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Freedom in Chains
Democracy as Pseudo-Savior

By James Bovard

Rather than "government by the people," we now have Attention Deficit Democracy. Less than half the voters show up at the polls; less than half of the voters who do show up understand the issues.

6 Afghan police killed in deadly blast: At least six deaths in country's south reported as NATO ministers gather in Belgium to discuss future of the war.

U.S kills 5 people in Pakistan: Pakistani intelligence officials say a suspected U.S. missile strike has killed five people in a northwestern militant haven near the Afghan border.

Iraq: Deadly car bomb strikes Iraqi city Kirkuk: A car bomb kills three people, including two policemen, in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Sarah Sheffer reports.

Damascus rejects UN chief call for "unilateral" ceasefire : Maqdisi said that twice during the abortive UN military observer mission deployed to Syria between April and the end of August, Damascus had implemented a ceasefire. But he said the rebels "used the opportunity to expand their armed deployment and increase casualties due to terrorist activities".

Turkey warns Syria over attacks: Several mortar bombs landed outside the Syrian border town of Azmarin and heavy machinegun fire could be heard from the Turkish side as clashes between the Syrian army and rebels intensified along the border.

Fact or fiction? Rebels Launch Rockets into Turkey from Tell Abyad, Syria: Video - Several videos have lately emerged showing "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) terrorists launching rockets and mortar rounds from the town of Tell Abyad, al-Raqqa province, which is the same town from which Turkey says the rockets are being fired into the neighboring Turkish town of Akçakale.

MP: Turkish Army can Reach Damascus for Three Hours: In the event of a war with Syria, the Turkish army will need only three hours to reach the country's capital Damascus, Turkish TV channel Beyaz TV quotes MP from the ruling Justice and Development Party Samil Tayar as saying on Wednesday. MP emphasized that Ankara is fully ready for military actions.

Panetta: US sends forces to Jordan/Syrian border area: Panetta said the U.S. has been working with Jordan to monitor chemical and biological weapons sites in Syria and also to help Jordan deal with refugees pouring over the border from Syria. The troops are also building a headquarters for themselves.

NATO should stay out of Syria conflict: Iraq PM: "There is no need to incite a war and draw in an entire organization like NATO to defend Turkey. Nothing is threatening Turkey," he emphasized.

Turkish Jets Force Down Syrian Passenger Plane - TV: Turkish F-16s forced down the Airbus A320, which was flying from Moscow to Damascus, over suspicions it has weapons on board.

Syria in the firing line? US deploys covert mission to Jordan: A covert task force was sent to Jordan in case Syria loses control of its chemical weapons, US officials said. The team will be stationed at a base 35 miles from the Syrian border, making it the US military’s closest presence to the embattled nation.

Romney Says U.S. Needs to Match Iran’s Influence in Syria: Mitt Romney said tonight he was prepared to work with Saudi Arabia and Turkey to facilitate the delivery of weapons to “moderate voices” within the Syrian resistance as a means of combating Iran’s “major role” in supporting Assad government forces.

US Think Tank: Iran Can Target Israel's Dimona Nuclear Complex: A group of US presidential advisors at the Wilson Center warned that Iran could engage in at least token missile/rocket strikes against the attacker, targeting sites in Israel or US facilities in the region. Hence, they said that the US government should avoid any military adventurism against Iran because it could backfire.

Libya: Clashes Reported Near Bani Walid: Clashes between Libyan government-controlled forces and fighters from the former pro-Kadhafi stronghold of Bani Walid renewed on Monday (October 8th) some 30km southeast of Bir Dufan, Libya Herald reported.

Libyan officer: U.S. knows where Ansar al Sharia, suspected in consulate attack, is, but shouldn't attack: An officer with the military High Command in charge of Eastern Libya tells CBS News that Ansar al Sharia fighters - suspected by the U.S. and Libyan governments of carrying out the fatal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi - have regrouped, and are camped out close to the eastern Libyan city.

Romney Drops SEAL Story After Mother Complains: Mitt Romney’s campaign said today he will stop citing his meeting with a former Navy Seal killed in last month’s terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya after the victim’s mother protested his use of her son’s death.

Orwell would be proud: Canada, U.S. launch project to strengthen border security: Under the pilot project, the two government agencies say they will "exchange data currently collected on third-country nationals -- those who are neither citizens of Canada nor of the U.S., permanent residents of Canada and lawful permanent residents of the United States"

Data Shows Massive Spike In Electronic Surveillance By DOJ: Justice Department documents obtained by the ACLU reveal a sharp spike in warrantless electronic surveillance by federal law enforcement:

Federal court calls FBI to account for the unlawful imprisonment of U.S. citizen: Abdullah al-Kidd is a Kansas-born American citizen, a father, and a graduate of the University of Idaho where he was a star football player. And in 2003, he became the victim of the FBI’s misuse of a little-known federal law to imprison him without charges.

DHS to start testing drones over US for 'public safety': The US Department of Homeland Security is asking the makers of small unmanned aerial vehicles to submit their crafts for consideration as the agency ramps up the construction of a full-fledged surveillance state across America.

Supreme Court lets stand telecom immunity in wiretap case: - The Supreme Court is leaving in place a federal law that gives telecommunications companies legal immunity for helping the government with its email and telephone eavesdropping program.

Dying Woman Humiliated During TSA Patdown ... Video - The TSA Kept You Safe from This Woman Dying of Leukemia

NYPD Cops Calls 16-Year-Old Harlem Student Named Alvin A 'F**king Mutt' During Stop-And-Frisk (VIDEO): In shocking new audio recording of the NYPD performing a stop-and-frisk of a 16-year-old Harlem student, police officers are heard calling the teenager a "fucking mutt," and threatening him with repeated violence.

U.S. Charges 530 in Mortgage Probe With $1 Billion in Losses: More than 73,000 homeowners around the country were affected, the Justice Department said in a statement. The cases, brought over the past year, included “foreclosure rescue schemes” that take advantage of those who have fallen behind on payments, according to the statement.

U.S. Files Civil Mortgage Fraud Suit Against Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) was sued by the U.S. for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages over claims the bank made reckless mortgage loans that caused losses for a federal insurance program when they defaulted.

Now Ireland is Nationalizing the Banks : Video - In Ireland - they're not afraid of the banksters. This year - the Irish government is expected to pass a law will force the banks to write down principal on their home loans, which will substantially lower monthly mortgage payments for struggling homeowners.

Red Cross urges Spanish to donate money for food parcels to give to their own countrymen: 2-3-million-deemed-extremely-vulnerable

Greek police fire tear gas as 40,000 vent a nation's anger during Merkel's visit: Crowds burn swastikas and throw rocks at officers in Athens as they blame Germany for austerity crisis

Reality Check: Is This The End of The Petro-dollar?: Ben Swann Reality Check explains the petro-dollar and looks at how the national media isn't telling you that China is actively working to end it

Wal-Mart Workers in 12 States Stage Historic Strikes: Wal-Mart workers have launched historic labor protests and strikes across 28 stores in 12 states, the first retail worker strike in the company’s 50-year history.


October 09, 2012

Report says U.S., Israel Plan Iran Attack


If such a strike is carried out it would set the Iranian nuclear program back many years, the report said and would do so without civilian casualties. Continue

Iran Sanctions Now Causing Food Insecurity, Mass Suffering

By Glenn Greenwald

Yet again, the US and its allies spread mass human misery though a policy that is as morally indefensible as it is counter-productive. Continue

Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible?

By Pat Buchanan

In diplomacy, always leave your adversary an honorable avenue of retreat. Continue

'Saudi Weapons' Seen at Syria Rebel Base


BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels. Continue

Turkey Beats War Drums as Kurds Mobilize at Syria Border

Video By RT

Mortar shells landing in Turkey may be coming from weapons that Ankara itself provided to Syrian rebels fighting Bashar al Assad, according to a Turkish newspaper. Continue

Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech: All War All the Time

By Matthew Rothschild

Romney threatened war against Iran “for the sake of peace.” George Orwell alert! Continue

Congress Cries War

By Ted Galen Carpenter

Led by the Three Amigos in the Senate—John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman—and their hawkish counterparts in the House, a crescendo of calls for new U.S. crusades in the Middle East is rising. Continue

In Case You Missed It
What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

By Grace Halsell

“It shouldn’t be published. It’s anti-Israel.” Continue

A Warning To America:


A message from Spain to The United States of America.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

By Bill Moyers

Host Bill Moyers exposes the inner workings of the secret government. Though originally broadcast in 1987, it is even more relevant today. Continue

Che: The Legacy Endures
The 45th anniversary of the death Ernesto Che Guevara

By Syed Badrul Ahsan

 Che was bound hand and foot and made to lie down on the floor of a classroom in a school. Near him lay the bodies of two of his murdered comrades. Continue


Nigeria: 37 Killed in Maiduguri: At least 30 civilians and insurgents were killed in Maiduguri yesterday when security operatives allegedly went berserk after the killing of an Army lieutenant and six other military personnel in an explosion.

4 policemen killed in checkpoint attack in northern Afghanistan: Four members of Afghan Local Police (ALP) were killed Tuesday morning when militants launched attack on a checkpoint in northern Kunduz province, an official said.

Civilian, two police killed: A clash happened between local police and Taliban in Deh Daman area today in which two cops including a commander were killed and another wounded, a security official in Shindand district, Herat province, told AIP.

Two killed, 15 injured in Helmand attack: Two intelligence agents were killed as a suicide bomber struck a National Directorate of Security (NDS) office in Lashkargah, the capital of southern Helmand province, Monday afternoon.

How the U.S. Quietly Lost the IED War in Afghanistan: Analysis by Gareth Porter: Although the surge of “insider attacks” on U.S.-NATO forces has dominated coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2012, an even more important story has been quietly unfolding: the U.S. loss of the pivotal war of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to the Taliban.

Afghanistan's government 'could collapse' after 2014 - report: A new report on Afghanistan warns that the departure of Nato forces in 2014 could be followed by the government's collapse and even civil war, unless steps are taken now.

NATO rules out Afghan govt collapse, civil war: The Afghan National Army (ANA) and police would be capable of securing their entire country by the end of 2014 and beyond, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation hoped on Monday.

Afghanistan: Outgoing Red Cross Head Warns of Humanitarian Crisis: Reto Stocker, declared in Kabul today that for ordinary Afghans the armed conflict in the country has taken a turn for the worse.

Dozens killed in double suicide attack near Damascus: Activists: : Dozens of people were killed in a double suicide attack on a military security branch in Harasta, just northeast of the capital Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday.

Rebels back off as Syrian forces advance into Homs: “For the first time in months the Assad army has entered these areas in Khalidiya,” a fighter told Reuters by Skype. “They have occupied buildings that we were stationed in and we had to evacuate.”

'Saudi weapons' seen at Syria rebel base: BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels.. Saudi Arabia has refused to comment on the matter.

Misfire: NATO mortar ‘gift’ from Turkey to Syrian rebels – newspaper: The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey’s Yurt newspaper. The mortar killed one adult and four children from the same family on Wednesday.

NATO makes plans to defend Turkey from Syria attacks: NATO said it had drawn up plans to defend Turkey should the Syrian conflict spill over their border again. The announcement came as rebel suicide bombers struck an Air Force Intelligence compound in Damascus on Tuesday.

Iraqi judge, soldiers among 6 killed in attacks: A series of attacks across Iraq on Tuesday killed six people, including three soldiers and a judge, police and health officials said.

Iraq buys $4.2 billion in Russian weapons-document: Russia announced on Tuesday it has signed $4.2 billion in arms deals with Iraq, making it the largest weapons supplier to the Middle East country after the United States.

Iraq approves $100 mln oil contract with Russia’s LUKoil: The Iraqi government has approved a contract worth at least $100 million for Russian oil producer LUKoil and its partner Japan’s Impex Corp. to explore and produce oil at bloc 10 in southern Iraq, LUKoil said on Tuesday

3 Killed as Libya's Bani Walid is shelled in standoff over rebel's death: Shelling by Libyan pro-government forces has killed three people including a child in the former Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid, a local militia leader said on Tuesday.

Ahmadinejad acknowledges threat of attack, promises ‘crushing’ response: Iranian president says coming period will be ‘tumultuous and controversial’

Killing Iranian Scientists Is Terrorism: U.S. Official :There is some institutional backing for the notion that killing Iranian scientists does indeed constitute terrorism and that those who are responsible can therefore be considered terrorists, including states.

Analysis: Iran government likely to win battle of wills over currency: Many economists estimate Iran may still earn more from exports than it spends on imports, giving the state leeway to resist Western pressure, as sanctions-hit rulers in the likes of Iraq, Serbia and Zimbabwe did in the past.

What Are Enemies For?: Iran Sham Helps PBS Smear Chavez: It's no secret that U.S. media outlets don't have much love for left-wing Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. A PBS NewsHour segment (10/5/12) just ahead of the recent election showed just how far you could go.

21st Century Socialism: Anti-poverty course behind Chavez victory : The poll's sky-high turnout of over 80 percent proved just how crucial the vote was for the nation.

Evo Morales says Regional Transformation is Unstoppable: Bolivian President Evo Morales said the reelection of his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, shows that the transformation process in Latin America is unstoppable.

Bust in Honor to Che Guevara in Ecuador: Brigadier General Harry Villegas (Pombo), Ernesto Che Guevara's guerilla mate, will unveil a bust in his honor this Monday in Portoviejo, capital of the Ecuadorian province of Manabi. In the activity for the 45th anniversary of the death.

This is What Imperialism Does to Men - Video and transcript - December 11, 1964, 19th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. - "In our condition as colonial slaves, we could not observe: that “Western Civilization” disguises behind its showy facade a picture of hyenas and jackals. That is the only name that can be applied to those who have gone to fulfill such “humanitarian” tasks in the Congo. A carnivorous animal that feeds on unarmed peoples. That is what imperialism does to men. That is what distinguishes the imperial “white man.”

Assange backers ordered to pay up: BACKERS who stood surety for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London have been ordered to pay £93,500 ($150,000) by November 6.

An exclusive interview with Julian Assange - Video - His first face-to-face Australian interview since he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy

How British companies pour cash into the American elections: More than one in five of Britain's largest corporations are channelling political donations to favoured candidates ahead of next month's elections in the US

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Speech at the Virginia Military Institute : Video - Mitt Romney called Monday for a change of course in America's Middle East policy, accusing President Obama of sitting on the sidelines in the face of a "profound upheaval" across the region.

Media Whitewash Dishonesty From Romney's Foreign Policy Speech : Media outlets praised Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's speech on foreign policy, calling it "tremendous" and "a fabulous speech that exuded leadership." But the speech relied on numerous falsehoods, including many that have already been debunked.

A Warning To America: Video - Spain's police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old.

In a world gone crazy: Taking photos of clouds earns Texas man a visit from the FBI: Michael Galindo, 26, learned the hard way that anything and everything is seemingly fair game for an FBI investigation. He was taking photos of a dark and stormy rain cloud above his native Texas town of Houston last month and had to pay the consequences for it when a federal agent appeared at his front door on Friday.

Cybercriminals plot massive banking Trojan attack: An international gang of cyber crooks is plotting a major campaign to steal money from the online accounts of thousands of consumers at 30 or more major US banks, security firm RSA warned

Merkel lands in Greece as protesters mass on streets: Thousands of Greeks defied a ban on protests, gathering in Syntagma square in central Athens as Merkel's plane touched down. Two protesters dressed in German military uniforms waved a red-black-and-white swastika flag and held out their arms in the Nazi salute.

Post election deficit deal threatens Medicare and Social Security: Op-Ed: After the November election, there will be a major effort in Congress to pass a budget deal that will make cuts in Social Security, raise the Medicare and Social Security eligibility age, and perhaps more–unless we act to stop it with a solution that is close at hand.

October 08, 2012

The Maimed: On Eleven Years of War in Afghanistan

By Chris Hedges

We envy those who, in their innocence, believe in the innate goodness of America and the righteousness of war and celebrate what we know is despicable. Continue

Plucky Little Turkey Standing Up to Evil Syria? It's Not as Simple as That

By Robert Fisk

Turkey is funnelling weapons and armed men across the border into Syria.

Mitt Romney: 'We'll Arm the Syrian Rebels
But Only Those Who Share Our Values'

By Ian Black

Romney is calling explicitly for weapons deliveries to rebel forces and framing the conflict in geostrategic terms as one which can lead to defeat for Iran.

Christian Zionists Back Israel’s Risky Policy Decisions
Censored Op-ed taken down from the Jerusalem Post

By Tristan Sturm

Nuclear war between Iran and Israel means they will finally be Saved by their Messiah.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Iran’s Hyperinflation

By Cullen Roche

The current monthly inflation rate implies a price-doubling time of 39.8 days. For certain goods, such as chicken, prices may be doubling at an even faster rate.

Financial Warfare: Destabilizing Iran’s Monetary System

By Nile Bowie

It is important to recognize that these sanctions are not aimed against Iran’s government, but at its poor and merchant population.

Christian Zionism - The Rapture:


History and Influence in America.

'Jewish Democracy An Oxymoron'
Democracy and Theocracy cannot exist together in one place.


Former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg on Israel's future.

U.S. Congressman : Evolution, Big Bang Theory are "Lies Straight From The Pit of Hell"


He serves on the Congressional science and technology, and homeland security committees.

Hugo Chavez Declared Winner


President Hugo Chavez has retained power in Venezuela, after defeating opponent Henrique Capriles, by a comfortable victory of one million votes.

US Prepares for Overthrow of Venezuela

By Tony Cartalucci

Rigged polling, coordinated Western propaganda campaign, and open conspiracy to install Henrique Capriles Radonski as head of new Western client-regime.

Khadr and Black
Stalin Would Have Been Proud

By Morley Evans

People everywhere can compare the treatment in Canada of Omar Khadr to Conrad Black.

Get Off My Land!
Daryl Hannah and Eleanor Fairchild Defend Fairchild Farms From Keystone XL


How can you be arrested for "trespassing" on your own land? Well, anything can happen when a multinational corporation comes in and expropriates your farm for their profit.

In case you missed it:
The True Cost of Oil/Tar Sands

By Garth Lenz @ TEDxVictoria

What does environmental devastation actually look like? At TEDxVictoria, photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project.

Reconsider Columbus Day

By Peter Rothberg

If you'd like to know the true story about Christopher Columbus, please read on. But I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart.


28 "militants" killed in Afghanistan: Twenty-eight "Taliban militants" were killed in overnight operations by the security forces in Afghanistan, the interior ministry said Sunday.

2 Afghan policemen, 2 U.S. occupation force troops killed: U.S. military official said two U.S. special operations forces were killed by small arms fire. In the south, an Afghan policeman was killed and another was wounded when a remote-controlled bomb planted on a motorbike was detonated in Sangin district of Helmand province, according to provincial spokesman Ahmad Zarak.

Taliban mock US as Afghan war enters 12th year: America's longest war entered its 12th year Sunday, with the anniversary marked by a Taliban statement claiming that NATO forces are "fleeing Afghanistan" in "humiliation and disgrace".

UK: Labour MP: Afghanistan war 'unwinnable': Members of military families will join Labour MP Paul Flynn at today's ceremony, who was suspended from parliament over comments he made about the conflict in Afghanistan.

Pakistani authorities halt Anti-drone protest outside Pakistani tribal belt: Pakistani authorities on Sunday blocked a motorcade of thousands of peace activists from entering the semi-autonomous tribal region of South Waziristan, where the activists had planned to hold a rally against the US drone war. Khan also criticized the Pakistani government for not taking concrete steps to stop the drone strikes.

U.S. Bribes Pakistan: Pakistan freed of anti-terrorism obligations; U.S. billions flow instead: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has quietly informed Congress that she’s waived the legal restrictions that would have blocked some $2 billion in U.S. economic and military aid to Pakistan. Disbursing the funds, she said in an official notice, is “important to the national security interests of the United States.”

50 killed as rebels take border town: Nearly 50 soldiers and rebels were killed yesterday in clashes near Syria's northern border, as Turkey hit back against what it said was new mortar fire from inside Syria.

Dozens of Syrian rebels killed near Lebanese border: Dozens of fighters of Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been killed in a large-scale operation of government forces in Homs province, near the border with Lebanon, Al-Mayadeen TV reported on Saturday, Oct 6, according to RIA Novosti.

One killed in Damascus car blast: A Syrian government official said the first blast was caused by a car bomb in the Fahameh district near police headquarters.

Arab allies limit Syrian rebel aid: Saudi officials said the U.S. was not barring them from providing shoulder-fired missiles, but warning about the risks. The Saudis and Qataris said they hoped to convince their allies that those risks could be overcome.

Journalist Exposes Turkey Delivering Weapons to Syrian Insurgents - Video Lebanese Journalist for Al Jadeed TV, Yumna Fawaz was embedded with Syrian opposition groups on the Syria-Lebanese border. When she witnessed Turkish officers distributing weapons to insurgent groups inside Syria, as a result she was taken hostage by the Turkish officers and her video tapes siezed.

Syria - Rocket Launchers Base In The Hands Of The FSA - Video -

Turkey "retaliates" at Syria for sixth consecutive day: The round from Syria landed 150-200 meters within Turkey's border in the district of Hacipasa, according to a local official.

Erdogan tells Turks to prepare for Syria war if necessary: "You have to be ready at every moment to go to war if it is necessary. If you are not ready for this, you are not a state, if you are not ready for this, you are not a nation,” Erdogan said in a speech on Sunday.

Turkey's foreign policy takes a dangerous turn: OP-Ed : By abandoning its "soft power" strategy and adopting a "military deterrence" policy, Turkey risks war with Syria, deeper tension with Iraq, Iran and Russia.

Turkish jets strike Kurdish rebel hideouts in Iraq: sources: At least 12 F-16 fighter jets bomb Kurdish targets inside four camps in the Kandil Mountains in the autonomous Kurdistan region of north Iraq

Iran warns Iraq against inspecting planes: Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar has warned against the consequences of Iraq's inspection of a Syria-bound Iranian cargo plane, saying Tehran would reciprocate the move in case of its recurrence, Press TV reported.

In goodwill gesture, Iran shifts uranium to fuel stock: Experts say Tehran has converted over a third of its most highly enriched uranium into powder for medical research reactor

Israel kills Palestinian in attack on Gaza : The air strike targeted a motorcycle in the Rafah area of Gaza. Another five people were hurt, one seriously, the report said. Two of the wounded were said to be children.

Israeli officials "honor" settler who tortured Palestinian child: The settler website, Israel National News posted video and a report of the party which featured live music, many children and families

Israeli attack on Iran this fall is no longer in the cards: The harsh international sanctions that took effect in July are now being felt with increasing force. Thus the question of whether continued economic pressure could bring about regime change in Iran has once again become legitimate.

Drone shot down by Israel appears Iranian-made headed for Dimona reactor: Israeli news website Ynet reported that although the aircraft that entered the Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea would not have caused damage to the nuclear plant, it would give Iran and Hezbollah a major psychological victory.

Isreali death rate 10,000 troops in case of invading Iran: “We don’t want war, but are fully prepared to defend [our country against any strike]. Of course the Zionists don’t dare to invade Iran and only speak [of war] to win concessions from the next US president,” said Rezaei, a former long-serving chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

Freedom Flotilla sets off to Gaza: A Swedish ship with rights activists from several countries aboard has sailed from Naples in the latest bid to break Israel’s blockade against Gaza.

Yemen troops shoot dead gunman, hurt southern activist: Yemeni troops shot dead a gunman and wounded another after they attacked an army checkpoint in the southern Lahj province, residents and a military official said on Sunday.

Boots on the ground: US aircraft carrying soldiers, equipment lands in Yemen: US airliner carrying soldiers and military equipment arrived in Aden International Airport in southern Yemen on Sunday, October 7, a day after the Yemen authorities announced they thwarted a military operation that aimed at targeting Anad Airbase in Lahj province.

Hundreds of police storms Yemen Interior Ministry: The capital police briefly stormed the Interior Ministry in protest of deployment into southern regions and being replaced by what they called “Islamist militants”, a security source said.

South Kordofan: 'Rebel shells kill five' in Sudan town: Five people have been killed and 23 wounded in an attack by rebels in the capital of Sudan's South Kordofan state, government radio says.

Libya ‘dangerous arms source’ – Kremlin envoy: Russia has called attention to the fact that the continuing spread of illegal arms from Libya fuels armed conflicts everywhere in North, Northwest and Northeast Africa.

Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in prime minister: Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in prime minister, removing him from his post.

Did ExxonMobil Pay Torturers?: The oil giant has long said it has no responsibility for atrocities committed by the government soldiers it hired to protect its plant in Indonesia. Now the issue could be headed to the Supreme Court.

Paul Ryan: 60 Percent Of Americans Are 'Takers,' Not 'Makers' : Video - "So we're going to a majority of takers versus makers in America and that will be tough to come back from that. They'll be dependent on the government for their livelihoods [rather] than themselves."

Glenn Greenwald: The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice: Op-Ed: The issue is not what separates Romney and Obama, but how much they agree. This hidden consensus has to be exposed

Obama's September Campaign Take: $181 Million: The Obama campaign collected $181 million in September, significantly topping its prior fundraising record for the 2012 election, as donors energized by the Democratic convention rallied to the president's cause.

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit: A program that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare rolls have barely budged.


October 06

On the Killing of Eight Afghan Women

By John Dear S.J.

Who cares about the death of eight Afghan women from our bombs?

Of Bombs and Comics

By Uri Avnery

Does Israel control US policy? Does the tail wag the dog?

Why I Dislike Israel

By Philip Giraldi

The existence of good upstanding Israelis doesn’t alter the fact that the governments that they have elected are essentially part of a long-running criminal enterprise.

In Pictures - : The Destruction of Aleppo, Syria's Oldest City

By The Atlantic

36 photos depicting the savage destruction of a people and their city. Continue

Protest To Your Own War Criminals?
Call For Their Arrest Prosecution Punishment!

By Jay Janson

Two towns in Vermont have shown us the way by passing city ordinances for the arrest of the President and Vice President.

In case you missed it
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

By Vincent Bugliosi

Bugliosi presents a tight, meticulously researched legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial in an American courtroom for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children; cost the United States over one trillion dollars thus far with no end in sight; and alienated many American allies in the Western world.

Issues That Obama and Romney Avoid

By Noam Chomsky

There are two issues of overwhelming significance, because the fate of the species is at stake: environmental disaster, and nuclear war.

Vote WikiLeaks

By Julian Assange

WikiLeaks has decided to intervene in the U.S. election campaign.

To Vote Or Not To Vote?
These Guys

2 Minute Video

You want these guys back? Whaddaya, crazy?

Another Phony Employment Report

By Paul Craig Roberts

A truer picture of the dire employment situation is provided by the 600,000 rise over the previous month in involuntary part-time workers.

Top 10 Astonishing Police Brutality Videos Caught on Surveillance Cameras

By Clint Henderson

This top 10 list is controversial, and not for the faint of heart.

It's Not America Anymore

By Brandon Smith

The American value of representation by and for the people is lost.

This Columbus Day... Time to Break the Silence

By Bill Bigelow

The deeper problem was the subtext of the Columbus story: it's OK for big nations to bully small nations, for white people to dominate people of color, to celebrate the colonialists with no attention paid to the perspectives of the colonized.

Presidential Debate Aftermath:
Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest

By Matt Taibbi

Reporters should have instantly pelted Romney with bags of dogshit for insulting the American people with this ridiculous non-answer, but he was instead praised for the canny "strategy" hidden in the response.

The Illegitimate 2012 Debates

By Carl Gibson

Until the two corporate parties relinquish control of the CPD and allow other candidates to have more of a say, every 4 years will always include the same charade this time of year.

A Plan to Topple Hugo?  

By Mike Whitney

This is why Washington hates Chavez.

Venezuelan Elections: a Choice and Not an Echo

By James Petras

A defeat will provide Obama or Romney with a trampoline to re-launch the reactionary neo-liberal and militarist policies of the pre-Chavez era – the infamous Clinton decade(of the 1990’s) of pillage, plunder, privatization and poverty.

 More than 70 "Taliban" killed in one day: : Up to 70 Taliban militants have been killed in military operations and direct fighting with security forces in different Afghan provinces within a 24-hour period of time, authorities said.

9 "Armed Taliban" Killed In Military Operation In Kandahar: 9 "Taliban rebels" were killed in NATO air attack in Kandahar province this morning.

2 American occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: The military said in a statement that the two were killed Saturday in eastern Afghanistan, an area that has seen heavy fighting in recent months.

Panetta says Karzai should thank, not criticize, allied forces fighting in Afghanistan: "I think it would be helpful if the president, every once in a while, expressed his thanks for the sacrifices that have been made by those who have fought and died for Afghanistan, rather than criticizing them.”

US drones will be shot down, promises Imran Khan: Imran Khan has promised to order the Pakistan air force to shoot down American drones if he takes power in a general election due in the first half of next year.

Pakistan rally against US drone attacks convoy reaches DI Khan; leaves for Waziristan Sunday morning: Crowds lined the road to greet Khan, and scrums of media and well-wishers thronged his 4X4 as the convoy of more than 100 vehicles embarked on the 440-kilometre drive from Islamabad to South Waziristan.

Free Syrian Army Fighters Killed on Lebanon's border: Dozens of fighters of Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been killed in a large-scale operation of government forces in Homs province, near the border with Lebanon, Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV reported on Saturday.

Turkey and Syria trade fire as border skirmishes continue: Turkey exchanged mortar fire with Syria for a fourth straight day on Saturday as tensions between the two nations remained high. The skirmish comes a day after Turkey's Prime Minister warned Syria not to make a "fatal mistake".

Turkey’s PM warns nation ‘not far from war’ with Syria: One day after winning blanket authority to send forces into Syria, Turkey’s prime minister warned Friday that his country is “not far from war” and said that it would be a “deadly mistake” for the Syrian government to test Turkey’s will.

Turkey deploys tanks, armored vehicles along Syria border: Turkey has deployed tanks and armored vehicles along its border with Syria whose army is engaged in intense fighting with insurgents as tensions in the region escalate.

Reports: Syria pulls tanks back from Turkish border: A Turkish official said Syria has pulled tanks and other military equipment away from its border with Turkey, according to the Associated Press.

Iran reacts to Syrian rebels’ threat to kill 48 kidnapped Iranians: Though a video released on You Tube, Syrian rebels said they will kill a group of Iranians captured in Syria in August after 48 hours, if Syrian regime and Iran do not put end to strike over Syrian citizens.

Syria's Kurds flock to Iraq to prepare for Assad's onslaught: Secret training camps are revealed as Turkish forces open fire again

Iraq: Roadside bombs kill 5 including soldier: Police officials say that the first explosion went off around noon on Saturday, targeting an Iraqi army patrol in the Sunni town of Taji just north of the capital, killing one soldier and wounding three others.

Report: U.S. rejected Iranian plan to end standoff over nuclear program: Tehran proposed an immediate end to Western economic sanctions against it in exchange for gradual winding down of 20-percent uranium enrichment, according to a New York Times report.

UN Chief Says Sanctions Harm Iranians: Iran's general population is feeling the brunt of international sanctions as inflation and unemployment continue to rise and lifesaving medicines are in short supply, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said in a report to the U.N. General Assembly released Friday.

An act of war: US Congress mulls extending Iran sanctions: Menendez, who is a member of the Senate Banking and Foreign Relations Committees, said he is also looking at ways to freeze an estimated 30 percent of Iran's foreign currency reserves, held in banks outside the country.

‘Bahrain buys favorable CNN content’: What CNN is doing is they are essentially creating what some people have termed “infomercials for dictators.” And that’s the sponsored content that they are airing on CNN International that is actually being paid for by regimes and governments.

IDF shoots down drone that penetrated Israeli airspace: The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified aerial vehicle that penetrated Israel's airspace on Saturday. IDF forces shot down the drone over the Negev, south of Mount Hebron.

Israeli forces smash Palestinian’s head to ground: Video: A video recently posted online shows brutality of Israeli forces against a Palestinian teenager during a protest in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Thousands of Christians march in Jerusalem in support of Israel: Waving Israeli flags, evangelical Israel supporters from around the world fill streets of downtown Jerusalem.

Libyan democracy hijacked: Op-Ed - The Libyans clearly indicated in July what kind of government they wanted, and who should be in it. But things are not working out that way and the security situation is deteriorating

Private Army Formed to Fight Somali Pirates Leaves Troubled Legacy: Its fate makes the story of the pirate hunters for hire a case study in the inherent dangers in the outsourced wars in Somalia, where the United States and other countries have relied on proxy forces and armed private contractors to battle pirates and, increasingly, Islamic militants.

UK terrorist suspects charged in US: British nationals plead not guilty to aiding suspected Chechen and Afghan terrorist groups shortly after US arrival.

Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes: Romney only accomplished his goal by repeatedly misleading viewers. He spoke for 38 minutes of the 90 minute debate and told at least 27 myths:

No More Excuses: Op-Ed: It's time to stop making excuses for Barack Obama. With so much at stake in this election, his performance at the debate on Wednesday night was indefensible.

UK: Almost 1.2m low paid people could see benefits reduced under new government scheme: Under the shake-up, the low paid will have to show that they are unable to push up their wages any further by finding better paid work, increasing their hours or taking on an extra job

Foreclosure mills in the clear; Florida closes cases with no findings: The probes, opened by former attorney general Bill McCollum in 2010, ended not with the swiftness of a gavel falling, but in a slow fizzle of court judgments, law firm implosions and the firing of two top state investigators by Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Tulsa American Airlines plant to lay off 450: About 450 mechanics and fleet service workers at American Airlines' Tulsa maintenance base will be laid off by February, the company and union officials announced Friday.

Poverty rises dramatically in Michigan: This is the largest increase in poverty in any state in the country. Three-fourths of this rise occurred before the recession began in 2008.


October 05, 2012

'It Is Our Soul':
Ex-defense Chief Says Attack On Iran Would Be Disastrous

By Bill Sizemore

Neither the United States nor Israel is capable of wiping out Iran's nuclear capability, he said, and "such an attack would make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable. Continue

Study: Thousands Would Die in an Attack on Iran's Nuclear Sites
Estimating the human toll of airstrikes

By Golnaz Esfandiari

'Nobody has ever talked about the humanitarian consequences of a military strike on Iran," Molavi says. "Those humanitarian consequences are grave, so I think this report fills a very important vacuum." Continue

The Currency War on Iran

By Peter Beaumont

A collapse in the rial, greeted with glee by some, is a cause not for celebration but for fear. Continue

China To Challenge US Dollar Reserve Currency Status

By Mark OByrne

At the Clinton Global Initiative last week Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said that the US could risk its status as the world’s reserve currency… Continue

Appeals Panel Undermines Free Speech Victory Over NDAA

By Nick Pinto

The U.S. government is still allowed to lock up American citizens indefinitely inside military facilities, thanks to a ruling this week by a panel of three 2nd-circuit appeals judges. Continue

Intelligence Effort Named Citizens, Not Terrorists


Multibillion-dollar intelligence effort ‘improperly collected information about innocent Americans’. Continue

Voting for Death

By Linh Dinh

America, you have become a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. Continue

America's Duopoly of Money in Politics and Manipulation of Public Opinion

By Charles Ferguson

Both Obama and Romney are completely avoiding, or being dishonest about, huge economic issues – even when their opponent is highly vulnerable to attack. Continue

Expanding the Debate Exclusive:
Third Party Candidates Break the Sound Barrier As Obama-Romney Spar

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! gets real-time responses from candidates Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party. Continue

The Secret GOP-Dem Effort to Shut Out Third Parties

By Alexander Reed Kelly

Do you know to what extent the corporate-sponsored presidential debates are rigged via secret agreements between the Democrats and Republicans? Continue

Why the US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy

By Mark Weisbrot

Venezuela is about to hold impeccably free and fair elections. Yet the US treats it as a dictatorship. Continue

Emergency Call for a United Front Against Austerity

By Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

No matter whether Obama or Romney wins the coming presidential election, American working people will face a savage assault on their economic rights starting after the vote. Continue


15 armed Taliban killed in Kandahar: As many as 15 rebels were killed as a group of up to 30 members insurgents was attempting to attack a local police checkpoint in Tangi area of Shahwali Kot district, press office of the provincial media said Thursday.

30 killed in Wardak Raid: Isaf: Five high-ranking Taliban commanders were killed in a six-day operation in central Wardak province which also killed an Afghan soldier and up to 30 other "suspected insurgents", Isaf said Thursday.

US war on Afghanistan militants will not succeed, President Hamid Karzai says: The outgoing leader said U.S. efforts to defeat the Taliban would fail “from Afghanistan’s view” because it was being fought in Afghan villages, rather than against insurgents based in neighboring countries - an apparent allusion to Pakistan.

21 Republican Guards killed in Syria blast: An explosion followed by an exchange of fire with rebels in Damascus province yesterday left at least 21 members of Syria’s elite Republican Guards unit dead, a watchdog said.

Syrian soldiers killed by Turkish fire near border: Syrian soldiers were killed late Wednesday night and early Thursday during bombing by the Turkish army on a position of the Syrian army on the border between Syria and Turkey, according to a Syrian NGO. The number of soldiers killed has not been clarified.

Syria apologizes for civilian deaths in Turkey: Turkey’s deputy prime minister says Syria has admitted it was responsible for the shelling that killed five civilians in Turkey and has formally apologized for the deaths. Syria has reassured the UN that “such an incident will not occur again.”

Turkey's Parliament Approves Further Military Action Against Syria: Turkey's Parliament approved a motion Thursday that authorizes further military action against Syria, as Turkey began its second day of shelling targets within Syria in response to a mortar attack that killed five civilians.

NATO backs Turkey but unlikely to do more over Syria: The incidents, with Turkish forces retaliating in kind, are serious but not enough on their own to justify intervention given the risk of being sucked into an increasingly bloody Syrian conflict, they said.

Turkey snubs Iraq’s call for troop pullout: Turkey has ignored a recent Iraqi move not to extend treaties signed in the past allowing the presence of foreign forces or military bases on Iraqi territory, but Turkey has maintained several military bases in northern Iraq since the 1990s.

5 killed, 13 wounded in Baghdad comb explosion: Two police officers say the parked car bomb went off Thursday, Oct 4 morning in the upscale Mansour district but narrowly missed a passing convoy of employees working for a foreign security company.

US kills 5 people in Yemen: A suspected US drone strike has killed five people in two cars in which al Qaida-linked militants were travelling in southern Yemen.

Yemen’s capital plunged into darkness after tribesmen blow up electricity pylons: Yemen’s electricity company said Wednesday protesting tribesman blew up main pylons a day earlier, cutting off power to the capital, Sanaa, and plunging it into darkness.

A Rare Occurrence In The Saudi Currency Market Tells You That Trouble Is Brewing In The Middle East: An important shift is developing in Saudi Arabian currency derivatives markets as Iran becomes engulfed in populist protests amid hyperinflationary pressures and armed conflict breaks out between Turkey and Syria, heightening concerns about tensions in the Middle East.

Hyperinflation Hits Iran; Monthly 70% Inflation Rate; Reflections on Economic Warfare: The oil embargo against Iran has worked, assuming one defines "work" as a destruction of the Iranian riall which has fallen 33% in a week, 57% in three months and 75% in a year vs. the US dollar.

Iranians Abandon Meat for Bread as Rial Drop Fires Protests: Iran’s freefalling currency is turning meat into a luxury, sparking overnight price surges and spurring shoppers to stockpile goods.

Sanctioning society: From Iraq to Iran: Op-Ed Untargeted sanctions against a country is not an alternative to war, but a form of war in and of themselves

In a world gone crazy: US court orders Iran, others to pay $6 b for 9/11 terror attack: A US judge has formally ordered Iran, al-Qaeda and several other defendants to pay $6-billion compensation to the victims of September 11, 2001, in a largely symbolic ruling.

Three policemen killed in Libya coastal town: medic, police: Radical Islamists have killed three Libyan policemen in a raid on their checkpoint near a coastal town east of second city Benghazi, police and medical officials said Wednesday.

Protesters storm Libyan parliament: Protesters stormed the chamber of Libya's parliament on Thursday, preventing MPs from taking their seats to vote on whether to approve a new cabinet.

Two reportedly held in Istanbul over US ambassador’s killing in Libya: Two Tunisians have been arrested in Turkey in connection with the September killing of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya, Turkish media reported Thursday evening.

Four Russian policemen killed in Ingushetia ambush: - Suspected Islamist militants killed four Russian policemen in an ambush in the restive North Caucasus province of Ingushetia on Wednesday, Interfax news agency quoted a law-enforcement source as saying.

How has Venezuela changed since Hugo Chavez took power?: By looking at key indicators we can see that poverty levels and illiteracy have fallen but violent crime and inflation has increased.

UK: Workers are £1,600 a year poorer because of state of economy, study finds: Workers are on average £1,600 worse off each year than three years ago because the "dire" state of the economy has pushed down wages, according to a new study.

In a world gone crazy: Exclusive: Banks Fire Warning Over Fines: Bank bosses have warned the FSA that escalating fines could threaten the stability of the UK's banking system.

Iceland’s Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU after arresting corrupt bankers: So Iceland decided not to follow the rest of the world by bailing out the bankers. Instead, they chose to arrest them. Now their economy is recovering faster than the EU and the United States. Hmmmm.

Six Biggest U.S. Banks Earn $63 Billion: Four years ago today, President George W. Bush signed into law the biggest corporate rescue in American history. Even as U.S. unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 43 months, the country’s biggest banks are making almost as much as they ever have.


October 04, 2012

Iran Police Clash With Protesters Over Currency Crisis

By The BBC

Riot police in Iran have clashed with protesters in the capital over sharp falls in the currency, the rial. Continue

US, Allies Wage Economic War On Iran

By Finian Cunningham

The havoc hitting Iran’s national finances should leave no-one under any illusions. The country is facing economic warfare from the US and its European allies. In financial terms, it is equivalent to attacking the country with a weapon of mass destruction. Continue

Syria, The Story Thus Far

By William Blum

The propaganda bias in the Western media has been extreme. Day after day, month after month, we've been told of Syrian government attacks, using horrible means, almost invariably with the victims described as unarmed civilians; Continue

Are You A Terrorist?
Army Says ‘Social Network’ Use Is a Sign of Radicalism

By Spencer Ackerman

These are some warning signs that that you have turned into a terrorist who will soon kill your co-workers, according to the U.S. military. You’ve recently changed your “choices in entertainment.” You have “peculiar discussions.” You “complain about bias,” Continue

Whatever Happened to Civil Liberties?

By Jack Hunter

Under Obama, Democrats have embraced the national security state. Continue

The Plot Against Occupy

By Sabrina Rubin Erdely

How the government turned five stoner misfits into the world's most hapless terrorist cell. Continue

Fighting For Justice When Your Skin's Black

By John Pilger

I first met Arthur a generation ago and knew he was the best kind of trouble. Continue

Obama's Other Race Speech?
Was this just more lies from Obama or did he sell out when elected?


A barely-recognizable Obama lavishes praise on Rev. Wright ... says feds 'don't care' about black New Orleans ... claims gov't spends too much on suburbs, not 'our neighborhoods' Continue

One in Seven US Seniors Live in Poverty


In the United States, many seniors do not get the care they need, where one in seven seniors are living in poverty. Continue

'The American Dream Has Become a Myth'

Interview with Economist Joseph Stiglitz

The finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph Stiglitz. He accuses the industry of preying on the poor and buying government policies that help them get richer. Continue

To Vote Or Not To Vote?
Wake the F*ck Up!


Samuel L. Jackson's "Wake the Fuck Up" video urges Americans to re-elect Barack Obama even as it chides the president's supporters for a lack of enthusiasm. Continue

London: 7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip

BBC Video Documentary

Some people question the official version of events and think the British establishment orchestrated its own 9/11-style attacks in order to firm up support for the war in Iraq. Continue 

46 students killed in Nigeria hostel: Gunmen invaded the hostel of Mubi Polytechnic in northern state of Adamawa, killing 46 students, police sources said. A lecturer said that the gunmen wore military attire and told the students to identify themselves by name.  

12 Kurdish "rebels" killed in Turkey border clash: Turkish security forces have killed 12 Kurdish rebels in fighting, including two women who attempted to infiltrate from neighbouring Iraq, local security sources said.

Syria conflict: Shell kills five in Turkey": The dead are said to include a woman and her three children. Later, reports said Turkey had struck back at Syrian targets.

Iraq tells Turkey to stop pursuing Kurdish rebels over border: The Turkish government on Monday asked parliament to renew the mandate, expiring on October 17, under which it has mounted mostly aerial raids on Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) bases in Iraq's Kurdish region. Parliament is due to discuss it on Thursday.

Iran police clash with protesters over currency crisis: Tear gas was used to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom were setting fire to tyres and rubbish bins. There were many arrests, reports say.

Massive Anti-regime protests in Tehran : Video -

US official says Iran currency to face more pressure: "And just to be clear about this, the sanctions will remain in place and will intensify so long as Iran refuses to engage meaningfully about its nuclear programme," he said.

Libya: U.S. targets militants for reprisal: The United States is laying the groundwork for operations to kill or capture militants implicated in the deadly attack on a diplomatic mission in Libya, senior military and counterterrorism officials said Tuesday

Engineering Consent For An Attack Mali: Mali Islamists recruit hundreds of child soldiers: Across northern Mali, Islamists have plucked and paid for as many as 1,000 children from rural towns and villages devastated by poverty and hunger,

US: Military Effort Needed to Oust Mali Islamists: Military action will be needed to push radical Islamists out of northern Mali where they have carried out amputations and public whippings since seizing control of the region earlier this year, a top U.S. official said.

White House secret meetings examine al-Qaeda threat in North Africa: The White House has held a series of secret meetings in recent months to examine the threat posed by al-Qaeda’s franchise in North Africa and consider for the first time whether to prepare for unilateral strikes, U.S. officials said.

British soldiers are dying in Afghanistan to win the war of Whitehall: Only one battle matters to the Ministry of Defence – the battle for resources. In this the Taliban is not an enemy, but an ally

Time to name all the dead in Afghanistan: how many civilians have been killed?: David Cameron has never mentioned the name of a single Afghan killed, the majority of whom have been ordinary civilians caught in the middle of the West's war on one of the world's poorest countries.

‘Drone attacks in violation of international laws’: US peace team member terms drones ‘personal execution device’ of US president

Mitt Romney says he would indict Ahmadinejad for genocide incitement – video - Though Mr. Romney said he was not comfortable sharing the details of his phone call with Mr. Netanyahu, he said they discussed a nuclear Iran — "the greatest national security threat that we face," he said.

Netanyahu and Romney share ideology - and donors: A Haaretz investigation found that 19 of Netanyahu's wealthiest American donors have also given to Romney, the Republican Party, and/or other Republican candidates.

The government has made an “absolute mockery” of Bradley Manning’s right to a speedy trial: Bradley Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, has filed a 117-page motion calling for the dismissal of all charges with prejudice, for lack of a speedy trial. When he argues the motion at Ft. Meade, October 29 – November 2, Bradley will have been in pretrial confinement for nearly 900 days.

Police stakeout bill for Assange tops £1m : Scotland Yard confirmed it is costing £11,000 every day to ensure the Australian does not flee his "bolthole" at the Ecuadorean Embassy.

Court Says Obama Administration Can Still Detain Anybody Indefinitely: An appeals court ruled the U.S. can enforce the National Defense Authorization Act's indefinite detention clause while the court decides whether to kill or allow the provisions, Josh Gerstein of Politico reports.

New software uses smartphone camera for spying: Researchers from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed malicious software that can remotely seize control of the camera on an infected smartphone and employ it to spy on the phone’s user.

Worst app ever? Malware lets phone spy on you: You can see right here how those individual photos can be assembled to accurately recreate a physical space.

Warrentless monitoring of social media on the rise: Federal law enforcement agencies are monitoring more email and social media communications than ever before, according to Justice Department documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union

Univision uncovers more deadly Fast and Furious details: Drug cartel leaders orchestrated a hit on innocent civilian teenagers using weapons they got from President Barack Obama’s administration

Video - Univision Special On Fast & Furious' Connection To Massacre Of Mexican Teens: "Indirectly, the United States government played a role in the massacre by supplying some of the firearms used by the cartel murderers."

Video shows that Obama ordered operation Fast and Furious in March 2009, now lies about it to Congress - Video - Press conference from March 2009 where Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary ,Janet Napolitano head of DHS, David Ogden Deputy Attorney General, and Jim Steinberg Deputy secretary of state roll out a new initiative that the "President has directed" which included " fortifying Project Gun Runner"

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened: The "recovery that officially began in mid-2009" hasn’t arrived in most Americans’ paychecks. In 2010, the top 1 percent of U.S. families captured as much as 93 percent of the nation’s income growth, according to a March paper by Emmanuel Saez, a University of California at Berkeley economist who studied Internal Revenue Service data.


October 02, 2012

Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later

By Dennis Kucinich

We must learn from this dark period in American history to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes. And we must hold accountable those who misled the American public. Continue

The True Reason US Fears Iranian Nukes

By Glenn Greenwald

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham echoes a long line of US policymakers: Iran must not be allowed to deter US aggression. Continue

The Most Hideous One Minute Video I've Ever Seen!


Possible attack on Iran and deaths of millions are cause for laughter for Hilary Clinton, United States Secretary of State. Continue

What Netanyahu Got Wrong About Us 'Medieval' Arabs

By Amer Zahr

The Arabs are backward and Muslims want to destroy the world. And then there was that diagram. Comedian Amer Zahr breaks down Netanyahu’s UN speech. Continue

US Threatens European Governments Regarding Support Of Palestinians At UN

By Philip Weiss

Private memo threatens 'significant negative consequences' if Palestinian Authority succeeds in obtaining enhanced status. Continue

Palestine- What it's All About

2 Minute Video

As awareness across the world continues to increase regarding the Israeli Apartheid regime in Palestine, each effort in this aspect would help accelerate the conclusion of this shameful page in history. Continue

Cynthia McKinney On Leadership

By Paul Craig Roberts

Cynthia McKinney survived brickbats, but she did not survive the Israel Lobby. Continue

Jimmy Carter’s Warning to the US

By Juana Carrasco Martin

Injecting money into the perpetually corrupt U.S. politics — money paying for power. Continue

Perot: The U.S. Could Lose Its Sovereignty.

By Lucy Madison

U.S. Risks being "taken over" if we don't fix economy. Continue

Remembering 100 Years of Conquered Rule

By Ron Holland

Voting is actually an exercise in futility and only used to convey false credibility to a controlled political system totally divorced from the people. Continued

"Greed Has Poisoned Men Souls!"

Must Watch 3 Minute Video

Greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate; has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. Continue

Police Officer Brutally Attacks Man In Wheelchair


Click to view

Heroes … Not
Are You the Enemy?

By Eric Peters

Cops are the enemy. A harsh – and global – statement, certainly. But: Is it true? Continue

John Brown's Holy War


"Let them hang me, I am worth inconceivably more to hang than for any other purpose." John Brown. Continue

Nigeria: 27 students killed in attacks: Assailants have shot and stabbed to death 27 students in the second attack near colleges in Nigeria's troubled northeast in the last few days, school authorities say, but police say the attacks killed 19 students and six others.

Syrian army kills 60 armed insurgents in battered Aleppo: pro-government radio As many as 60 armed insurgents were killed Monday by government troops in Syria's northern province of Aleppo, an inflamed battleground in the country's 18- month-old crisis, pro-government radio Sham FM said, Xinhua reported.

Syria's Assad tours Aleppo, orders more troops into battle - paper: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is visiting the city of Aleppo to take a first-hand look at the fighting between government forces and rebels and has ordered 30,000 more troops into the battle, a Lebanese paper said on Tuesday.

Syrian army pushing rebels out of Damascus, activists say: Anti-government activists in Damascus say rebels have lost ground there after a concerted offensive by the Syrian government.

95% of 'Syrian rebels' not Syrians - report : International law professor Daoud Khairallah says that Syrians would never inflict such vicious destruction on their homeland and the fact that foreign fighters are involved in the war runs against the UN charter

U.S. wants to repeat Iraqi chemical weapons scenario in Syria: Muallem : The U.S. wants to oust the Damascus regime by raising fears overs its chemical weapons stockpiles, creating a scenario similar to that which led to the invasion of Iraq, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in an interview broadcast Monday.

Syria Crisis: Russia Tells NATO To Stay Away From Syria: The statements from Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov was one of Moscow's most specific warnings yet to the West and Gulf Arab leaders to keep out of the 18-month-old conflict.

Turkish troops fire across Syria border, kill Kurd: NGO: Turkish troops fired across the Syrian border on Tuesday, killing a member of a Kurdish militia and wounding two others in the first such fatal shooting at the Turkish frontier, a watchdog reported.

Ahmadinejad says Syria crisis may engulf region: In comments to Al Jazeera television, Ahmadinejad said that a national dialogue and new elections - rather than war - were the only way to solve the Syrian crisis, saying the Syrian people should choose their own path.

Baghdad moves to end Turkish presence in north Iraq: Baghdad on Tuesday moved to end Turkey's military presence in north Iraq where Ankara is pursuing Kurdish rebels, signalling a further deterioration in ties between the neighbours.

Iraq official: Violence near northern city kills 5: An Iraqi official says five people have been killed in two separate incidents near the disputed northern city of Kirkuk.

Pentagon finds money for US military "training mission" in Iraq; Program not funded in budget: The Pentagon says it will be able to fund the training of Iraqi security forces for the next 90 days, even though Congress did not include money for the program in its temporary budget resolution that took effect Monday.

West waging economic 'war' on Iran: Ahmadinejad: Video - The West is waging economic war on Iran in a vain effort to make it yield on its nuclear activities, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday, amid a steep plunge in the value of his country's currency.

Iran to enrich uranium to 60 percent if nuclear talks fail - MP: Iran would enrich uranium up to 60 percent purity if negotiations with major powers over its nuclear programme fail, an Iranian lawmaker said on Tuesday, in comments that may add to Western alarm about Iranian intentions.

Israel’s Hypocrisy on a Nuclear Middle East: Op-Ed - “The real absurdity of Netanyahu lecturing the world about nuclear weapons was precisely that – an Israeli leader lecturing the world about the dangers of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.”

Syria accuses Hamas of selling out to Israel: Syrian TV editorial slams Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal for fleeing to Qatar.

3 militants killed, 12 arrested in Yemen security sweeps: Yemeni security officials say three suspected Al Qaeda militants have been killed and 12 arrested in a series of security sweeps in the capital and the country's south.

Latest U.S. attack in Pakistan kills at least 3: A vehicle in the Khaider Khel area in the district of Mir Ali, located just east of Miranshah, the capital of volatile tribal region of North Waziristan, was targeted and hit by a U.S. drone. According to reports,

The Human Cost Of Drones (WATCH): When the mainstream media decides to cover the Obama administration's drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas and surrounding Muslim countries, they tend to neglect the human cost of drones. The word "militant" is frequently sprinkled into headlines, but missing always, are the names of those killed

US occupation force soldier killed following blast in southern Afghanistan: A US soldier was killed following a roadside improvised explosive device blast in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday.

U.S. General : ‘We’re Willing To Sacrifice’ In Afghanistan ‘But We’re Not Willing To Be Murdered’: Watch the interview here:

Video: Helmet-Cam Shows U.S. Soldier Hit By Taliban Machine Gun Fire During Firefight : "I got a hit a total of 4 times."

US waives sanctions on states using child soldiers for security interests: US President Barack Obama issued a presidential memorandum on Friday waiving sanctions under the Child Soldiers Protection Act of 2008 for Libya, South Sudan and Yemen

BBC documentry hinting UK plotted 7/7 London bombings to boost Iraq war sparks fury: The programme 7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip to be aired on BBC3, and hosted by Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell, claims that the co-ordinated blasts were in fact part of a government plot to boost support for the Iraq War.

Mother of five killed by Border Patrol agent: A US Customs and Border Protection agent shot and killed a 32-year old mother of five in southern California after her car allegedly bumped into the man.

Welcome to the USA: 3 Year Old Boy In Wheelchair Patted Down By TSA: The video shows a TSA agent conducting a search by jostling the boy around in his chair. The agent takes swabs for explosive residue on the boy’s hands and under his shirt.

Michael Moore: Mitt Didn't Build That: Op-Ed - Nothing makes the 1 percent angrier than any suggestion that anyone else helped them acquire their beautiful, beautiful cash.

JP Morgan sued for fraud by Attorney General over Bear Stearns securities: The New York attorney general's office has hit JPMorgan Chase & Co. with a civil lawsuit, alleging that investment bank Bear Stearns — prior to its collapse and subsequent sale to JPMorgan in 2008 — perpetrated massive fraud in deals involving billions in residential mortgage-backed securities.

How the NY AG built his RMBS case against JP Morgan for Bear Stearns Sins: One documentary film maker, one investigative journalist, and one law firm willing to take a risk led to the lawsuit the New York Attorney General just filed against JP Morgan for a system wide effort to defraud mortgage investors by Bear Stearns.

One in five US households has student loan debt: Nineteen percent of all US households in 2010 owed student loans, up from 9 percent in 1989 and 15 percent in 2007, according to the latest report from the Pew Research Center. The average outstanding debt is $26,682. The statistics point to the ever-thickening social quicksand the youth and poor are being forced into.

Water prices double across the USA: While most Americans worry about gas and heating oil prices, water rates have surged in the past dozen years, according to a USA TODAY study of 100 municipalities. Prices at least doubled in more than a quarter of the locations and even tripled in a few.

October 01, 2012

Nothing More Evil

By David Swanson

If you don't object to presidential murder by Democrat, then you simply arrange not to know about it.  Thus, in your opinion, it doesn't exist. Continue

From The Archives
Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Must Watch - Video Documentary

"Could a media system, controlled by a few global corporations with the ability to overwhelm all competing voices, be able to turn lies into truth?..." Continue

U.N. Monologues
The Supreme Provocation

By Thierry Meyssan

"Peace is obtained neither by Law nor Force but by compassion towards others and self-sacrifice" Continue

Is Iran Trying To Tell Us Something We Won't Hear?

By Danny Schechter

Sometimes, major media is the last to recognize, shifts in policy positions. Iran is a case in point. Continue

Hate-Speech Hypocrites

By William Saletan

How can we ban hate speech against Jews while defending mockery of Muslims? Continue

What Is Happening to Muslims Will Happen to the Rest of Us

By Chris Hedges

A disturbing pattern of gross infringements on basic civil liberties, put in place in the name of national security, has poisoned our legal system. Continue

Seven Deadly American Sins

By Paul Buchheit

The list doesn't include our most grievous offenses, those of military and economic warfare against the rest of the world. Sinful enough is our behavior at home. Continue

Look Up!
Drones Are Comming To America

By Cenk Uygur

Money is flowing into campaign war chests and covering many billable hours for lobbyists. Continue

Bereft Of Hope
Lakota Sioux Nation Leaves America

By Stephen Lendman

Western civilization destroyed their way of life. There's nothing civilized about it. Continue

Noam Chomsky on How Progressives Should Approach Election 2012

By Matthew Filipowicz

“I think they should spend five or ten minutes on it. Seeing if there’s a point in taking part in the carefully orchestrated electoral extravaganza." Continue

Marc Faber "The Monetary Policies of the US will Destroy the World."


Famed economist Marc Faber appeared on Bloomberg TV with a harsh, direct warning to investors. "U.S. monetary policies will destroy the world," he said. Continue

Phoenix Mayor Loses 4 Pounds On A Week's Food Stamp Budget

By Bonnie Kavoussi

As part of Hunger Awareness Month, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton chose to experience what life is like for the 1.1 million food stamp recipients in Arizona. Continue

Activists Warned : Watch What You Say
Social Media Monitoring Becomes 'Next Big Thing in Law Enforcement'

By Kevin Rawlinson

"People involved in public protest should use social media to their strengths, like getting their message across. But they should not use them for things like discussing tactics. They might as well be having a tactical meeting with their opponents sitting in and listening. Continue

Wave of deadly attacks rocks Iraq: At least 32 people killed: Militants strike nine cities and towns in Iraq with bombings and shootings, killing at least 32 people, wounding 104.: Militants struck nine cities and towns in Iraq with bombings and shootings on Sunday, killing at least 32 people and wounding 104, in the latest wave of deadly attacks to hit the country.

Iraq's monthly death toll doubles, bloodiest for two years: The death toll from militant attacks across Iraq doubled in September to 365, the highest toll for more than two years, with most of them killed in bomb attacks, according to government figures released on Monday.

Three US occupation force soldiers among at least 14 killed by Afghan suicide bomber: : The U.S. soldiers and Afghan police were on a dismounted partner patrol near the center of the Khost region in eastern Afghanistan. The attacker approached and detonated as they were preparing to get back in their vehicles.

Military’s Own Report Card Gives Afghan Surge an F: The U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan ended last week. Conditions in Afghanistan are mostly worse than before it began.

Morale among US troops in Afghanistan is disintegrating, writes Jonathan Neale: Last week Ryan Crocker, former US ambassador to Afghanistan, was a guest on a US public radio programme. He said the occupation had to stay to help the Afghan security forces grow strong enough to stop Al Qaida coming back.

German intelligence pessimistic on Afghanistan: German intelligence is pessimistic about the prospects for stability in Afghanistan after almost 11 years of war, according to an internal analysis published on Sunday by Der Spiegel.

US kills 3 people in Pakistan: : U.S. drone strike is the 31st of its kind in Pakistan since 2012. So far this year, at least 222 people have reportedly been killed in such strikes.

235 rebels killed in Syria's Aleppo: media: A total of 235 activists were killed Sunday in fighting between the Syrian government troops and rebels in the northern city of Aleppo, according to the website of a pro-government al-Watan newspaper.

Syrian troops killed in ambush: Activists: : At least 18 Syrian soldiers were killed Monday in an ambush by rebels on the Homs-Palmyra road in central Syria, reported the "Syrian Observatory of Human Rights"

US increases support for Syrian opposition as Aleppo burns: According to the US State Department, the latest supplies will include “more than 1,100 sets of communications equipment, including satellite-linked computers, telephones, and cameras, as well as training for more than 1,000 activists.” Such equipment allows the US-backed militias on the ground to coordinate operations with their CIA and Turkish army handlers.

Syrian rebels' backers block arms cache until bickering factions unite: In high-level discussions, Qatari and Turkish suppliers told opposition representatives that heavy weapons would not be made available until the various factions agreed to form a coherent command structure.

Qatar’s Plan B for Syria: Op-Ed: Although Saudi forces are largely untested in war it is doubtful Assad’s forces could withstand a full scale Saudi offensive launched from Jordan.

Aljazeera Pushes Arab Intervention in Syria: Is it time for Arab intervention in Syria?: Qatar's ruler says the UN's failure to bring peace to Syria forced the Arab world to play a role in ending the conflict

Al-Jazeera's political independence questioned amid Qatar intervention: Al-Jazeera English journalists protest after being ordered to re-edit UN report to focus on Qatar emir's comments on Syria

‘West wants end of Syria as a functioning independent state’: Analysis: The West is determined to keep this war going, to destabilize Syria, to make sure that they cannot any longer play the role that it has been playing in supporting the Palestinians and preventing a successful Israeli attack on the Palestinians

Sources: Azerbaijan mulls helping Israel with Iran attack: Reuters quotes local sources with knowledge of Azerbaijan's military policy that say Azeri authorities explored with Israel how their air bases, spy drones could help Israel in Iran strike.

Iran's rial hits an all-time-low against the US dollar: Iran's currency, the rial, fell as much as 18% on Monday to a record low against the US dollar, according to media reports.The currency has reportedly lost 80% of its value since the end of 2011.

Unconfirmed report: US Kills 13 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia: At least 13 people have been killed in an attack by a US assassination drone in southern Somalia, Press TV reports.

Russia must close NED, other US fronts for money laundering (Op-Ed) - Russia’s decision to shut down the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Moscow, starting October 1st, was immediately followed by Washington’s “pledge to maneuver around the Kremlin,” according to a New York Times report.

Romney: Obama's lack of resolve on Middle East, Israel and Iran puts U.S. security at risk: In Wall Street Journal op-ed, Republican leader accuses president of failing to maintain the United States' international influence, and of distancing the country's relations with its allies.

Soros pledges $1 million to Obama Super PAC: The New York Times reports that Jewish Billionaire financier George Soros also set to donate $500,000 to two Super PACs backing Congressional Democrats.

Glenn Greenwald: Sweden detains Pirate Bay founder in oppressive conditions without charges: The case underscores the prime fear long expressed by Assange supporters about the Swedish justice system

Ecuador will care for Julian Assange in embassy if WikiLeaks founder falls ill: Ecuador prepared to set up operating theatre in London embassy if necessary, says foreign minister

US use of truth drug revealed: Recently declassified US documents revealing medical procedures have shown that scopolamine was administered to all detainees taken to the Cuban detention centre.

Sopolamine: A hazardous drug that eliminates free will and can wipe the memory of its victims is currently being dealt on the streets of Colombia.

Univision Special Exposes Fast & Furious' Connection To Massacre Of Mexican Teens: Videoof Univision's special investigation on the connection between Fast & Furious and the massacre of nearly 60 Mexican teenagers.

Euro-zone jobless rate hit record highs: Eurostat, the European Union's official statistics agency, said Monday that 18.196 million people were without jobs in August, an increase of 34,000 from the previous month and the highest total since records for the 17 nations that use the euro were first compiled in January 1995.

The Banker Who'd Cut Social Security and Medicare - and May Become Treasury Secretary: Why is the Administration talking about replacing Treasury Secretary Geither with a wealthy banker who wants to cut Social Security and Medicare, would lower taxes on his fellow rich people, and is trying to impose European-style job-destroying austerity on this country?

Where did the mammoth US budget deficits come from?: Let's go back about a decade, when budget surpluses were predicted for the foreseeable future. Somehow, the math went terribly wrong, by trillions of dollars. Here's an accounting of what happened.

Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties: In seven counties in Colorado unemployed individuals are close to or exceeding 20% of the population, a letter from the Chief Economist of CDLE to the U.S. Department of Agriculture says.

Free Medical Care For L.A.'s Uninsured Gets Largest Turnout : The four-day event welcomed anyone in need of medical help, especially the uninsured. Patients camped outside last Monday to secure one of the coveted 4,800 wristbands distributed—the highest number Care Harbor has ever given in its four years of hosting the clinic.


September 30, 2012

Contradictions and Hypocrisy
Professor Obama Lectures the Muslim World

By Esam Al-Amin

The president admonished the Muslim World by underscoring the important belief that people must “resolve their differences peacefully” and that “diplomacy” should take “the place of war.” Continue

Benjamin Netanyahu's Warning Reveals His Moments of Memory Loss

By Robert Fisk

Not since the last set of cartoons flourished in the UN Donkey House has the world been so gobsmacked. Continue

Killed For Exposing Truth

By Finian Cunningham

“My people are dying and I am waiting my turn,” he wrote. Continue

Ilan Pappe on "The Forgotten Palestinians"


Celebrated Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe whose landmark publication reveals the situation for the Palestinians who still live within Israel's borders. Continue

At Milestone, US Military Deaths Dwarfed by Afghan Dead

By Common Dreams

As 2,000th American soldier killed in Afghanistan makes headlines, estimates put Afghan civilian dead at over 20,000. Continue

I Will Never Forget Omar Khadr

By Nulwee

The U.S. can choose to forget that it captured and tortured a boy for years, physically and psychologically. Continue

Romney Wants to Waterboard Again: Bringing Torture Back

By Matthew Rothschild

Romney’s national security team has recommended to him that he rescind President Obama’s executive order barring torture. Continue

Warrantless Electronic Surveillance Surges Under Obama: ACLU:

By JohnThomas Didymus

The ACLU has released documents that show that in the last two years the US Department of Justice has conducted more warrantless electronic surveillance, involving spying on telephones, email and Facebook accounts, than in the preceding decade. Continue

Testing Chemical Warfare Technology
Revealed: US Army Secretly Sprayed St Louis With 'Radioactive' Particles For YEARS

By Emily Anne Epstein

The spraying exposed the unwitting public, predominantly in low-income and minority communities, to radioactive particles. Continue

How The Government’s Lies Become Truth

By Paul Craig Roberts

The western media and the US Congress comprise the two largest whore houses in human history. Continue

International Warlords Coercing Mankind

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD

Here is the dilemma we face as a civilization. We march collectively toward self-annihilation. Corporate capitalism, if left unchecked, will kill us. Continue

"Political Fraud"
Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Must Watch 10 Minute Video

Addiction is a kind of insanity. The American people have been addicted by relentless indoctrination to the worship of a cynically concocted fantasy version of their country.

Is The Species Itself Crazy?
From Start to Finish: Why We Won and How We Are Losing

By Robert Jensen

Has the process of evolution in the hominid line produced a species that is both very clever and very crazy? Continue

Gun and bomb attacks kill more than 32 across Iraq : In Taji, 20 km (12 miles) north of the capital Baghdad, bombs in three parked cars went off separately, killing 11 people and wounding 24, including several policemen.

Iraq bows to US pressure: Syria-bound Iran flights to be searched: "We have assured US officials that the Iraqi government is determined to land (Iranian) flights and carry out random searches," Zebari said, quoted by Arabic daily Al-Hayat.

16 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan: Afghan police, army and personnel from the NATO-led coalition forces launched joint operations in Sar-e-Pul, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Wardak, Logar, Herat, Farah, Ghor and Helmand provinces, Xinhua reported.

2 Afghans, 2 Americans killed in insider attack: An Afghan soldier turned his gun on American troops at a checkpoint in the country’s east, killing two Americans and at least two fellow members of Afghanistan’s army in a shooting that marked both the continuance of a disturbing trend of insider attacks and the 2,000th U.S. troop death in the long-running war, officials said Sunday.

At Milestone, US Military Deaths Dwarfed by Afghan Dead: As 2,000th American soldier killed in Afghanistan makes headlines, estimates put Afghan civilian dead at over 20,000

US Gen 'mad as hell' over insider attacks: THE top US commander in Afghanistan says he is "mad as hell" about insider attacks following a firefight between NATO troops and their Afghan allies that killed five people.

Occupation forces tank kills child, wounds woman in Lashkargah: A child was killed and his mother wounded after being hit by an armoured vehicle of foreign troops in southern Helmand province,

Over 5000 Pakistanis stage fresh demo over anti-Islam film: On Sunday, more than 5,000 people rallied in the southern Pakistan port city of Karachi to condemn insult to Islamic values.

Four members of former Yemen president’s party killed in ambush: Armed men killed four members of the political party of Yemen’s ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh in an ambush outside Sana’a on Friday night, the party said.

Two killed in suicide bomb attack on Yemeni official: A suicide bomber killed himself and a bystander in south Yemen on Saturday in an attempt to assassinate a government official who had targeted al Qaeda militants, a security source said.:

Yemeni president acknowledges approving U.S. drone strikes: President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi also provided new details about the monitoring of counterterrorism missions from a joint operations center in Yemen that he said is staffed by military and intelligence personnel from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

5 killed in Aleppo fighting, say Syrian activists: The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the dead included a man who has been shot by a sniper near the city’s medieval citadel earlier in the day. Several homes were also destroyed in the violence, the Observatory said.

Four people killed in suicide car bomb attack in Syria's Kurdistan region : "A suicide terrorist using a car laden with explosives attacked the western district of Qamishli," said the state broadcaster, adding that at least four people were killed.

4 Turkish gunmen killed in clashes with Syrian troops: Four Turks were among other gunmen, who were killed Saturday by the Syrian troops near Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, the state-TV said, as clashes and violence continued elsewhere.

Egypt may join Arab intervention in Syria: Egypt may take part in an Arab military intervention in Syria, provided this does not open the door to Western intervention, a political adviser to Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency Saturday.

Bahrain police shoot 17-year-old protester dead in new wave of Shia unrest: Police in Bahrain shot dead a teenage protester as fresh unrest swept the island kingdom 19 months after Shia protesters first took to the streets early in the Arab Spring.

Two killed as bomb blast, gunfire rock Islamic school: A bomb blast and gunfire shook an area around an Islamic boarding school in northern Nigeria on Sunday, leaving two of the alleged attackers dead and at least three others wounded, officials said.

Explosive attack on Kenya church kills 1 child, wounds several; latest in series of attacks: The acting police chief in Kenya’s capital says an explosive device set off in a Sunday school class killed one child and seriously wounded three.

Iran calls on UN to prevent nuclear terrorism: The Iranian foreign minister says a potential Israeli strike on its facilities would be “nuclear terrorism” and called on the United Nations to take action against those countries that have been carrying out acts of sabotage at Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Israeli strike on Iran without US would be a ‘disaster,’ World Jewish Congress president says: Lauder raised the issue of the 2003 Iraq War, when most governments worldwide were certain that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, but afterwards it became evident that Iraq did not have such materiel. If they erred then, it is possible everyone is erring now, Lauder posited.

Aipac: Israel’s Agent Feeling Squeezed?: The grip of fear and the lock on Congress that the Israel first organization has long touted in its service to Israel may be weakening against a backdrop of American Jews rejecting the increasing rants of Prime Minister Netanyahu that are driving many Jews to distance themselves from him, from AIPAC, from other Arabphobic US Zionist organizations, and from Israel.

Israel has long crossed nuclear red line: Iran's Vahidi: “If having nuclear bomb is crossing the red line, the Zionist regime [of Israel], which has dozens of nuclear warheads and various kinds of weapons of mass destruction, has crossed the red line years ago and should be dealt with,” Vahidi said on Saturday.

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) demands Israel to join NPT without further delay: The 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement on Friday demanded Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty without precondition and further delay.

Iran condemns US for 'double standards' over MEK terror de-listing: "There are numerous evidence of the group being involved in terrorist activities. De-listing them shows America's double standard policy on terrorism,"

MEK Delisting Slap in the face for Average Iranians: Those who lived through the early years of the Iranian revolution remember the MEK’s violence, which was justified somehow by their curious mix of Islam and Marxism

Ahmadinejad: No need for nukes, Israel should be voted away: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the Washington Post on Sunday that the Israeli-Arab conflict should be resolved by allowing the Palestinians to vote the "Zionist regime" out of existence.

Israel 'greatest threat to US national interests': All sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies have described the Israeli regime as "the greatest threat to U.S. national interests" which is not worthy of America's financial and diplomatic support.

US Embassy issues terror warning for Americans in Egypt: Citing credible threat to women engaged in missionary activities, diplomats urge citizens to exercise vigilance

Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim: A French secret serviceman acting on the express orders of Nicolas Sarkozy is suspected of murdering Colonel Gaddafi, it was sensationally claimed today. He is said to have infiltrated a violent mob mutilating the captured Libyan dictator last year and shot him in the head.

US use of truth drug revealed: New evidence has emerged that all Guantanamo Bay detainees, including David Hicks, were drugged involuntarily with a substance that has a long history as a truth serum.

Omar Khadr back in Canada; 'Very happy to be home':" "He's finding it hard to believe that this has finally happened," John Norris, one of Khadr's lawyers, told The Canadian Press just after speaking to his client by phone.

Americans already detained under NDAA?: The plaintiffs that are suing US President Barack Obama over his insistence on keeping the National Defense Authorization Act on the books said Thursday that they fear Americans are already being held indefinitely and without trial under the NDAA.

ACLU: Warrantless electronic surveillance surges under Obama: The ACLU has released documents that show that in the last two years the US Department of Justice has conducted more warrantless electronic surveillance, involving spying on telephones, email and Facebook accounts, than in the preceding decade.

Australian Government Now Spies on Its Citizens More than the US Government Does: The Australian Government has now been labelled as the most intrusive government in the western world.

How US lawmakers and lobbyists keep a lock on the private prison business: America's three largest private prison companies spent in the region of $45m over the past 10 years in lobbying state and federal governments. During the same period, these companies saw their profits soar as they scored more government contracts.

Consumer Reports: 45% of adults skip out on prescriptions, medical care because of costs: Almost half - 46 percent of U.S. adults take prescription drugs. But, rising costs are stopping a vast number of people from filling their prescriptions or going to the doctor.

Poor And White? Your Life Expectancy Just Shrank By 4 Years: The U.S. does not fare well in international life expectancy rankings. American women fell from 14th place in 1985 to 41st place in 2010 in overall rankings, but among developed countries, they dropped to last place, according to the Human Mortality Database.

Poverty USA: Americans are working longer and harder but becoming poorer and less economically secure.

Study linking GM maize to cancer must be taken seriously by regulators: Trial suggesting a GM maize strain causes cancer has attracted a torrent of abuse, but it cannot be swept under the carpet.


September 28, 2012

America's Drone Attacks Are 'Killing 49 People for Every Known Terrorist

By Leon Watson

Just one in 50 victims of America’s deadly drone strikes in Pakistan are terrorists – while the rest are innocent civilians, a new report claimed. Continue

Petty Princes and Potentates
Why the American Raj is Under Seige

By Eric Margolis

Many Americans believe they are innocent bystanders in the Muslim world, or involved there on an altruistic “mission” to uplift the benighted natives. Continue

A Culture of Delusion

By Paul Craig Roberts|

Americans will fight to defend the lies that they believe. Continue

Bibi’s Crazy UN Speech
Medievalist poses as champion of “modernity”

By Justin Raimondo

In a rational world, Israel would be in the dock. Continue

Israel Is A Pretty Crazy State

An Interview With Noam Chomsky

I would not be surprised if they staged some kind of an incident in the Persian Gulf. Continue

Will Israel Launch a False Flag Against Iran to Start War?

By WashingtonsBlog

According to U.S. officials, Israel is training and supporting Iranian terrorists. Continue

'Our (New) Terrorists' the MEK: Have We Seen This Movie Before?

By Coleen Rowley

If only the American people would wake up to this corruption, they might find themselves, at the very least, extremely confused that some of the same U.S. political figures who were so hell-bent to take out Saddam Hussein are now sponsoring one of Saddam's main "terrorist" underlings. Continue

Memo to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon:
The Door on a Two-state Solution was Closed 45 Years Ago

By Alan Hart

The precise date of the closure was 22 November 1967. What happened on that day? Continue

Mitt Romney Blurts Out The Truth About Neo-conservatism

By Linda McQuaig

He has so vividly exposed the cynicism and greed that lies at the heart of what is now called “conservatism” that he may have inadvertently begun its undoing. Continue

Skimming Profits Off Bad Loans
Bankers And Their Dirty Tricks

By Mike Whitney

The banks are back at it again, up to their same old tricks. Here’s the story. Continue

16 killed as Syrian Army ‘Beats Back’ Aleppo Rebels: A total of 16 rebels have been killed and Syrian government forces are now fully in control of Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud district, the Suriya news agency said.

Syria rebels struggle to advance in new Aleppo offensive: Rebels told Reuters that one of the units fighting in the city had been surrounded. Another said some battalions were pulling out of the front line or had never joined the battle.

Aleppo, dead city in a horrifying free-fall: "We are taking in on average a hundred wounded here a day," said Abul Barra, an exhausted anaesthetist in a small emergency hospital north-east of the medina. "And that's just this hospital. On a bad day we get so many at once that we have to step on their bodies just to get into the emergency room.

Video: Islamists Attack Christians In Syria: The Jihadist motives of the Syrian revolution are revealing themselves more and more every day. Just yesterday it was reported that the Christian village of Rablah has been taken hostage; the perpetuators involved are Lebanese Islamists from a terrorist group called Ahmad Ammoun.

Scholar Warns Syria Rebels Could Turn Into Warlords : If the goal of the war being waged in Syria is to dislodge President Bashar al-Assad and his government, what is much less clear is the shape and make-up of the power structure which would replace that of the existing regime.

Clinton offers $45 million to Syrian rebels, who want more support: Clinton announced the new aid package before meeting with visiting Syrian dissidents on the margins of this week’s U.N. General Assembly

Rebel support ‘pushes Syria deeper into the abyss of bloody sectarianism’ – Russia: "They insist on a ceasefire only by the government and encourage the opposition to intensify hostilities – but in fact they push Syria even deeper into the abyss of bloody sectarian strife.”

Turkey’s Erdogan slams Russia, says it 'stands by' massacre in Syria: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Russia, China and Iran on Thursday, saying their stance on the crisis in neighboring Syria was allowing a massacre to go on unabated.

Iraq militants kill 12, attack Tikrit prison, freeing 90 inmates: They say a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at the gates of Tasfirat prison and clashes between militants and security guards followed. Some of the escaped inmates were reportedly al-Qaeda members.

Blair could have stopped Iraq invasion, says Kofi Annan: Tony Blair was the only man with the power to stop President Bush from invading Iraq in 2003, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has claimed.

Allies say 45 rebels killed, Taliban claim killing 35 troops: Combined force killed 45 armed rivals during separate operations throughout the past 24 hours, interior ministry said Thursday. Taliban, however, rejected the interior ministry claim as false

NATO occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: Kabul (BNAS) a NATO soldier was killed in attack of rebels in Afghanistan. The identity of this foreign military has not clear

Pakistan: Almost 90 per cent of people killed by US in Waziristan are innocent citizens. Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Chief Imran Khan has said a recent report of Stanford University, California, USA, has confirmed that almost 90 per cent people being killed in US drone attacks in Waziristan are innocent citizens.

Calling U.S. Drone Strikes 'Surgical' Is Orwellian Propaganda: A moment's reflection is enough to understand why intellectually honest people should shun the loaded metaphor.

The next wave in robotic war: autonomous drones: The U.S. military's current fleet of drones will soon be overtaken by a new wave of robots that will be faster, stealthier and smarter – operating virtually without human intervention, experts say.

Iran to retaliate against any attack with full force: Deputy UN envoy: The Iranian official further added that the Israeli prime minister had “shamelessly and hypocritically” made the accusations and described Tel Aviv as a non-declared nuclear regime. He also said Israel is masterminding terror operations in Iran that have so far led to the deaths of several nuclear scientists.

Israel's threats only strengthen our resolve, says Iranian military commander: 'When the Zionists make military threats, they are put in their place by the United States,' says head of Revolutionary Guards in response to Netanyahu's UN speech.

No red line on Iran, US insists after Netanyahu speech: U.S. officials reiterated Thursday the Obama administration's disagreement with Israel over the need to draw red lines for Iran to stop its nuclear program, just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implored world leaders at the U.N. to prevent Iran from reaching the final stage of uranium enrichment.

Humor: Netanyahu at UN - Picture / Cartoon

Canadian Premier Harper skips UN General Assembly to get Jewish award: The Canadian official seized the opportunity to level criticism at the UN and accused its members of using the world body as a “forum to single out Israel for criticism.”

National Survey of American Jewish Opinion Shows Obama over Romney by a 65-24 Margin: American Jews are likely to vote to re-elect President Obama by a margin of better than two to one over Gov. Mitt Romney, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) national survey.

Romney less popular than Bush: It’s ironic, considering that the former president became so unpopular by the time he left office that Romney and other Republicans tried to distance themselves from him. But Romney cannot distance himself from himself.

Living in Hiding From Libyan Militias: “I was hung upside down and beaten on the soles of my feet. They beat me repeatedly with an iron bar on my back and arms until I was bleeding. I was also beaten with a chair and cigarette butts were extinguished on my arms.

Military conflict 'looms' between China and Japan: War between China and Japan looms, with neither power willing to back down over a disputed chain of islands, expert warns.

Man behind anti-Islamic film, jailed for probation violation: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, has been under investigation by probation officials looking into whether he violated the terms of his 2011 release from prison on a bank fraud conviction while making the film.

Iraqi-American is imprisoned by US for saving his family from US sanctions: Glenn Greenwald : A harrowing case of a Missouri engineer highlights the travesties routinely imposed on Muslim Americans

France unveils 'harshest budget in 30 years': Hollande's 2013 budget asks for 'unprecedented effort' to find €36.9bn in savings and includes the 75% supertax on the rich

UK could lose prized AAA debt rating, Fitch warns: Britain is edging closer to losing its gold-plated sovereign credit rating due weak growth and ballooning government borrowing, ratings agency Fitch has warned.


September 27, 2012

100 Million to Die by 2030 If World Fails to Act on Climate

By Nina Chestney

More than 100 million people will die and global economic growth will be cut by 3.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030 if the world fails to tackle climate change, a report commissioned by 20 governments said on Wednesday.

Abbas asks UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as 'non-member state'

Video And Full Transcript

"Prevent the occurrence of a new Nakba in the Holy Land.? Support the realization of a free, independent State of Palestine now. Let peace be victorious before it is too late."

Is This Man Crazy?
Netanyahu Addresses the UN General Assembly


Israel's Prime Minister Discusses “Libelous” Palestine, Dangers of a Nuclear Iran.

Iranian Government Spokesman Attacked by Protestors In New York


'Run away, you scared s**t!': Iranian diplomat chased through streets of New York after being confronted by angry mob. Continue

Jews in Iran


"Anti-semitism has never been the general policy of the Iranian government" explains Maurice Mottamed, the country's sole Jewish MP.

Reuters and Ahmadinejad: Anatomy of a Dangerous 'Misquote"

By News Vandal

In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad says Israel will be “eliminated” - Just sounds like par for the course when it comes to Iran’s dangerous doom-dealer, right?

America's Pusillanimous Press

By Jim Hightower

Let us now access the state of the free press in this land of ... well, of press freedom.

Why Qatar Wants to Invade Syria

By Pepe Escobar

Make no mistake; the Emir of Qatar is on a roll.

US Delegation Set to Protest Drone Strikes

By Medea Benjamin

The anti-war delegation traveling to Pakistan will demonstrate that there are Americans calling for an end to the CIA’s killer drone strikes.

US Designated Assange 'Enemy of State'

By Philip Dorling

THE US military has designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as enemies of the United States - the same legal category as the al-Qaeda terrorist network and the Taliban insurgency.

Julian Assange to UN
'US Trying to Erect National Secrecy Regime'

Video and Transcript

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called on the United States to move from words to actions, and put an end to its persecution of WikiLeaks, its people and its sources. He made the statement during an address to a panel of UN delegates.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

This Is A Must Watch Video

A brief and crucial history of the United States. Continue

13 PKK members, 2 soldiers killed in southeast Turkey: Two Turkish soldiers and 13 members of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have been killed in Ankara's latest military operation against the group in the country's southeast.  

45 "militants" killed in one-day Afghan operations: gov't" "Afghan National Police in collaboration with the army and the NATO-led coalition forces launched six joint cleanup operations in Kunduz, Uruzgan, Wardak, Ghazni, Ghor and Helmand provinces, killing 45 armed Taliban insurgents and detaining 32 other suspects over the past 24 hours," the ministry said

Two Nato troops killed in Afghan attack Thursday : Two Nato soldiers were killed in an insurgent suicide bombing and gun battle in eastern Afghanistan yesterday, officials said.

U.S.: Gloomy News, Prognosis Out of Afghanistan: - Analysis:: A just-released report by one of the most astute observers of the U.S. war, Gilles Dorronsoro, an Afghanistan expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), predicts that the regime in Kabul “will most probably collapse in a few years” given current trends.

Pakistan: 17 more killed during 24 hours in Karachi: Seventeen people, including activists of political and religious parties, were killed in different parts of the metropolis during the last 24 hours

US believes it has Pakistan’s ‘tacit consent’ for drone strikes: WSJ: About once a month, the Central Intelligence Agency sends a fax to a general at Pakistan’s intelligence service outlining broad areas where the US intends to conduct strikes with drone aircraft, the Wall Street Journal quoted US officials as saying.

Explosion kills three Yemeni schoolchildren: An explosive device went off near the courthouse of Al Qatn in Hadramawt province, ‘killing three boys on their way home from school,’ according to official news agency SABA. The victims were aged seven to 12.

Yemen sliding into hunger crisis: UN: Yemen is descending into a humanitarian emergency situation, as almost half of the country's 24 million people are facing hunger, the UN food agency warned

Syrian rebel chief abandons uprising: A Syrian rebel commander and a group of fighters told an opposition meeting on Wednesday they had decided to abandon the insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad and return to the regular army.

Aleppo residents caught in crossfire losing faith in rebels: The romantic image of a people rising up against their tyrannical leader is beginning to fray for some residents of the northern metropolis, whose neighborhoods are the scene of daily bombardments and bloody street battles.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey Providing Arms For Rebels: Report: Saudi Arabia were channelling money to a powerful Lebanese politician in Istanbul, he said. He in turn co-ordinated with the Turks – "everything happens in co-ordination with Turkish intelligence" – to arrange delivery through the military council of Aleppo, a group composed mostly of defected officers and secular and moderate civilians.

Putin blames West for global chaos: The Russian leader did not hesitate to name who is responsible for sowing the seeds of disorder that is gripping many parts of the world, including in Syria.

Israeli PM sets 'red line' on Iran at UN: Netanyahu gives Tehran an ultimatum to halt its disputed nuclear drive or risk coming under military attack.

Veterans For Peace Meets With Ahmadinejad: Veterans For Peace President Leah Bolger addressed the meeting, stressing VFP's commitment to doing everything possible to prevent a U.S. or U.S.-assisted attack on Iran.

Engineering Consent For More Military Intervention in Africa: Clinton ties Libyan attack to al-Qaeda rise: US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton has tied the attack that killed the US ambassador to Libya to the creation of an al-Qaeda haven in Mali, adding that Islamist militants there pose a threat to democratic transitions throughout northern Africa.

Engineering Consent For More Military Intervention in Africa: France’s Hollande calls for Mali intervention, Clinton says nation can’t fight Islamists alone: France and the African Union would provide logistical support to a West African-led bid to recover northern Mali from Al-Qaeda-linked Islamists now in control there. Hollande said at a U.N. ministerial meeting on Africa’s troubled Sahel region that “there is no question” of negotiating with terrorists.

U.S. expands its secret war in Africa: U.S. President Barack Obama's "secret wars" against al-Qaida are steadily widening, most notably in Africa, with the U.S. military's Special Forces Operation Command doubling in size and the CIA's strike capabilities undergoing a radical expansion, international analysts said.

Defense Secretary Panetta visits U.S. base in Djibouti, : To grasp the changes that are rapidly transforming the American military presence in the Middle East and nearby environs, consider that in a few days there will be more U.S. troops based here, in a tiny country on the Horn of Africa, than in Iraq.

Mali's PM calls for foreign intervention: Cheick Modibo Diarra calls for military help to defeat Islamist rebels, who control vast swathes of territory in north.

Daughter of Bahrain opposition leader sentenced: The daughter of a jailed rights activist in Bahrain was sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison for damaging property at the police station, including tearing a picture of the Gulf nation's king, officials said.

After Making a Mess of Iraq, Bush Advisers Join Team Romney: I haven't been paying much attention to Mitt Romney's foreign policy; the domestic side already offers a target-rich environment. But my eyebrows shot up when Dan Senor popped up speaking for Mr. Romney in the aftermath of the protests in Libya and Egypt. Dan Senor?

Nagasaki further voices protest against "new" type of nuclear test by U.S.: Japan's southwestern city of Nagasaki expressed its outrage and protest against a new type of nuclear test conducted for the sixth time in August by the United States, local press reported on Tuesday.

LatAm presidents call for drug debate at UN: The leaders of three Latin American nations hit hard by drug trafficking called on the membership of the United Nations on Wednesday to promote a debate on alternative ways to combat drug trafficking.

Justice Department Documents Show Huge Increase in Warrantless Electronic Surveillance: Justice Department documents released today by the ACLU reveal that federal law enforcement agencies are increasingly monitoring Americans’ electronic communications, and doing so without warrants, sufficient oversight, or meaningful accountability.

Amnesty objects to 'shocking' California prison cells: Rights group Amnesty International on Thursday called on California to end the "shocking" conditions inside its prison isolation cells, which house some 3,000 inmates.

Greece Sell Out to ECB, More Riots Expected: Greece’s 3-party coalition government leaders came to a “basic agreement” on the new austerity package for Y 2013-2014 in an efforts to resolve the Greek debt crisis, Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said Thursday.

Spain budget imposes further austerity measures: Spain has been setting out new spending cuts in its austerity budget for 2013, against a backdrop of a deteriorating economy and 25% unemployment rate.

Almost 20,000 children in homeless shelters in New York City: the number of children in shelters would be even higher were it not for the fact that 65% of homeless families seeking admission to shelters are being turned away.

Low-wage work force grows 30% as the number of jobs shrinks: The report revealed the share of payroll employees ages 18 to 64 working in low-wage jobs rose from 23.8 percent in 2001 to 31.2 percent last year. That’s a more than a 30 percent rise in the proportion of such workers.

Americans’ Incomes Have Fallen $3,040 During the Obama ‘Recovery’: Americans must be wondering how much more of this “recovery” they can afford. New figures from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, compiled by Sentier Research, show that the typical American household’s real (inflation-adjusted) income has actually dropped 5.7 percent during the Obama “recovery.”

The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws: "The United States of ALEC," a special report by legendary journalist Bill Moyers on how the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council has helped corporate America propose and even draft legislation for states across the country. ALEC brings together major U.S. corporations and right-wing legislators to craft and vote on "model" bills behind closed doors

The Alarming Ties Between Debt Collectors and District Attorneys: From Baltimore to Los Angeles, prosecuting attorneys are renting out their letterhead -- and their law enforcement clout and credibility -- to debt collection companies, as a recent exposé in the New York Times revealed.


September 26, 2012

USA Will Continue Wars As Long As Dollar Remains Reserve Currency

Interview With Paul Craig Roberts

The US today is ruled by an oligarchy of private interests. Continue

Qatar - Rich and Dangerous

By Felix Imonti

How does an extremely wealthy midget with two potentially dangerous neighbors keep them from making an unwelcomed visit?  Naturally, you have someone bigger and tougher to protect you.  Continue

AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal

By Grant Smith

Israel's nuclear weapons render it ineligible for US aid. Continue

President Ahmadinejad's Speech At UN

Video and Transcript

The engine of unbridled capitalism with its unfair system of thought has reached the end of road and is unable to move. Continue

Fatah Israeli Collaborators

By Stephen Lendman

Palestinians are betrayed and ill-served. Democratically elected Hamas officials are marginalized, excluded, and arrested at the behest of Israel. Continue

Living Under Drones

7 Minute Video

Many interviewees told the researchers they didn't know what America was before drones. Now what they know of America is drones, death and terror. Continue

A Lethal Presidency: Who Are The Others?

By Charles P. Pierce

It Is Long Past Time We Met the Victims of the Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama. Continue

Ralph Nader: Obama’s a ‘War Criminal’

By Patrick Gavin

"He thinks the world is his plate, that national sovereignties mean nothing, drones can go anywhere." Continue

Allen West to U.N.: U.S. 'Angel of Death'


"The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence" Continue

US Special Forces Deployed in Iraq, Again

By Tom Hayden

The irony is that the US is protecting a pro-Iran Shiite regime in Baghdad against a Sunni-based insurgency while at the same time supporting a Sunni-led movement against Syria. Continue

" These Muslims are animals"
The Innocence of Muslims

By Layla Anwar

It took me much courage to watch it - that "famous" film. I did it in phases, because I could not stomach the Sacred being trampled upon. Continue

None Of Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained

By Solomon Burke

Well you better listen my sister's and brothers,
'Cause if you do you can hear
There are voices still calling across the years.
And they're all crying across the ocean,
And they're cryin across the land,
And they will till we all come to understand. Continue

New York Times a “Propaganda Megaphone” for War, Says Former Reporter

By Alex Newman

The paper is actually just a propaganda tool for the ruling establishment. Continue

Redistributing Wealth Upward

By Harold Meyerson

The market is not just redistributing income in the United States, then. It is redistributing life. Continue

4 Taliban insurgents killed in Kandahar: Kandahar (BNA) in clash between police and Taliban rebels in Kandahar province, four Taliban rebels were killed today.

Two NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: A suicide bomber, wearing a vest packed with explosives, killed two NATO troops in eastern Afghanistan today.

On outskirts of Kabul, 'Warlordistan' may be glimpse of Afghan future: Where the central government has little power, mafia bosses grab land at will, and armed militias enforce the law — often harshly.

Drones Kill Way More Civilians Than CIA Admits: US drones kill innocent civilians far more than the White House is letting on, according to a scathing new report from Stanford and NYU investigating the controversial unmanned strikes in Pakistan.

Attacks on Iraq security forces kill 7: Bombings and shootings targeting Iraqi security forces killed seven people on Wednesday, among them a senior police officer, security and medical officials said.

Iraq now armed to shoot Turkish jets, says Air Force officers: Iraq is now capable of shooting down Turkish jets entering Iraqi airspace to target Kurdish militants, Iraqi Air Force Officer Iskander Witwit recently told the New York Times.

Turkey delivers military equipment to border with Iraq: According to the General Staff, Turkey will conduct the operation against militants of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party, which will be called "Fall cleaning".

Iranian reporter killed by sniper at scene of blasts targeting Syria military HQ in Damascus: The report said that the four dead were military guards and that 14 other people were wounded, including civilians and military personnel. Wednesday's blasts went off about 10 minutes apart starting around 7 a.m, according to the report.

Rebel Free Syrian Army claims Damascus bombings: "The Free Army hit the General Staff building in Damascus' Umayyad Square and dozens were killed in the two powerful blasts," the information office for the FSA military council said in a statement.

UN chief Ban demands international action to stop war in Syria, calls it `a regional calamity': In sharp contrast to the U.N. chief, President Barack Obama pledged U.S. support for Syrians trying to oust President Bashar Assad _ "a dictator who massacres his own people."

US poised to boost aid to Syria opposition: THE United States is set to unveil more aid for the Syrian opposition this week to help the rebels "protect themselves and defend themselves", a senior US official says.

Putin condemns bloody regime change in Middle East: Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a strong warning Wednesday against inciting violent regime change in the Middle East - an apparent rebuke to Western calls for an end to Syrian President Bashar Assad's rule.

Egypt's Mursi says opposes foreign intervention in Syria: Egypt opposes foreign military intervention to stop the civil war in Syria and prefers an inclusive, negotiated settlement, Egypt's new Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi, said on Wednesday.

Egypt's Morsi defends Palestinian rights, slams Israeli illegal settlement construction: Egyptian president makes debut on global stage at the UN, presenting himself as nation’s first democratically elected leader who was swept into office in 'a peaceful revolution.'

Ahmadinejad on Israel: "We have never threatened them" -- "Can one country, based on just their own sole opinion, decide and eastablish a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? When have we threatened to attack the Zionists? We have never threatened them," said Ahmadinejad

Iran's Ahmadinejad pushes new world order to replace 'U.S. bullying': "Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying," he said. "I do believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. The world can no longer see an emperor commanding it."

Ahmadinejad UN General Assembly 2012 Live Transcript, Recap: Iran's President Discusses “New Order”; US, Israel Boycotts Speech

Iran unveils long-range drone capable of covering most of Middle East: Video - the Shahed-129 – or Witness-129 – has a range of 2,000 kilometres. That covers much of the Middle East including Israel and nearly doubles the range of previous drones produced by Iranian technicians

Full text: Obama asserts US role at UN: Here’s his speech verbatim:

Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation: - Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday urged the international community to work immediately toward the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within "all the occupied territories."

Libyan militias melt into desert, wait for another day: It might seem like Libya's Islamist militias are reeling in the face of the popular backlash that followed the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11. But Libya analysts say these groups are well-entrenched and used to operating in hostile environments. They may have melted away for now - but maybe not for long.

Libya: Thousands mourn Gaddafi 'captor' Omran Shaaban: Omran Ben Shaaban died on Tuesday after being kidnapped, shot and tortured by people who many in his hometown of Misrata believe were supporters of the late dictator.

Death of Libyan rebel raises calls for vengeance: The death of Omran Shaaban, who had been hospitalized in France, raised the prospect of even more violence and score-settling, with the newly elected National Congress authorizing police and the army to use force if necessary to apprehend those who abducted the 22-year-old and three companions in July near the town of Bani Walid.

Julian Assange To Address United Nations From Ecuadorian Embassy In London: Assange will speak to a UN meeting in New York over a satellite link.

NSA Whistleblower Reveals How To Beat a Polygraph Test: Tice, who is no longer at the NSA, says he, along with those still in contact with at the agency, marvel at how easy it is to beat the lie detector.

Man arrested after staging mock terrorist act: Phoenix police arrested a man who filmed a video showing a mock terrorist toting a fake rocket-propelled grenade launcher on the streets of Phoenix.

Study: Venezuela’s Chavez 4th Most Popular President in the Americas: US President Barack Obama placed 10th in the study, receiving a “medium” approval rating of 49%. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was classed on a “very low” popularity of 37%, putting him down on 16th place.

Big War of 21st Century Has Begun Gerald Celente : Video : Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal believes the world is being taken to war because the world economy ". . . is collapsing. It's collapsing in front of our eyes. The numbers are there.

Spanish Police Open Fire On Protesters In Subway (Raw Video)

Anti-austerity violence: Raw Video Riot police clashing with protesters in Madrid

Markets Tumble on Unrest in Greece and Spain: Clear signs of the political and social cost of the euro zone crisis sent financial markets tumbling Wednesday as debt-laden Greece faced a crippling 24-hour strike and Spain cleaned up after violent protests Tuesday near the country’s Parliament.

Over 20 Million Adults Now Living With Their Parents; Massive Increase Since 2007: The number of 26-year-olds living with parents has jumped almost 46 percent since 2007, according to Census Bureau data compiled by the University of Minnesota Population Center. Last year, the number of 18- to 30-year-olds living with their parents grew to 20.7 million, a 3.9 percent gain from 2010


September 25, 2012

Old Allies Reunite in Syria to Foment Future War

By Chris Floyd

As always, while our well-wadded Western interventionists sit safely in glitzy TV studios or cozy Congressional offices and cry havoc, it is others who are devoured by the dogs of war. Continue

Ahmadinejad: Israel Bullying U.S. Over Iran

By Anne Gearan

Israel is bullying the United States over the alleged threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon, using the prospect of an Israeli military attack on Iran to force the hand of its much larger ally, Iran's president said Monday. Continue

In Case You Missed It
Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics

By James Petras

We should demystify Zionist claims that the Jews’ ancestral homeland is Israel, rather then North Africa and Central Asia, and that there is no historic basis for the Right of Return. Continue

US Refused Iran Nuclear Offer

By Gareth Porter

Iran has again offered to halt its enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, which the United States has identified as its highest priority in the nuclear talks, in return for easing sanctions against Iran.

Israel Lobbyist Hints That ‘Pearl Harbor’ May be Needed to Get US Into War with Iran

By Maidhc Ó Cathail

"If in fact the Iranians aren’t going to compromise, it would be best if somebody else started the war.”

We Love The People of the United States : Ahmadinejad

Video & Transcript.

President Ahmadinejad Complete 2012 Interview With Piers Morgan.

Dumb and Hateful: The Consequences of US Islamophobia

By Andrew Bacevich

Although it might be comforting to dismiss anti-Islamic outbursts in the U.S. as the work of a few fanatics, the picture is actually far more complicated. 

The Powerplays Behind "The Innocence of Muslims"

By Thierry Meyssan

Its objective is to arouse anger among Muslims and direct that anger toward specific targets.

A Basic History of Zionism And Its Relation to Judaism

By Hanna Braun

In order to understand the circumstances that led to the birth of Zionism I shall sketch an outline of the history of Judaism and the Jew.

US Causing Terror In Pakistan

By Glenn Greenwald

New research shows the terrorizing impact of drones in Pakistan, false statements from US officials, and how it increases the terror threat.

Systemic Destabilization in Recent American History
9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension

Peter Dale Scott

An Alternative Analysis of Deep Events: State Crimes Against Democracy.

A Crucible of Political Disenchantment:
“Dismiss Whatever Insults Your Own Soul”

By Phil Rockstroh

Daily, power kicks us in the gut, and demands our gratitude for having done so.

How Do You Take Your Poison?

By Chris Hedges

Politicians are the public face of corporate power. They are corporate employees.

Fifteen Issues this Election is Not About

By Bill Quigley

Neither candidate is campaigning to close Guantanamo prison.

Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A.

Video and Lyrics of a favorite Leonard Cohen Song:

Sail on, sail on O mighty Ship of State!
To the Shores of Need, Past the Reefs of Greed
Through the Squalls of Hate, Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on. Continue

28 militants killed, 54 held in Afghanistan : At least 28 Taliban militants were killed and 54 others detained in different Afghan provinces within the past 24 hours, Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Affairs said.

5 troops, 3 Taliban killed: Four Taliban and five combined troops were killed after a clash in Bala Balok district of western Farah province yesterday, Taliban and local officials said Monday.

Taliban release Camp Bastion attack training video : The September 14 assault on Camp Bastion destroyed aircraft and equipment worth more than £100 million. Two US Marines were killed and nine others were wounded.

U.S. Marines Charged for Urinating On Bodies Of Dead Taliban: Two U.S. Marines have been charged in connection with a video, showing at least two American soldiers urinating on the corpses of deceased Taliban fighters.

US kills 5 people in Pakistan: Some of the dead were believed to be foreign fighters but the officials did not know how many or where they were from.

Only two percent of drone strike casualties in Pakistan are top militants: Pakistani civilian deaths in US drone war ‘in vain’ – report:

Nine policemen killed in Iraq: Nine Iraqi policemen were killed on Tuesday when insurgents attacked checkpoints and patrols in the centre of the country, police said, dpa reported.

Syria rebels kill up to 40 soldiers daily: NBC News' Bill Neely visits a hospital where Syrian government soldiers are being treated after fighting in a war that has claimed an estimated 27,000 lives and shows no signs of abating.

Syria’s rebel groups united only by opposition to Bashar Assad: The news media convention of referring to all these groups as the Free Syrian Army is accurate only in that they all oppose the government of President Bashar Assad. In reality, they’re independent actors, sharing little in ideologies or resources.

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad on Syria’s Foreign Fighters: Abdul-Ahad says the jihadis in Syria constitute about 10 to 15 percent of rebel forces, but he warns that their foothold is significant because the rebels are desperate for support

Zarqawi’s Nephew arrested at Borders with Syria - UPI: A nephew of Al-Qaeda’s former leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was killed by U.S. Air Force jets in 2006 was among the armed group which were arrested in attempt of infiltration from Jordan into Syria, United Press Association reported Sunday.

Rebels Ransack Alawite Village in Lattakia, Syria: Video - Insurgents in are seen burning homes and attempting to loot a village in the Turkmen Mountains of Lattakia. Such tactics attest to their attempts to ethnically cleanse large areas of Syria, murdering Christians, Alawites, Shiites and Druze

Grim determination in Assad Alawite heartland: In these western mountains along the Mediterranean coast, not a day goes by without a funeral. It's the ancestral homeland of President Bashar al-Assad and his minority Alawite sect, and these men are foot soldiers in the war.

War crimes - The Killing Rooms: Video Shows "Syrian Army" Torture Detainees to Death: Video - Warning - 18 + - Warning - 18 +

Children of Syria badly traumatised: Harrowing testimony collected from refugees in Save the Children projects reveals that youngsters have been the target of brutal attacks, seen the deaths of parents, siblings and other children, and have witnessed and experienced torture.

Qatar's emir calls for Arab-led intervention in Syria: The French president, Francois Hollande called for UN protection of "liberated zones" under opposition control in Syria. He said France would recognise an opposition government when it is formed.

Israel Walks Out, While U.S. Stays to Listen to Iran's Ahmadinejad: The American delegation, however, remained in the hall to listen to Ahmadinejad. "The U.S. delegation did not walk out of Monday's meeting, as it has in the past when Iran attacked Israel directly," reports the AP.

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speech: Rule of Law - Video - September 24, 2012

An interview with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Ignatius: I want to ask as my first question the one every citizen of the world would like to ask today: What is the chance of a war in Iran that would result from an Israeli attack on your nuclear facilities?

U.S. Government Embraces Iranian Terrorist Group: The Same Terrorist Group that Bush Cited When He Alleged that Saddam Was Sponsoring “International Terrorism”

Iran blocks access to Google and Gmail: US internet company's services censored as part of first steps to establish a giant walled-off domestic intranet.

Beyond belief?: Abbas agrees to ‘Dershowitz Formula’ in NY meeting with Jewish leaders: The Palestinian president also promised to make “a positive statement” about the connection between Israel and the Jewish people during his Thursday address to the United Nations General Assembly.

*#cking Outrageous: Israel should annex West Bank - Barak: Ehud Barak has said Israel should annex large blocs of the illegally Occupied West Bank : Barak said he was mulling a plan which would see Israel "relinquish" dozens of illegal "settlements" while allowing residents of big blocs - Gush Etzion, Maale Adumim and Ariel, where up to 90% of the "settlers" squatters live - to become part of Israel.

Manipulative propaganda : MKs on right, left slam Barak's 'disengagement' plan: He ignores Arab peace initiatives and rejects any political initiative on the matter,” Herzog said. “While Barak was defense minister, the Netanyahu government dragged its feet for months on the Palestinian matter and did not act to start negotiations.”

Debunking the racism behind a two-state solution: This article maintains that the two-state solution under present conditions denies the possibility of real coexistence based on equality.

Israel must stop violating Palestinian human rights: UN: Israel must do more to halt a string of serious violations of Palestinian human rights documented by a 2009 fact-finding mission, according to a UN report published Monday.

American court orders BBC to hand over Yasser Arafat documentary footage: Ruling raises questions about the ability of the American justice system to seize material held by media outside the United States

Former fighters exchange fire outside Libya congress: Former Libyan rebel fighters exchanged fire outside the national congress in Tripoli on Tuesday, a member of the national assembly said.

Libya gov't tries to woo militias into subordination, but militias still hold all the cards: "It will never work," the Libyan militia commander told us. "It's like suddenly asking the inmates of Guantanamo to cooperate with their guards."

Libyan Militia Leader Says Looters Stole Shoulder-Fired Missiles (Benghazi): The commander of a powerful Libyan militia said Monday that looters had stolen "a large number" of shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles from the militia's base when protesters who called for dismantling the country's militias overran the compound.

Attack in Libya disrupted major CIA operation: The CIA has also set up a center on the border between Turkey and Syria to oversee the funneling of arms, materiel, money and fighters into the Syrian civil war

Obama: Libya assault ‘wasn’t just mob action’: A sign of extremism in nations lacking stability.

Libyan Islamists Cornered, Not Quietened: Op-Ed : It could be premature to believe that the storming of Islamist militia bases by Benghazi citizens on Friday could spell the end for Libya’s Islamist militants. Just as it was premature to claim when moderate Libyan political parties took the majority of votes during the July elections that Libya had bucked the Islamist trend sweeping the region.

Growing the empire: US keen to station troops in NZ: Panetta: The United States would consider stationing troops on New Zealand soil if our Government asked for them as part of a burgeoning defence relationship, US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta says.

Texas Lawmaker To Muslim American: ‘If You Want To Be An American Act Like One’: Last Wednesday, Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) posted an angry rant on her Facebook page, declaring that “[o]ur soldiers do NOT need to be taught how to be sensitive to radical Muslims.

Ad equating jihad with savagery debuts in New York City subway: An inflammatory ad equating Islamic jihad with savagery was posted Monday in 10 New York City subway stations, even as much of the Muslim world was still seething over a California-made movie ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad.

US soldier accused of trying to kill Obama, overthrow government: Aguigui had bought USD 87,000 worth of semi-automatic assault rifles, other guns, and bomb-making materials, prosecutors say. He and the two soldiers were to turn up in court on Thursday for arraignment on charges including illegal gang activity.

Former US President Carter: Venezuelan Electoral System “Best in the World”: Venezuela has developed a fully automated touch-screen voting system, which now uses thumbprint recognition technology and prints off a receipt to confirm voters’ choices.

Voting laws may disenfranchise 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens: study:" New voting laws in 23 of the 50 states could keep more than 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens from registering and voting, a new study said on Sunday, a number so large it could affect the outcome of the November 6 election.



Federal Judge Allows Florida To Cut Early Voting Days: U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida ruled Monday that there was not sufficient evidence that the reduced schedule would disenfranchise black voters, allowing the state to cut required early voting days from 14 to 8.

Let My People Vote 2012: Satire: Video - Sarah Silverman |

Police seal off Spain Parliament ahead of protest: Spain's Parliament took on the appearance of a heavily guarded fortress Tuesday, hours ahead of a protest against the conservative government's handling of the economic crisis.

Mitt Romney: Richer Than You Think: Romney would be the wealthiest president in American history, but the extent of his wealth goes well beyond what is normally reported in the press.

Life expectancy falling for the poorest Americans: According to a study conducted for the professional journal Health Affairs, life expectancy is falling for significant sections of the working class in the United States, and in some cases has reverted to levels not seen in half a century.

Prescription drugs kill more people in US than heroin and cocaine combined: “An epidemic of prescription drug abuse is devastating American families and draining state and federal time, money and manpower,” said Hal Rogers, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

More Americans now commit suicide than are killed in car crashes : In 2009, more than 37,000 Americans took their own lives

September 243, 2012

US Refused Iran Nuclear Offer

By Gareth Porter

Iran has again offered to halt its enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, which the United States has identified as its highest priority in the nuclear talks, in return for easing sanctions against Iran.

How Do You Take Your Poison?

By Chris Hedges

Politicians are the public face of corporate power. They are corporate employees.


Iran May Attack First
Strike on Iran Would Trigger 'World War III': Guards

By Farhad Pouladi

Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike if Israel prepares to attack it, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander told broadcaster Al-Alam on Sunday, a day after his boss warned that conflict was inevitable.

Engineering Consent For An Attack Iran?
What if Israel Bombed Iran? The View From Washington.

By Karim Sadjadpour and Blake Hounshell

President Obama is enjoying a quiet dinner at the White House when he gets the call. Two dozen Israeli fighter jets have just entered Jordanian airspace, apparently en route to Iran.

"When Will We Come To Our Senses?"
Is Threatening Iran With A Pre-emptive Strike Responsible?

By Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra provides a thoughtful exploration of the consequences of threats by politicians about pre-emptive strikes on Iran to curb its nuclear program.* Is it responsible to make these types of threats?

War Is A Racket

By Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

Smedley Butler served his country for 34 years, yet he spoke against American armed intervention into the affairs of sovereign nations.

MEK Decision:
Multimillion-dollar Campaign Led to Removal from Terror List

By Chris McGreal

Revealed: the steady flow of funds to members of Congress, lobbying firms and former officials in support of Iranian group.

Soldier Who Taught ‘Total War’ Against Islam Threatens to Sue

By Spencer Ackerman

The Army officer who once taught that the U.S. ought to consider “Hiroshima tactics” for a “total war” on Islam has put America’s top general on notice for a possible lawsuit.

The Innocence of U.S. Foreign Policy

By Robert Koehler

The Middle East is archaic, volatile, "restive," a region full of religious fanatics easily manipulated by cynical leaders.

Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties


“Successive American administrations essentially purchased with American taxpayer money the dislike, if not the hatred, of the peoples of the region,” he said, by backing dictatorial governments over popular opposition and supporting Israel over the Palestinians.

Tears of Gaza
 A Must Watch Video Documentary
 A searing, unflinching look at the devastating 2008-2009 Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The Summer of Muslim Discontent
It’s Not “The Amateur Film” Stupid

By James Petras

The so-called “Arab Spring:” is a distant and bitter memory to those who fought and struggled for a better world, not to speak of the thousands who lost, life and limb. Continue

The Meaning of Altruism

By Paul Balles

WHEN I was a college freshman, I became completely enamoured with Ayn Rand. Continue

In a World Gone Crazy
Houston Cop Shoots and Kills Double-amputee in Wheelchair

By Anne Sewell

A police officer shot and killed a wheelchair bound, double-amputee after the man threatened his partner. Unfortunately the object with which the man was threatening the officer's partner turned out to be a pen.

20 killed and nearly 200 injured in Pakistan demonstrations: More than 20 people were killed and nearly 200 injured following protests across Pakistan after officials declared Friday a national holiday 'Day of Love for the Prophet.' Protests continued over the weekend and more than 1,500 people took part in a rally in the capital Islamabad yesterday.

16 "Taliban" killed in Afghanistan: A total of 16 Taliban militants have been killed and 24 other suspects detained in security operations in Afghanistan since Saturday, the interior ministry yesterday said.

Iraq attacks kill six, including a brigadier : Attacks in Iraq on Sunday killed at least six people, among them a police brigadier general and two soldiers, security and medical officials said.

Baghdad insists on deporting Iranian cult: - The Iraqi government reiterated here Sunday its insistence on the deportation of Iran's opposition Mujahedeen-e-Khalq group from Iraqi territories in spite of a US plan to remove it from the list of terrorist groups.

IRGC Commander: War on Iran Triggers World War III: "We see the US and the Zionist regime standing fully on the side of each other and we cannot imagine the Zionist regime initiating a war without the US backup.

Leader's Aide: Iran Should Adopt Aggressive Strategy in Response to Threats: - A senior military aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader cautioned about the attempts made by the enemies to weaken the Islamic Republic through economic pressures and public discontent, and said Iran should adopt an aggressive policy in response to enemy plots.

Iran finds spying device at Fordow: The self-destructing device exploded when the IRGC members tried to move what they thought to be a rock. The device could reportedly intercept data from the Fordow computers.

German firm planted bombs in parts meant for Iran's nuclear program: Iranian lawmaker says security experts discovered the explosives in components supplied by Siemens and removed them before detonation; firm denies claims.

State Dept. removes Iran’s MEK from terrorism list: The U.S. State Department removed a terrorist designation from the Mujahedin-e Khalq, the Iranian anti-regime group that has acquired in recent years the backing of some pro-Israel figures in its quest for legitimacy.

In case you missed it: Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News: Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran’s leaders.

PA: No Peace Will Leave Arabs in 'Apartheid' State: The PA warned that the standstill in peace could lead to PA Arabs being left in an Israeli-run "apartheid" state.

Hamas leader in exile Khaled Meshal says intends to step down: Hamas' leader in exile, Khaled Meshal, is tired of policy challenges from the Islamist group's Gaza-based leadership and is not seeking re-election in a vote now underway, political and diplomatic sources said on Sunday.

How many homelands do the Israelis get to have? : Op-Ed - After thinking that Israel had already shattered all records for chuzpah, along comes this campaign to say that we ain't see nothing yet.

US senators urge the EU to outlaw Hezbollah: A bipartisan group of 76 US senators sent a mid-September letter urging the EU to include Hezbollah on its terror list.

Syria: the foreign fighters joining the war against Bashar al-Assad: Jihadi veterans of Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan join callow foreign idealists on frontline of Aleppo

Syria: A photoshopped "revolution": Photos of former war zones are used by the media as a propaganda tool in their anti-Assad campaign while photos of pro-government demonstrations in a Hollywood-esque way have been changed into photos of anti-government protestors.

Libyan authorities dissolve 'unlawful' militias: Army issues ultimatum ordering militias, armed groups to evacuate military compounds, state property, properties of members of former regime.

Libyan militias ordered into ranks of the army: The army is expected to impose its authority by putting officers at the head of militias born out of the 2011 revolt that became a civil war and toppled Muammar Gaddafi. Authorities have not been able to disband the civilian-turned-fighter units, though many units are now linked to ministries.

In a world gone crazy: Fiona Apple Facing Up to 10 Years in Jail over Texas Marijuana Bust: The singer may face serious jail time in Texas thanks to a state law that classifies possession of any amount of hashish, no matter how small, as a third-degree felony.

U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High: Americans' distrust in the media hit a new high this year, with 60% saying they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.




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