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November 11, 2012

Israeli Insanity
Only ‘The Nuclear Option’ Can Work Against Iran, Former IDF Chief Says

By Aaron Kalman

“The only way to finish off Iran’s nuclear program is by using the nuclear option,” said IDF Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz.

US Violates Agreement; Punishes Iran

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

It is abundantly clear that America is not a ‘Good Samaritan’ State, and its policies are not driven by compassion. 

Petraeus Girlfriend: 'Stay Away From My Guy':

By James Nye, Beth Stebner and Thomas Durante

The harassing emails 'sent by Petraeus biographer' to 'SECOND lover' that sparked FBI probe.

Why Did CIA Director Petraeus Suddenly Resign?

By WashingtonsBlog

Many speculate that it wasn’t an affair – but the desire to avoid testifying on Benghazi – which was the real reason for Petraeus’ sudden resignation.

Good Riddance
Pundit Tears for Petraeus’s Fall

By Ray McGovern

Top pundits were as smitten by the former four-star general as his mistress was.

When Former CIA Chief David Petraeus Enraged the Israel Lobby

By Ali Abunimah

Petraeus made a little history: by publicly criticizing Israel and enraging the Israel lobby.

RAF Set For Syria No-Fly Op
UK Troops 'Could Help Syria Crisis'

By Evening Standard

British troops could be deployed to intervene in Syria in the event of a major humanitarian crisis, the head of the UK's armed forces has said.

Syrian National Coalition to Replace Syrian National Council

By Ken Hanly

There seems almost no desire for dialogue on the part of the rebels. Now that the U.S. election is over, they expect that there will be new initiatives to support them.

7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues: Funerals in Gaza as Israel announces it may be escalating this madness. As per usual mainstream narrative Israel acts 'in response', but who started this latest round of violence and when?

Tragedy in Gaza: On November 10, 2012 a mother and a father in Gaza lost their son. Matter Abu Al-Atta was assassinated in a zionist attack on Gaza. He became 19 years old. Within two hours after Matter was killed his mother overwhelmed by shock gave birth to his little brother.

‘We Have to Take Out Hamas Leadership’: Israel must assassinate Hamas leaders to stop terrorism from Gaza, Minister Yisrael Katz said Sunday, speaking in the weekly Cabinet meeting. “Israel must act according to a very clear policy in Gaza.

Israel 'may launch ground invasion into Gaza': Israel may launch a ground invasion into Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated, after a weekend of escalating cross border violence.

Israel shutdown the only commercial crossing with Gaza Strip: Karam Abu Salem crossing, is the only commercial crossing between Gaza and Israel which allows the entry of food goods and aid to the coastline of Gaza Strip.

Palestinian UN non-state bid this month: Abbas: "Israel's hysterical reaction to our UN bid is due to its desire to continue the occupation and we are under pressure of late from multiple parties to waive our just demand, but we will not," Abbas added.

Palestinians: 12 EU nations to support our UN bid: The Palestinians already have majority support for the resolution, which they intend to bring to the UN General Assembly. But they feel their efforts would carry more weight if European and other Western nations support them.

Israel warns of severe response to Palestinian UN statehood bid: Over the weekend, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz threatened to impose sharp economic measures against the PNA if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas makes good on the move. Abbas said he expected that the Arab League would petition the world body within 48 hours on the PNA's behalf in order to put the Palestinian plan into motion.

Syrian soldiers killed in Deraa blasts: Two explosions set off by suicide bombers have shaken the southern Syrian city of Daraa, killing and wounding dozens of regime forces, an activist group says.

7 kids killed in rebels' shelling in Syrian northern town: The bodies of seven children have been exhumed in the Syrian northern town of Harem, the state TV said Sunday, adding that the kids were killed after the armed groups fired shells at the area. Xinhua reported.

Britain backs arming Syrian rebels: The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has split the Western alliance with unexpected proposals to open the door to arming the Syrian opposition, just as the US is becoming alarmed at its Islamist make-up and human rights abuses.

Israel fires missile into Syria: A mortar shell "targeted an IOF" [Israel Occupation Forces] post in the Golan Heights," said army spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Avital Leibovich. "We answered with a warning shot towards Syrian areas. We understand this was a mistake and was not meant to target Israel and then that is why we fired a warning shot in retaliation."

Three killed in sectarian clashes in Lebanon: At least seven others are wounded in a gunbattle in Sidon between Shia group Hezbollah and supporters of a Sunni cleric.

Pakistan: 31 killed in Karachi violence: At least 31 people, including members of the minority Shia community, have been killed in various incidents of target killings in Pakistan’s commercial city of Karachi and Balochistan’s capital Quetta.

Newborn baby among six killed in Afghan blast: police: A mother and her newborn baby were among six family members killed in a roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan overnight, police and witnesses said Sunday.

NATO soldier killed in Afghan 'insider' attack: Official: A NATO-led soldier fighting insurgents in Afghanistan was shot dead on Saturday by a man in an Afghan army uniform in southern Afghanistan, the latest in a series of "insider" attacks, the alliance said.

‘He just started shooting me’ witnesses reveal details of Kandahar massacre: "We are children! We are children!" was one victim's last phrase before being killed in a shooting spree as American Staff Sergeant Robert Bales left sixteen Afghan civilians dead, according to witness testimonies.

Petraeus' resignation will be a loss for Israel: It's four years until the next election. Petraeus can write his book on defense and statecraft, get rich from giving lectures, and then bow to public demand and return.

Senators say Petraeus may still be called on Benghazi: Senate leaders said Sunday that David Petraeus may still be called to testify this week in a congressional investigation into the deadly attacks on the Libyan consulate in Benghazi despite his sudden resignation Friday as CIA director.

Americans blamed after Russia loses out in £2.6bn Baghdad arms deal: AN arms deal worth £2.6 billion with Russia that could have left Iraq less dependent on US military hardware and boosted the capability of Iraq's armed forces has been cancelled amid allegations of corruption.

As US states legalise marijuana, is this the end of the drugs war?: The director of a landmark documentary which chronicles how the current penal approach has resulted in social disaster says the greatest legacy of the US elections may be shifting attitudes towards illegal narcotics


November 10, 2012

Petraeus Caught With Pants Down?
How Was Petraeus’ Affair Uncovered and Did he Really Have To Resign?

By Daniel Politi

“Petraeus took the samurai route and insisted that he had done a dishonorable thing and now had to try to balance it by doing the honorable thing and stepping down as CIA director.” Continue

War Criminal Resigns:
CIA Director Petraeus Stands Down Over Affair:

By New York Times

David H. Petraeus Resignation Letter.


Dead Enough: The Reality of the "Lesser Evil"

By Chris Floyd

This little boy was named Naeemullah. He was in his house -- maybe playing, maybe sleeping, maybe having a meal -- when an American drone missile was fired into the residential area where he lived and blew up the house next door.

Assad : 'I'm Not Western Puppet
I Have to Live and Die in Syria'

Updated Full Interview -  By RT

“I do not think the West is going [to intervene], but if they do so, nobody can tell what is next,” Assad said. Continue

Goodbye to a War

By Uri Avnery

Netanyahu and his patron, Sheldon Adelson, betted on Mitt Romney, with the State of Israel as their chip. They lost.

The Return of Ali Abu-Fighter

By Gilad Atzmon

The Palestinian solidarity movement, and the BDS in particular are now operating as a cult.

Beyond Bayonets and Battleships
Space Warfare and the Future of U.S. Global Power

By Alfred W. McCoy

As early as 2020, the Pentagon hopes to patrol the entire globe ceaselessly, relentlessly via a triple canopy space shield reaching from stratosphere to exosphere, driven by drones armed with agile missiles, linked by a resilient modular satellite system, monitored through a telescopic panopticon, and operated by robotic controls. 

Hugo Chavez: Obama Should Govern His Own Country and not “Invade” Others

By Ewan Robertson

Chavez also described the US as being dominated by “a super elite, [who] are exploiting the country and society: poisoning it, cheating it, manipulating it through a media war.”

Color Revolutions: Argentina Next?

By Tony Cartalucci

Suspicion grows as Western criticism of Argentina's nationalization and rebuffing of "rules of global finance" sharpens in tandem with street protests.

US Elections: The Empty Politics of Duopoly

By Nile Bowie

America ushered in a global super star whose charm and charisma not only resuscitated American prestige, but also masked the continued dominance of deregulators, financiers, and war-profiteers.

Yes We Can, We Did, and Now
Obama’s Second Term Is Our Responsibility

By Robert Scheer

All of us suddenly sobered folks, who voted for Barack Obama because the alternative was so horridly wrong, have got to accept the moral implications of that choice. We won but at what cost?

What a Paul Craig Roberts Administration Would Look Like

By Paul Craig Roberts

The CIA would be headed by Ray McGovern and Philip Giraldi. The FBI would be headed by Sibel Edmonds. Homeland Security would be abolished.

Ron Paul: The Truth Is We Are Broke

Must Watch Video

They talk about this fiscal cliff, but in my mind I work with the assumption we are already over the cliff.

She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for!

5 Minute Video

Short video highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporatism and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life.

In Case You Missed It
Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

Must Watch Video

"Lifting the Veil is the long overdue film that powerfully, definitively, and finally exposes the deadly 21st century hypocrisy of U.S. internal and external policies"

Eight ANA soldiers killed separately: Eight Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed and eight more injured in separate violence-related incidents in various parts of the country, official said.

2 NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan,: Two service members with the U.S.-led military coalition died Friday in Afghanistan, NATO said. One service member was killed in an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan. Another died as a result of a non-battle related injury in the country’s south.

Yankee-go-home: Two Afghan soldiers attack US-led NATO occupation forces: Two Afghan soldiers attacked US-led NATO forces (ISAF) in western Afghanistan on Saturday -- injuring a Spanish soldier -- in the latest "insider" attack in the country, officials said.

Pakistan: Three troopers killed in Karachi suicide bombing: At least three troopers were killed and 26 others, including five civilians, injured when a suicide bomber rammed a mini truck packed with explosives into the headquarters of paramilitary Pakistan Rangers in Karachi's North Nazimabad area on Thursday.

Twenty Syrian security personnel killed in north - Activists: At least 20 members of the Syrian security forces were killed and several wounded when fighters from rebel battalions attacked the headquarters of a military security building in northern Syria, a watchdog said.

Engineering Consent For An Attack Syria? Yaalon Warns Syria: Israel Will Act to Defend its Citizens: After condemnations by the UN and Israeli warnings have done nothing to stop Syrian spillover, Yaalon warns of Israeli action

Missteps by Rebels Erode Their Support Among Syrians: Syria’s rebel fighters are losing crucial support from a public increasingly disgusted by the actions of some rebels, including poorly planned missions, senseless destruction, criminal behavior and the coldblooded killing of prisoners.

Syrian opposition defers unification plan: The Syrian National Council, vying to keep its leading role and under US pressure to unify, on Friday called for a delay to a decision on bringing together all groups opposed to President Bashar Al Assad.

Engineering Consent For An Attack Syria? Syria: leader of rebels warns they might 'turn into terrorists': The leader of the Free Syrian Army has called on the outside world to back the rebels before they all “turn into terrorists”.

Call to lift Syria arms embargo to aid rebels: Britain is to review the EU arms embargo on Syria as part of a wholesale change in strategy in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election that could lead to the eventual arming of the rebel forces fighting to overthrow Syrian government.

Assad: Erdogan thinks he's Caliph, new sultan of the Ottoman : In an exclusive interview with RT, President Bashar Assad said that the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but proxy terrorism by Syrians and foreign fighters. He also accused the Turkish PM of eyeing Syria with imperial ambitions.

"Hundreds of thousands" protest against Argentina's Cristina Kirchner: Union leader Luis D'Elía labelled it "destitute" and said protesters were part of a wealthy elite that offers "no viable alternative". Aníbal Fernández, a Kirchnerist senator and former chief of cabinet, had also accused the march of being funded by the far Right.

Argentina erupts over Cristina Kirchner's re-election: Police said the crowd in Buenos Aires numbered at least 30,000, while some local media that are among Ms Kirchner's strongest foes estimated hundreds of thousands turned out.

Greece Says Cash Reserves Almost Depleted: Greece is fast running out of cash while it awaits the next tranche of its 130-billion euro ($165.16 billion) international bailout that is keeping it afloat, a deputy finance minister said on Friday.

Fitch Sees Risk of U.S. Recession on Fiscal Cliff Concern: Fitch, which rates the U.S. AAA, its highest investment grade status, on Nov. 7 warned that the U.S. may be downgraded next year unless lawmakers avoid automatic tax boosts and budget cuts and raise the debt ceiling

California's exports drop 4.6 percent: It was the third straight month that California exports saw a year-over-year decline. July marked the end of a 32-month streak of gains.

Yes, Companies Are Harvesting – and Selling – Your Facebook Profile: Some companies record — and then resell — your screen names, web site addresses, interests, hometown and professional history, and how many friends or followers you have. Some companies also collect and analyze information about users’ “tweets, posts, comments, likes, shares, and recommendations,”


November 08, 2012

CNN Claims Iran Shot at a US Drone,
Revealing the News Network's Mindset

By Glenn Greenwald

Barbara Starr, CNN's Pentagon reporter (more accurately known as: the Pentagon's reporter at CNN), has an exciting exclusive today. Continue

US Says Iran Fired on US Drone Over Gulf

Associated Press

Little said the U.S. informed the Iranians that it would continue to conduct such surveillance flights in international airspace. Continue

How Dare Iran!!!

By Steve Hynd

Don’t those pesky Iranians know that they were firing at an aircraft of the Divienely Mandated Most Exceptional Nation Ever? Continue

In Case You Missed It
Rare Photographs Show Ground Zero of the Drone War

By Spencer Ackerman

Be advised: Many of these pictures are disturbing. Some of them show dead children.

Afghan Massacre: Bales Hearing:
Army Medic Describes Gruesome Gunshot Wounds to Children:

By Adam Ashton

Maj. Travis Hawks could not pay much attention to the first victim he saw. She was a child with gunshot wounds to her head, and she was totally unresponsive. Continue

No Show Trial for Israel

By Yvonne Ridley

Israel squirms and wriggles like a worm on a fishhook over the Turkish trial into the deaths of nine unarmed humanitarian aid volunteers on board a ship bound for Gaza. Continue

CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Overthrow Ecuador President Rafael Correa

By Matías Rojas

The allegations were made public by President Rafael Correa on November 3rd on national television.

Julian Assange Labels Obama 'a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'


"Obama seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem,"

Manning Offers Guilty Pleas in WikiLeaks Case

By Josh Gerstein

There is no plea deal or agreement with the government at this time.

Armistice Day, Peace, and Other Things Americans Should Know About

By Kim Carlyle

They are disposable.  We are scared. So the “Defense” budget is sacrosanct. Security is our main concern.

The Special Interests Won Again

By Paul Craig Roberts

What is curious is that voters don’t understand how politics really works. They get carried away with the political rhetoric and do not see the hypocrisy that is staring them in the face.

It’s the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World

By Ellen Brown

How wealth is systematically transferred from Main Street to Wall Street.

26 killed in Syria clashes near Turkey border: Activists: At least 16 Syrian soldiers and 10 rebels were killed on Thursday in heavy clashes in the northwestern town of Ras al-Ain near the Turkish border

Syrian rebels kill prisoner as war fuels hatred: Unarmed and cornered by Syrian rebel fighters, the man seemed to accept his death with more silent sorrow than surprise; his killers did not hesitate as they shot their prisoner

Syrian opposition plans fall apart on eve of Doha conference: The western-backed initiative to form a united Syrian opposition looked to have collapsed on Wednesday night, as key opposition movements from inside the country pulled out.

Assad: 'I will live and die in Syria': In an interview broadcast on Russian television, the Syrian president said he would not leave the country to end the conflict there, despite British offers of safe passage if he did so.

NATO preparing to give Turkey Patriot missiles: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday that NATO is preparing to give Turkey Patriot missiles for deployment along the Turkish-Syrian border, local newspaper Today's Zaman reported on its website.

Turkey to ask Nato to help protect territory: Ssignalling a move that could put international troops from the alliance on the border between the two countries.

Call to lift Syria arms embargo to aid rebels: Britain is to review the EU arms embargo on Syria as part of a wholesale change in strategy in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election that could lead to the eventual arming of the rebel forces fighting to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

Britain to organise armed Syrian rebels into efficient fighting force: Britain is to increase its involvement in Syria's bloody civil war by offering to organise the rebels fighting President Bashar Al Assad into a stronger force

Planned Syria talks between Turkey, Iran, Egypt postponed: The meeting had to be postponed to a later date after Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi informed Ankara that he would not be attending.

Hamas offices in Syria raided, adding to fears of Palestinian deportations: Abbas appeals to envoy for international protection as Palestinians increasingly involved in violence

Hamas MP says Abbas not welcome in Gaza: "No hello, no welcome, no greeting, your visit is refused. Gaza is the house of the revolution and the revolutionary, and we don't welcome anyone who sells our homeland," Mousa posted on his official Facebook account.

U.S. judge dismisses suit linking Arab Bank to Hamas shooting attack: Gill, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, sued Jordan-based Arab Bank in 2011, claiming it provided financial support to Hamas and coordinated payments to family members of group members killed in action.

18 killed in Afghan bomb attacks: At least 18 people, including 10 civilians, were killed in three attacks in Afghanistan's south and east on Thursday, provincial officials said, the highest death toll in a single day since a spate of killings over the Eid festival last month.

Taliban suicide attack in Pakistan leaves 4 killed, 28 injured: A Taliban suicide bomber rammed a pickup truck filled with 180 kg of explosives into the headquarters of the paramilitary Pakistan rangers here today, leaving at least four people dead and 28 others injured.

Obama win infuriates drone victims: “Whenever he has a chance, Obama will bite Muslims like a snake. Look at how many people he has killed with drone attacks,” said Haji Abdul Jabar, whose 23-year-old son was killed in such a bombing.

Rare Photographs Show Ground Zero of the Drone War: What follows is a sample of some of the most arresting photos. Be advised: Many of these pictures are disturbing. Some of them show dead children.

BREAKING NEWS 22 Killed, wounded in car bomb explosion northern Babil province : Two persons killed and twenty others wounded when a car bomb exploded on Thursday evening, Nov. 8, in front of a restaurant in Asriya Village, north of Hilla.

Seven killed in Iraq attacks: A series of bombings and gun attacks killed seven people in Iraq on Thursday, including four who died in a car bombing in a predominantly Shiite city south of Baghdad, officials said.

Iran freezes import of 'luxury goods': reports: Iran has frozen the import of more than 2,000 products deemed "luxury goods" to address a shortage of foreign currency caused by Western sanctions, media reports said Thursday quoting trade officials.

US Kills 3 People in Yemen a Day After Obama Win: : Less than 24 hours from the re-election of President Obama, news of a new drone strike hit Yemen. The strike was in the al-Sarin village in Sanhan and killed Adnan al-Qadhi, Rabeaa Lahib and Radwan al-Hashdhi and injured others, including a boy.

IDF kills Palestinian boy in Gaza clash, say medics: Palestinian medics said the boy, aged 12, was hit by machine-gun fire, either from Israeli helicopters or tanks that took part in the incident.

Olmert: Netanyahu broke the rules in US elections: In meeting with New York Jews, former PM says 'I'm not sure our prime minister has a friend in the White House' and slams Netanyahu's intervention in the US elections

U.S. votes to legalize pot may encourage Latin American challenges to drug war: Experts said the moves were likely to give momentum to countries such as Uruguay that are marching toward legalization, to undercut Mexican criminal gangs and to embolden those who demand greater debate about how to combat illegal substances.

Mexico's new gov to review pot fight after US vote: "Obviously we can't handle a product that is illegal in Mexico, trying to stop its transfer to the United States, when in the United States, at least in part of the United States, it now has a different status," Videgaray said. "I believe this obliges us to think the relationship in regards to security ... This is an unforeseen element."

Greece lawmakers back austerity cuts amid protests: Lawmakers in Greece have narrowly backed a fresh round of austerity measures, despite violent protests across the country. The austerity package aimed at securing the next round of bailout funds was passed with the support of 153 MPs in the 300-member parliament.

Anger and violence on the streets of Athens: Video report: Demonstrators hurled petrol bombs - with more than a hundred detained - as the country's Parliament passed an austerity package aimed at securing the latest bailout.

Corporations Are Not People in Montana: Montana voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an initiative stating "that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings." Voters approved Initiative 166 by 75 percent to 25 percent, according to early, unofficial returns reported by the Billings Gazette.

November 07, 2012

To Humiliate and Degrade
Impressions of Gaza

By Noam Chomsky

Where a million and a half people, in the most densely populated area of the world, are constantly subject to random and often savage terror and arbitrary punishment.

Expanded Conflict in Syria Promised by Romney Will Proceed Under Obama

By Tony Cartalucci

Most irrelevant election in US history comes and goes as long-planned regime change using Al Qaeda death squads against Syria continues unabated.

The Chinese Solution

By Thierry Meyssan

There is a solution for peace in Syria. All we need is the will to implement it.

Western Hypocrisy
British Arms Deals – Quick Death, Fast Profits

By Colin Todhunter

British PM Cameron is often quite keen to stand in front of the TV cameras and lecture the public on the values of peace and democracy in an unstable world.

The Political Trial of a Caring Man and the End of Justice in America

By John Pilger

It was a political show trial of Stalinist dimensions, an anti-Muslim sideshow to the “war on terror”.

US Muslim Placed on No-fly List is Unable to See his Ailing Mother

By Glenn Greenwald

Despite never having been charged with any crime, an Air Force veteran is effectively exiled from his own country.

Ass Won!

By Linh Dinh

Once again, the world has witnessed the passion and faith American voters have for war criminals and protectors of banksters.

The Lull Before the Social Storm

By Jack D. Douglas

We're now in a lull before a vast, revolutionary storm. The U.S. is sinking faster and faster in all the ways vital to the future of our society.

Barack Obama's Victory Speech

Video & Transcript

"We have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come."

The Morning After
Nation Spends $2.5 Billion on Nothing

By Andy Borowitz

Mr. Klugian says, “If we took all the money we spend on political ads and used it to educate our children and feed the poor, we wouldn’t be America.”

140 killed as clashes sweep Syria: Battles between government forces and rebels left more than 140 people dead across Syria on Tuesday, while the brother of the parliament speaker was gunned down in Damascus - the latest victim of a wave of assassinations targeting high-ranking supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian rebels kill 10 pro-Assad Palestinian militiamen: Syrian rebels killed 10 members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), a faction loyal to Syrian government, on Wednesday in clashes near a Palestinian camp in Damascus, opposition sources said.

Syria rebels shell key pro-Assad area in Damascus: The shelling of the mainly Alawite Mazzeh 86 district came a day after a car bomb hit another Alawite area in the suburb of Qudsaya, as rebels increasingly target Assad's supporters in the minority, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

'Syria could be another Somalia', says Lakhdar Brahimi: "I believe that if the crisis is not solved . . . there will be the danger of Somalisation. It will mean the fall of the state, rise of warlords and militias."

UK to start talks with armed Syria opposition: "I have therefore now authorised my officials to have direct contact with an even wider range of representatives (than have so far been approached), including military figures in the armed opposition.

Afghan raids kill 30 armed "Taliban" in 24 hours: Afghan security forces supported by the NATO-led coalition troops have killed 30 armed Taliban militants in operations during the past 24 hours, the Afghan interior ministry said Wednesday.

Residents say foreign forces killed 3 civilians: The residents said the foreign forces killed three civilians during a night time operation in Babaji area of Lashkargah city. However, Afghan officials say they were armed rivals

Eight killed in Peshawar blast: At least eight people were killed and 32 others injured when a suicide bomber targetting a superintendent of police (SP), blew himself up in a market in Pakistan's northwestern Peshwar city, Geo News reported.

Turkish airstrike kills two Iraqi civilians-official: Two Iraqi civilians were killed and three more wounded in a Turkish airstrike on northern Iraqi Kurdistan targetting Kurdish separatists, a Kurdistan official said on Wednesday.

Turkey conducts ground raid against Kurd militants in northern Iraq - Turkish ground forces carried out a two-day cross-border operation targeting Kurdish militants in northern Iraq on November 5-6, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

Iraq expels Turkey's TPAO from energy exploration deal: The latest sign of worsening ties between Baghdad and Ankara.

Yemen intelligence official assassinated in capital : The officials say Mohammed El-Fil was shot in the head Wednesday by assailants on a motorbike.

European nations slam Israel's plans to build new housing beyond Green Line: Germany, France and the U.K. condemn new tenders published by Israel’s Housing Ministry for the construction of more than 1,200 housing units in Jerusalem, West Bank.

Bahrain revokes citizenship of opposition members: The government of Bahrain revoked the citizenship of 31 activists for threats to state security, the interior ministry said. The announcement coincided with the arrests of four suspects connected to Monday bombings in which two people died.

Britain owed millions for weapons used by autocratic regimes: Campaigners call for end to 'unjust poor country debts' after government figures show arms were used against civilians

Qatar, UAE wants to buy $7.6 billion in missile defense: U.S.: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have asked to buy more than $7.6 billion in U.S. missile defense technology, the Pentagon said Tuesday. The orders for the Lockheed Martin-made equipment were detailed in documents posted online late Monday by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which said it had notified Congress of the request.

Iran stores supplies of staple goods sufficient for 1.5 years: Official: Iran banned the export of around 50 basic goods, its media said on October 30, as the country takes steps to preserve supplies of essential items in the face of tightening Western sanctions.

At least one killed in car bomb near Somali parliament: police: - At least one person was killed on Wednesday when a car laden with explosives detonated in the car park of the country's parliament building in the capital Mogadishu, police said.

Military planners prepare for war in Mali: Military experts from Africa, the United Nations and Europe have drafted plans to "recapture" northern Mali, officials said on Tuesday, as one faction of the Islamist rebels who occupy the territory called for talks.

Americans tour base to recruit Libyan anti-militant force: commander: - U.S. officials in Libya have begun to look for recruits for a commando force which they plan to train to fight militants, a former commander of Libyan rebels who toppled Muammar Gaddafi said on Tuesday.

Violent protests in Greece against austerity vote: Hundreds of protesters clashed with Greek riot police Wednesday while more than 80,000 demonstrated outside Parliament, where lawmakers prepared to vote on new austerity measures needed to avoid financial disaster.

Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails at riot police : Video -

'U.S. Per Person Debt Now 35 Percent Higher than that of Greece': "On a per person basis, that means U.S. debt is $53,400 for every man, woman, and child, compared to $39,400 for every man, woman, and child in Greece.

Dow down more than 300 points as post-election fiscal reality hits Wall Street: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dove more than 300 points Wednesday following President Obama’s re-election, as investors absorbed the reality that same political players in Washington, D.C., now must address the nation’s so-called fiscal cliff, which looms at year’s end.

Four More Years! (Of Murderous Drone Strikes): Congratulations America! We did it! You assured four more years of murderous drone-strikes where 49 out of 50 people killed are entirely innocent!

7 Technologies That Will Make It Easier for the President to Hunt and Kill You: Nearly 3,000 people have been slain in the past decade by American drones. The process will only get easier, as these tools of war become more compact, more powerful, and more precise.

ACLU congratulates Obama, says close Cuban camps, ground drones: “We urge President Obama to dismantle a national security state where warrantless surveillance, extra-judicial killings of American citizens by drones and other attacks on our personal freedoms have been deemed acceptable,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said in a pre-dawn statement.

Veterans For Peace Sues to March in Veterans Day Parade: The suit says that Auburn officials are violating the group’s free speech rights by unfairly denying its application to march in the civic celebration scheduled for November 10.

Colorado and Washington vote to become first US states to legalize marijuana: Proponents of the initiative argued that pot is safer than alcohol, and that the legal sale of marijuana could rake in $45 to 100 billion in tax revenue, according to Bloomberg. The government will also save an estimated $14 billion in cannabis-related costs in fighting the war on drugs.

Monsanto Throws GMO Victory Party in California: $46 Million Advertising Blitz Convinces Citizens to Vote “Against Own Interests”

November 06, 2012

Netanyahu Vows to stop Iran, Even in Defiance of the United States

By Times of Israel staff

Asked in an interview whether, if reelected in January, he would “pledge that Iran won’t have a nuclear program by the end of your next term,” Netanyahu said simply, “Yes.”

When will the Killing War in Iran Begin? It Already Has

By Stephen Gowans

If the plutocrats and their loyal political servants in Washington and Brussels have to kill numberless Iranians to secure these benefits, they will. And are. Continue

Election Day Propaganda?
Obama Adviser In Secret Talks With Iran Supreme Leader: Report

By CBS News

A senior adviser to President Obama is reportedly leading secret talks with Iran

There's A Reason Why All Of The Reports About Benghazi Are So Confusing

By Michael Kelley

There's evidence that U.S. agents—particularly murdered U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens—were at least aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya to Syrian rebels.

Obama's Libya Failure

Robert W. Merry

That intervention set in motion events that aren’t good for Libya, for the United States or for the world.

The Permanent Militarization of America

By Aaron B. O’Connell,

Americans are subjected to a daily diet of stories that valorize the military while the storytellers pursue their own opportunistic political and commercial agendas.

Third Party Debate #2:
Tackling the issues the mainstream ignores

Video By RT

Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

Why Obama Will Disappoint Progressives and I Voted for Him Anyway

By Cenk Uygur

If you think there's no such thing as a free lunch, you can be sure there's no such thing as a free $10 million donation to a politician.

"I Don't Vote"
Where are all the Bright , Honest Intelligent Americans?

By George Carlin - Video

If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Continue

32 killed, 46 injured by car bomb near Iraq military base: A suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives detonated the vehicle near an Iraqi military base as soldiers changed shifts north of Baghdad today, killing at least 32 people and wounding more than 46, according to authorities.

Ten killed, 40 hurt in bombings near Damascus: "watchdog" - "At least 10 civilians were killed and more than 40 wounded, some in critical condition, when three improvised explosive devices detonated in the working-class district of Waroud in the suburb of Qudsaya,

Brother of Syrian parliament speaker assassinated; UN envoy says country in a catastrophe: - Gunmen killed the brother of Syria's parliament speaker as he drove to work in Damascus on Tuesday, the state-run news agency reported, as the international envoy for Syria warned the country could become another Somalia.

Syrian fighters fed up with 'cowards in exile': Syrian rebels at the front are turning against their commanders, accusing them of being cowards by fleeing abroad and failing to unite a cause that has been increasingly hijacked by Islamists.

Libya helps bankroll "Syrian" Rebels: According to a budget released by the Syrian National Council and posted to its Web site late Sunday, the Libyan government contributed $20.3 million of the $40.4 million that the opposition umbrella group has amassed since its creation in October 2011. Qatar gave $15 million, and the United Arab Emirates contributed $5 million, according to the document.

In case you missed it: How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria: The Times of London reported that a Libyan ship "carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria … has docked in Turkey." The shipment reportedly weighed 400 tons and included SA-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

In case you missed it: Benghazi "Consulate" Was CIA Post:  Among the tasks performed inside the building was collaborating with Arab countries on the recruitment of fighters – including jihadists – to target Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

In case you missed it: Slain U.S. ambassador recruited jihadists: Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador murdered in Libya, played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, according to Egyptian security officials speaking to WND.

Russian FM says Syria rebels have 50 Stingers: "You know perfectly well what Stingers are intended for, all the more so that the leaders of the (rebel) Syrian Free Army have repeatedly said that civilian planes will be a legitimate target."

How much did this cost the CIA? 7 more Syrian generals desert post in time of war: Seven generals who recently defected from the Syrian army arrived with their families at the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday and were allowed to enter the country at the town of Reyhanli in the southern province of Hatay under tight security measures.

Syria shuts down all offices belonging to Hamas: Hamas leaders are now based in Qatar

In case you missed it: Hamas realignment leaves ‘Resistance Axis’ reeling: The Qatari emir's visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza last month underscored the degree to which the axis has unravelled and sent a powerful message the governments in Damascus and Tehran, which views the Arab Gulf state as an arch foe.

Israel says preparing to counter Palestinian UN bid: The comments came as Israel's private Channel 10 reported that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman last month pledged to ensure the "collapse" of the Palestinian Authority if the bid for non-member status at the General Assembly goes forward.

Israel’s plan to Illegally build eastern Jerusalem housing has PA seeing red: In addition, the ministry reissued tenders for 72 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. The units were not sold when offered last December, according to Peace Now.

Turkey indicts IDF commanders over Gaza flotilla deaths: Relations between Jerusalem and Ankara have deteriorated since Israeli marines stormed the Mavi Marmara aid ship in May 2010 and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists on board.

Israel ready to strike Iran: Netanyahu: "I am, of course, ready to press the button if necessary," Netanyahu said in the interview.

Mossad ‘defied Bibi order to prepare Iran strike’: Former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan feared that an unauthorised military strike would inevitably follow and did not carry out the order.

Consider the source: Israeli think tank simulates aftermath of 'successful' strike on Iran nuke facilities: An Israeli think tank with close links to the government has simulated what would happen in the Mideast and internationally if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear facilities -- and concluded that reaction would be "in the direction of containment and restraint," not the trigger for a larger war.

Fact or fiction: Israel and Iran hold 'positive' nuclear talks in Brussels: A handful of officials from both Israel and Iran are involved in the two-day event, ostensibly in their capacity as private citizens, in what was billed as an academic seminar.

Iran Talks Surprise Has Observers Mystified Ahead Of Foreign Policy Debate: The news from The New York Times Saturday evening that the U.S. and Iran had agreed "in principle" to one-on-one nuclear negotiations, had every appearance of an "October surprise" -- a last-second international event designed to tip the scales toward the commander in chief.

In case you missed it: Iran says will take part in nuclear-free Middle East conference: Iran said on Tuesday it would take part in a proposed international conference in December on creating a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

Iran says three Arab countries let Israel use their air space to attack Sudan: Tehran’s foreign minister says countries were told in advance of last month’s attack on Khartoum munitions factory

Secret war against Iran and its allies heats up: From a suspected Israeli airstrike in Sudan to cyber warfare in the Gulf and a drone shot down over Israel, the largely hidden war between Iran and its foes seems heating up and spreading.

'Iran to build oil pipeline to Afghanistan': The Iranian deputy oil minister says the Islamic Republic and Afghanistan have agreed to build a pipeline in order to facilitate the exports of Iran’s oil products to its eastern neighbor.

Afghanista: Ten killed in separate incidents: Ten people were killed and three others injured in separate incidents of violence in different parts of the country during the past 24 hours, officials said on Monday.

U.S. Soldier 'soaked in victims' blood': A US soldier accused of one of the worst atrocities of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was captured on surveillance video running out of the darkness with the blood of his victims smeared on his face and soaked into his clothes, a prosecutor said.

In case you missed it: Anatomy of a Massacre: Video - Yalda Hakim travels to the villages where the massacre took place and interviews survivors of the attack

George Monbiot: Obama and Romney Remain Silent on Climate Change, The Biggest Issue of All: Op-Ed : Despite hurricane Sandy, neither Obama nor Romney will speak about global warming. The danger this poses is huge

Hacking voter machines: Easier than ever imagined: Millions of Americans are already waiting for hours outside of polling places to vote for the next president of the United States. All of that might not matter though, as some security pros say the entire election can be rigged all too easily.

Secret money for GOP door-knockers: There’s so much secret money in conservative politics that even volunteers are getting paid — and paid well.

Greece grinds to halt amid mass austerity strike: A far-reaching national strike against new austerity measures has left Greece paralyzed. Thousands are marching in the streets of Athens in protest against measures that unions say will sink the country’s already-flagging economy.

London Fire Brigade proposes closing a quarter of its stations: London mayor Boris Johnson announced last month that the London Fire and Rescue Service must reduce spending by £65 million over the next two years. A number of the proposals for achieving this that have been leaked to the press will all involve drastic cuts to staff and services.

UK: Taxman admits Government powerless to force multinationals to declare profits: The Government is powerless to stop large multi-national companies like Starbucks and Google from paying almost no tax on their profits in this country, Britain’s most senior tax official admitted today.

France to give businesses $25 billion tax break: France's government has promised €20 billion ($25 billion) in tax credits to businesses as part a "competitiveness pact" that it hopes will spark innovation and lower unemployment — but falls short of calls in a recent report for a "shock" to the economy.

HSBC Prepares to Face U.S. Money Laundering Charges: HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) said it’s likely to face criminal charges from U.S. anti-money-laundering probes and the cost of a settlement may “significantly” exceed the $1.5 billion the bank has set aside.


November 05, 2012

British Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries

By Jasper Copping

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found.

"The World Is At War" George Galloway


George Galloway gives his address to the Oxford Union Society. Continue

Nothing New in Mahmoud Abbas’ and the PLO’s Renunciation of Palestinian Refugee Rights

By Ali Abunimah

What Abbas’ Israeli TV interview did reveal was a novel interpretation of Palestinian refugee rights which underscores his determination to liquidate them no matter what.

The Transfer Agreement
1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler


The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine is a book written by author Edwin Black, documenting the agreement between Zionist Jews and Adolf Hitler to help create a Jewish state in Palestine.

In Defense of Richard Falk
Who is Richard Falk and What Has He Done?

By Lawrence Davidson

In a sane world this work would make Richard Falk a universally acclaimed defender of justice. But ours is not a sane world.

The Dogs of War Are Barking
Mitt Romney’s Team Wants to Let 'Em Loose in Iran

By Jeremiah Goulka

Don’t be fooled.  It’s not just campaign season braggadocio when Romney claims that he would be far tougher on Iran than the president by threatening “a credible military option.” 

The Mystery Behind the Benghazi Attack

By Justin Raimondo

The whole arrangement screams setup.

Asymmetric Extradition — the American Way

By Annie Machon

I have writ­ten at length about America’s asym­met­ric extra­di­tion laws, but this is tak­ing the sys­tem to new heights of hypocrisy.

America's Deplorable Human Rights Record

By Stephen Lendman

Far and away, America's human rights record is the world's worst. No other nation approaches its unprincipled history. Earlier crimes against humanity were largely internal and regional. 

Support for Kill List and NDAA make Obama and Romney unfit for office

By Thomas Mullen

A vote for Obama or Romney on November 6th is worse than wasting your vote. It is surrendering not only your liberty but your very life to the discretion of the all-powerful state.

The S&M Election

By Chris Hedges

Once we stop thinking we become a herd. We react to every new stimulus as if we were rats crammed into a cage.

How to Steal an Election (Again)

By Larry Dorshkind

Game over???!!! Guess who will be celebrating.

Broken US System Needs Watching:
International Election Observers Could Face Arrest

By Dave Lindorff

It is ironic that the US, which has been dispatching its military to invade far-flung countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, claims to be “bringing democracy” to their people, while at home one of its two main political parties is openly trying to prevent millions of Americans from exercising the basic right to vote.

Max Keiser: 'Barack Obama is Clueless. Mitt Romney will Bankrupt the Country'

By Robert Chalmers

Some call Max Keiser a 'traitor' but America's most outrageous political pundit is about to become the most widely watched newscaster on the planet. Here, he explains why he won't be voting in Tuesday's US election.

Sorrow, Sufferance and New York City
The Spiritual Is Political

By Michael Robeson

We do not want others to know us too closely – They might see the fears and the suffering that we have not hidden very well.

At least 50 government troops killed in Syria: A suicide car bomber killed more than 50 Syrian soldiers and pro-government gunmen Monday, a Syrian activist group said.

Fighting rages at Damascus Palestinian camp, 20 killed: "Yarmouk is a dense area and shelling it always results in a human catastrophe. We have 20 people killed, including medics who had to tried to help injured people in the streets, and dozens of wounded,"

Anti-government gunmen kill prominent Syria born Palestinian actor in Damascus: Prominent Syrian-born Palestinian actor Mohammed Rafeh, who was believed to be a supporter of President Bashar Assad’s regime, was kidnapped and then killed by anti-government gunmen, activists and his family said Sunday. He was 30.

Jihadist killing of captives widens the split among rebel fighters in Syria: A video showing the shooting of regime troops after they had been taken prisoner angered rebels who say foreign Islamists are being favoured with arms and funds.

Report: Car bomb hits near major Damascus hotel: The powerful blast shook the Dama Rose hotel and shattered much of its glass, Ikhbariyeh TV reported. The hotel in the past was used by U.N. observers visiting Syria.

Activists say Syrian rebels capture oilfield in country's east after 3-day battle with government troops: "Syrian rebels" firing mortars and rocket-propelled grenades captured an oilfield in the country's east on Sunday after three days of fierce fighting with government troops protecting the facility, activists said.

Putting lipstick on a pig: Assad's foes meet for makeover: Washington is pressing for a makeover of the opposition, with long-time dissident Riad Seif reportedly touted as the potential head of a new government-in-exile dubbed the Syrian National Initiative.

Divisions emerge at Syria opposition conference: The SNC will have to decide whether to accept a plan proposed by a prominent dissident, Riad Seif, to set up a new leadership group of about 50 members. The SNC would get some 15 seats, meaning its influence would be diluted, while military commanders and local leaders in rebel-held areas would win wider representation.

Afghanistan: 7 Taliban, 1 police officer killed in violence: In the latest incident which occurred early Saturday in the Taliban's birthplace and former stronghold Kandahar, 450 km south of Kabul, a senior police officer and three Taliban fighters were killed, Kandahar provincial administration confirmed in a statement sent to media.

Clashes among Afghan & Pakistani Taliban, 4 killed: This comes as an Afghan Taliban leader was killed following clashes with the Pakistani Taliban militants in Quetta city of Pakistan recently.

3 occupation force soldiers from upstate NY killed in Afghanistan: The Pentagon says they died of wounds suffered Saturday when enemy forces attacked their unit with an improvised explosion device in Paktia province.

US soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers due in court: A US soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers was due in court Monday for the first time since the massacre, as his wife proclaimed his innocence and said he had no recollection of having committed the crime.

Three killed in bombing at Baghdad Shiite mosque: A car bombing near a Shiite mosque in east Baghdad killed three people on Monday, as worshippers continued to mark a key date in the Shiite calendar, officials said, AFP reported.

Iraq: Soldier killed in Falluja: A soldier killed when sniper opened fire at him on Sunday evening, Nov. 4, in downtown Falluja.

A policeman killed and three civilians wounded in Mosul. : "A roadside bomb targeted a police patrol at the road to Baghdad, south of Mosul, killing a policeman."

Car bomb kills one in southeast Turkey : A car bomb exploded in southeast Turkey on Sunday as a police vehicle passed by, killing one person and wounding 12 others, security sources told Reuters.

A civilian killed , three others wounded in Ramadi. An explosive device, planted in one of the feeder roads exploded, killing one civilian and wounding three others.

Two Saudi border guards killed in ambush: Two Saudi Arabian border guards were killed on Monday in an ambush in Sharoura in the far south of the country near its border with Yemen, the interior ministry said.

Bahrain: 2 killed in bomb blasts in capital: A series of bomb blasts in Bahrain's capital killed two people Monday, authorities said, a sign that some factions within the opposition may be increasingly turning to violence in the nearly 21-month uprising against the Gulf nation's Western-backed rulers.

Bahrain detains human rights activist: Bahrain authorities on Saturday ordered the detention for seven days of a senior Shiite activist, accusing him of taking part in a banned demonstration, his lawyer said on social network Twitter on Saturday.

Rival Libya militias battle in streets of Tripoli: Rival state-sanctioned Libyan militias fired guns and rocket-propelled grenades at each in the Libyan capital on Sunday, leaving the police powerless to protect locals.

Car bomb explodes at Benghazi police station : Video report: A car bomb detonates outside a police station in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi, wounding at least three police officers.

Swiss team prepares for Arafat exhumation: A Swiss laboratory team has arrived in the West Bank city of Ramallah to prepare for the exhumation of former Palestinian president Yasser Arafat, Palestinian sources said on Monday.

Israel almost hit Iranian nuclear sites in 2010: An Israeli news program claims that Israel's premier told his military to prepare for a strike on Iranian nuclear sites in 2010, but it was not ready.

Iran denies suspending uranium enrichment: "Twenty percent uranium enrichment activities continue as before and no change has happened," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted an unnamed source as saying on Sunday.

Iran proposes live TV coverage of nuclear talks with West: Iran has proposed live television coverage of its talks with western powers, saying the government has nothing to hide regarding its controversial nuclear program which many countries contend is intended to develop nuclear weapons, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

Russia steps in to broadcast Iranian channels: Russia has taken over broadcasting the Islamic Republic's satellite programs after the European company Eutelset stopped dealing with the Iranian government due to the EU sanctions against Iran.

Saudi Arabia: Free Detainee Held Since April for Tweets: The Saudi authorities should immediately charge or release Mohammed Salama, a dual US and Saudi citizen detained without charge since April 2012.

Sunday protests planned in Kuwait despite government warning: The opposition in Kuwait will press ahead with a march on Sunday to protest against new voting rules despite the government warning it will not tolerate unsanctioned demonstrations, an activist said.

Mali Islamists Seek Negotiations and Agree to Elections, Cut Al Qaeda Ties:  France in particular, sees the Islamists as a threat and wants to defeat them. The U.S. too supports a military solution, as do many African States. The UN has given those planning a military intervention 45 days to submit a plan for approval.

Texas Carries Out 250th Execution Under Gov. Rick Perry: In less than a dozen years, Texas has executed more than twice as many prisoners than any other U.S. state has executed in three-and-a-half decades.

Naomi Wolf: A cure for America's corruptible voting system: Op-Ed - Too many of us buy into the myth of US democracy. In fact, the 'secret ballot' could use of dose of daylight and transparency

Timeline: The Long History of Voter Suppression: The 200-year battle over which Americans get to cast their ballots on Election Day.

G20 Finance Chiefs Ring Alarm Bells Over US Fiscal Cliff: Finance chiefs of the world's 20 leading economies are ringing alarm bells over the U.S. fiscal cliff and Europe's debt woes at a meeting in Mexico this weekend as they look to push back deficit reduction targets to help boost growth.

U.S. cities become hubs for Mexican drug cartels’ distribution networks A reported 8.9 percent of Americans age 12 or older — 22.6 million people — are current users of illegal drugs, up from 6.2 percent in 1998. Demand for and the availability of illegal drugs is rising.

Three US states poised to legalise cannabis and defy 'war on drugs': Washington, Oregon and Colorado set to allow recreational use.

November 03, 2012

US and the Chalabi-ization of Syria

By Daniel McAdams

Concerned that US/Saudi/Israeli/Qatari-supported al-Qaeda rebels in Syria look too much like, well, al-Qaeda members, the US has announced that it prefers to create a whole new opposition in Syria.

Flooding Syria With Foreign Arms

By Franklin Lamb

The intervention in Syria by more than three dozen countries supplying weapons must be stopped.

Hamas Realignment Leaves ‘Resistance Axis’ Reeling

By Hugh Naylor

It has been called the "Axis of Resistance", but the anti-US alliance of Iran, Syria and Hizbollah and Hamas is disintegrating.

An MI5 Whistle Blower's Story
From MI6 Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Gaddafi to Spying on Domestic Dissent

Must Watch - Video and Transcript

Annie Machon is a former intelligence officer for MI5, the UK Security Service, who resigned in 1996 to blow the whistle on the spies' incompetence and crimes.

Who is the Worst Civil Liberties President in US History?

By Glenn Greenwald

The one common strain running through these historic civil liberties assaults is war. War almost always erodes political liberties.

Dr. Michael Parenti: The 1% Ecology And The Myth of Capitalism:


"Modern capitalist societies avoid telling the truth about themselves"

US Elections:
From the “Lesser to the Greater Evil” and the Demise of Critical Liberalism

By James Petras

The support of the progressives will be accepted -but hardly acknowledged- but they will have no influence on future Obama policy after the election:  they will be discarded like used condoms.

Two Party Dictatorship: Ralph Nader:


Both Parties, Two Heads of Same Corporate Beast.

How Mormon Doctrine Shapes Romney’s World View

By Kirk Robinson

According to Mormon eschatology, we are now in the “last days” of our earthly estate.

Chris Rock - Message for White Voters


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Chris Rock.

A Surrender of Sorts
Relaxing in the Handbaket

By Fred Reed

The genius of the American political system is that it is not necessary to suppress inconvenient information, but only to keep it off television. So few people will encounter it as not to matter.

30 people shot dead in Nigeria, rights group says: More than 30 people have been shot dead in Nigeria, only a day after the rights group accused Nigerian security forces of committing serious abuses in their efforts to crack down on the militant Islamist group Boko Haram in the region.

Report: Nigerian troops killed dozens: - The Nigerian military is accused of killing dozens of young men in a northern city in an apparent search for members of the extremist group Boko Haram.

4 Helmand Police Killed in Insider Attack: The incident took place at a police outpost. The four police were killed by five other officers who had arrived as reinforcements, the district police chief Mohammad Toryali said Friday.

Police chief killed in Afghan roadside bomb: A roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan has killed a district police chief, officials said.

Politician among 6 killed in Pakistan suicide attack: An anti-Taliban Awami National Party (ANP) leader was among six people killed when a motorcycle-borne suicide bomber blew himself up near his car in Buner district of Pakistan's restive northwest on Saturday.

Iraqi officials: Insurgents shoot dead 3 soldiers at checkpoint north of Baghdad: Police officials said that the early Saturday shooting took place in Taji, 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Baghdad, and two other soldiers were wounded.

US court orders KBR to pay $85 million to 12 armymen for chemical exposure: An Oregon jury awarded 12 Army National Guardsmen $85 million in damages from defence contractor KBR Inc. on Friday after finding that the company failed to protect them from exposure to cancer-causing chemicals when they served in Iraq.

Suspected militants kill three policemen in Egypt's Sinai: The gunmen pulled in front of a police vehicle in an unmarked truck and opened fire

3 killed in Turkey clashes with Kurd rebels: security sourcesy: One soldier and two Kurdish rebels were killed Friday in Turkey's southeast in clashes that erupted after the rebels attacked a military post, security sources told AFP.

Syria rebels kill woman Kurd militia leader: Syrian rebels have killed a Kurdish woman militia leader in the northern city of Aleppo, highlighting growing tensions between anti-regime fighters and the Kurds, a monitoring group said Friday.

Violent Syria video footage: UN warns of possible rebel war crimes (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Video footage has emerged from Syria allegedly showing rebel fighters beating and kicking surrendered soldiers before shooting them dead. The UN says that if the killings are confirmed, the acts constitute a war crime.

West backs Qatari plan to unify Syrian opposition: Britain and US behind drive to create council to represent Syrian rebels, but Russia and main exile opposition group oppose it

Syrian opposition says received $40 million in aid: The main opposition Syrian National Council said on Thursday that it has received $40.4 million (31.1 million euros) in international aid since it was set up a year ago, half of which came from Libya. Libya has contributed $20.4 million, followed by $15 million from Qatar and $5 million from the United Arab Emirates.

Extortion, sectarianism rife in northern Syria: The Syrian governments loss of control over northern areas has created a power vacuum that feeds extortion and sectarianism, exposing civilians to criminals and extremists, residents and activists say.

Israel: Syria tanks enter Golan DMZ: Three Syrian tanks entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights on Saturday, prompting Israel to complain to U.N. peacekeepers, a military spokesman said. The foray would be the first such violation in 40 years and hikes concerns that violence from Syria's civil war could heat up a long-quiet frontier.

Israeli Ministry of Tourism map annexes over 60% of the West Bank: Is Israel preparing to annex Area C, as a growing number of analysts have recently been speculating?

Hamas PM blasts Palestinian leader over TV remarks: Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that Mahmoud Abbas' remarks, aired on Israel's Channel 2, were "extremely dangerous."

Abbas 'refugee' comments wow Israel, enrage Gaza: Israeli President Shimon Peres on Saturday saluted as "courageous" remarks by Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas widely seen as relinquishing Palestinian refugees' right to return to their former homes in what is now Israel.

Turkish Leader Says He Plans a Trip to Gaza Soon: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said on Friday that he planned to visit the Gaza Strip soon, a move that would significantly enhance the legitimacy of the Hamas-controlled Gaza government and antagonize the Palestinian Authority, Israel and the West.

U.S. reiterates opposition to Palestine's UN bid: The United States and Israel oppose the Palestinians' UN bid, and have called on Palestine to gain statehood through peace negotiations.

Israeli Newspaper Endorses Obama: : Obama is good for Israel : For Americans in general, and American Jews in particular, the United States' attitude toward Israel is just one of many factors to consider - among internal and foreign affairs, the economy and defense - when casting their vote.

Somalia: Two Suicide Explosions Kill Four in Mogadishu: At least four people have been killed and many others injured in double suicide explosions at a hotel in Somali capital Mogadishu, police and Witnesses said.

Thousands of Ethiopian migrants kidnapped, tortured, raped in Yemen-report: Migrants travelling from the Horn of Africa to Yemen in search of a better life are regularly kidnapped, tortured and raped, according to a new report by the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS).

Libya: Benghazi protesters demand autonomy: Protesters demonstrated in Libya’s second city Benghazi, calling for more autonomy for the eastern part of the country and the reintroduction of the constitution of 1951 to establish a federal system.

Juan Cole: Republicans Tip world off to covert CIA Role in Libya: Op-Ed - The politicization by the Republican Party of the tragic attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has been a security disaster for the United States. A document dump by Congressman Darrell Issa outed the identities of Libyans working with the US.

4 on Japan nuclear safety team took utility money: Four members of a Japanese government team that sets atomic reactor safety standards received funding from utility companies or nuclear manufacturers, raising questions about their neutrality in the wake of last year's tsunami-triggered disaster.

Unemployment in Europe: get the figures for every country: The eurozone unemployment rate has hit a record high at 11.6% with 18.5m people out of jobs according to Eurostat. Get the figures for every country

A Prepping Manual: Preparing for the Worst: Are you prepared for a collapse of the grid and the banking system, along with the just-in-time delivery system?

'Wall St. favors Romney due to anger over Obama 'fat cats' remark': Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney get money from Wall Street, however, most big bankers support Romney. Even though Obama bailed them out, they remember the president’s “fat cat” remarks


 November 02, 2012

Cameron on Standby to Send Warplanes to Gulf as Iranian Tensions Rise

By Kim Sengupta

The possible deployment of the Eurofighter Typhoons follows talks with the United Arab Emirates to bolster the UK’s presence in the region at a time when Israel is threatening military strikes against Tehran.

Free Syrian Army Kills Prisoners



Washington Post claims "soldiers" were executed - terrorists in video clearly refer to victims as civilian "shabih." Victims had no weapons, uniforms, or IDs indicating they were soldiers.  Continue

Washington seeks new Syrian puppets in war for regime-change

By Bill Van Auken

The entire sordid maneuver in Doha has underscored the real character of the so-called Syrian “revolution,” whose leadership is being directly selected and installed by the US State Department.

The Sore Losers Of The Syrian Crisis

By Thierry Meyssan

This new situation comes at the expense of Saudi Arabia, France, Israel, Qatar and Turkey all of whom had placed their bets on regime change in Damascus.

The Universe Unraveling

By William Blum

The evidence that Assad has had good reason for his stance has been accumulating for some time now, particularly of late. Here is a small sample from recent months:

Libya Mission Was CIA Operation: Report


Of the 30 American officials evacuated from Benghazi following the assault, just seven worked for the State Department.

Euphemisms Away!
A World in Which Truth is a Dying Species

By Gaither Stewart

In the case of the “lily pad”, this linguistic version of the sheep in wolf’s clothing, was allegedly conceived to spread the U.S. footprint into every corner of our planet.

Remembering Abu Jihad And Why, Really, The Israelis Killed Him

By Alan Hart

From Israel’s point of view Abu Jihad’s murder had the desired effect.

"Disgusting Serbs! Get Out!"
Madeleine Albright's Scrap With Pro-Serbian Activists in a Prague Bookstore

By Deana Kjuka

"You're a war criminal," Continue 

Joseph Stiglitz: “Romney’s Plan is Based on Magic”

By Andrew Leonard

Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz -- an Obama critic -- says Romney's cuts would be disastrous.

18 killed in van attack in Pakistan's Balochistan: At least 18 people, including women and children, were killed when gunmen opened indiscriminate fire at a passenger van at a petrol station that triggered a huge fire in the Pakistan's restive Balochistan province.

Pakistani military: 10 militants killed: Pakistani jets and gunship helicopters struck hideouts in tribal Khyber Agency, killing 10 militants and injuring six, military officials said.

4 Afghan police killed in insider attack: Four Afghan police officers were shot dead Friday in southern Helmand province in an insider attack by their colleagues, officials said.

U.S. occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: An American soldier died in southern Afghanistan after an attack by a group of insurgents, military officials said.

UN Official: Aspects Of US Drone Program Clearly 'War Crimes' : The Human Rights Council at the UN will likely initiate an investigation into civilian deaths caused by the CIA and US military's use of drones and other targeted killing programs, and said that if certain allegations against the US prove true, he considers them serious enough to call "war crimes".

UK 'considers' deploying Eurofighter Typhoon jets in Persian Gulf region: The warplanes may be deployed at the Al Dhafra airbase south of the capital Abu Dhabi, where American and French troops are already present.

Kadima: Netanyahu obsessed with Iran: Party leader Mofaz tells reporters only thing PM cares about is 'bombing Iran'

Iron Dome is useless, Iran says: Reports of Israeli system’s efficiency are ‘mostly psychological warfare and propaganda,’ Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri says

Syria rebels kill 78 soldiers: Syrian rebels killed 78 soldiers, about half of them in attacks on military checkpoints in the north just hours after a wave of bombings hit the Damascus area, activists said.

Rebels Shown Killing Captured Syrian Troops: The video shows rebels bearing and kicking a group of captured soldiers, some of the apparently wounded. The soliders are not bound or blindfolded. The rebels then shoot them to death.

The plight of Syria's Christians: 'We left Homs because they were trying to kill us': In the civil war, they have tried to stay neutral. But despite this, many are now facing persecution and death

Syria opposition outraged by Clinton comments: Mohammed Sermini, the press officer of the SNC, denounced the interference of Washington as "imperialist." "It has no right to interfere in our affairs. Syria must make its own decisions," he noted.

Clinton slammed for Syria remarks: Russia on Friday blasted US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call for an overhaul of the Syrian opposition and accused Washington of trying to solve the conflict on its own terms.

Abbas says he has no territorial demands on pre-1967 Israel: “I believe that [the] West Bank and Gaza is Palestine,” said Abbas, “and the other parts (are) Israel.”

Israel admits killing Arafat deputy in 1988: Israel has for the first time admitted assassination of the deputy of late Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat on the movement's Tunis headquarters, Israeli Yediot Ahronoth newspaper reported on Thursday.

Mitt Romney, Benjamin Netanyahu share donors as well as friendship: More than half the people who gave money to Netanyahu’s re-election campaign are Americans who’ve also donated to the Romney campaign or the Republican Party in the United States.

Britain accused of war crimes over man held by US for eight years without trial : : Human rights campaigners accused the British government of possible war crimes yesterday for failing to secure the release of a man held without trial for eight years by the Americans.

UK: Clarke warns opponents of 'secret justice' plans: Proposals in the Justice and Security Bill would allow national security evidence in some civil cases to be heard in secret for the first time to prevent the Government having to settle out of court rather than risk sensitive information becoming public. It has led to intense criticism from civil liberty groups who argue it is bringing about secret justice.

Glen Greenwald: US investigates possible WikiLeaks leaker for 'communicating with the enemy': Op-Ed : US military's new legal theory threatens to convert unauthorized leaks into a capital offense. Who is the real 'enemy'?

US model plane bomb plotter gets 17 years : Rezwan Ferdaus pleaded guilty in July to the scheme, which turned out to be an FBI sting. His 17-year prison term, handed down by a judge in Boston, will be followed by 10 years of supervised release, a Justice Department statement said.

Canadian protesters to show faces or get 10 years in jail: Canadian lawmakers weren’t exactly in the Halloween spirit when they approved a new bill on Wednesday. The legislation makes it illegal to wear masks during riots and protests. Guilty parties could face up to 10 years in prison.

Canada: Rich-poor gap widening: The Food Banks Canada Hunger Count 2012 report, released this week, says the amount of people accessing food banks has increased significantly — 31% higher than prior to the 2008-09 recession.

US unemployment rises to 7.9 percent: The Labor Department estimated the unemployment rate at 7.9 percent, up from 7.8 percent in September,


November 01, 2012

How the U.S. Is Helping to Kill Peace in Syria

By Nicolas J.S. Davies

It's no coincidence that the main "outside" players in Syria's civil war are the same countries that led and supplied the "NATO rebels" in Libya in 2011.

US Withdraws Support for Syria's Opposition Leadership


The Obama administration has said it would push for a major shake-up in Syria's opposition leadership, dismissing the Syrian National Council.

Iran vs the Empire: Fighting Dollarization

By Eric Walberg

In past cases, such as Chile, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe, the message was: your socialist policies are unacceptable. In Iran's case, the message is: take dollars for your oil.

Economic Sanctions Are An Act of War

By Chris Bassil

One does not have to look far for evidence of the economic illiteracy behind the policies of men like Obama and Romney.

The Fall Guy
Fake Iranian Terror Plot Wouldn't Convince a Child

By Justin Raimondo

It was the FBI’s idea to blow up the Café Milano, not Arbabsiar’s. There never was any murder plot: the FBI was manipulating Arbabsiar from the start – not a hard task to accomplish, given his mental state.

A Proxy For Empire
Remi Kanazi – Normalize This!

3 Minute Video

Zionism is a real demographic threat, Infecting the minds of millions with racism.

Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter

By Kathy Kelly

With an estimated 400 Afghan people displaced every day by a U.S.-initiated war, the desire for warm blankets and warm clothing will certainly be greater than the supply.

US Drone Wars – Murder, Inc.

By Stephen Lendman

Imagine living in a country run by officials who think war is good.

Texas Police Gun Down Immigrants From Helicopter

By Lynn Brezosky and Jason Buch

Two men from Guatemala were killed Thursday when a Department of Public Safety helicopter opened fire on a red pickup suspected of smuggling immigrants.

Sandy Forces Climate Change on US Election Despite Fossil Fuel Lobby

By Bill McKibben

Such is Big Energy's hold on DC, neither Obama nor Romney talk about climate change. But Americans are joining the dots.

Disaster Capitalism
If Mitt was President (During Hurricane Sandy)

By Mike Whitney

He would have required that victims produce a valid ID, proof of insurance and FICO scores before providing them with first aid or medication. Continue

Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event

By Aviva Shen

Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on display. Continue

Why Chavez Won Again

By Danny Glover

Although media coverage of Venezuelan politics might have led one to think otherwise, these presidential elections were about much more than Chavez, as significant as he may be as torch-bearer of the poor and marginalized. Continue

At least 120 dead in Syrian fighting; airstrikes near Damascus: At least another 120 people were killed in fighting across Syria on Thursday, opposition groups, including at least 53 soldiers killed in rebel attacks on military checkpoints, reported dpa.

Syrian rebels kill 28 soldiers, several executed: Video shows rebels rounding up men, shooting them: Anti-government rebels killed 28 soldiers on Thursday in attacks on three army checkpoints around Saraqeb, a town on Syria's main north-south highway, a monitoring group said.

Syrian rebels arm Palestinians against Assad: Syrian rebels said on Wednesday they had begun arming sympathetic Palestinians to fight a pro-Assad faction in a Palestinian enclave in Damascus - a move which could fuel spiraling intra-Palestinian violence.

Obama administration works to launch new Syrian opposition council: Syrian opposition leaders of all stripes will convene in Qatar next week to form a new leadership body to subsume the opposition Syrian National Council, which is widely viewed as ineffective, consumed by infighting, and little respected on the ground

Syrian opposition reacts to US attempt to form an alternative opposition: , Dr.Radwan Ziadeh, the executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that “no county around the world can impose a leader on the Syrian opposition” and went on to say that the initiative to form an opposition “belongs to Syrians only.”

Russia warns of more bloodshed if West insists on Assad ouster: "If the position of our partners remains the departure of this leader who they do not like, the bloodbath will continue," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius.

China Presents Plan to End Syrian Conflict: A new proposal to end the conflict in Syria was presented on Thursday by China, one of the Syrian government’s few foreign defenders, which calls for a phased-in truce, the establishment of a transitional authority and an intensified international response to the humanitarian crisis afflicting millions of Syrians.

17 killed in series of roadside bombings in Afghanistan: A series of roadside bombs in restive southern Afghanistan on Wednesday killed a total of 17 people, among them women and children, in a bloody week for civilians.

Taliban can ‘contest’ Afghan presidential election: The Taliban could stand as candidates in Afgha-nistan’s next presidential election in 2014, the country’s top poll official said Wednesday,

We must ban use of drone weapons: Op-Ed Thou shalt not kill is a pretty fundamental rule in most societies. But murder and maiming of innocent bystanders frequently occurs as a result of the use of stealth bombers or drone missiles in Afghanistan.

Living on death: San Diego's drone industry doubles in size: The industry, which is centered in North County, generated at least $1.3 billion locally in 2011 and directly and indirectly supported 7,135 jobs. The report says the true impact could be far higher due to classified programs that are not included in public records.

Nine anti-drone protesters cited for blocking Beale AFB gates: Four women and one man, who remained standing in front of a Beale Air Force Base gate after authorities asked them to move their protest off federal property were cited Tuesday and sang "We Shall Overcome.

Israel confirms killing Arafat deputy in 1988: Lifting a nearly 25-year veil of secrecy, Israel acknowledged Thursday that it killed the deputy of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in a 1988 seaborne raid on Tunisia.

Fact or fiction: US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran: Arab spring has left US-friendly rulers in region nervous about possible impact of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear programme

Iran's sick feel pain of sanctions: Difficulties in importing medicine and equipment having adverse affect on health of up to six million patients.

Fighters angry at cabinet besiege Libya assembly: Nearly 100 Libyan fighters backed by artillery have circled and occupied the national assembly in protest over the new prime minister's cabinet lineup, an AFP journalist said on Thursday.

Fugitive Iraq VP sentenced to death on second charge: An Iraqi court sentenced fugitive Vice-President Tareq al Hashemi to death for a second time yesterday on a charge of involvement in a plot to assassinate an interior ministry official, a judicial spokesman said.

How Tony Blair and friends help arms dealers get into bed with Britain's universities: Mike Higgs describes how the arms industry is embedded in Britain's universities, with the help of Tony Blair and his acolytes, such as former UK defence minister John Reid.

On the Horizon, a Dreaded Wave of Locusts: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warns that large swarms of locusts are forming in Africa’s Sahel region and are likely to push northward to Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Mauritania once they take flight.

Mexico study: US legalization cuts cartel profits: A study released Wednesday by a respected Mexican think tank asserts that proposals to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado, Oregon and Washington could cut Mexican drug cartels' earnings from traffic to the U.S. by as much as 30 percent.

In case you missed it: "Murder City" Charles Bowden author of Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein charged with trespassing in Keystone XL protest: Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested Wednesday morning in east Texas while attempting to bring food and Halloween candy to protesters camping out in trees to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, according to anti-pipeline activists.

The Battle Against Big Energy's Rush to Ruin Our Planet: The energy industry tries to sell us 'ethical oil', 'clean coal' and 'natural gas', but this extreme weather is mobilising people to act.


October 30, 2012

Israel Lobby Calls for an ‘Iranian Pearl Harbor’

By Muhammad Sahimi

The War Party has revived the idea of creating the “right incident” for provoking a war with Iran.

The Unfolding Human Catastrophe in Iran

By Muhammad Sahimi & Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi

The sanctions are now in full force, and are hurting the same people who we were told were not meant to be their target, in what is yet another case of "collateral damage" inflicted by Western policy towards Iran.

Regardless of Whether Obama or Romney Wins
America's relations with the Arab World will change

By Robert Fisk

Obama sat cowed in his White House seat as the Israeli prime minister effectively told him that UN Security Council resolution 242 – the very basis of the non-existent "peace process" – was a non-starter.

Who Lost the World?

By Ira Chernus

The enduring power of a foreign policy myth that will not die, the decades-old idea that America has an inalienable right to “own” the world and control every place in it.

Drone-Murders of Americans ‘Totally Right, Totally Constitutional’: Homeland Security Chairperson

Must WatchVideo

This 2-minute video from We Are Change Luke Rudkowski powerfully captures what US “leadership” has become.

Citizens' Grand Jury Indicts Obama and Biden

PR Newswire

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have been criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, U.S. and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Drowning on Wall Street and Ending World War II

By David Swanson

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Countrywomen, let's grow the fuck up.  Stop blaming an imaginary being for a storm that you and your government produced. 

The Virtual Recovery

By Paul Craig Roberts

Presstitutes spoon out the government’s propaganda.

U.S. Prosperity Slides in Index That Ranks Norway No. 1

By Simon Kennedy

The U.S. slid from the top ten most prosperous nations for the first time in a league table which ranked three Scandinavian nations the best for wealth and wellbeing.

Two British occupation force soldiers killed in 'green on blue' Afghanistan attack: Two British soldiers have been shot dead by a man wearing Afghan police uniform in what appeared to be the latest “green on blue” attack where a rogue member of the Afghan forces has killed his allies.

Somalia's General Farah killed in al-Shabab ambush: The governor of the Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia said General Farah was killed along with four other soldiers in an ambush on Sunday.

US: Iraqi audit points to huge money laundering: American investigators say Iraqi auditors believe as much as $800 million in U.S. currency is being sent out of the country illegally each week.

Syrian General assassinated in Damascus: According to Syrian TV, General Abdullah Al-Khaledi, a senior officer at the Syrian Air Force, was killed Tuesday in Damascus. The television report said he was shot in one of the capital's neighborhoods.

UK blocks Russian condemnation of Syria terrorism: The incident in question took place last Friday when unidentified terrorists detonated a bomb near a children’s playground in Damascus leaving several kids dead and several others injured.

Netanyahu: Iran strike will be good for Arabs: Paris Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought on Tuesday to convince Arab states that an Israeli military strike on Iran would benefit them, removing a potential threat and easing tensions across the Middle East.

Pentagon Nixed 1998 U.S. Nuclear Scientists’ Probe of Iranian Programme: In 1998, the Defence Department vetoed a delegation of prominent U.S. nuclear specialists to go to Iran to investigate its nuclear programme at the invitation of the government of newly-elected Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, according to the nuclear scientist who was organising the mission.

Libya army has 'no control' in Bani Walid: defence minister: "The town is completely empty except for a small number of people who are living in tragic conditions; there is no activity; the impact of shelling is visible everywhere," the minister said.

Bahrain bans protests, public gatherings: “All rallies and gatherings have been suspended and no public activity will be allowed until security and stability are achieved,” said Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.

Kuwait arrests opposition leader ahead of mass protest: Kuwaiti authorities arrested a prominent opposition figure over his criticism of the Gulf Arab state's ruler. It came days before an expected mass rally protesting against a reform, which critics say undermines opposition political forces.

Birther-Linked Super PAC Runs Islamaphobic Ad Against Michigan Candidate: In a stunning appeal to Islamaphobia, a group linked to former Swiftboater and birther conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi has launched a smear attack ad on a Muslim-American Congressional candidate.

We Are All from New Orleans Now: Climate Change, Hurricanes and the Fate of America's Coastal Cities

Authorities start anti-looting campaign in the aftermath of Sandy: Firefighters in Philadelphia rescued a man from the rubble of a three-story building brought down as Hurricane Sandy swept through the East Coast, only for authorities to arrest him immediately on suspicion of looting.

German joblessness rises as euro zone crisis bites: German joblessness rose for a seventh month in a row in October, highlighting the vulnerability of Europe's biggest economy to the euro zone crisis

Greece delays austerity vote, warns of 'chaos': Greece's coalition government will delay a vote on major new austerity measures by another week, but warned Tuesday there would be financial "chaos" if a deal is not reached.

Greece gave birth to democracy. Now it has been cast out by a powerful elite: An exclusive club of powerful people engages in illegal practices, then pushes through necessary laws to legalise these practices, granting itself an amnesty, and in the end, there are no media to uncover what really happened.

October 29, 2012

Israel bombs Sudan in Dry Run for Iran Attack

By Uzi Mahmaini, Tel Aviv and Flora Bagenal, Nairobi

Eight Israeli F-15I planes — four carrying two one-ton bombs, escorted by four fighters — struck the giant Yarmouk factory on the southwestern outskirts of Khartoum, the capital, in the early hours of Wednesday.

How to Bomb Iran

By Philip Giraldi

Some Pentagon spokesmen have suggested that Israel cannot do the job alone, but the problem is much larger than that, leading to the question whether Israel can do it at all.

A Permanent Ceasefire is the Only Hope for Syria

By Jonathan Steele

The US needs to change policy. Its one-sided support for armed rebels may condemn Syrians to years of blood.

How US Drones Forge as Many Foes as They Kill

Patrick Cockburn

One of the most important changes in world politics over the past decade is that the US has failed to win two wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan, despite deploying large and vastly expensive land armies. Equally telling, these failures were against relatively puny forces of guerrillas.

Obama's Kill List Expands to Fascistic 'Disposition Matrix'
Murder Inc. has got nothing on the West Wing.

By Libbyliberal

Obama is announcing this chilling expansion of assassinations one and a half weeks before the election. Wow! Talk about hubris. Talk about arrogance.

US Detention of Imran Khan Part of Trend to Harass Anti-drone Advocates

By Glenn Greenwald

The vindictive humiliation of Pakistan's most popular politician shows the US government's intolerance for dissent.

Pentagon is World’s Leading Landlord

By Face the Facts

Worldwide, DOD has more than 2 million people working on 5,000 sites in 41 countries.

Our Words Are Our Weapons
Against the Destruction of the World by Greed

By Rebecca Solnit

Let’s start calling manifestations of greed by their true name. By greed, I mean the attempt of those who have plenty to get more, not the attempts of the rest of us to survive or lead a decent life.

Why I’m Voting Green
Those who rebel are our only hope

By Chris Hedges

The November election is not a battle between Republicans and Democrats. It is not a battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It is a battle between the corporate state and us.

Afghan raid kills 4 Taliban, 3 civilian bystanders: Villagers at the funeral of the civilians told reporters they included a farmer, his wife and their 14-year-old son. Video images from the funeral showed the bodies of two men and a woman.

Unknown armed men kill 6 Afghan civilians: Unknown armed men opened fire and killed six civilians in Ghazni province, 125 km south of Afghan capital Kabul, over weekend, a local newspaper reported Monday.

5 killed in Afghan-NATO operations, civilian deaths feared: According to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, at least 5 Taliban militants were killed and four others were detained following a joint military operation by Afghan and coalition security forces in Ghazni city on Sunday night.

2 Afghan soldiers killed following blast in Helmand: According to local authorities in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, at least two Afghan national army service members were killed following a roadside improvised explosive device blast in Garmser district on Monday.

Pakistan: Ten killed in Khyber operations: At least 10 people were killed in aerial firing by the Pakistani Army in the Bara sub-division of the Khyber tribal agency on Monday morning. Two soldiers were also killed in the clashes that preceded return of the helicopter gunships to Bara area.

5 killed in blast in shrine blast in NW Pakistan: At least five people were killed and over 20 others were injured when a bomb went off near a shrine in Pakistan's northwest district of Nowshera on Sunday afternoon, local media reported.

At least 13 killed as Iraq suffers violence on third day of Eid festival: A car bomb blast killed at least 13 people and wounded another 28 in a Shiite section of northwestern Baghdad Sunday, police said, as many residents were at parks and markets observing the third day of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.

10 Dead in Damascus Car Bomb: At least ten people were killed and 41 others were wounded Monday in a car bombing on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus. The blast blew apart pieces of surrounding buildings in the Christian and Druze suburb of Jaramana.

Second Car bomb explosion kills several near Damascus: The attack came shortly after another car bomb hit an area near the capital, killing at least 15 people, including women and children.

Syrian warplanes bombard rebels with 60 airstrikes: Activists say: The army warned late Sunday night that it will strike "remnants of terrorists with an iron fist" after they "repeatedly violated the cease-fire."

UN Envoy Urges New Talks in Syria Despite Failed Ceasefire: "The situation is bad and getting worse," a downbeat Brahimi said after a meeting in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as cited by RIA Novosti.

‘Die slowly, Christian dog’: “Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the grave”.’ This chant is so often repeated and reported, it’s become almost the official jingle of the civil war.

US commanders spark questions over military presence in Turkey: The Turkish military and the minister of defense have quickly denied any US military presence in Turkey after top US commanders said military personnel had been sent to Turkey to assist in handling the spillover of the Syrian crisis and the fight against the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Beijing report says Chinese Muslims are fighting in Syria: Chinese Muslim separatists from the northwest region of Xinjiang are battling Syrian government forces alongside al-Qaida and other extremist groups, an official Chinese newspaper reported Monday.

Kurdish fighters more involved in Syria's fighting against rebels: Scores of Kurds fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have attacked strongholds of the rebels Free Syrian Army in the northern province of Aleppo in retaliation to similar attacks carried by rebels on Kurds- dominated areas in Syria, media reports said Saturday.

US admiral in Turkey to discuss closer cooperation in anti-PKK fight: A top U.S. admiral is visiting Turkey today amid increasing military cooperation between Washington and Ankara on the fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and mounting tension on the Turkish-Syrian border to Syria’s crisis.

US has about 70 nuclear bombs in Turkey: Report: The United States deployed around seventy B61 nuclear bombs in Turkey, according to a Turkish news agency citing well informed sources.

Turkey hits Syrian targets after new shell lands in Hatay: The military has again responded to a stray shell fired from Syria that landed in Turkey, the Anatolia news agency said on Monday.

Origin of Syrian shells into Turkey unclear, US general says: "We are not sure if these shells are from the Syrian army, from rebels who want to get Turkey involved in the issue or from the PKK [Kurdish Workers’ Party]," he said.

Nine killed as Turkish forces, Kurdish rebels clash: Violence between security forces and Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey left one police officer and eight rebels dead, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported Monday.

Turkish police teargas thousands-strong secularist demo (VIDEO): Tear gas and water cannons met thousands of protesters in Ankara who had staged a pro-secular rally on Republic Day. The clashes mark a growing gap between the Islam-leaning government and the country's secular layers.

US military chief in Israel to oversee countries’ largest ever joint maneuvers: Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, was meeting Sunday with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak at the beginning of his visit. He’ll also be meeting with his Israeli counterpart and the country’s president.

Hamas "activist" killed in Israeli air strike: - An Israeli aircraft attacked a group of members of the Islamic Hamas movement in Gaza on Sunday killing one activist and Israeli ground troops bulldozed Palestinian properties at the demarcation line between the strip and Israeli-patrolled territories.

Israeli raids on Gaza draw 18 rocket fires: - Gaza radicals on Monday fired 18 rockets at southern Israel, ending several days of calm, with the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement saying it was revenge after an air raid killed one of their men.

Dennis Ross: What Obama has done for Israel's security is 'without precedent': Former top White House official says he supports the U.S. president, and ascribes Jewish hostility toward the president as resulting from'disinformation and polarization.'

Iranian warships dock in Sudan, days after alleged Israeli airstrike: Two Iranian warships docked at Port Sudan on Monday, less than a week after a munitions plant in the Sudanese capital went up in flames in what Khartoum has claimed was an Israeli airstrike

Fact or fiction? Report: Intel found on slain Hamas official led to Sudan strike: U.K.'s Sunday Times cites military intelligence reports that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, assassinated in Dubai, was in possession of an agreement between Iran and Sudan from 2008 that permitted Iran to manufacture weapons in Sudanese territory.

Palestine set to seek UN observer status next month: “We will go to the UN regardless of any threats," said Tawfik Tirawi, a senior member of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement.

Fact or fiction? Message with a bang: what Israel told US with Sudan hit: Was Israeli attack on Khartoum missile plant a 'dry run' for Iran – or a memo to the next US President?

Sudan: a front for Israel's proxy war on Sinai jihadis?: If Israel bombed a Sudanese munitions factory, as Khartoum alleges, the raid was part of its widening proxy war against Islamist militants in neighbouring Egypt which the Jewish state is reluctant to confront directly.

Clinton in Algeria to press on Mali, Qaeda: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held talks with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday to press for a possible military intervention in neighbouring Mali, where Islamists control large areas.

Libya: Capture of Bani Walid smacks of revenge: The chaotic, vengeful scenes demonstrated the weakness of the new government's authority over former rebel militias which owe it allegiance but essentially do what they like.

Libyans disillusioned with government amid chaos: The deafening noise of a dozen heavy-caliber machine guns sent demonstrators running and filled the upscale neighborhood with the sounds of battle. Blocks away, shocked bystanders wondered if one year after the civil war ended, Libya had gone back to war.

7 killed, 100 wounded in Nigeria church bombing: A suicide bomber rammed an SUV loaded with explosives into a Catholic church holding Mass on Sunday in northern Nigeria, killing at least seven people and wounding more than 100 others in an attack that sparked reprisal killings in the city, authorities and witnesses said.

U.S. kills 4 people in east Yemen: Yemeni security officials say an airstrike targeting a vehicle traveling through the country’s east has killed at least four suspected militants.

US drones are killing many civilians: Op-Ed - When we're told that 16 militants have been killed in a drone strike, it usually turns out that, for example, four of these militants were children and seven were women.

Yemen's 'Death to America' rebels bring calm to northern Yemen : Many residents expressed enthusiastic approval of Houthi governance, saying the rebels’ rule has lead to security and stability. And as the frequent sight of construction attests, some here are confident enough about the current calm to invest, pouring money into infrastructure projects in the impoverished province.

Ex-President Allende's granddaughter wins race : Maya Fernandez Allende, the granddaughter of Chile's fallen socialist President Salvador Allende, won her first major political race on Sunday as leftist parties regained lost ground in municipal elections nationwide.

Canadian police urge Parliament to pass domestic spying bill: Police across Canada are urging Ottawa to resurrect a controversial Internet surveillance bill that would allow them to monitor Canadians' digital activities in real-time without a warrant.

U.S. Prisons Bursting at the Seams: Uncompromising pictures from inside America's overcrowded prison system show the cramped lives lived by more than two million inmates

World Series victory triggers mass riots in San Francisco (VIDEO, PHOTOS): Victory celebrations turned into mass rioting after the San Francisco Giants clinched the 2012 MLB World Series. Thousands of frenzied baseball fans lit fires, overturned cars and rampaged through the city.

Climate Change Feeds Hurricane Sandy: Fewer but fiercer and more-destructive hurricanes will sweep the Atlantic Basin in the 21st century as climate change continues, a new modeling study by U.S. government researchers suggests

Why ‘Frankenstorm’ Is Just Right for Hurricane Sandy: Sandy, the hurricane that appears set to pummel the East Coast, promises a historic potential for damage and a terrifying look at what may be in store for us—ever more frequent assaults of not-so-natural origin.

Naomi Klein: Geoengineering: Testing the Waters: Mr. George is one of a growing number of would-be geoengineers who advocate high-risk, large-scale technical interventions that would fundamentally change the oceans and skies in order to reduce the effects of global warming.

Fifth of UK workers “paid less than living wage”, says KPMG: KPMG, a leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services, has found that 4.82 million people are paid a wage that does not enable a basic standard of living

Tens of thousands protest against austerity in Rome: "We are here against Monti and his politics, the same politics as all over Europe, that brought Greece to its knees and that is destroying half of Europe, public schools, health care," said demonstrator Giorgio Cremaschi.

Paul Krugman: Medicaid on the Ballot: Op-Ed: There’s a lot we don’t know about what Mitt Romney would do if he won. He refuses to say which tax loopholes he would close to make up for $5 trillion in tax cuts; his economic “plan” is an empty shell.

10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America: Brace yourself for one of the most aggressive corporate lobbying campaigns of all time. And one of the most hypocritical.


October 28, 2012

Welcome to the Age of Hell
Entrenching Murder as the American Way

By Chris Floyd

Weep for where we are, and where we're going. Continue

Institutionalized State Assassinations and the November 6 Election

By Bill Van Auken

The erosion of democratic rights within the United States is far more advanced than most people realize. Continue

Propaganda - Lies And Distortions By CBC
Pakistan's Imran Khan Slams U.S. War On Terror

Video Interview - CBC News

"Trillions of dollars spent. God knows how many hundreds and thousands of people killed. Is the world any safer?" Continue

Canada, Israel Call for UN Investigator's Resignation

By The Associated Press

The UN special investigator on human rights in the Palestinian territories called Wednesday for a boycott of all companies that have dealings with Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem until they adhere to international rights standards and practices. Continue

Israel First thriving in Governor Romney’s camp
And Still Trying to Get me Fired, Silenced

By Michael Scheuer

Readers of this blog will recall several previous battles I have been engaged in with Israel-Firsters intent on getting me fired from various jobs and banned from the media. In these efforts, the Israel-Firsters have had some success. Continue

Palestinian Refugees
Time To Return NOW!


10 million Palestinians. Almost 5 million of them are refugees. And half of those are still living in camps. Everywhere we find great poverty, but also the same steadfast will to return to their country, Palestine. Continue

How Democracies Die

By Mike Lofgren

"Picture a country at the height of its international power and prestige. It has military forces stationed around the globe. It is an intellectual leader...." It's not the one you're thinking of. Continue

Noam Chomsky : Who Owns the World?

Video and Transcript

In 1945, the United States had literally half the world’s wealth, incredible security, controlled the entire Western Hemisphere, both oceans, the opposite sides of both oceans. There’s nothing—there hasn’t ever been anything like that in history. Continue

"State of the Struggle"

Video - Michael Parenti, Savvina Chowdhury, Sarah Regan.

"What people believe the U.S. is doing in the world and what the U.S. really is doing, is one of the great propaganda feats of modern time." Continue

The Call:
A Choice No Mother Should Face


Keep your daughter safe -- or keep your family together? What call would you make? Continue

The Holocaust Shuffle

By Eric Peters

We’ve got a new dance here in the Homeland. It’s called The Holocaust Shuffle. The steps are easy to learn. Just stand here, legs apart – and arms up. Say nothing – and do exactly as you are told. Continue

Lies of Plutocracy:
Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor

By Jeff Nall

If you believe that poverty is the domain of the comfortably poor, black, unemployed, unmotivated and uneducated among us, you have been sadly misled. Prepare to be astonished by numbers that tell a very different story. Continue

Hope For The Hopeless

By Brett Dennen

Heaven. heaven.
What the hell is heaven?
Is there a home for the homeless?
Is there hope for the hopeless? Continue

United Front Against Austerity, Public Assembly

Live Streaming

To organize an effective opposition to the impending austerity offensive; agitate to shift the burden of the economic depression onto Wall Street oligarchs; and to build momentum toward a genuine political revolution of, by and for the people. Continue 

Suicide bombing kills 41 at Afghan mosque: official: The attacker was wearing a police uniform when he blew himself up in the crowded Eid Gah mosque in the provincial capital of Faryab province, deputy provincial governor Abdul Satar Barez told AFP.

18 armed "Taliban" rebels killed in Kandahar clash: 18 armed "Taliban" rebels were killed in clash by Afghan forces in Kandahar province. This clash occurred when tens of armed Taliban rebels attacked on security post of Registan district.

6 Afghan civilians shot dead on Kabul-Kandahar highway: According to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, Afghan police forces discovered bodies of 6 Afghan civilians who were shot dead on Kabul-Kandahar highway.

2 from U.S. among 3 killed in Afghanistan: Two U.S. occupation force soldiers were killed in a so-called insider attack and a third coalition member died in an attack by insurgents, officials in Afghanistan said.

Green-on-blue attacks not infiltrator job: Afghan Interior : He stressed that the shootings took place because of the US-led troopers’ disrespect for the Afghans and Islamic traditions and values.

UN To Investigate Civilian Deaths From US Drone Strikes: Emmerson singled out both President Obama and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney for criticism. "It is perhaps surprising that the position of the two candidates on this issue has not even featured during their presidential elections campaigns, and got no mention at all in Monday night's foreign policy debate

In case you missed it: More Evidence That Drones Are Targeting Civilian Rescuers In Afghanistan: New research from the NYU School of Law and Stanford Law School details how U.S. drones employ a tactic, known as the "double tap," that is considered to be a terrorist act by the U.S. government.

Afghanistan may never be 'viable state' warn MPs: The UK might have to recognise that creating a viable state in Afghanistan is not achievable, an influential group of MPs has said.

Imran Khan deplaned, interrogated at Toronto airport: : Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, was deplaned from a New York bound flight at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Geo News reported. Khan was questioned over his stance against US drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas, the sources added.

Pakistan: Gunmen kill 2 antiTaliban elders in Swat: Gunmen shot dead two members of an anti-Taliban peace committee in northwestern Swat valley, where militants tried to murder schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai, police said Friday.

Iran Agrees to Finance Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline: Pakistan and Iran have agreed to sign a $250 million loan agreement next month for laying Pakistan's portion of the pipeline, The Express Tribune reported Thursday. Iran has also offered an additional loan of $250 million from its commercial banks for the pipeline. Tehran will also provide material support.

6 civilians killed in Somalia fighting: African Union troops alongside pro-government forces have pushed some 120 kilometres northwest of Mogadishu to the small village of Lego, as they seek to open up the road from the capital to the key town of Baidoa.

Libya: Troops fire on refugees returning to siege town: The thump of rockets and crash of anti-aircraft guns from inside the town of Bani Walid confirmed that battles between the army and pro-Gaddafi elements were continuing despite the government’s insistence it had captured the town.

Stephen Lendman: Genocide in Bani Walid: Op-Ed: Obama's dirty hands are all over this crime of war and against humanity. Media scoundrels ignore it.

Benghazi attack: Urgent call for military help ‘was denied by chain of command’: Citing “sources who were on the ground” in Benghazi, Libya, Fox News is reporting that an urgent request for military help during last month’s terrorist attack on the US consulate there “was denied by the CIA chain of command.”

African Union to request UK funding for Mali offensive: Britain and fellow United Nations Security Council countries are likely to be asked to help bankroll an African force of 3,200 soldiers to fight Islamists in Mali, diplomats have said.

Report: Israeli drone destroyed arms convoy in Sudan: Israel reportedly sent an unmanned drone to destroy an arms convoy south of Khartoum last month • Drone was said to have launched missiles that destroyed 200 tons of munitions, including rockets, that were destined for the Gaza Strip.

Sudan Vows No Retreat From Supporting Hamas in Aftermath of Israeli 'Aggression': "If Israel is targeting Sudan because of its stand on the side of the Palestinian resistance, then Sudan will continue down that road as dictated by the religion, history and fate it shares with the Palestinian people" he added.

Israel Operates Inside Sudan, Israeli Official Says: An Israeli intelligence official for the first time confirmed that the Israeli military operates in Sudan, just days after the government in Khartoum accused Israel of bombing an arms factory outside the capital.

'Boycott them!' UN rapporteur slams companies aiding Israeli settlements: A special rapporteur for the UN’s Human Rights Council has called for a boycott on all companies involved with Israeli settlements until they adhere to international rights standards. Israel and the US have condemned the move.

18 killed in Iraq attacks during Eid al-Adha holiday: A bombing near a playground and other insurgent attacks killed 18 people including several children in Iraq today, challenging government efforts to promote a sense of stability by preventing attacks during a major Muslim holiday.

Gunmen kill 2 policemen in Iraq: Police say the attack took place early today. Gunmen opened fire on a group of policemen at a checkpoint in Buhriz. Two other policemen were wounded.

The victims of Fallujah's health crisis are stifled by western silence: Four new studies on the health crisis in Fallujah have been published in the last three months. Yet, one of the most severe public health crises in history, for which the US military may be to blame, receives no attention in the United States.

$1 Billion Missing: U.S. can’t produce $1 billion of fuel receipts in Iraq: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cannot produce about $1 billion of receipts for fuel and other supplies it bought in Iraq using Iraqi money, a government investigation has found.

The Treasures of War: The Today Programme on 'Britain's Great Adventure in Basra': Radio 4's Today programme of 16 October provided rare, frank insight into the priorities behind the British occupation of Iraq, and the inherent entanglement between the military effort and 'British business'

Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock : On 27 May 2012, anti-war protester David Lawley-Wakelin interrupted Tony Blair, as he was giving evidence at Leveson Inquiry into the British press and the phone-hacking scandal, shouting, "Excuse me, this man should be arrested for war crimes." Lord Leveson duly apologised to the war criminal and truth-teller Lawley-Wakelin was taken away by the police

'Five killed, 32 wounded' in Damascus blast: A security source told AFP that the bombing had targeted residential buildings for police officers and their families and that children were playing in the area when the attack occurred.

UN Security Council Refuses to Condemn Damascus Blast: The UN Security Council has rejected a Russian initiative to condemn the recent terrorist attack in Damascus that killed nearly 50 people following the announcement of a ceasefire across Syria.

22 killed as Syrian rebels and Kurdish militiamen clash in Aleppo: Eid truce broken again with at least 22 thought dead after alleged incursion by Syrian rebels into neutral Kurdish districts

Rebels storm Syrian military base despite ceasefire: Heavy fighting has broken out around a Syrian military base, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, in the first major violation of a ceasefire marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Syrian army 'responding to rebel ceasefire violations': The military said rebel attacks had taken place against its positions in Deir Ezzor, Daraa, Idlib and in the Damascus region.

Iran thanks UN mediator Brahimi for brokering ceasefire in Syria: In his telephone talks with Brahimi on Thursday, Salehi called the declaration of ceasefire an important step to start efforts for a political solution to the 19-month conflict in Syria.

Origin of Syrian shells into Turkey unclear, US general says: "We are not sure if these shells are from the Syrian army, from rebels who want to get Turkey involved in the issue or from the PKK [Kurdish Workers’ Party]," he said.

Propaganda alert: Diplomats: Iran one step closer to nuclear bomb: - Iran appears to have nearly finished installing centrifuges at its underground nuclear plant, Western diplomats say, potentially boosting its capacity to make weapons-grade uranium if it chose to do so.

U.S. fighter jets deployed in secret to Mideast: U.S. Central Command quietly dispatched a Marine fighter jet squadron from San Diego to an undisclosed country in the Middle East, U-T San Diego has learned.

Britain rejects U.S. request to use bases:- Britain turned aside an unofficial U.S. request to use British military bases to support a buildup of forces in the nuclear standoff with Iran, officials said.

NSA’s secretive surveillance program goes to the Supreme Court: The US government insists that Americans don’t have the right to challenge a law that lets the National Security Agency eavesdrop on the intimate communications of anyone in the country, but all of that could now change as early as next week.

Seattle police plan to deploy spy drones: . The FAA has approved the local police department to start using surveillance drones for law enforcement, but protesters are making it clear that they're willing to put up a fight.

We live in a Police State : Video - Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad addresses the importance of recognizing that we live in a police state and that we need to decentralize public safety of public safety. Also that we need community control of our communities.

When Women Vote, Women Win! - 1960s teen idol Lesley Gore leads charge in ‘You Don’t Own Me’ Video

US presidential election fundrasing crosses $2 billion mark: The Obama campaign has raised a record $1.037 billion. This is for the first time that any presidential candidate has raised more than a billion dollars in an election cycle. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data compiled by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute, Romney campaign has raised $950.7 million.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Is a 'Citizens United' Democracy a Democracy At All?: Op-Ed: Sinquefield may well be the most influential private citizen in the state. Not for the power of his ideas, or the strength of his organizing, but because his money won’t shut up.

Romney-Ryan's Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor: Romney's priorities really are pretty stark: He wants to cut taxes on the rich and cut spending on the poor. That's Romney's real poverty plan.

80 top CEOs tell Obama, Romney to slash social spending: The chief executives of 80 large US corporations have issued a “Deficit Manifesto,” calling on the next president to “fix America’s debt” by making substantial “changes in the federal budget.” The statement was published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

Budget cuts push Spain jobless to a record 25 percent: More are expected to lose their jobs next year as additional government cutbacks kick in. In the European Union only Greece has a higher jobless rate.

October 26, 2012

US Coordinates Weapon Deliveries to Syria Rebels: Russia


Russia on Thursday accused Washington of "coordinating" deliveries of arms to Syrian rebels, despite assurances by the State Department.

Britain Rejects US Request to Use UK Bases in Nuclear Standoff with Iran

By Nick Hopkins

Secret legal advice states pre-emptive strike could be in breach of international law as Iran not yet 'clear and present threat'

'Israeli Attack' on Sudanese Arms Factory Offers Glimpse of Secret War

By Ian Black

Sudan's angry accusation that Israel bombed the Yarmouk factory in Khartoum is highly plausible.

War Crimes And U.S. Threats To Withdraw Financial Support For Palestinians


Sadly, the US is conspicuously treating Palestinian diplomatic efforts at the UN as more serious than Israel's interminable breaches of the 20-year-old Oslo Accords.

A Failed Formula for Worldwide War

By Nick Turse

How the Empire Changed Its Face, But Not Its Nature.

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American

By Conor Friedersdorf

A boy among boys eating dinner by an open fire along the side of a road when an American drone came out of the sky and fired the missiles that killed them all.

A Nation Armed to the Teeth but Living in Fear

By Dave Lindorff

The whole country is populated by adults who have been raised in a climate of fear by a media and a government that are hell-bent on scaring the shit out of everyone.

Is The World Abandoning The U.S. Economy?

By Brandon Smith

The possibility of a U.S. without financial hegemony is very real.  To understand that this possibility exists is one thing; to understand that the process of destabilization has already begun is another.

Stopping Trans Canada’s Keystone XL Pipeline
Activism from the Trees and on the Ground

By Ann Wright

In East Texas, the farm lands and forests have been seized for the Canadian company through eminent domain and are already being destroyed for the foreign pipeline.

Fred Throws Sombrero in Ring

By Fred Reed

Do not misunderstand me. I am as patriotic as the next guy, and consequently happy to kill remote strangers for no reason, and their wives, children, dogs, and flcoks. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford it.

Libya: '600 killed in Bani Walid fighting in one day' – source: Video - Amid conflicting reports that the Libyan city of Bani Walid was captured by army forces, RT has learned that 600 people were allegedly killed in Wednesday’s fighting, and over 1,000 have been hospitalized. Locals are appealing for international aid.

Loyalists hold out in last stand at Bani Walid: The last of Muammar Gaddafi's loyalists were supposed to have been purged from this Libyan desert town, after an eight-day offensive by the army. Instead, there was mayhem here on Thursday, as it became clear the Gaddafi loyalists are far from beaten.

32 killed as clashes occur in a bazar in Afghanistan: Special police forces killed 25 guerrila members. The geurrila killed 5 agents, reported the spokesperson of the provincial governorship, Abdullah Bayash, quoted by the "Aip" press agency.

17 "militants" killed in gov't building attack in S. Afghanistan: "A group of militants, numbered dozens of armed men, launched an attack against district compound in Registan at around 2 a.m. local time Thursday, sparking a three-hour gunbattle that left 17 militants dead," administrative chief of the district, Abdul Khaliq Ayoubi, told Xinhua.

Royal Marine and Female Occupation Force Soldier Killed in Afghanistan [VIDEO]: Unconfirmed reports suggest that the two could have been killed in a "green on blue" attack, in which Afghan troops turn rogue and kill their western counterparts, said the BBC's defence correspondent in Afghanistan, Caroline Wyatt.

2 US Occupation Force Soliders Killed in Insider Attack : An Afghan police officer on Thursday turned his weapon against Isaf forces in southern Uruzgan province, killing two US soldiers, officials said.

Court told UK spies ‘assisting’ CIA to murder Pakistanis: The High Court has been told that the UK intelligence officials could be “encouraging or assisting murder” and the commission of war crimes by providing assistance for then CIA drone strikes in Pakistani tribal areas.

Remote U.S. base at core of secret operations: Djibouti — Around the clock, about 16 times a day, drones take off or land at a U.S. military base here, the combat hub for the Obama administration’s counterterrorism wars in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

Myanmar official says 56 killed, almost 2,000 houses torched in latest ethnic violence: The 25 men and 31 women were reported dead in four Rakhine state townships in violence between the Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya communities that re-erupted Sunday, local government spokesman Win Myaing said.

11 killed in Iraq attacks: Shootings and bombings in Baghdad and north of the capital killed 11 people on Wednesday, including six government employees in a minibus on their way home, in the run-up to the Eid holiday.

Iraq looks to reinstate disbanded army officers: Efforts by Iraq's premier to court disbanded army officers from Sunni areas of the country can help boost security and support for the Shiite leader ahead of upcoming elections, analysts and observers say.

Dozens killed in 'Douma massacre': The state-run SANA News Agency said that an "armed terrorist group has committed an ugly massacre that claimed the lives of 25 people who were killed by knives near Hawa Mosquein Sli Bin Taleb Street in Douma." The opposition accused the Syrian government of being behind the “massacre"

Damascus agrees to 4-day Eid ceasefire across Syria, starting Friday: Syrian army command agreed to suspend military operations, but insisted on the right to retaliate against any rebel attacks. The Free Syrian Army commander responded that the rebels would commit to the truce, on the condition that prisoners be released on Friday.

Islamic militant group in Syria rejects truce: The current international peace plan seeking to stop Syria's civil war suffered a major setback Wednesday when an al-Qaida-inspired militant group rejected a cease-fire proposed by the international envoy.

Orthodox priest kidnapped in Damascus found dead: This was confirmed to Fides by Fr. Haddad’s greek-orthodox confrere, who asked for anonymity. "His body was horribly tortured and his eyes gouged out," he told Fides. "It is a purely terrorist act. Fr. Haddad is a martyr of our church. "

US deploys troops to Turkey: General: The U.S. Armed Forces recently sent soldiers to Turkey amid the incidents in Syria and the soldiers deployed in Turkey have been sharing intelligence, U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling has said

2 Yemeni senior security officers assassinated south of the capital: A Yemeni security official says militants have assassinated two senior officers in drive-by shooting south of the capital.

Gaza man dies of wounds from Israeli airstrike: A 24-year-old Palestinian died Thursday from injuries sustained in an Israeli air strike a day earlier, Gaza's health ministry said.

Israel and Gaza militants agree fragile truce: A fragile truce took effect between Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian militants early on 25 October, bringing a tentative end to a period of escalating violence between the two sides.

Report: Netanyahu and Lieberman to merge right-wing parties ahead of Israeli elections: This move should puncture the notion that Lieberman's ethnocentric, right-wing politics that push for the "transfer" of Palestinian citizens of Israel is somehow an outlier in Israeli politics.

US extends $4bn Israel loan program: The loan guarantees are independent of $10 billion in annual US military assistance to Israel and joint US-Israel missile defense projects.

UN independent expert calls for boycott of businesses profiting from Israeli settlements: A United Nations independent expert today called on the world body’s General Assembly, as well as civil society, to take action against Israeli and international businesses that are profiting from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Sudan arms factory blast: Khartoum to report Israel to UN: Belal warns that Sudan has a right to strike back against Israel. “Sudan reserves the right to strike back at Israel,” he told Reuters.

Sudan reporter: Local communications severed prior to arms factory blast: The telecommunications network in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum were disconnected for about an hour before an explosion rocked an arms factory there a local journalist told Haaretz on Thursday.

Iran slams Israeli airstrike on Sudan: Iran has denounced an Israeli airstrike on an arms factory in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, saying the aggressive act runs counter to international regulations and violates the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the African country

Mali Tuaregs killed by ‘uniformed’ men: Several Tuareg civilians have been killed by uniformed men in Diabali in central Mali, the site of a mass shooting by Malian troops in September, regional media and Tuareg officials said

Government to argue speedy trial doesn’t apply to Bradley, veterans to rally in support: As Army Private First Class Bradley Manning nears 900 days in jail without trial, his lawyer moves to dismiss all charges for lack of a speedy trial.

Pentagon prisons revealed: WikiLeaks publishes terror detainee manuals: Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks is releasing over 100 classified documents detailing US Department of Defense procedures for running Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and other infamous prisons where terror suspects are detained.

Teen: NYPD Paid Me To Bait Innocent Muslims : Video - Shamiur Rahman, said police told him to embrace a strategy called "create and capture." He said it involved creating a conversation about jihad or terrorism, then capturing the response to send to the NYPD. For his work, he earned as much as $1,000 a month and goodwill from the police after a string of minor marijuana arrests.

Entire Indian tribe threatens to commit mass suicide after Brazil court rules they must leave sacred burial land: 'We ask, one time for all, for the government to decree our extinction as a tribe, and to send tractors to dig a big hole and there to throw our dead bodies.

CIA drones spur radical movements in Pakistan and Yemen: Far from quelling Islamist insurgencies in places such as Pakistan and Yemen, however, the US spy agency's move to escalate its aerial campaign is likely to further radicalise civilian populations, driving otherwise peaceful people into the arms of militant groups, say observers.

16 arrested in anti-drone protest: The protesters were a part of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars. They blocked the base's gates at its main entrance off Molloy Road, and at entrances at Thompson and Town Line roads.

War Criminal: Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president: "I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012 and I'll be voting for he and for Vice President Joe Biden next month."

Donald Trump Offers $5 Million For Obama's College Transcripts, Passport: Donald Trump's big "announcement" dropped Wednesday, when the real estate mogul offered $5 million for President Barack Obama to reveal his college transcripts and passport application.

US Election: Barack Obama ridicules Donald Trump on Jay Leno show : Video - Mr Obama yesterday joined in the chorus of mockery of Mr Trump, who also subscribes to the "birther" conspiracy theory that the President was born in Africa and not Hawaii.

Texas attorney general threatens to arrest international election monitors: Abbott has written to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe warning that its monitors have no right to monitor the vote even though they have observed previous US elections.

First Commercial Tar Sands Project in U.S. Approved: A Utah water quality board approved the first commercial tar sands project in the U.S. Wednesday, opening a largely undeveloped area in Utah’s eastern desert to production next year.

Texas Keystone Pipeline Critics Resist Use of Eminent Domain: Several appeals have been filed by Texas landowners trying to resist the efforts of pipeline company TransCanada to use a local law to force reluctant landowners to permit construction of a southern extension of the line from Cushing, Oklahoma to Nederland, Texas.

China Surpasses US as Top Foreign Investment Venue: THE US State Department is circulating a confidential letter urging European Union (EU) members and other "friendly" countries to help block Palestinian attempts to secure non-member Observer State status at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.


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