in violation for not pursuing indictment. Continue

Video: Reporter Attacked For Daring To Ask A Question To A Powerful CEO

By Lee Fang

Click to view

Unraveling the Welfare Safety Net
Europe Moves Closer to Banktatorship

By Mike Whitney

The EU Commission and ECB are allowing the crisis to grow to achieve their goal, which is the creation of a fiscal union controlled by banks that has unlimited access to funding and the power to impose policy (“austerity”) through coercion. Continue

Compromise Coming Home to Roost:
The Real Problem with Obama’s Capitulation

By John Atcheson

Our ship of state seems destined to maneuver through dangerous shoals using the broken compass that is the Republican playbook for a corporate take-over of America. Continue

George Carlin On Bankers


Click to view

30 "Taliban militants" killed in Afghanistan: At least 30 Taliban militants have been killed and 14 injured in various Afghanistan provinces in the last 24 hours, the country's interior ministry said on Saturday morning.

British occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: A British soldier was shot dead while on patrol in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said Saturday, becoming the 416th to be killed since military operations started in 2001.

Italy may also launch drone attacks on Pak-Afghan border area: The United States is now planning to arm Italy’s fleet of MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with missiles and bombs, in a bid to “protect Italian armed forces from enemy threats” in Afghanistan.

US kills four in Pakistan: Four people were killed in a US drone strike Saturday in Pakistan's northwestern tribal belt, said a security official here.

China backs Pak's calls to respect its sovereignty: Against the backdrop of US drone attacks in Pakistan, China has sought to reinforce its strategic ties with Islamabad, promising “enhanced” economic aid and backing its close ally's calls to respect its sovereignty

Rebels kill 14 soldiers in clashes with Syria army: Rebels kills six soldiers in southern province of Daraa, and at least eight others in clashes on the outskirts of Damascus

11 factory workers killed in Syria: Gunmen killed 11 workers at a state-owned fertilizer factory in a volatile central Syrian province, activists said Friday, the second execution-style shooting reported in Syria in less than a week

UN rights body votes to condemn Syria for massacre; Russia rejects the measure: As Russian diplomats in Geneva dismissed the resolution as “unbalanced” and voted against the text, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to press the Syrian government for an end to the violence and insisted a political solution was still possible despite mounting frustration over the lack of diplomatic progress.

World at risk as Syrian chemical stockpile faces plunder: The West supports the opposition and proposes regime change in Syria. But should President Assad be removed, what would happen to his vast arsenal of chemical weapons, which may become a powerful tool of terrorism for radical extremists?

Lebanese fighter trains new generation of jihadis for Syria: Syrian revolution gets helping hand from foreign fighters

Lebanon: Seven killed in clashes between pro- and anti-Assad groups: Gunbattles between pro- and anti-Syrian groups in northern Lebanon killed at least seven people and wounded 22 on Saturday, security officials said,

Hezbollah demands hostages in Syria be freed: Hassan Nasrallah calls for the release of Lebanese Shia pilgrims held in Syria, saying they are innocent civilians.

Sunni Vs Shia - The War Your Enemies Want : - Video - A warning to muslims.

Four "Qaeda fighters", soldier killed in Yemen: The insurgents had fired three rockets at the headquarters of the 25th Mechanised Brigade, killing the soldier and wounding six others.

Bombs, shootings kill three in Iraq: Bomb attacks and shootings in central Iraq on Friday killed three people, including a police colonel and an army officer, security and medical officials said.

Sadr warns Maliki over ties to Turkey: “The most difficult phase of Turkey-Iraqi ties is when sectarian games are played. The wrong perspective is to see Iraq as only a Shiite country and Turkey as a Sunni country,” al-Sadr said, adding that Iraq should be a country of all sects, religions and races.

India sticks with Iran when it comes to oil: Video - India has dealt a fresh blow to America and Europe's attempts to force Iran to stop enriching Uranium. Just one months before unprecedented sanctions against the Islamic republic coming to force New Delhi, the biggest buyer of Iranian oil, said their trade will not be affected.

Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life for complicity in killing of protesters: Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his former interior minister were sentenced to life in prison Saturday for complicity in the killing of protesters during the 2011 winter revolt that turned once-untouchable despots into defendants.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi calls for protests after Mubarak’s verdict: The verdict sparked fierce clashes between the families of the victims and security officials inside the court. Angry spectators called the court illegitimate and demanded the execution of Mubarak.

Egypt Enters The Third Stage Of The Revolution, And No One Is Watching: Egypt is about to go postal, joining Libya on its western border, Syria to the north, and Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen on the south and to the east.

Attempted Seizing Of Libya's Oil Minister Highlights Security Risks: Armed militiamen on Thursday tried to seize Libya's oil minister, officials say

How the Israel Lobby's Favorite Senator Is Trying to Erase Palestinian Refugees: Critics of Senator Mark Kirk's drive to redefine who a Palestinian refugee is say the move is part of a strategy to take refugee rights for Palestinians off the negotiating table.


Israel is playing a big part in Arizona race. Once she joined ‘Women in Black’ and opposed aid to Israel. And then– she ran for Congress and went to AIPAC

A run for her money: Saudi princess flees from $7 million hotel bill: Princess Maha al-Sudairi was caught trying to sneak out of a luxury Paris hotel in the dead of night – leaving her entourage of 60 people and an unpaid bill of US$7.4 million behind.

Canada accused of 'complicity' in torture in UN report: UN body says changes to Canada's immigration laws risk human rights violations

China arrests top security official on suspicion of spying for U.S. : It is a case both countries have kept quiet for several months as they strive to prevent a fresh crisis in relations.

US to shift naval firepower to Asia-Pacific: Defence chief Leon Panetta announces major strategy shift that will assign 60 per cent of US fleet to Pacific by 2020.

House Republicans add half-billion dollars to Pentagon budget: Critics claim the extra cash is a “slush fund” for potential pork-barrel projects in lawmakers’ districts.

Euro zone unemployment hits record high, seen rising: - Euro zone unemployment has hit a record high, and job losses are likely to keep climbing as the bloc's devastating debt crisis eats away at businesses' ability to hire workers while indebted governments continue to cut staff.

The Cable News Nightmare: CNN (and Piers Morgan) in audience crisis: Figures from ratings agency Nielsen show that America's most famous rolling news brand has just experienced its worst month for almost 20 years, parting company with more than 50 per cent of its audience in 12 months.

June 01, 2012

Report: Obama Ordered Secret Attacks On Iran's Nuclear Program

By Haaretz

Stuxnet worm was part of joint U.S.-Israel effort to sabotage computers that control Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities. Continue

Iran Nuclear Irony Lost On The West

By Jamal Kanj

The five-plus-one should be guided by reason, not by Israel's irrational paranoia. Continue

Unending Wars against Mankind: Afghanistan and Iraq

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD

Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite; humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance. Continue

When You Hear About Massacres, Reach For Your Truth Detector

By Danny Schechter

When is a massacre a massacre, and how can we find truth in the fog of intense war propaganda? Continue

"Might Makes Right" Says Conspirator of Syrian-Iranian Conquest

By Tony Cartalucci

2005 interview profiles psychology of those behind the Houla Massacre. Continue

Zionism A Rebellion Against Judaism

By Uri Avnery

When Theodor Herzl raised his flag, almost all East European Jews were still living in a ghetto-like Orthodox atmosphere, ruled by the rabbis. Continue

Will Americans Speak Out Against Obama's Drone Warfare?

By Medea Benjamin

While purporting to represent the world’s greatest democracy, US leaders are putting people on a hit list who are as young as 17, people who are given no chance to surrender, and certainly no chance to be tried in a court of law. Continue

Hope Burning

By Robert Scheer

A steely warrior who, according to a lengthy leaked insider account in The New York Times, hurls death-dealing drones at anyone who threatens the good old USA. Including children. Continue

Obama At Large: Where Are The Lawyers?

By Ralph Nader

The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government. Continue

WikiLeaks, War Crimes and the Pinochet Principle

By Amy Goodman

“This week’s developments bear crucially on the public’s right to know, and why whistle-blowers must be protected.” Continue

Coming: Even more FBI Warrantless Searches?

By Nat Hentoff

Wow! Have presidential rivals Obama and Mitt Romney said a word about this? Don’t they care when the Constitution is being ravaged? Will this come up in any of their debates or in press interviews during the campaign? Continue

"Democracy" For Sale
Conservative Groups Plan to Spend $1 Billion to Retake the White House

By Suzanne Merkelson

The $1 billion total surpasses the $750 million that Barack Obama, one of the most prolific fundraisers ever, collected for his 2008 campaign. Continue

America's Corporate Immigrant Detention Racket

By Sadhbh Walshe

Who benefits from immigrants awaiting hearings being locked up in worse conditions than criminal convicts? Only private prisons. Continue

Violence in Iraq leaves 18 dead: Bombs targeted a crowded Baghdad restaurant and a police patrol Thursday, among attacks that killed at least 18 people and wounded 53 in Iraq’s bloodiest day in more than a month

Countdown to al-Maliki no confidence vote has begun – Iraqiya spokesperson: “The political blocs expect al-Maliki to resign before the beginning of the process to withdraw confidence from him in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which is set to begin in the next few days.”

Saudi Arabia’s oil war plan hinted: Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies may right now be boosting oil production, aiming to plunge the market price to as low as US$60 per barrel. The ultimate goal is to cripple the economies of Shiite Iran and Iraq, an insider view suggests.

Attack on US base kills 14 in Afghanistan: NATO: A suicide truck bomber attacked a US-run base on Friday, sparking clashes that killed up to 14 people in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border, officials said.

Pakistan military denies return of US trainers: The Pakistani military on Thursday denied claims by US officials that a group of American trainers had returned to the country several months after their departure following a deadly NATO air strike that had killed 24 soldiers.

U.S. kills 11 in south Yemen: Residents said the men, who were thought to have included some foreigners, were inside a house in the town of al-Mahfad in Abyan province in south Yemen

As violence rises, US and allies "pulled" into Yemen: U.S. policymakers might talk down "boots on the ground" in Yemen but with an estimated several hundred military advisers already deployed, Washington and its allies are already being drawn ever deeper into the country.

Starving and broke: Yemen: Wracked by internal strife, Yemen is on the edge of collapse while US meddling isn't helping,



Syria: Armed groups carried out Houla massacre: "It appears that all the victims came from peaceful families who refused to rise up against the government or take up arms, but had rows with armed groups," the general stated, adding that facts and evidence showed the victims had been killed at close range.

'Negotiated solution' can end Syria crisis: Putin: "This is what we talked about with the German chancellor, to find a political solution to these problems. Can it be done or not? On the whole, I believe it is possible," Putin said.

Russia not supplying arms for Syria civil war-Putin: "We have a good, long-standing relationship with Syria, but we do not support any side from which the threat of a civil war may emerge," Putin told a joint news conference with Merkel. "As for supplying weapons, Russia does not provide weapons that could be used in a civil conflict," he added.

Syrian group claims kidnap of Shia pilgrims: A previously unknown armed group calling itself the "Syrian Revolutionaries - Aleppo Province" claims to have kidnapped a group of Lebanese Shia pilgrims in exchange for an apology from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Israeli soldier, Palestiniann killed in border clash: A Palestinian resistance fighter "broke into Israel" on Friday and killed a soldier before being shot dead himself in a rare cross-border attack that Israel blamed on the Islamist group Hamas.

Israeli MP: Send human rights activists to prison camps: "All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building," she said, referring to detention facilities Israel is constructing in which African immigrants will be held.

Egypt court to deliver Mubarak trial verdict on Saturday: If convicted, the 84-year-old former ruler could face the death penalty.

Study: 13% of deployed Marines consider suicide: More than one in 10 Marines who deployed overseas reported having suicidal thoughts or plans to attempt suicide, according to a study looking at suicidal predictors.

Once-Censored WWII Documentary Shatters Cliches: The Army was so frightened that the film would hurt recruitment that when Huston tried to screen it for his friends at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, a couple of military police came and seized

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gains ground in Mexico polls: Lopez Obrador has the support of 34 percent of likely voters, putting him only four points behind the political race's front-runner.

Spanish minister says future of euro at risk: Spain saw its bond yields shoot up again after the country's economy minister said that the future of the euro would be determined in the next few weeks and would depend on the stability of Spain and Italy.

Irish voters back EU fiscal pact: official results: The EU has been spared a headache thanks to the ratification of the treaty -- which would enforce stricter budgetary discipline in countries that sign up -- as a "no" vote could have fuelled a growing backlash against austerity in Europe.

Paul Krugman: The Austerity Agenda: Slashing spending while the economy is deeply depressed is a self-defeating strategy, because it just deepens the depression.

U.S. Unemployment rises to 8.2% in May: The unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent in May as only 69,000 jobs were created.

May 30, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Are Western Proxies

By Tony Cartalucci

After a long campaign of feigned anti-American, anti-Israel propaganda during the Egyptian presidential run-up, the Muslim Brotherhood has joined US, European, and Israeli calls for an "international" intervention in Syria. Continue

America's Murderous Drone Campaign Is Fuelling Terror

By Seumas Milne

From Pakistan to Somalia, CIA-controlled pilotless aircraft rain down Hellfire missiles on an ever-expanding hit list of terrorist suspects – they have already killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of civilians in the process. Continue

“Militants”: Media Propaganda

By Glenn Greenwald

To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined "militant" to mean "all military-age males in a strike zone" Continue

The Face of Collateral Damage

By Jefferson Morley

Photos of missile debris help trace the path of a CIA drone missile that killed a young girl. Continue

Obama's God Complex

By Yvonne Ridley

If he was the head of a banana republic the UN Security Council would be meeting as I write to bring about regime change, with the International Criminal Court on standby with a writ to charge Obama with war crimes. Continue

Why The Assanage Case Is Important

John Pilger

Because the attempt to extradite Assange is unjust and political. I have read almost every scrap of evidence in this case and it's clear, in terms of natural justice, that no crime was committed. Continue

Bradley Manning, America's Martyr For Open Government

By Birgitta Jónsdóttir

The alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower, detained and abused for two years in prison, now on secret trial, defends all our freedoms. Continue

The Allegory of the Optimist and the Realist: A Cautionary Tale

Must Read - By Charles Sullivan

The Allegory of the Optimist and the Realist raises important questions about human nature, irrational faith in dysfunctional systems of power, and reality. Continue

Who Needs Wall Street Giants?

By Jim Hightower

JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and the handful of other behemoths of Wall Street that dominate American banking — who needs them? Continue

Money, Inflation, Fraud and Slavery
Even a Child Can Understand It

By Ellen Brown

A Monetary Policy for the 99%: Twelve-Year-Old Reformer Goes Viral. Continue 

If Violent Crime Rate is at 40-Year Low
Why is U.S. Spending S100 Billion a Year on Police?

By Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky

Crime rates today are at their lowest levels in 30 years and the rate of violent crime has dipped to a 39-year low. Continue

Afghan, NATO-led forces kill 22 "Taliban insurgents": Official: Afghan and the NATO-led troops during a combine operation backed by airpower have killed 22 Taliban fighters including 18 foreigners in Khost province, 150 km southeast of capital Kabul, a local official said Wednesday.

Eight Afghan police killed in Badakhshan Taliban clash: Eight Afghan policemen have been killed and two injured in fighting against the Taliban in the north-eastern province of Badakhshan, officials say.

Twenty seven killed as Yemen army repels militant ambush: At least 20 militants and seven soldiers were killed in Yemen on Wednesday when government troops fought off an ambush by Islamist militants on the edge of a southern town controlled by an al Qaeda-linked group, an army official said.

Yemen: Airstrike, shelling kills 10 "militants": The statement said the air raid targeted a militant communication station near the southern coastal town of Shaqra early Wednesday, killing three and wounding seven.

In Yemen, U.S. airstrikes breed anger, and sympathy for al-Qaeda: Across the vast, rugged terrain of southern Yemen, an escalating campaign of U.S. drone strikes is stirring increasing sympathy for al-Qaeda-linked militants and driving tribesmen to join a network linked to terrorist plots against the United States.

Obama set to arm Italy's drones in milestone move: President Barack Obama's administration appears set to notify the U.S. Congress of plans to arm a fleet of Italian MQ-9 Reaper drones, a step that may spur a wider spread of remotely piloted hunter-killer aircraft.

UN monitors say 13 killed in cold blood in Syria: Major-General Robert Mood, the Norwegian head of the observer mission, said the corpses had been found with their hands tied behind their backs and signs that some had been shot in the head from close range.

Propaganda: Free Syrian Army Gives Assad A '48 Hour Deadline': Syrian rebels gave President Bashar al-Assad a 48-hour ultimatum to stop the violence in his country and adhere to Kofi Annan's peace plan, or else face the consequences.

In Syria, this is no plan for peace: After the Houla massacre, it's clear that the outside funding of the anti-Assad rebels is undermining efforts to end the conflict

Syria cooperating with UN: Annan: While talking to a press conference after meeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Tuesday, he said, “In my meeting with the president, I expressed appreciation for the cooperation that the Syrian government had extended to the UN, enabling us to deploy the military observers quickly.”

Force against al-Assad regime a no-go for Russia, China: "China opposes military intervention and does not support forced regime change," said Liu Weimin, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. - "One cannot take decisions on military operations in Syria by being guided by only emotions," Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported, quoting Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov.

Russia says Syrian envoys’ expulsion “counterproductive”: Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, claimed on Tuesday that “certain countries” were attempting to use the deaths in Houla as a “pretext” for a military operation against Assad’s forces

Are U.S.-NATO setting up pretext for attack on Syria?: There is no possible justification for imperialist intervention in Syria, whatever happened in Houla.

US troops imitate invasion of Iran with Arab allies: Around 12,000 troops from more than 19 nations are wrapping up a massive military training drill in the Middle East. But for some of those servicemen, these exercises might be just the beginning of something much bigger to come

Qatari spy chief held at Cairo Airport with bags of cash: The incident is now widely believed to be an attempt on the part of Qatar to interfere in Egypt’s presidential election.

The Globalisation of U.S. Special Operations Forces: It was recently reported that U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) commander Adm. Bill McRaven and Deputy Director of Operations Brig. Gen. Sean Mulholland want to establish a worldwide network linking special operations forces (SOF) of allied and partner nations to combat terrorism.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition: Lawyers for Assange were granted 14 days to consider the judgment and submit further applications to the court.

Assange Attorney: British Ruling Sets Alarming Precedent for Judicial Independence in Europe: "The idea of a prosecutor demanding someone is brought by force to their country in order to be questioned — and [not] a judge or court — is alarming because we believe in judicial independence," Kennedy says.

Occupy Movement Being Labeled As "A Domestic Terror Organization" By FBI - Video - : From disorganised slackers to terrorists - Protesters now even face accusations that they pose a threat not just to Corporate America, but to the country as a whole. But activists say it's all just scaremongering to stifle the movement.

Gov.: Drones over Va. 'great'; cites battlefield success: Police drones flying over Virginia would be "great" and "the right thing to do" for the same reasons they are so effective in a battlefield environment, the state's chief executive said Tuesday.

'Bin Laden doctor' jailed for 'fighter links': Court documents reveal Shakil Afridi jailed for aiding Lashkar-e-Islam, not for helping CIA to find al-Qaeda chief.

Liberia's Taylor given 50-year jail sentence: Ruling follows conviction last month of ex-president for his role in Sierra Leone civil war that killed thousands.

Kissing the hem of war criminal Tony Blair's garment as if one million Iraqis never died: Leveson's kid gloves and his suggestion that Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell help determine how newspapers should behave takes us into hitherto uncharted realms of madness.

Greek suicide epidemic continues: Debt-strapped pensioner hangs himself: “Greece will be wiped off the map! Unless of course there was a politician with [Margaret] Thatcher’s balls so as to put us and our state in line,” he lamented.

Christine Lagarde, scourge of tax evaders, pays no tax: IMF boss who caused international outrage when she suggested that Greeks should pay their taxes earns a tax-free salary

Pending U.S. Home Sales Fall 5.5 Percent in April: Contracts to purchase previously owned U.S. homes unexpectedly fell in April to a four-month low, undermining some of the recent optimism that the housing sector was touching bottom.

Home prices lowest since 2002: Average home prices were down 2.6% from 12 months earlier, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index of 20 major markets. Home prices have not been this low since mid-2002.

Wells Fargo to Pay $432 Million in Lending Lawsuit: Memphis and Shelby County filed a lawsuit in 2010 against Wells Fargo, accusing the bank of targeting of African-American neighborhoods for predatory loans. The suit alleged the practice, which dated to 2000, resulted in excessive foreclosures in those neighborhoods.


May 29, 2012

BBC Engages In Anti-Syria Propaganda?
Truth behind BBC’s vicious tactic

By Press TV

Britain’s state-run broadcast BBC has been heavily criticized for using a fake photo of Iraqi dead children in order to sell a new NATO-led invasion, this time targeting Syria. Continue

West's Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway

By Tony Cartalucci

UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery. Continue

Syrian Houla Massacres: Divide & Conquer Strategy Exposed

Video By Syrian Girl

The massacres in Syria are purposeful, to fuel a civil war in my country and pave the way for foreign interventions. Continue

‘Military Option’ for Syria: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Dempsey, the president’s top military adviser, also told CBS’s “This Morning” on Monday that he found the events in Syria “just horrific. Atrocious, really. I expect that the international community, that pressure will mount.” Continue

A Republican Party Warlord
How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Refuse to toe the neo-con line on Israel, and you have no future in the Republican Party. Continue

Obama the Warrior
Barack Obama has become George W. Bush on steroids.

By Glenn Greenwald

A new NYT article sheds considerable light on the character of the Democratic Commander-in-Chief. Continue

'Blair Is A War Criminal!'


A protester burst in on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he testified at a UK inquiry into media ethics at London's Royal Courts of Justice on Monday. Continue

IMF Chief: It’s “Payback Time” For Greek Workers

By Stefan Steinberg

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, vented her class hatred for the workers of Greece, denouncing them as tax scofflaws and ruling out any respite from the austerity measures that have devastated the country. Continue

Heated MF Global Debate - Still NO Arrests 1.2 Billion Gone

Video By CNBC

How To Mislead Government Officials Without Technically Committing Perjury. Continue

Cleveland Occupy Arrests Are the Latest in FBI's Pattern of Manipulation

By Arun Gupta

The FBI fishes for dupes it can manipulate with informants and agents who stroke their marks, plant ideas, suggest the plans, provide money, weapons, vehicles and then heroically foil a terrorist act of the FBI's own design. Continue

California Agriculture Inspection Checkpoint Standoff

Must Watch - Video

"You Will Not Be Able To Enter The State Of California" Continue

11 al-Qaeda fighters, 5 soldiers killed in S. Yemen: Clashes around the town of Jaar, which fell to the militants more than a year ago, left eight al-Qaeda fighters and two soldiers dead over the past 24 hours, they said.

5 Killed as Insurgent Violence Hits 5 Provinces: At least five people, including a local police commander, were killed in their car travelling to Khudiadad village in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province Tuesday, a provincial police chief said.

Taliban say they shot down NATO helicopter in Afghanistan: The Taliban claimed responsibility for shooting down a helicopter operated by NATO-led international forces in Afghanistan on Monday, killing two on board, dpa reported.

US warns of military option in Syria: AMERICA'S top military officer has warned Syria it might face armed intervention as international outrage grows over the massacre of women and children by tanks and artillery in the central town of Houla.

Syrian Foreign Ministry to UNSC: Militants Committed Massacres with Cold Blood: “The children, women and men were assembled at specific areas, and had they been killed by shellfire as biased channels claim, there would have been dust all over them, while the images show that the massacre was committed in cold blood and from close distance,” the letter added.

Western countries expel Syrian diplomats following Houla massacre: U.S., France, U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Canada expel Syrian ambassadors and diplomats; Dutch government declares Syrian ambassador 'persona non-grata.'

Kill Syrian president and get $450,000: Saudi scholar announces reward after massacre in Syrian town

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria : Syrian army rebels will secure chemical weapons following Assad’s fall: report: Once the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad collapses, the Syrian opposition plans to take control of the regime’s chemical weapons depots and secure them, an Israeli daily reported citing a top opposition figure.

Iran warns West: New sanctions will jeopardize talks over nuclear program: "This approach of pressure concurrent with negotiations will never work. These countries should not enter negotiations with such illusions and misinterpretations," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told a news conference.

Cyber 'superweapon' virus uncovered: Russian firm: A Russian computer firm has discovered a new computer virus with unprecedented destructive potential which could be used as a "cyberweapon" by the West and Israel against foes such as Iran.

Cyber war: Netanyahu deputy hints at Israeli involvement in Iran cyber attack: Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon hinted on Monday at possible Israeli involvement in the Flame bug, which was revealed to have targeted computers in Iran and the West Bank on Monday.

Israel builds up shadow war against Iran's nuclear program: Report: In a video report titled “Shadow War,” broadcast by the German TV network ZDF, Christian Sievers, the reporter, portrayed an array of anti-Iran plots, hatched by Israel, that “have been running for years - unnoticed by the general public.”

Iranian team to collaborate with US company on nuclear fusion project: New Jersey company says it has permission for unique partnership to work toward the holy grail of energy sources.

Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem flag row: Soldiers on Monday violated the status quo on the esplanade of the mosques in east Jerusalem by raising Israel's flag, the head of the Islamic Waqf organisation that oversees the compound charged.

Turkey seeks 18,000 years in prison for Israeli military commanders over flotilla killings: The attorney general of Turkey has filed charges against four senior Israeli military officers for the killing of nine people aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, which tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza in 2010. The move comes just days ahead of the second anniversary of the May 31, 2010, raid.

Egyptians torch Shafiq headquarters as vote triggers violence: Demonstrators furious that Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister made it into the run-off for Egypt's presidential election set ablaze his campaign headquarters on Monday

Shell Is First Major To Exit Oil Blocks In Post-War Libya: Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) Monday became the first major to exit oil and gas exploration blocks in post-war Libya, amid concerns over insecurity and contracts.

US denies reports it parachuted soldiers into North Korea: The United States military has denied reports attributed to the head of its special forces in South Korea that his men have been parachuted into North Korea to gather intelligence on the regime's network of underground military facilities.

From Hopeful Immigrant to FBI Informant - The Inside Story of the Other Abu Zubaidah: Meet the brother of the first high-value detainee: he came to the US to pursue the American dream, spent two years in an immigration jail following the 9/11 attacks and was then recruited by the FBI to spy on Muslims.

Almost Half Of New Veterans Seek Disability Compensation: About 45 percent of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are seeking compensation for service-related injuries — more than double the 21 percent of veterans who filed such claims after the first Gulf War, according to an AP investigation.

The Julian Assange TV Program: Occupy Movement: In the latest edition of Assange's very own interview programme Julian Assange meets with prominent Occupy activists who say their collective efforts target global institutions.

Canada: Lawyers protest silently against Bill 78: Although they are sworn to uphold the laws of the land, hundreds of lawyers marched through Montreal streets Monday in a subdued challenge to Bill 78, which limits public protests.

Japan and China to start direct currency trading on Friday: Japan and China will start direct currency trading this week, Tokyo said Tuesday, the first time Beijing has let a major unit other than the dollar swap with the yuan.

Bank of England prepares plans for euro collapse: The Bank of England is poised to cut interest rates or launch another round of quantitative easing if the euro collapses, it emerged on Monday.

25 Signs That The Smart Money Has Completely Written Off Southern Europe: Some large corporations are now pulling the money that they make in Greece during the day out of the country every single night. It is becoming increasingly clear that the upper crust of the financial world considers a Greek exit from the euro to be "inevitable"

Heated MF Global Debate - Still NO Arrests 1.2 Billion Gone - Video By CNBC - How To Mislead Government Officials Without Technically Committing Perjury.

Consumer Confidence Has Biggest Drop in Eight Months: Americans' confidence in the economy fell in May to its lowest level in eight months as consumers fretted about slow hiring, a big stock market drop and the global economy, said a private research group.

Time to fight for a minimum wage increase: The federal minimum wage is now $7.25 cents an hour, about $15,080 for a full time, year round worker. Poverty wages offend both justice and common sense. It is time to raise the floor.


May 28, 2012

"The Salvador Option For Syria"
US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate "Opposition Forces"

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

In relation to recent events, the killings and atrocities committed in the border city of Houla on May 27 were, in all likelihood, carried out under what may be described as a "Salvador Option for Syria". Continue

In Case You Missed It
The Salvador Option in Beirut

By Trish Schuh

"The only prospect that holds hope for us is the carving up of Syria… It is our task to prepare for that prospect. All else is a purposeless waste of time." - Zionist militant Zeév Jabotinsky Continue

Clinton's $33m Raid on Pakistan Shows That, In The End, Hypocrisy Will Win

By Robert Fisk

Are the Pakistanis being so dastardly when they lock up a national who has helped in a murder? Continue

U.S. Policies Are Usually Dictated By Amazing Ignorance.

Video and Transcript

The US corporate superstructure conglomerate - including financial interests, the defense industry, oil companies and the media - brazenly manipulate American society.

Messing With Our Minds:
The Ever Finer Line Between News and Advertising

By Kingsley Dennis

Throughout history, the need to "persuade and influence" has always been manipulated by those people in power as a means to maintain authority and legitimacy. Continue

The Century of the Self

Must Watch Video Documentary

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society. Continue

Becoming A Theocracy
Mitt Romney’s Issues

By Steven Jonas

Romney prays frequently, feels that he has a direct connection to "God," and indeed engages in conversations with "God," Continue

White Slavery:
The Irish Slaves That Time Forgot

By John Martin

During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies. Continue


By Leonard Cohen

I can't run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud. Continue

US kills 11 people in Pakistan : US drones carried out two strikes in North Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan today, killing 11

ISI chief's puts off US visit: New ISI chief Lt Gen Zahir-ul-Islam's planned visit to Washington this week has been put off due to unspecified reasons against the backdrop of strains in the US-Pakistan relations.

2 Nato Soldiers Killed in Insurgent Attack in Afghanistan: Two Nato soldiers were killed in an insurgents' attack in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, Isaf said. It provided no other details on the attacks, including the nationalities of the troops.

U.S. kills 5 people in Yemen: : A U.S. drone strike Monday aiming for an al Qaeda leader has killed five militants in the country's south as part of a Yemeni offensive against the Islamist group, Yemeni officials said.

Yemeni leader denies rumor of U.S. control: Yemeni President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi has denied allegations U.S. Ambassador Gerard Feierstein was controlling the transitional process.

US wades deeper into counterterrorism fight in Yemen and East Africa:" A congressionally approved $75 million cash influx for American-led counterterrorism operations in Yemen and East Africa is the latest sign of a quietly escalating war against "terrorist factions" in the region.

Turkish soldier killed in clash with rebels: State-run television says Kurdish rebels have killed a soldier in a clash in southeast Turkey, prompting the military to launch a large-scale offensive in the area.

War Criminal: Tony Blair denies 'war criminal' allegations: The former Prime Minister denies allegations about the Iraq war made by a protester who disrupted his evidence at the Leveson Inquiry.

U.N. Security Council Issues Condemnation of Syria Attack: While not blaming the Syrian government directly for all the deaths, rebuked it for its use of tanks and artillery against civilians despite agreeing to an April 12 cease-fire.

Both Syrian sides to blame for deaths, says Russian Foreign Minister: "Both sides have obviously had a hand in the deaths of innocent people, including several dozen women and children. This area is controlled by the rebels, but it is also surrounded by government troops," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after talks in Moscow with visiting British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria: Barak calls for intervention by int'l community in Syria: Defense Minister Ehud Barak called for international intervention in Syria on Sunday amid reports that 116 civilians, including women and children, were massacred in the city of Houla.

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria: Houla massacre: US military warns Syria as pressure builds on Obama: Top US general urges increased diplomatic pressure on Bashar al-Assad but warns military is prepared to act if necessary

Top U.S. general says military options are open as pressure mounts on Syria: President Obama’s top military adviser told Fox News on Monday that military intervention isn’t off the table. “There is always a military option,” he said, according to Fox, but signaled caution.

Pentagon has military plans ready to prevent nuclear Iran, says Panetta: The Pentagon has a plan ready for military action to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, but the United States and its allies remain focused on reaching a diplomatic solution, according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

New computer virus hits Iran: Kaspersky called the malware, named "Flame," the "most sophisticated cyber-weapon yet unleashed." It said the bug had infected computers in Iran, the West Bank, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Israelis must shun racism, not African migrants: I am as afraid to live in the Israel of 2012 as any right-minded German should have been in 1938, or as any right-minded American should have been in the 1960s.

Cables reveal Australia, US focus on Assange: THE WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange remains the target of a US government criminal investigation and the subject of US-Australian intelligence exchanges, Australian diplomatic cables obtained by the Herald reveal.

Spent Fuel Rods Drive Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan: What passes for normal at the Fukushima Daiichi plant today would have caused shudders among even the most sanguine of experts before an earthquake and tsunami set off the world’s second most serious nuclear crisis after Chernobyl.

Political Pandering!!: Romney thanks troops in new campaign video: “Every veteran is the greatest of his generation.”

Veterans Give Romney Big Lead Over Obama: U.S. veterans, about 13% of the adult population and consisting mostly of older men, support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for president by 58% to 34%, while nonveterans give Obama a four-percentage-point edge.

All pain, no gain: The Irish backlash that could mean a 'No' to Europe's austerity plans: With Ireland getting fed up of belt-tightening, the odds are shortening on a No vote to the referendum on the European fiscal treaty.



 May 27, 2012

The NATO/UN Army
Perpetual War … and Bankruptcy for U.S.

By William F. Jasper

President Obama and the NATO leaders have pushed ahead on the globalist agenda to transform NATO more fully into the global military arm of the United Nations. Continue

Shadow Of Subservience

By Taj M Khattak

Obama is expected to know a thing or two about slavery, but he looked unperturbed as the long shadow of subservience began to be cast on the proud people of Afghanistan for yet another decade. Continue

Why NATO Targets Syria and Iran?

By M D Nalapat

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency,Yukio Amano,follows UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s policy of supporting whatever it is that the NATO powers want. Continue

West's Undermining UN Paves Way for NATO Syrian Intervention

By Tony Cartalucci

We have only apathy left to blame if NATO is allowed to carry on with its campaign of military aggression - a Nuremberg offense we as a Western society swore after World War II, "Never Again!" Continue

Washington’s Hypocrisies

By Paul Craig Roberts

The US government is the second worst human rights abuser on the planet and the sole enabler of the worst–Israel. But this doesn’t hamper Washington from pointing the finger elsewhere. Continue

The Power Principle
Documentary About U.S. Foreign Policy


Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.


Short Video

An alternative view of Memorial Day.

Revealed: Hundreds of Words to Avoid Using Online
If You Don't Want the Government Spying On You

By Daniel Miller

Released under a freedom of information request, the information sheds new light on how government analysts are instructed to patrol the internet searching for domestic and external threats.

Elections Won't Bring Progressive Change, So What Can?

By Jack A. Smith

Even progressive Democrats, well aware of Obama's abundant shortcomings, will cut him slack for fear of the "greater evil." Continue

32 children among 92 killed in Syria, UN says: More than 90 people, including at least 32 children younger than 10, were killed in a central Syrian village, top UN officials said Saturday, accusing the government of perpetrating the indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighborhoods.

Syrian government denies being behind attack that killed 90: The Syrian government denied Sunday its troops were behind an attack on a string of villages that left more than 90 people dead, blaming the killings on “hundreds of heavily-armed gunmen” who also attacked soldiers in the area.

Free Syrian Army says cannot commit to peace plan: "We announce that unless the UN Security Council takes urgent steps for the protection of civilians, Annan's plan is going to go to hell," a statement by the FSA said.

Sen. Lieberman: White House inching closer to military response in Syria: "I think they're moving toward some more real action," Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.) told The Hill regarding the White House's evolving position on Syria.

62 militants, 12 troops killed in Yemen: The Yemeni army battled al Qaeda-linked militants deep inside Zinjibar on Saturday, recapturing key positions in the rebel-held southern city and killing at least 62 extremist fighters, a military official said.

8 civilians killed in US-led airstrike in eastern Afghanistan: A man, his wife and six of their children were killed in the attack on Saturday in the village of Suri Khail in the Gurda Saria district of Paktia Province, a local government spokesman Rohullah Samoon said

General restricts war-zone photography: Marine commanders in Afghanistan have cracked down on war-zone photography in the wake of two international scandals this year in which U.S. troops were depicted posing with dead Taliban fighters.

US kills four in Waziristan, Pakistan: At least 4 people have been killed in an attack by US drones in Pakistan's tribal region of Waziristan, officials said. Security officials said those killed were Taliban militants, but this has not been independently verified.

Jeremy Scahill: A Short History of Drone Warfare: - Video - With its increase in drone strikes, the United States is turning away from the large-scale military interventions of the past decade and towards covert operations, beyond such known locations as Pakistan and Yemen. Check out this video to learn where else Scahill thinks these covert ops are headed.

'Iran to face harsher sanctions despite talks': US official says Israeli concerns that "time is running out" on Iran nuclear issue justified, but diplomatic path must be exhausted.

In a first, U.S. declares 5 million Palestinians to be refugees: report: Advocates of Israel worry that the move could give an advantage to the Palestinians in terms of their right of return.

The Forcible Transfer of the Palestinian People from the Jordan Valley: Forcible transfer and deportation are terms that commonly evoke images of people being loaded onto trucks or trains or violently driven away.

Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal: Today, a Jew from any country can move to Israel, while a Palestinian refugee, with a valid claim to property in Israel, cannot. And although Palestinians make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population, the 2012 budget allocates less than 7 percent for Palestinian citizens.

Mali Tuaregs, Islamist rebels agree to merge, create new state: The deal between MNLA, which has said it wants an independent secular state in the north, and the al Qaeda-linked Salafist Ansar Dine, which had wanted to impose Sharia across Mali, may complicate international efforts to stabilise Mali after a March coup that plunged the country into chaos.

Mali government rejects north's independence: Official categorically rejects idea of Islamic Azawad state declared by Tuareg separatists and Ansar Dine fighters.

May 25, 2012

America's 23-Year War

By Anthony Gregory

If nothing else, this war has been effective at one thing: it gives cover for the steady erosion of human rights. Indefinite detention and surveillance -- is there reason to believe any of this will end so long as the U.S. is at war? Continue

US Prepares Multi-front Proxy War Against Syria

By Chris Marsden

The UN is well aware that Washington is pursuing a deliberate policy of destabilisation in Syria in order to justify a war for regime change waged by its allies—above all in Riyadh, Ankara and Doha—with Washington’s military support. Continue

An Ongoing Disaster
Libya, Africa and Africom

By Dan Glazebrook

Having had nothing to unite them other than a temporary willingness to act as NATO’s foot soldiers, the former ‘rebels’ are now turning on each other. Continue

Syria, Yemen, and America’s Quest for Imperial Dominance

By Eric Draitser

Neo-Imperialism by Faux-Democracy, Terrorism, and Propaganda. Continue

U.S. Hard Line in Failed Iran Talks Driven by Israel

By Gareth Porter

The U.S. rejection of the "step by step" approach in favour of a stance that leans heavily toward Israeli preferences leads to apparent contradictions in U.S. policy. Continue

"If you don't talk we'll kill you."

By Mike Riggs

After killing two pregnant women from a helicopter in which DEA agents were riding shotgun, the Honduran military (and, allegedly, several American contractors) then raided a small village. Continue

The Power Principle
Documentary About U.S. Foreign Policy


A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today. Continue

Thoughts on an attack by a Jewish mob


Two days ago, my girlfriend and I were attacked by a mob of proud Jews in south Tel Aviv. Still trying to understand why. Continue

Warrantless Spying Fight

By Glenn Greenwald

Obama officials demand power to eavesdrop without warrants. Continue

Ooooh, we’re being spied on!
Browbeating Cyclops vs. Rambos

By Linh Dinh

Washington can now snoop on your international emails and phone calls, without warrants, but do you seriously think they’d spare your domestic communications? Of course, not. Continue

Suicide Attack Kills 12 In East Yemen: Security officials and tribal leaders say at least 12 people were killed in eastern Yemen when a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into a crowd.

Suicide bomber kills two "Houthi rebels" in Yemen: A suicide bomber killed two members of a Shi'ite Muslim rebel group in northern Yemen on Friday, a local official said.

US kills 10 people in Pakistani village mosque;: At least 10 people were killed and several others sustained injuries when unmanned US predator drone targeted a mosque in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan Agency on Thursday.

32 Britons could be killed in drone strikes, claims lawyer: “I understand that there are 32 people who British intelligence are concerned about and may provide intelligence to the US that could result in them being killed,” he said.

U.S. slashes Pakistan aid over jailing of ‘bin Laden doctor’: A Senate panel expressed its outrage over Pakistan’s conviction of a doctor who helped the United States track down Osama bin Laden, voting to cut aid to Islamabad by $33 million — $1 million for every year of the physician’s 33-year sentence for high treason.

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones: Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told The Daily that his department is considering using rubber bullets and tear gas on its drone.

Explosions kill three in southern Afghanistan: Afghan officials say explosions in three cities of southern Afghanistan have killed three and wounded at least nine others.

NATO occupation force solider killed Afghanistan: Kabul (BNA) a NATO soldier was killed in the south of Afghanistan yesterday. The identity of this solider has not clear


UN report says Syrian army, rebels deal in death and torture: The Syrian regime and an increasingly organized rebel force are carrying out illegal killings and torturing their opponents

Rebel face control: US ‘to screen Syrian opposition for arms supply’: Washington is an inch from starting shipping arms to the opposition in Syria, anonymous US officials say. The biggest hitch is that it wants to be sure American guns will be pointed in the right direction and won’t end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.

Syria's New Jihadis: Meet the terrorist group that's ruining the revolution.

Syria rebels release Lebanese hostages: The 13 Shiites were taken hostage on Tuesday as they returned from a pilgrimage in Iran. A group of women who were travelling with them had already been released.

World powers not prepared to recognize Iran's right to enrich uranium: U.S. official; Head of U.S. delegation headed to Israel to brief Netanyahu, advisers on talks.

US negotiator at P5+1-Iran talks visits Israel for 'consultations'"; The senior American negotiator present at the recent talks between the major world powers and Iran in Baghdad has arrived in Tel Aviv for 'consultations.'

Amnesty International: Israel violates human rights: Rights group accuses Israel of torture, restricting movement, limiting freedom of speech, and a 'siege that strangles 1.6 million people.'

Israelis attack African migrants during protest against refugees: Seventeen arrested after protesters go on 'unbridled rampage' targeting African workers and looting shops serving refugees

Video - Welcome to Racist Israel: Video - At a demonstration in south Tel Aviv demanding the immediately expulsion of all non-Jewish African asylum-seekers, a lone Israeli woman who does not agree with the rest of the crowd is shouted down with ferocity and told that she deserves to be raped

Libyan Tuaregs Flee to Algeria Amid Reports of Ethnic Cleansing: Sources inside the Libyan city of Ghadames told El-Khabar that the Tuareg tribes have been subjected to ethnic cleansing for the past eight months. The Ghadames tribe, which is backed by forces affiliated with the National Transitional Council, is allegedly carrying out these acts.

Were Egypt's first elections really free and fair? The Military Council wrote the rules to get the results that it wanted. The election was not transparent at all, so Shafiq and other non-revolutionary candidates were able to spend a fortune without telling voters where they got the money

Judge demands Guantanamo videos: A federal judge has ordered the Defense Department to turn over to the court three video recordings showing Guantanamo prisoners being forced out of their cells.

Propaganda firm owner admits attacks on journalists: The co-owner of a major Pentagon propaganda contractor publicly admitted Thursday that he was behind a series of websites used in an attempt to discredit two USA TODAY journalists who had reported on the contractor.

“Infocrafting” or Propaganda Online?: The websites, fake social media accounts and other mischief, such as altering Wikipedia entries, all painted the journalists in a negative light. Some posts suggested that the two were working in cooperation with the Taliban.

WikiLeaks case, Bradley Manning seeks dismissal of 10 charges: An Army private charged in a massive leak of U.S. government secrets to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks is seeking dismissal of 10 of the 22 counts he faces.

Former US soldier guilty of plotting attack on Fort Hood staff: A pressure cooker and 18 pounds of sugar = weapon of mass destruction?

Texas man gets 20 years for trying to contact al Qaeda: Prosecutors said he had been coordinating his plans with a man he thought was a recruiter for AQAP, but who in reality was a confidential source for law enforcement.

Canada: Maple Spring: Nearly 1,000 Arrested As Mass Quebec Student Strike Passes 100th Day : More than 400,000 filled the streets of Montreal this week as a protest over a 75 percent increase in tuition has grown into a full-blown political crisis.

May 24, 2012

War With Iran Has Already Begun

By Nathan L Fuller

If you actually don’t want war with Iran, you have to help end duopoly. You can’t support either of the two establishment parties who feed the military-industrial complex and fear-monger voters into submission. Continue

“Money for Jobs Not for War”
American Chauvinism and Reformist Illusions

By Larry Everest

Why should antiwar demands focus first and foremost on the war’s impact on Americans and their lives—and not on the victims of U.S. aggression: Continue

NATO Summit A Show Of Force

By Paul Heise

The NATO summit put on display how we can and do conjure up foreign and domestic threats to justify government control of our society. Continue

Planting Evidence to Sow Fear:
Chicago Cops are the Terrorists

By Dave Lindorff

This kind of entrapment and official deceit by police should alarm every American. Continue

What If We Have Only Memories Of Freedom?

By Andrew Napolitano

What if Memorial Day reminds us of times when we had more freedom? What if freedom is dying right under our eyes? What if the memory of the past is more fulfilling than the reality of the present? Continue

Nigel Farage: Break Up The Euro and Restore Human Dignity

- Video -

"The Medicine Is Killing The Patient" Continue

Yemeni army kills 33 militants in south: Yemeni troops fought Islamist militants in southern cities on Thursday, as the government pressed ahead with a U.S.-backed offensive to help stabilise the impoverished Arab state that has turned into a base for al Qaeda.

Let them eat bombs? On the brink of hunger catastrophe aid agencies warn: Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophic food crisis, seven aid agencies said today (23 May 2012) with 10 million people – 44 percent of the population – without enough food to eat. The aid agencies warned that malnutrition rates recorded by the UN in some parts of the country were alarming, with one in three children severely malnourished.

17 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan: At least 17 Taliban militants have been killed in a countrywide military operation in Afghanistan, the interior ministry said on Thursday.

Murder Inc: Pakistan : US attacks mosque; 10 killed: "The drone fired two missiles and hit the village mosque where a number of people were offering Fajr (morning) prayer," local tribal elder Roashan Din told NBC News.

Pakistan condemns US drone attacks: The Pakistan government has a clear policy that the US drone attacks are "illegal, a violation of international law and unacceptable", Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Khan told a weekly news briefing.

John Brennan is the U.S. "Assassination Czar"?: President Obama’s counterterrorism chief John Brennan is heading up a new team to determine who should be targeted by armed U.S. drones overseas

US senators vote to cut Pak aid by 58pc: A US Senate panel voted cuts in aid to Pakistan by 58 percent on Tuesday and threatened to withhold even more cash if Islamabad does not reopen its supply routes for NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, reflecting American frustration over a months-long standoff.

Karzai's bid for a dictatorial detention law: The Afghan government is creating the authority to hold individuals without charge or trial for an indefinite period of time on security grounds-a power it has never before said it needed.

US poised to vet possible arms for Syrian rebels: As one diplomatic effort after another fails to end more than a year of brutal violence in Syria, the Obama administration is preparing a plan that would essentially give U.S. nods of approval to arms transfers from Arab nations to some Syrian opposition fighters.

Syria's New Parliament Holds 1st Session: On May 7, the parliamentarian elections were carried out under the new constitution that allowed multi-party system and ended the monopoly of power by the ruling al-Baath party. The electoral process was supervised by an independent judicial committee.

Iran and world powers agree to hold more nuclear talks in mid-June: Despite little progress in talks, the Islamic Republic and the six world powers agree to hold another round of discussions in Geneva next month.


Deal or no deal, Iran may be bombed – Israeli minister: A military strike against Iranian facilities is not out of the question, even though Tehran has reached agreement on a probe with the UN’s nuclear watchdog, says Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

UK defence chiefs prepare for conflict with Iran over nuclear programme: Ministers on Britain's National Security Council have been advised there is still a "25%-50% chance" that the nuclear stand-off with Iran could result in a military conflict, the Guardian has been told.

War With Iran Near? Hope Fades For Resolution in P5+1 Talks: It’s beginning to look as though the latest round of P5+1 talks with Iran may fail, spelling disaster for a diplomatic process that is arguably on its last legs. Although the talks continue today in Baghdad, serious concessions need to be made to salvage the talks.

US Senate mulls unprecedented aid to Israel: Legislators aim to further expand security aid so as to improve Israel's capabilities vis-à-vis Iran, Defense News weekly reports

Amnesty International: Israel frequently uses excessive force against Palestinians: Annual report for 2012 says Israel killed 55 civilians in the West Bank and Gaza, including 11 children.

Turkey issues arrest warrants for ex-IDF officers: Four officers accused of ordering the raid on the Mavi Marmara, in which nine Turks were killed.

Majority of Germans view Israel as 'aggressive': poll: A recent survey finds that 59 percent of the Germans perceive Israel as 'aggressive', believing that Berlin has no special obligation towards the Jewish state.

New Russian missile to penetrate euro shield: The new missile is expected to improve Russia's offensive arsenal, "including by increasing the capability to overcome missile defence systems that are being created", the ministry said in a statement.

New age colonialism: West buying up Third World?: Multinational corporations are buying up swathes of land in underdeveloped countries in an unchecked scramble towards new-age colonialism. So-called “land grabbing” sees western powers vying for economic control of the developing world’s resources.

Canada: Police begin to apply draconian Bill 78: Quebec authorities have begun to make use of the sweeping repressive powers contained in Bill 78—the emergency legislation the provincial Liberal government rushed through the National Assembly late last week to suppress the province-wide student strike.

Fukushima in the USA - San Onofre : Video - There is troubling news out of Japan - where there's now more signs now that the Fukushima nuclear crisis is still ongoing

Catastrophic nuclear reactor meltdowns like Chernobyl or Fukushima could happen every ten to 20 years: Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, fear similar catastrophes could occur around the world every ten to 20 years - 200 times more frequently than previously thought.

Greece to Exit Euro, New Currency to Fall 60%: Citi: Greece will leave the euro zone next year and the country's new currency will "immediately fall by 60 percent," according to Citi chief economist Willem Buiter.

Greece Will Leave Euro This Year or Next, Roubini Writes in HZ: Roubini said “other periphery countries already have problems” similar to Greece’s in terms of their debt burden and lack of competitiveness. Portugal “will probably have to restructure its debt at some point and leave the euro.



May 23, 2012

The End in Afghanistan is Totally Predictable

By Dave Llindorff

The American forces in Afghanistan know they have already lost the war there. They know too that as soon as the last of them has boarded the last plane out, or perhaps even earlier, the current corrupt Afghan leadership will be hopping a commercial flight out too, to join their money in Switzerland or Abu Dhabi. Continue

Kucinich: US 'Sanction Warfare' Makes Real Iran War Inevitable

Video and Transcript

If Mr. Netanyahu wants to pay for war – that's up to him.- The Unites States should not, cannot and must not be dragged into a war by any other country which calls itself our friend. Continue

This Is What Tyranny Looks Like

By Carl Gibson

The historic street demonstrations of 2012 will be meaningless unless citizens use the power of the vote this year to remove the worst offenders from office. They can start with the representatives and senators who voted NO to due process rights. Continue

14 Signposts to Slavery

By Chris Sullivan

Any one of the listed items would be a clear warning that the totalitarian state is very near. Continue

Crash Alert

By Mike Whitney

As you might have noticed, the stock market is falling like a stone. Continue 

Iraq attacks kill eight: Attacks in Iraq killed eight people and wounded 33 on Wednesday, security officials said, as Baghdad hosted key nuclear talks in its latest effort to emerge from decades of isolation.

Seven Afghan soldiers killed in attacks: At least seven Afghan national army soldiers were killed and four others were injured following militants attack in eastern and south-eastern regions of the country.

Afghanistan: "I Was Not Born a Slave": Just 14 years old, Mirwali is one of around 6,000 minors forced into servitude at the brick factories of Sorkhrod district in the Nangarhar region of eastern Afghanistan.

Gunmen open fire at Pakistan rally: 5 Killed: Police say gunmen have opened fire on a political rally in the Pakistani city of Karachi, killing five people and sparking rioting.

US 'kills four' in Pakistan's North Waziristan: The attack is the third since March, when Pakistan's parliament called for the use of drones to cease.

High treason : Pakistani who helped U.S. sentenced to prison: Afridi ran a vaccination program for the CIA to collect DNA and verify bin Laden's presence at the compound in the town of Abbottabad

Turkey backs Pakistan’s demand for US apology : Turkey, a member of the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), has thrown its weight behind Pakistan’s demand for an unconditional US apology over last year’s deadly Nato air strike.

Rebels say Syria police kill two, U.N. monitors dispute: Syrian rebels said police had opened fire and killed two people on Tuesday when a crowd turned out to greet a team of U.N. ceasefire monitors in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor. A United Nations spokeswoman said the team had heard gunfire but said they had not seen any casualties.

Amman allows US to train Syrian rebels on Jordanian soil: According to the sources, the drill, involving 12 countries and led by the US, focuses on instructing terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government on ways to attack strategic targets in Syria, including the country’s missile arsenal, which is a cause for concern for Israel.

Deal with Iran reached on probe: UN nuclear chief : Despite some remaining differences, a deal has been reached with Iran that will allow the U.N. nuclear agency to restart a long-stalled probe into suspicions that Tehran has secretly worked on developing nuclear arms, the U.N. nuclear chief said Tuesday.

Car blast in Sudan, Khartoum points to Israel: - One person was killed when a car exploded in the eastern Sudanese city of Port Sudan on Tuesday in what the government said resembled a blast last year that it blamed on an Israeli missile strike.

Julian Assange extradition verdict due next week: The supreme court will deliver its verdict next Wednesday on whether or not the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, should be deported to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault.


May 22, 2012

Kucinich: “NATO Talks a Sham: War in Afghanistan is Not Ending”

By Dennis Kucinich

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a benevolent organization. NATO is not about the North Atlantic and it’s not about our collective defense. Continue

Syrian Rebels Say Turkey Is Arming And Training Them

By Michael Weiss

Large consignments of AK-47s are being delivered by the Turkish military to the Syrian-Turkish border. Continue

Julian Assange Interviews President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa
Ecuador’s Fight Against Its Media Vultures

Must Watch Video

In 2010 Correa was taken hostage in an attempted coup d’etat. After the attempt he launched a controversial counter-offensive Ecuador’s media, which he blames for the coup attempt.Continue

War Pay
The Nearly $1 Trillion National Security Budget

By Chris Hellman and Mattea Kramer

Last week, lawmakers in the House of Representatives even passed a bill that was meant to spare national security spending from future cuts by reducing school-lunch funding and other social programs.  Continue

Osama bin Laden's Goal to Bankrupt America is Working

By Albert Foster

Americans should be really agitated about this, but they are either ignorant or apathetic. Continue

On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues

By Rep. Ron Paul

The bad news from last week's passage of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act is that Americans can still be arrested on US soil and detained indefinitely without trial. Continue

The Police State Is Here

By Tim Kelly

All the president has to do is to declare a nebulous “national emergency,” and his agents can seize control of every factory, farm, and business in the country and lay claim to all its resources, including labor. Continue

How America's Death Penalty Murders Innocents

By David A Love

The leading causes of wrongful convictions include perjury, flawed eyewitness identification and prosecutorial misconduct. Continue

Man Loses $22,000 In New 'Policing For Profit' Case

By Phil Williams

"If somebody told me this happened to them, I absolutely would not believe this could happen in America." Continue

In Case You Missed It
Fascism Anyone?

By Laurence W. Britt

Fascism’s principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerading as something else, challenging everything we stand for. Continue

Greek Leftist Leader Alexis Tsipras: 'It's a War Between People and Capitalism'

By Helena Smith in Athens

No one has the right to reduce a proud people to such a state of wretchedness and indignity." Continue

JPMorgan Chase Losses Eclipse $30 Billion

By Mark Gongloff

Dimon, in his comments on Monday, said the bank wasn't going to keep updating everybody on its losses. Continue

Bombings in Iraq kill six people, including four children: The attacks struck the homes of a Sunni anti-Qaeda militiaman and a formerly internally-displaced Shiite family, both of which are in a neighborhood that was an insurgent stronghold during the worst of Iraq's sectarian bloodshed.

5 killed as deadly blast rocks Syrian capital: An explosion in a restaurant in the Syrian capital has killed five people, Syrian state media report. The blast struck the Qaboun district of Damascus and has been branded a “terrorist” attack.

Forces unable to destabilize Syria turn to Lebanon : Russian Foreign Ministry: "Moscow is seriously concerned by growing internal tensions in Lebanon. It appears that the forces that have failed to realize their plans to destabilize Syria have turned to the neighboring Lebanon," the ministry said on its website on Monday.

Syria's War Comes to Beirut: Sunday's spasm of violence bodes ill for Lebanese stability. But the real problem is that there's nobody in charge.

IAEA to pen nuclear agreement with Iran: Amano: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief says Iran and the UN nuclear agency have made a decision to reach an agreement aimed at resolving issues related to the country’s nuclear energy program.

Israeli official downplays Iran nuclear deal with IAEA, citing past violations: The announcement that International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) head Yukiya Amano had struck a deal with Iran Tuesday to inspect its nuclear facilities was received in Jerusalem with great suspicion.

Iran reportedly blames IAEA chief for leaks that enable Israel to assassinate its nuclear scientists: Iran reportedly upbraided the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog on Monday for leaks from his agency which, it said, had enabled Israel to assassinate several of its nuclear scientists.

US Senate approves new Iran sanctions bill: The US Senate unanimously approved on Monday a package of new economic sanctions on Iran's oil sector just days ahead of a meeting in Baghdad between major world powers and Tehran.

Iran Warns S. Arabia to Give up Plot for Annexing Bahrain: "Such Saudi measures have created insecurity in the whole region and the Islamic Republic of Iran as an influential country in the Persian Gulf region will not keep mum about these moves of Saudi Arabia forever," Rezayee told FNA on Monday.

Arab League to Iran: stop anti-Bahrain campaign: The Arab League called on Tehran on Monday to halt what it described as a media campaign against Bahrain over a proposal for political and military union between Gulf Arab states.

Are the drones working in Yemen?: Yemen suicide attack may have also blown a hole in US counter-terrorism strategy.

Pakistan: Afghan forces cross border, kill one: Afghan security forces on Monday intruded into Pakistani territory near Qila Saifullah and opened fire on a passenger bus, killing one Pakistani national and injuring four others.

New Zealand to pull Afghanistan troops next year: Prime Minister John Key told reporters Tuesday that the 145 New Zealand troops stationed in Bamiyan province will come home in late 2013 rather than 2014

Has Amnesty Intl. Gone Mad? It Cheers NATO: Where is Amnesty International's head?

NATO, Defying Russia, Moves Forward With Missile Shield: NATO leaders have agreed to activate a new missile defense shield in three years—openly defying Moscow, which claims the system is aimed at Russian targets.

House approves East Coast missile shield site in $643 billion defense bill: The bill obligates $100 million next year to plan for the site, but the project would cost billions of dollars in later years that has yet to be funded.

United States Sends Combat Commanders to Colombia : The expansion of counterinsurgency forces in Africa and Latin America is also part of a new national security strategy released by the White House in February.

Obama hails police state methods in Chicago: President Barack Obama on Monday praised the performance of Chicago city officials and the Chicago Police Department after a week of violence, repression and frame-ups directed against antiwar demonstrators in the city.

Supreme Court to hear electronic eavesdropping case: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a US government challenge to a lawsuit against its electronic surveillance program, which allows authorities to eavesdrop on Americans' overseas phone calls and emails.

Evidence of U.S. Torture: CIA Can Withhold Detainee Photo, Waterboarding Cables: The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) doesn't have to release a photo of an alleged al-Qaida operative following a session of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT), reports The Associated Press.

Court blocks release of CIA interrogation methods: CIA secret interrogation methods - including detention and harsh questioning of suspected terrorists - remain off limits to public release, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

Study finds one-third of malaria drugs 'fake': More than 30 per cent of anti-malaria drugs examined in Southeast Asia and Africa were either fake or of poor quality.

Did these ex-slaves catch your lunch?: Thailand, a major source of fish imported to the US, depends on slave labor.

IIF: Spain's bank losses could hit €260bn: Spanish bank loan losses could hit €260bn (£210bn), with the industry likely to need some €60bn euros in outside help to stay afloat, the International Institute of Finance said Monday.


May 21, 2012

NATO's Core Function is to Advance US Global Interests

By Kate Hudson

A cursory glance at NATO's recent history shows that whatever its changing rationale, or the nature of its supposed enemies in the post-Cold War period, its core function has remained to advance US global interests and foreign policy goals. Continue

AIPAC Congress
Who Owns Your Congressperson?

By MJ Rosenberg

11 House members voted against AIPAC’s “Bomb Iran” resolution as described here. This transcript explains the other votes.

Israeli Settler Shoots at Palestinians while IDF Soldiers Stand By


In the video, two of the settlers are armed; one with a pistol and one with an M-16 automatic rifle. They are seen aiming their weapons at the Palestinians and one seen firing at them, while soldiers do nothing to stop them. Continue

Nazism, Zionism, and the Arab World

By Annette Herskovits

Countering the myths spread by pro-Israel ideologues. Continue

Colombia and the Mainstream Media
When the Respectable Become Extremists The Extremists Become Respectable

By James Petras

Extremism in all of its forms permeates Western regimes and finds its justification and rationalization in the respectable media whose job is to indoctrinate civil society and turn citizens into voluntary accomplices to extremism. Continue

The Framework For Suppressing Information
Public Opinion in America's 21st Century Police State

By Prof. James F. Tracy

It is not beyond reason to point out that America is one serious terrorist attack or mass civil disturbance away from the implementation of policies to seriously limit or curtail the traffic of ideas. Continue

Recovery or Collapse? Bet on Collapse

By Paul Craig Roberts

When the dollar goes, interest rates will escalate, and bond prices will collapse. Everyone who sought safety in US Treasuries will be wiped out.
We should all be aware that such outcomes are not part of the public debate. Continue

The insolvent United States banking system: Lessons from J.P. Morgan Chase
 Why the banks must be nationalized

By Horace Campbell

As central bankers from China to Venezuela and from Argentina to Japan are seeking ways to exit from the contagion of the speculative trading of US bankers, progressive forces must renew the call for the nationalization of the big banks, which are supposed to be too big to fail. Continue

At Least 38 U.S. Lawmakers Personally Invested in JPMorgan Chase

By Russ Choma

15 Democrats and 23 Republicans owned shares in JPMorgan Chase worth a total of between $2.1 million and $3.8 million. Continue

The Waltz of the Zombie Banks

By Mike Whitney

It’s the same everywhere. The banks are keeping houses off the market to trick people into believing that prices have hit bottom. But prices haven’t hit bottom, in fact, they still have a long way to go. Continue

How the Ultra-Rich Betray America

By Paul Buchheit

The betrayals come in many forms. Here are a few of the more outrageous, and destructive, examples: Continue

Nato Talks Security and Peace, Chicago has Neither

By Gary Younge

The paradox of such a city hosting this summit lays bare the brutal way in which inequality is globally maintained and locally replicated. Continue

U.S. Veterans Return War Medals at NATO Summit
Daily Dispatch From The NATO Protests


A collection of video reports by grassroots journalists who are covering the NATO Summit in Chicago. Continue


Yemen: Suicide bomber kills at least 96 soldiers: On Monday, a suicide bomber posing as a member of the Yemen military killed at least 96 people and wounded hundreds more--most if not all soldiers--in a blast in Sanaa, Yemen's capital.

Pentagon: Civilian contractors targeted in Yemen: The Pentagon confirmed that three civilian contractors helping train Yemen's coast guard were attacked Sunday in Yemen.

Syrian forces kill 9 deserters, reports monitoring group: Syrian forces ambushed and killed nine army deserters near a north Damascus suburb as fighting between armed rebels and troops raged around the capital during the night, a monitoring group said today.

Opposition Source: Brother-in-Law of Syrian President Has Been Killed: The brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad, who also is the troubled nation's former intelligence chief, is dead after an apparent assassination attack Sunday in Damascus, Syrian opposition leaders tell U.S. News & World Report.

Syrian spillover: 3 Killed as Beirut sees worst clashes in four years: The killing of a Sunni cleric at a Lebanese Army checkpoint yesterday ignited widespread protests among aggrieved Sunnis.

Threat of new rebel Lebanese army as tensions grow over killing of Sunni clerics: The shootings follow a week of violence in the country's volatile and disenfranchised north

Iraq attacks kill three: Shootings and bombings killed three people and wounded nine in central Iraq on Monday, security officials said.

Kurdish oil deal stirs Iraqi tensions: Autonomous region's oil minister outlines plans to export oil and gas to Turkey, increasing tensions with Baghdad.

Afghan army in secret deals with Taliban: In the area of Ghazni province where both are based, an hour's drive south of Kabul, they collaborate to loot NATO supply convoys, dividing up the proceeds. And they share intelligence on NATO's military operations.

Barack Obama snubs Pakistan's Asif Ali Zardari at Nato summit: 'Patience with Pakistan is wearing thin, not just in the US but also in the Nato alliance,' one US official told the Times, indicating that none of the Pakistani demands could be met.

Nato orders five new drones worth $1.7bn: The contract launches NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system, which is expected to support a broad range of missions, including protecting ground forces, border and maritime security, counterterrorism, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and natural disaster relief.

Iran Strike Gains Support in Some Nations, Russia Says: Some countries favor more than ever using a military strike to stem Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

War criminal: Tony Blair Heckled in Maine college speech: A handful of protesters briefly interrupted a Maine college graduation speech by British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling for world unity.

60,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews fill Citi Field and Arthur Ashe Stadium to denounce evils of the Internet: An overflow crowd of another 20,000 bearded men sporting long black coats and big black hats filled nearby Arthur Ashe Stadium for the unprecedented attack on modern technology.


Violent clashes between Chicago police and anti-NATO protesters (RAW VIDEO)

Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's police state: The Nato summit will come and go, but Mayor Emanuel has authorised a 'new normal' of militarised social control in Chicago

Chicago police frame antiwar activists on “terrorism” charges: The bogus character of the charges is demonstrated by the fact that the five men are charged for three separate incidents, linked only by the involvement of two undercover police provocateurs, who instigated or concocted each of the supposed “terrorist” plots.

Senator Lindsey Graham : Absolutely, Military can imprison Americans Indefinitely - Video -

Innocent Americans spent at least 10,000 years in jail: . At least 2,000 people have been sentenced to prison for crimes in the last 23 years, only to eventually be exonerated by the court.

The U.S. Department of Double Standards: Corporate criminals go free while the Justice Department targets those without expensive lawyers and lobbyists.

Police state bill passed to suppress Quebec student strike: Quebec’s National Assembly adopted emergency legislation last Friday that imposes draconian restrictions on the right to demonstrate and criminalizes the fourteen-week, provincewide student strike against plans to raise university tuition fees by more than 80 percent.

Canada: Montreal protests result in chaos, mass arrests: 300 arrested Sunday night, and 69 Saturday night, as protesters defy new laws

Canada Currency Tumbles as Europe Crisis Overshadows Data: Canada’s dollar dropped the most since November, falling for a third straight week as concern Europe’s debt crisis will worsen overshadowed government data showing inflation and factory sales rose more than forecast.

Rising US recession risk poses the real threat to Europe: The US economy has slowed to stall speed. A few lonely forecasters fear that America has already fallen back into recession, replicating the terrible double-dip of 1937.

Investors dump Facebook: Facebook stock falls nearly 14 pct to session low at $33

The U.S. Department of Double Standards: Corporate criminals go free while the Justice Department targets those without expensive lawyers and lobbyists.

May 19, 2012

Fact or Fiction?
Bin Laden Not killed by US, Claims Former CIA Agent

By Press TV

“There was no assault. I know the American operations from the inside" Continue

Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

By Paul Craig Roberts

The US government and its media whores, presstitutes as Gerald Celente calls them, show increasing contempt for the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the american public. Continue

Beware False Flag Attack On Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals

By Carl Herman

Independent writers are now warning of a false flag attack at the Chicago NATO Summit. Continue

Congressmen Seek To Lift U.S. Propaganda Ban

By Michael Hastings

An amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on American audiences is being inserted into the latest defense authorization bill. Continue

Why Americans Are Less Hawkish than Their Leaders

By Benjamin H. Friedman

The study shows that when presented with arguments for and against cutting the defense budget, Americans want to cut it—a lot. Continue

Kristol: Lieberman will be Secretary of State in Romney Administration

By Maidhc Ó Cathail

If Kristol’s latest prediction comes true, a Romney presidency would put U.S. foreign policy even more firmly under the control of a foreign power. Continue

Robert Reich To New College Grads: Your F*cked

By Robert Reich

As a former secretary of labor and current professor, I feel I owe it to you to tell you the truth about the pieces of parchment you’re picking up today. You’re f*cked. Continue

No No Keshagesh

By Buffy Sainte-Marie

Keshagesh means Greedy Guts. It's what you call a little puppy who eats his own and then wants everybody else's. Continue

Yemeni clashes kill 34 militants, troops: At least 22 Al-Qaeda-linked militants and 12 Yemeni soldiers were killed in clashes and air strikes overnight during a new US-backed offensive against insurgents in the south of the country,

Car bomb targets security forces in Syrian city, killing 9: A car bomb in the parking lot of a Syrian military compound killed at least nine people Saturday, the latest in increasingly frequent bombings in the country's major cities to target the regime's security services.

Regime Change: U.S. tells G8 Syria's Assad must go, cites Yemen as model: U.S. President Barack Obama told G8 leaders meeting at Camp David that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave power, and pointed to Yemen as a model of how political transition could work there, the White House said on Saturday.

Engineering Consent For Regime Change: U.S., allies accelerating plans to secure chemical arsenal as Syrian crisis worsens: The Obama administration is accelerating its planning with Middle Eastern allies for a series of potentially fast-moving crises in Syria in the coming months, including the possible loss of government control over some of the country’s scattered stocks of chemical weapons, U.S. and Middle Eastern security officials say.

Suicide bomber kills 8 people in Afghanistan: Afghan security officials say a suicide bomber blew himself up at a police checkpoint in the country's east, killing eight people

NATO summit to define enduring presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014: One of the major topics in the NATO summit is to "establish a vision for our enduring presence in Afghanistan," said General John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and NATO force in Afghanistan, as American Forces Press Service reported.

How the government is funding the UK war machine by cutting disability benefits: The government spends £25 billion a year on its war machine and is committed to spending hundreds of billions more on buying new military hardware. At what cost to the disabled?

Pakistan supply route still closed: Malik said the government will not allow NATO supply routes to reopen until drone attacks on targets in Pakistan stop, Dawn News reported

Pakistan: ‘US planning to usurp our independence’: Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that the imprudent rulers had lost a golden opportunity of reviving national honor and adopting an independent foreign policy by deciding to restore NAO supplies in haste.

Seven killed in Mogadishu bomb blasts: At least seven people, mostly Somali soldiers, have been killed in bomb explosions in the Somali capital Mogadishu, officials and witnesses said.

Turkish civilian killed in attack by Kurdish rebels: - A construction worker was killed and three people were wounded when Kurdish militants attacked a military outpost in southeastern Turkey near the Iraqi border, security sources said on Saturday.

Denmark to ban labeling West Bank products as 'Made in Israel', report says: Report comes after South Africa says only recognizes State of Israel within borders demarcated by UN in 1948; move is in line with U.K. recommendation from 2009.

'Crushing Bahrain revolution crucial to war plans against Iran' : Annexation - that's what tens of thousands of protesters in the Middle East are calling new Arab union plans. It comes after Saudi Arabia said it wants to form an alliance with Bahrain

Chicago: NATO Protesters: Charged with terrorism: The men were arrested Wednesday in an apartment building in the Bridgeport neighborhood. They're accused of trying to make Molotov cocktails ahead of the two-day summit that starts Sunday.


Chicago: “Beer Not Bombs” Protestor Speaks Out: : Video -“We were handcuffed to a bench and our legs were shackled together. We were not told what was happening,” Ammussek said. “I believe very strongly in non-violence, and if I had seen anything that even resembled any plans or anything like that, we wouldn’t have been there.”

Mystery over Bridgeport arrests: Molotov cocktails or brewing equipment?: The National Lawyers Guild criticized the police raid, saying the nine NATO protesters only had beer-making equipment in their possession.

How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists' - and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook: In all these law enforcement schemes the alleged terrorists masterminds end up seeming, when the full story comes out, unable to terrorize their way out of a paper bag without law enforcement tutelage.

The Nato Summit Template for Policing the 'Other Chicago': Mayor Emanuel is spending millions entertaining Nato – and millions more to stifle protest at Chicago's dire levels of poverty

Border Control Measures Move Inland With Utah License Plate Tracking Program: the federal DEA is trying to initiate a blanket sweep of all license plates traveling along Interstate 15 in Utah, with the intent to store the information in a centralized database.

In a world gone crazy: National Guard’s $26 million Sponsoring NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Results in ZERO Recruits: In fiscal year 2012, the National Guard has been contacted by more than 24,800 individuals interested in joining because of the race sponsorship. Of those, Creech said 20 were qualified candidates and that none joined

Facebook IPO fight-back begins: share price 'implausible', says analyst: The fight-back against Facebook’s $100bn (£63bn) mega-float has begun, with the first analyst this weekend coming out to stamp a ‘sell’ sign on the social network’s shares as the full extent to which Wall Street banks were forced to prop up its shares on the first day of trading was revealed.

Without trust, Facebook isn't worth $100 billion: More and more Facebook users are becoming aware of how their personal information is being tracked, used and shared.

Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras: 'It's a war between people and capitalism': Greece's eurozone fate may now be in the hands of the 37-year-old political firebrand and his Syriza party

May 18, 2012

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran
Kucinich: 'We're getting ready for war against Iran'

By Rep. Dennis Kucinich

The Former Chief of Staff of Secretary of State Colin Powell has stated that this resolution "reads like the same sheet of music that got us into the Iraq war." Continue

Russian PM Says Action on Syria, Iran May Lead To Nuclear War

By Reuters

"At some point such actions which undermine state sovereignty may lead to a full-scale regional war, even, although I do not want to frighten anyone, with the use of nuclear weapons," Medvedev said. "Everyone should bear this in mind." Continue

Israel as Popular as North Korea According to BBC Poll

By Gilad Atzmon

In spite of Israeli Hasbara, Jewish lobbying and the Jewish stronghold over the media, the people of the world, see the Jewish State negatively. Continue

Libyan "Rebels" Whip And Torture Man Telling Him He's Pig Meat


“Today, those who took part in the uprising are above the law” Continue

Indefinite Imprisonment Without Charge Or Trial
The Case Against 'Indefinite Detention'

By Rep. Adam Smith and Rep. Justin Amash

The federal government now has the power to detain indefinitely any person—including U.S. citizens—arrested on U.S. soil, indefinitely, without charging them with a crime or proving their guilt. Continue

Congress Still Okay With Indefinite Detention and Torture of Americans

By Jose Luis Magaua

An attempt to strike down any provisions allowing for the US military to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge from next year’s National Defense Authorization Act was shot down Friday morning in the House of Representatives. Continue

House GOP Kills Proposal to Block Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

By Adam Serwer

At least it's on the record: Most House Republicans support the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens. Continue

Family Values?
Blown Up Election

By Linh Dinh

According to Democrats, Obama is a good liberal because he will also send gay men and women worldwide to massacre whoever gets in the way of the oil liberals need to drive their SUVs to anti-war rallies. Continue

The Politics of Language and the Language of Political Regression

By James Petras

The capitalist class has cultivated a crop of economists and journalists who peddle brutal policies in bland, evasive and deceptive language in order to neutralize popular opposition. Continue

The Uprising Has Begun
A New Politics That Rejects Austerity and Wars of Whim

By John Nichols

There’s a dawning recognition that it is neither morally nor fiscally prudent to sacrifice human needs in order to pay for wars—or to redistribute more of the wealth upward. Continue

In the Name of My Father
Requiem and Renewal in the Shadow of Wall Street

By Phil Rockstroh

My father harbored an abiding animus to bullies -- a trait he bequeathed to me by both blood and circumstance. Continue

US: The Shameful Index of Prison Rape

By Amy Fettig & Jennifer Wedekind

Number of people imprisoned in the United States: 2.3 million. Number of victims of rape or sexual abuse in U.S. prison, jails and juvenile detention facilities in the past year according to the Justice Department: 216,600. Continue

In Spite Of Videotaped Evidence
All-White Jury Acquits Police Officer Of Beating Black Teen


Video taken of the March 2010 incident shows Holley being stopped by a police vehicle. After Holley falls to the ground, he is clearly seen surrendering and putting his hands behind his head. But instead of placing him in handcuffs, Bloomberg and six fellow officers proceed to attack Holley with stomps and kicks. Continue

Yemeni troops kill 11 "al-Qaida fighter" : Yemeni troops killed 11 al-Qaida fighters in southern Yemen on Friday, as government forces battled their way into the outskirts of a key town under the militants’ control, military officials said.

U.S. special forces in Yemen: A group of about 20 U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen, helping the government fight insurgents in the south of the country, officials say.

Did White House 'spin' tip a covert op?: White House efforts to soft-pedal the danger from a new "underwear bomb" plot emanating from Yemen may have inadvertently broken the news they needed most to contain.

Blasts in Baghdad bird market kill 5: Three bombs struck near simultaneously at a busy bird market in eastern Baghdad on Friday morning, killing five people and wounding dozens, police and health officials said.

2 NATO Occupation Force Troops Killed in Afghanistan Rocket Attack: Local coalition officials say six other NATO troops were slightly wounded in Friday in the Nari district of Kunar province.

Drone filmmaker denied visa: A Pakistani student is unable to accept his film festival award because he is denied the right to enter the U.S.

UN: "Terrorist groups" involved in attacks in Syria: "Terrorist groups" have taken advantage of the conflict situation in Syria and have carried out attacks there, a United Nations spokesman said Friday, dpa reported.

Joseph Lieberman Says US To Topple Syrian Regime: In an article the Washington Post published on Friday, the US Senator Joseph Liebrman wrote that the [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad regime should be toppled by any means possible, be it foreign intervention or even "airstrikes".

IAEA chief to visit Iran for talks on nuclear deal: Surprise development comes as diplomats say IAEA, Iran are making headway towards a framework deal; Netanyahu accuses Iran of playing 'chess game' with world.

US seeks extra $70m for Israel defence shield: Pentagon requests Congress to provide Israel with additional funding for its "Iron Dome" missile defence programme.

Police beat handcuffed detainees in Palestinian solidarity protest: Complaints filed over alleged use by police of Taser electroshock weapons, beating and kicking bound detainees, racist verbal abuse and sexual harassment of female detainees.

Russia Wants ICC to Examine All NATO Bombings in Libya: “We welcome the decision of ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to consider alleged violations of international humanitarian law," the statement said. "We presume that the ICC will consider all cases of NATO bombing that caused civilian casualties.”

Libya approves Islamic banking law -official: Libya has approved an Islamic banking law that will introduce sharia-compliant banking in the North African country, a member of the ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) said on Thursday.

U.S. Secret Drug War in Honduras: Botched DEA Raid Leaves 2 Pregnant Women, 2 Men Dead: Honduras is the hub for the U.S. military operations in Latin America, hosting at least three U.S. bases

Literary agent's 1991 booklet: Obama 'born in Kenya': Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama's then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."

Facebook is being abandoned by its core market. You'd be better off investing in Greek government bonds

JPMorgan shares lurch down again as trading losses hit $3bn: The paper loss on the trade now sits at $3bn, according to reports yesterday, because rival speculators have taken opposing positions in an attempt to profit from JPMorgan's distress. The reports sent the bank's shares down another 3 per cent before lunch. They fell 9 per cent on a single day when the debacle first came to light.


Bernie Sanders "The Truth Is Wall Street Regulates Congress" - Video -

House GOP Throws Out Entire Summer Of Debt Ceiling Negotiations In Less Than 10 Minutes: After rendering last year’s negotiations completely pointless, House Republicans are poised to pull the exact same charade this year.

Irish Banks May Tip State Into Bailout 2, Deutsche Bank Says: Ireland’s bailed-out banks may need capital to cover as much as 4 billion euros ($5.1 billion) more bad-loan provisions than assumed in stress tests last year, Deutsche Bank analysts David Lock and Jason Napier said in a report published today.

UK: 100,000 people could lose their homes if mortgage payments rise by just £20 a month: The Bank of England has warned that as UK lenders are hit by higher borrowing costs families should prepare to pay more as the increase is passed down to consumers.

Ireland And Portugal Resume Their Places Among Europe's Teetering Dominos: While all eyes are focused on Greece (and contagiously Spain), they have forgotten that two far weaker countries still exits - and combined have the power to do as much (if not more) damage than Spain. Portugal and Ireland have moved back into the Red-Zone of risk in Europe's credit markets.

 May 17, 2012

US Military Option for Iran is ‘Ready,’ : American Ambassador

By Michal Shmulovich and Greg Tepper

The United States has completed its planning for a military strike on Iran, the US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro said in remarks at a closed conference in Tel Aviv. Continue

'U.S. Congressmen Live in Fear of Pro-Israeli Intimidation'

By Chemi Shalev

Many American senators and congressmen “keep quiet” and refrain from criticizing Israeli policies because they “live in fear” and are “intimidated” by pro-Israeli groups such as the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), according to J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami. Continue

Never Forget That Bradley Manning, Not Gay Marriage, Is The Issue

By John Pilger

The truth is that what matters to those who aspire to control our lives is not skin pigment or gender, or whether or not we are gay, but the class we serve. Continue

US DEA Kills Innocent Civilians in Honduras -- US Media Silent

By Dan Kovalik

Agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), dressed in military uniforms, killed at least four and possibly six civilians in a raid which took place on Friday, May 11. The victims included two pregnant women and two children. Continue

Federal Court Enjoins NDAA
Judge Rules Indefinite Detention Provisions Likely Violate the 1st and 5th Amendments

By Glenn Greenwald

This afternoon’s ruling came as part of a lawsuit brought by seven dissident plaintiffs — including Chris Hedges, Dan Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, and Birgitta Jonsdottir — alleging that the NDAA violates ”both their free speech and associational rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. Continue

Judge Napolitano: Shoot Down a Drone, Become an American Hero


“The same Congress that let the president bomb Libya is going to let his Air Force spy in our backyards and like potted plants, they’ll look the other way.” Judge Napolitano said this week. Continue

Left to Fend for Itself
The Plan to Kick Greece Out of the Eurozone

By Mike Whitney

This is what’s in store for Greece, banishment; because it refused to cut payrolls and - didn’t dismantle social security fast enough or crush its unions with sufficient gusto or auction off its national treasures to foreign capital according to plan. Continue

Greek Euro Exit: "Army On Streets & Border Shutdown"


European politicians failed to see that the single currency's existence is in peril, trying to blame the system's failures on individual countries. Continue

Is JPMorgan's Loss a Canary in a Coal Mine?

By Bill Moyers

The sleek, silver-haired, too-smart-for-his-own-good CEO of America's largest bank has been turning every television show within reach into a confessional booth. Continue

Preying on the Poor
How Government and Corporations Use the Poor as Piggy Banks

By Barbara Ehrenreich

The trick is to rob them in ways that are systematic, impersonal, and almost impossible to trace to individual perpetrators. Continue

11 killed in deadly Taliban attack on Afghan governor office: Eleven people, including four Taliban fighters, were killed and more than a dozen others were injured when militants attacked a provincial governor’s compound in western Afghanistan on Thursday, May 17 international media reported, quoting Afghan officials, according to RIA Novosti.

Afghan Massacre : Survivors Recall Horror Of Attack By U.S. Army Sgt. : the survivors’ accounts lend an urgency to the official version of events, and they convey the brutality and the seeming randomness of what took place in those early-morning hours.

U.S. Requests Help To Pay For Afghan Army: Obama is unlikely to say so, but outside estimates of the U.S. share of the bill for Afghan defense after 2014 range from a quarter to well more than half the total bill. The U.S. will also be on the hook for other support to Afghanistan, but the amount is unclear.

Afghanistan to pump oil for the first time: Afghanistan will start pumping oil for the first time within five months, an official said yesterday, as part of the nation's efforts to tap underground treasures estimated to be worth billions.

Demonizing Pakistan: Cut off every cent of aid to Pakistan: US lawmakers: Prominent American lawmakers have asked the Obama administration to cut off every cent of its aid to Pakistan terming the country a "black hole" where the US has already "sunk" a whopping USD 24 billion since 2004.

7 killed in Libyan border town: At least seven people have been killed in clashes between armed men and residents of a Libyan town on the border with Algeria, officials said, underlining the insecurity that still plagues the country one month before elections.

US shadow war in Horn of Africa revealed by blogger: Cenciotti has described in unprecedented detail the powerful aerial force helping wage Washington's hush-hush campaign of air strikes, naval bombardments and commando raids along the western edge of the Indian Ocean

Growing the Empire: US to Assign Army Brigade to Africa for Training: Army leaders say a combat brigade will be assigned to the Pentagon's Africa Command next year in a pilot program that will send small teams of soldiers to countries around the continent to do training and participate in military exercises.

Three Turkish soldiers killed in PKK clash: Three Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes with Kurdish rebels near the Syrian border in southern Turkey on Thursday, the provincial governor's office said.

U.S. kills three "militants" in Yemen: official: A suspected U.S. drone attacked a convoy of Islamist militants in eastern Yemen overnight, killing three people, a local security official said on Thursday, as Washington intensifies its aerial campaign against fighters linked to al Qaeda.

U.S. escalates clandestine war in Yemen: -- In an escalation of America’s clandestine war in Yemen, a small contingent of U.S. troops is providing targeting data for Yemeni airstrikes as government forces battle to dislodge Al Qaeda militants and other insurgents in the country’s restive south, U.S. and Yemeni officials said.

Syria's UN ambassador says two Britons killed in Idlib: Two Britons have been killed while "engaged in terrorist armed operations" in Syria, the country's ambassador to the United Nations has said.

Syria to show captured mercenaries: SYRIA'S President Bashar al-Assad has promised to display captured foreign ''mercenaries'' who have been fighting his regime and denounced Western governments for failing to protest at the violence being perpetrated by his enemies.

U.S. Helps Syrian Rebels: The Syrian rebels have become better armed in the past few weeks, apparently receiving weapons that have been paid for by its Gulf neighbors and coordinated in part by the U.S., say opposition activists as well as U.S. and foreign officials.

Army: Top Al-Qaeda chief in country left for Syrian: The Lebanese Army and Palestinian forces have information that Al-Qaeda’s No. 1 operative in the country and four other members in Fatah al-Islam left the refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh for Syria in the last two days, sources told The Daily Star.

Syria: Church under attack as Christians leave Homs: The city of Homs, the third largest in Syria, has now seen almost its entire Christian population of 50,000 to 60,000 flee for safety as fighting continues in the stricken country, reports Barnabas Fund.

Opposition Syrian National Council head Burhan Ghalioun 'to resign': Burhan Ghalioun, who was re-elected as SNC leader on Tuesday, said he would step down once a replacement is found. The move comes as a key activist group said it may leave the SNC over what it called errors and a lack of consensus.

Clashes kill 1, injure 7 in Lebanon: Fresh sectarian clashes erupted between pro- and anti-Syrian districts in the north Lebanon port city of Tripoli on Thursday, leaving one person dead and seven wounded, a security official said.

IDF soldiers open fire near Gaza border, 8 wounded: Israeli forces opened fire near the Karni border crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported on Thursday, adding that eight civilians were wounded, two of them seriously.

BBC Poll: Israel's global image plummets: Israel ranks among states perceived to have most negative influence on world, according to BBC poll; only Iran, Pakistan do worse, Israel's image hits nadir in Europe

Israeli intelligence head 'visited US for Iran talks': Israeli military intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi made a "secret visit" to Washington earlier this month to discuss the upcoming talks between world powers and Iran, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran : Former Spain PM: Russia believes Israel will prevent Iran nuclear weapon: Jose Maria Aznar says Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told him in 2000 that Israel must be wiped from the map.

Mitt Romney expected to visit Israel: Rumors are rife in Washington that Republican candidate for the US presidency Romney plans to upstage President Obama in Israel.

Mladic trial suspended 'indefinitely': Presiding judge adjourns trial of Bosnian Serb military leader on second day, on grounds that prosecutors made "errors".

Veterans Say No to NATO: While the president and the Pentagon are handing out posthumous medals, a number of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan will be marching, in military formation, to McCormick Place in Chicago to hand their service medals back

Hondurans demand DEA leave after killing: People in Honduras' predominantly Indian Mosquito coast region burned down government offices and demanded that U.S. drug agents leave the area, reacting angrily to an anti-drug operation in which they say police gunfire killed four innocent people, including two pregnant women.

Mexican generals detained 'for gang links': Mexico's former deputy defense minister and a top army general are being questioned for suspected links to organized crime.

In casae you missed it: US Military Manipulates the Social Media: The US military is developing software that will allow it to secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

ECB Stops Loans to Some Greek Banks: The move comes after Draghi acknowledged for the first time that Greece could leave the monetary union.

Grexit could have Lehman effect - experts: Greece’s departure from the eurozone could create a domino effect for debt-choked Portugal, Spain and Italy, similar to that caused by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, experts say.

Bankia shares plunge again as it denies withdrawal rush: Shares in Spanish bank Bankia have again closed down sharply after concerns intensified about the struggling group's finances.

Spain and Ireland Did Not Overspend and Overborrow: As President Reagan used to say, "there you go again." Yes, the Washington Post is once again telling its readers that the problem in Europe is profligate spending by the crisis countries. The fact that this is not true apparently does not concern the paper.

France will not ratify current EU fiscal pact: New finance minister Pierre Moscovici says eurozone pact must be renegotiated to promote growth rather than austerity.

California, the ninth largest economy in the world, resorts to austerity: California, America's 'golden state', is slashing spending to avoid a Greek-style default

May 16, 2012

U.S. Organizing Syrian Rebels
Syrian Rebels Get Influx of Arms with Gulf Neighbors’ Money, U.S. Coordination

By Karen DeYoung and Liz Sly

Syrian rebels have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and U.S. and foreign officials.

Multi-lateral War Crimes Are Still War Crimes, No Matter Who Commits Them

By The World Can't Wait

US and its European allies have re-purposed NATO to dominate the globe. Continue

Veterans For Peace Calls for an End to NATO

By Veterans for Peace

NATO provides the United States with a pretense of global coalition and legality. Approximately half of the world's military spending is U.S., while adding the other NATO nations brings the total to three-quarters.

US Resource War Against China
Further U.S. Militarization of The African Continent

By Nile Bowie

Public opinion in the United States is now being mobilized in favor of a greater military presence in Africa. Continue

Creating Killers and Dyers
Stop military recruiters and you stop the wars

By Tony Soldo

The US Empire spends a billion dollars a year on military recruiting advertising and they do it because it works. Continue

Obama’s New Free Speech Threat

By Glenn Greenwald

An Executive order seeks to punish U.S. citizens even for "indirectly" obstructing dictatorial rule in Yemen. Continue

In Yemen, Eating is a Luxury Millions Struggle to Afford

By Lara Sukhtian

About 55 percent of Yemenis live below the poverty line on less than $2 dollars a day. Ten million are "food insecure," and five million of them are "severely food insecure." Continue

Farewell Israel?


Is the American-Jewish romance with Israel coming to an end? - Cross Talk with Norman Finkelstein, Daniel Pollak and Mouin Rabbani. Continue

Chávez's Economics Lesson for Europe

By Richard Gott

Hugo Chávez's rejection of the neoliberal policies dragging Europe down sets a hopeful example to Greece and beyond. Continued

Ireland's Referendum- an Opportunity for Change

By John Perkins

If voters agree to sign this treaty for fiscal discipline, the country will be forced to implement even stricter austerity measures on its already beleaguered citizens. Continue

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing
Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

By Matt Taibbi

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes God smiles on us. Continue

Wells Fargo Has Blood on Its Hands:
Desperate Man Commits Suicide After Shocking Foreclosure Mistreatment

By Dave Johnson

This is the story of what happens when an average couple is up against a giant, wealthy, powerful bank. Continue

13 "Al-Qaida Militants", 4 Soldiers Killed In South Yemen: Intensive fighting occurred between government forces and al-Qaida militants Wednesday morning in Yemen's southern province of Abyan, leaving at least four soldiers and 13 terrorists dead.

7 Iraqi army soldiers killed in suicide bombing: A suicide car bomber struck an Iraqi army base in western Mosul on Tuesday, killing seven Iraqi soldiers and wounding 20 people, an official said.

Trial of Iraqi Vice President Hashemi opens in his absence: The trial of Iraq’s fugitive vice-president, Tariq al-Hashemi, opened in his absence on Tuesday and a lawmaker whose relatives were allegedly killed by “death squads” under his orders screamed abuse across the courtroom

Report: Syria rebels get better weapons as US quietly boosts support: Syrian rebels are getting more and better weapons in an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated partly by the United States, the Washington Post reported late on Tuesday.

Army deploys in north Lebanon after deadly clashe: Lebanese soldiers backed by armored vehicles deployed Tuesday in the northern coastal city of Tripoli to restore order after three days of clashes between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen that claimed the lives of three and wounded scores more.

Libyan and two Tunisians confess to infiltrating into Syria with al-Qaeda; Syria state-run TV (Syria TV) on Tuesday published footage of three terrorists, one Libyan and two Tunisians, who confess to infiltrating into Syria to carry out terrorist attacks in coordination with al-Qaeda.

Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution Fighters Arrive in Syria: At least five Tunisians have been killed this month in the revolution – the Syrian revolution, that is. A sixth may also be dead.

Several killed in Libya desert town clash: At least seven people were killed in clashes between armed nomads and residents of a Libyan town on the border with Algeria on Wednesday, officials said, underlining the insecurity that still plagues the country one month before elections.

Concern grows over jihadist numbers in eastern Libya: Hundreds of Islamist militants are in and around the town, and there are camps where weapons and physical training are provided to militants. He said one official had described the area as "a disaster zone."

Bombed Libyan Village Where NATO's "Collateral Damage" Has A Name And A Face: NATO says it was a "legitimate" target. Villagers tell a very different story, of innocent victims, and pain made worse by NATO's refusal to admit its tragic error.

Collateral damage: Victims of NATO's war: Can NATO be sued and held accountable for killing civilians as most recently seen in Libya and Afghanistan?

Headlines Continued

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