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Iraq: A Twenty Two Year Genocide

By Felicity Arbuthnot

Incredibly it is twenty two years to the day since the telephone rang in the early hours and a friend said: “They are bombing Baghdad.”

Stay Out of Mali

By Dan Simpson

French aircraft bombing Malian towns and French troops defending the capital of an African country carries with it the strong, pungent odor of neocolonialism, whatever "terrorist" label the French may try to put on the Malian rebels.

Burn, Burn - Africa's Afghanistan

By Pepe Escobar

Forget about spotting any Americans; these are - what else - contractors who do not wear military uniforms.

Algeria and Mali: An Obscene Remake of Earlier Western Interventions

By Robert Fisk

We are outraged not by the massacre of the innocents, but because the hostages killed were largely white, blue-eyed chaps rather than darker, brown-eyed chaps.

Syria: Reuters Spreads Another Syrian 'Massacre' Lie - Debunked

By Moon Of Alabama

Reuters: Massacre of over 100 reported in Syria's Homs

Law Professor Tries & Fails to Legalize an Israeli Attack on Iran

By Nima Shirazi

If this passes for astute legal analysis these days, it's no wonder the United States has little to no respect for basic tenets of international law.

Obama: Money Power's Point Man

By Stephen Lendman

Throughout his tenure, Obama's done what supporters thought impossible. He's governed to the right of George Bush.

Inequality of Exceptionalism Pervades Our Culture.

By Kim Carlyle

Foreign nationals are less valuable than Americans. Our losses are tragedies; theirs are collateral damage. The American public remains callously indifferent to the suffering of human “others.”

Clean Hands, Dirty Hands… No Hands!

By Philip A Farruggio

This is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand more about the true history of this great nation.

The Military-Industrial Complex

Dwight D. Eisenhower

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."

The Lies Of Democracy and the Language Of Deceit

By Colin Todhunter

The state-corporate fraudsters, murderers and liars who wrap themselves in the language of freedom and democracy have been getting away with it for so long.

Toll in Iraq attacks rises to 29: The toll from a spate of attacks across Iraq on Thursday rose to 29 dead and 120 wounded, officials said, amid weeks of anti-government protests and a political crisis engulfing the country.

Sectarian tensions are pushing Iraq to the brink: Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki has become a dictator. He must resign to prevent a bloody confrontation with Sunnis and Kurds

Explosion kills 12 in Syria's Aleppo: Twelve people were killed when an explosion rocked a government -held district of the disputed Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday, a monitoring group said, and both sides in the conflict accused the other of mounting the attack.

Syria crisis: BBC sees evidence of Homs massacre: The BBC has found evidence to support reports from Syria of a massacre this week in which at least 100 people were killed and burned in their homes. A team visited the village of Haswiya, on the edge of the central city of Homs, and saw charred bodies still lying inside one of the houses.

French journalist killed by sniper fire in Syria: Debay, who was shot once in the head and once in the chest, was brought to Turkey overnight where medical staff pronounced him dead on arrival, the official said. Syrian anti-government rebels said Debay had been shot in the northern city of Aleppo.

Assad approval ratings rising across Syria: Franklin Lamb: An analyst says the Syrian president is enjoying increased support from the peoples’ majority in defiance of armed opposition and illegal US-led sanctions.

Iran, China consider Assad plan to end Syria crisis realistic: Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made the remark after his meetings with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun on the Middle East developments in Beijing on Wednesday.

Hostage situation ongoing, dozens of captives and militants dead: The militants who seized an Algerian gas plant, taking scores of hostages, have demanded the release of terrorists, one of whom was involved in the 9/11 attacks. At least 30 hostages, including several foreigners, have died in rescue attempts.

60 foreign hostages 'still missing': Algerian special forces resumed negotiating today with the militants holed up in the refinery, according to the news service, quoting a security source. The report said "more than half of the 132 hostages" had been freed in the first two days, but it could not account for the remainder, saying some could be hidden throughout the sprawling desert site.

Mali army 'regains Konna' as Nigerian troops arrive: Mali's army has recaptured Konna after Islamist rebels fled, the military and residents in the strategically important central town have said.

Algerian government says terrorists came from Libya: The Algerian government has said that the Islamist guerrillas responsible for capturing and killing a number of hostages came from Libya. Citing European and American security sources, France's Le Figaro newspaper has reported that the attack had been planned well before the French military intervention in Mali

Algeria: Militants Demand Safe Passage to Libya : Islamist militants who seized Westerners at an Algerian gas plant are demanding a safe passage to nearby Libya, authorities said, as fallout from the French offensive in Mali reverberates globally.

US helping but hesitant on Mali intervention: Al-Qaida's expanding foothold in Mali has the Obama administration declaring it cannot accept new terrorist sanctuaries and promising to support French and African efforts to restore security.

Making sense of Mali's armed groups: After spending weeks reporting from the country's restive north, Al Jazeera's May Ying Welsh reviews some of the different groups and what they want.

Mali: fragile democracy and clumsy US policy: Op-Ed: "Under siege by drones in Pakistan and Yemen, al-Qaida 3.0 has exploited the 'Arab Awakening' to create its largest safe havens and operational bases in more than a decade across the Arab world. This may prove to be the most deadly al-Qaida yet."

Report: Libya on the road to oil failure?: An editorial from Bloomberg News states that Libya may eventually fail as a petro-state unless it does more to address ongoing security and political woes.

CIA intelligent agents arrested in Tehran: Iranian Intelligence Ministry has said that its agents have discovered a group of CIA undercover agents in what the Ministry defined as ‘constant and smart operations.’

Emirati citizen found guilty of espionage: The UAE citizen stands accused of providing a foreign state with secret military intelligence via a foreign consulate. This comes amidst reports that the suspect’s wife is an Iranian national. The UAE citizen pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 7 years imprisonments.

Rubio’s New Foreign Policy Adviser Called For War With Iran: Rubio — considered to be a top contender for the Republican nomination for president in 2016 — “has worked to establish his credentials in foreign affairs,” the Times notes, “espousing a hawkish view as he sits on foreign relations and the intelligence committee.”

Netanyahu 'will not dismantle settlements': Israel's prime minister has said no Jewish settlements in the West Bank will be removed during his next term in office if he wins elections on Tuesday. benjamin Netanyahu told Israel's Maariv newspaper: "The days when bulldozers uprooted Jews are behind us, not in front of us

Saudi Arabia to grant $100m to Palestinians: Saudi Arabia will give the Palestinian government in the Israeli-occupied West Bank $100m to help alleviate a worsening budget crisis, the Palestinian president's office has said.

U.S. Senator to Abbas: U.S. rejects Palestinian's intention to join UN agencies: U.S. Senator Rand Paul told Abbas after a meeting in the West Bank city of Ramallah that the United States will impose sanctions on the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) if it decided to join UN agencies.

How the media let Israel get away with murder: Israel spends a lot of time talking about secure borders and how the need for them drives its policies regarding the Palestinians. With few exceptions, the media act as willing promoters of this perversion of reality.

Hamas, Fatah agree to implement unity agreements: The most recent reconciliation agreement, which was signed in Doha, Qatar, envisages the establishment of a unity government headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Pakistan says it will free all Afghan Taliban detainees: Pakistan plans to release all Afghan Taliban prisoners still in its detention, including the group's former second-in-command, an official said on Friday, in the clearest signal yet that it backs reconciliation efforts.

Pakistan strikes deal with opposition cleric: Canadian-Pakistani Tahir-ul Qadri calls off four-day protest in Islamabad after government makes concessions.

WikiLeaks suspect's motive no defense: US judge: A US military judge ruled Wednesday that Bradley Manning's motive for allegedly leaking a huge cache of secret files to WikiLeaks is no defense against the long list of charges he faces.

Supreme Court to consider if silence can be evidence of guilt: The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to consider whether a suspect's refusal to answer police questions prior to being arrested and read his rights can be introduced as evidence of guilt at his subsequent murder trial.

TSA 'Viper' team makes appearance in train stations: People are used to seeing TSA inspectors at airports but on Wednesday, a specialized team made their presence known at the Amtrak station in Emeryville

With Cash and Commandos, U.S. Escalates Its Battle Against the Mexican Cartels: The U.S. military is getting ready to send its elite troops to help in the fight against Mexico’s drug lords. American special operations forces will expand their training of Mexican commando teams, teaching them to hunt cartel chieftains like they were al-Qaida extremists.

More Preschoolers Than Cops Get Shot Dead: According to a new report from the Children’s Defense Fund in 2008 and 2009 – the two years after the Virginia Tech shootings – 173 kids age five and under died from gunfire in the US. By comparison, 89 police officers were shot and killed during the same period.

China sovereign wealth fund may cut US debt holdings: China’s sovereign wealth fund, which has more than US$480 billion in assets, could cut holdings of US Treasury Bonds as they are becoming a less attractive investment, state media said on Tuesday.

Keystone’s Tar Sands Waste Said to Warm Climate More Than Coal: Refining Canada’s oil sands into gasoline may speed global warming more than previously estimated after accounting for use of a waste product, which can be burned like coal.

If You Are Unemployed In These States, Move!: The following states are the worst to live in if you are unemployed. Connecticut tops the list with its massive wealth disparity - more than one $200,000 household for every household earning less than $10,000. New York, California, and D.C. are close behind with Oregon and Alabama in 19th and 20th 'worst' place to be unemployed.

January 17, 2013

By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria

By Tony Cartalucci

These very same terrorist forces continue to receive funding, arms, covert military support, and diplomatic recognition in Syria, by NATO, and specifically the US and France.

2013 and the new Scramble for Africa

By Chris Marsden

The governments and corporations based in Washington, Paris, London and Beijing rely upon the myriad corrupt local regimes and movements to man their predatory wars and to police the brutal exploitation of the workers and poor peasants.

What's Happening in Syria?

By Zhao Jinglun

A dozen Russian warships from the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets are converging on the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Aden, as part of a large-scale strategic exercise. Russian intentions are obvious.

Attack On Sovereignty

By Paul Craig Roberts

Those concerned about “The New World Order” speak as if the United States is coming under the control of an outside conspiratorial force.

Pope Thanks CIA War Criminal

By Jay Janson

Panetta said the Pope said to him, “Thank you for helping to protect the world.” said he replied, “Pray for me.”

Prisoners' Intifada Shames Palestine's Leaders

By Ramzy Baroud

Few Palestinians are left with hope that their "leadership" has their best interests in mind.

Israel Named "World Humanitarian Leader" in EU Propaganda Exercise

By David Cronin

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or scream when tipped off about the latest propaganda blitz planned by European Friends of Israel, a key lobby group in Brussels.

The Incredible Debt Spider:
It's Time to End the Private Fed

By Rand Clifford

$454,393,280,417.03...for the year 2011, that’s how much Americans paid a consortium of twelve private banks for creating dollars out of nothing, and loaning them to the government at interest.

Corporate Profits Have Grown By 171 Percent Under ‘Anti-Business’ Obama

By Pat Garofalo

U.S. corporations’ after-tax profits have grown by 171 percent under Obama, more than under any president since World War II, and are now at their highest level relative to the size of the economy since the government began keeping records in 1947.

U.S. CEOs Push Plan to Raise Full Retirement Age To 70

By Saul Loeb

The plan unveiled Wednesday would result in smaller annual benefit increases for all Social Security recipients.

Message To The 'Left' From A Former Democrat

By Brandon Smith

We are not the dumb redneck racist hillbilly gun nuts you see in every primetime TV show.

49 killed as helicopters 'attack', Mali Islamists militants in Algeria: At least 20 Islamist gunmen calling themselves the ‘Battalion of Blood’ raided a compound near an Algerian gas field on Wednesday, taking dozens of hostages. They also killed a British citizen and an Algerian in an assault on a bus.

France increases troop deployment to Mali: Soldiers on the ground doubled to 1,400, as Chad sends combat troops and EU agrees to provide military training mission.

French agent 'executed' by al-Shabab: Somali armed group says it will release video of execution "any time it decides" after announcing death of the hostage.

African Union troops killed 7 civilian: African Union troops mistakenly opened fire on a religious school while pursuing militants, killing five children and two adults, a Somali legislator said Thursday.

US to officially recognise Somalia government: "When the secretary meets with Hassan Sheikh tomorrow, she will exchange diplomatic notes with him and recognise the Somali government in Mogadishu for the first time in 20 years," Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson told reporters.

Libya mulls curfew for violence-hit Benghazi: Libya is considering imposing a curfew on the violence-wracked eastern city of Benghazi, its prime minister said on Wednesday, a day after a car bomb killed a police officer there.

Six bombers killed, many civilians injured in Kabul blast: At least six suicide attackers were killed and some 30 civilians wounded as a Townace-type car full of explosives was blown up close to the NDS compound here in Kabul, an official and a statement from the ministry of interior compound said Wednesday.

Insider Attack: Afghan police kill commander in Kandahar: Afghan local policeAccording to local authorities in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan, a local police officer opened fire on his commander and killed him.

NATO occupation force solider killed in Afghanistan: A NATO solider was killed in the south of the country yesterday evening. BNA quoting from NATO press statement, the soldier was killed in attack of armed Taliban.

Marine who urinated on Afghan to be demoted: Edward W Deptola, a US sergeant, to be demoted one rank in plea deal after urinating on the corpse of a Taliban fighter.

3 Pakistani Taliban killed in uprising of people in Kunar: The clash took place between the residents of the three villages and Pakistani Taliban when 4 residents of the area arrested by Taliban on charges of spying.

Government in talks with Tahirul Qadri: Earlier, Qadri had given the government a ‘last deadline’ of until 3 pm to meet his demands which he had later extended to 3:45 pm. At the time, he had also stated that talks could only be held with President Asif Ali Zardari. However, the government had constituted a committee to hold talks with the TMQ chief.

More than 100 killed in Syrian village near Homs, according to activists: Dead were 'burnt inside of homes while others were killed with knives'

Syria sets conditions for talks with opposition; “…We are even ready to negotiate with armed groups that tend to lay down their weapons because they are the children of the Syria who have been misled by the plots of the enemies, and our aim is to return them to our national society,” said al-Halqi in a Wednesday farewell meeting with Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi .

17 killed in third day of deadly Iraq attacks: A spate of bombings targeting Shiite Muslims across Iraq killed 17 people on Thursday, the latest in a spike in unrest amid weeks of anti-government protests and a political crisis engulfing the country.

Qaeda suspects kill top Yemen security official: Suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen on a motorbike have shot dead a high-ranking security official in Yemen's Dhammar province, south of Sanaa, the official Saba news agency reported on Thursday.

US ex-commander: We can't stop Iran's nuclear program: Admiral William Fallon, former head of U.S. Central Command, warns that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would take weeks, and would only set Tehran back a few years • IAEA inspectors in talks with Iran for second day over disputed nuclear program.

Iran may step away from petrodollars: - Tehran can escape international sanctions pressure by moving away from a budget dependent on petrodollars, the Iranian president said.

Israeli army 'provoked Palestinian teenager and then shot him': A Palestinian schoolboy killed by Israeli gunfire near the West Bank separation barrier had been reacting to insults shouted by soldiers with loudhailers before he was shot, eyewitnesses have said.

Obama, Netanyahu seem headed for US-Israel clash: Israel's premier on Wednesday dismissed President Barack Obama's reported displeasure with his hard-line policies toward the Palestinians, a sisgn that the two could be headed for a showdown.

Chuck Hagel nomination hearing set for Jan. 31: Hagel faces strong opposition from some Republican senators, who are critical of his past statements on Israel and Iran. But the former Nebraska senator got a significant boost Tuesday when Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), the No. 3 Democrat and most senior Jewish senator, announced his support for the nomination.

Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War ; The world is on the brink of a fresh “currency war,” Russia warned, as European policy makers joined Japan in bemoaning the economic cost of rising exchange rates. “Japan is weakening the yen and other countries may follow,” Alexei Ulyukayev, first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank, said

IMF approves next tranche of bailout money to Greece: The IMF executive board announced its decision late on Wednesday after a long delay drawn out by Greece's political crisis that arose from the economic recession. The next tranche scheduled to be disbursed is worth 3.24 billion euros ($4.31 billion).

World Bank Slashes Global Growth Forecasts for 2013: Economies around the world are still facing a struggle towards recovery, despite improved conditions in financial markets, the World Bank said Wednesday, as it sharply cut its global growth outlook for 2013.

BofA sees recession threat from ‘few weeks’ at debt ceiling: The U.S. economy could slip into recession even if the Treasury pays some of its obligations in the event Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, Bank of America Merrill Lynch economists wrote Wednesday.

Campaign To Overturn Citizens United: The LA City Council voted Wednesday to draft ballot language for voters to weigh in on whether they believe there should be limits on campaign spending and whether corporations should have the same rights as people.

Good news: Florida Senate panel votes to ban spying with drones: A Florida Senate panel says police should be banned from using drones to spy on citizens. A bill (SB 92) that would prohibit law enforcement agencies from gathering evidence or other information flew through the Criminal Justice Committee with a unanimous vote Tuesday.

Can the DEA Hide a Surveillance Camera on Your Land? : A US district court judge ruled in the case last fall that it was okay for the DEA to enter the rural property without a warrant and install surveillance cameras that were used to help convict five members of a family on charges they were growing marijuana.

January 16, 2013

Preplanned Mali invasion reveals France's neo-colonialistic agenda

By Finian Cunningham

The precise nature of this “Islamist threat” from Mali is never spelled out or evidenced. . We are expected to accept the word of Paris, London and Washington - the rogue states that have and are conducting illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Continue

Who is Islamic cleric Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri? And why should Pakistan care?

By Syed Hamad Ali

He only arrived from Canada last month and already he's sparking protests and making headlines with his demands for a radical overhaul of the current political system.

Accountability for Prosecutorial Abuse

By Glenn Greenwald

Imposing real consequences on these federal prosecutors in the Aaron Swartz case is vital for both justice and reform.

"Kill Anything That Moves":
Hidden Crimes of the War Kerry, Hagel Fought in Vietnam

By Democracy Now

U.S. atrocities in Vietnam were not just isolated incidents, but "the inevitable outcome of deliberate policies, dictated at the highest levels of the military."

King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone.

By Norman Solomon

Crowing about the moral virtues of making war while accepting a peace prize might seem a bit odd, but Obama's rhetoric was in sync with a key dictum from Orwell: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

Welcome To The Shammies
The Media Awards That Recognize Truly Unsung Talent

By John Pilger

The Shammies celebrate the finest sham media.

Obama Announced The Most Aggressive National Gun Control Agenda In Decades

By Grace Wyler

"This is the land of the free and always will be. But with freedom comes responsibility," Obama added. "We don't live in isolation. We live in a society...we are responsible for each other." 

America’s War for Reality

By Robert Parry

The real struggle confronting the United States is not between the Right and the Left in any traditional sense, but between those who believe in reality and those who are entranced by unreality.

What is wrong with America?

By Dave Lindorff

We Americans have completely lost any sense of why a country, a society, and a government exist.

Exploding the Lincoln Myth

By Rocket Kirchner

What would you say if you heard that a ruler of a country suspended its entire constitution, its entire bill of rights, forced a draft, and jailed every major writer and editor who disagreed with him?

Does the Internet Spell Doom For Organized Religion?

By Valerie Tarico

Here's one theory why religion is in decline in many places around the world.

Campus blasts kill 87 in Syria’s Aleppo: Twin blasts ripped through university buildings in Syria’s second city Aleppo, killing at least 87people and wounding scores more, on the first day of exams for students. Regime forces and rebels blamed each other for the carnage, in a government-controlled area of the battleground northern city.

Triple car bombing in Syria kills at least 22: Suicide bombers driving vehicles packed with explosives blew themselves up near security targets in northern Syria on Wednesday, killing at least 22 people, state-run media and activists said.

Syria allows U.N. to step up food aid: Syria's government has authorised the World Food Programme (WFP) to extend its reach in the war-torn country where 2.5 million people are suffering from hunger, the United Nations agency's chief said on Wednesday.

New Push in U.S. for Tougher Sanctions, War Threats Against Iran: The report, “U.S. Nonproliferation Strategy for the Changing Middle East,” also said Washington should “increase Iranian isolation, including through regime change in Syria” and “undertake…overt preparations for the use of warplanes and/or missiles to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities with high explosives”.

Wave of Iraq attacks leave 33 dead: - Attacks in Baghdad and northern Iraq killed 33 people on Wednesday as hundreds attended the funeral of a Sunni MP who died in a suicide attack a day earlier, amid a political crisis engulfing Iraq.

Iraq anti-Maliki protests continue unabated: Sunni Arab tribesmen have taken over centre of Samarra for weeks to protest against government’s ‘injustices’.

Turkish jets pound over 50 Kurd rebel targets in Iraq: "Sixteen F-16 fighter jets took off from their base in Diyarbakir in the southeast at around 2000 GMT Tuesday and bombed the (rebel) targets in Qandil mountain in northern Iraq, 90 kilometres from the border," a military source said.

Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’: Op-Ed: Obama said privately and repeatedly, “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.” With each new settlement announcement, in Obama’s view, Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation.

Gunmen kill security official south of Yemen's Sanaa: Gunmen killed the deputy security chief of Dhamar province, south of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, an interior ministry official said, less than a month after an adviser to the minister of defence was shot dead in Sanaa.

Mali conflict: French 'fighting Islamists in Diabaly': French troops have been fighting Mali's Islamist rebels in street battles in the town of Diabaly, Malian and French sources say.

Mali's Islamist groups united by war threat: A powerful southern offensive by Islamists in Mali last week, halted only by French air strikes, showed that a loose alliance of rebels from al Qaeda's North African wing and local groups has been united by the threat of foreign intervention.

U.S. weighs military support for France’s campaign against Mali militants: The Obama administration is considering significant military backing for France’s drive against al-Qaeda-linked militants in Mali, but its support for a major ally could test U.S. legal boundaries and stretch counterterrorism resources in a murky new conflict.

Mali: Italy to offer France logistical support: Giampaolo Di Paola, the defence minister, told the Italian Senate that the logistical support would be confined to air operations, not ground operations.

Germany to send transport planes to Mali: Germany has said it is sending two transport planes to Mali to help shore up an initial battle against Islamist insurgents. French ground troops already in Mali were set to engage directly with the rebels Wednesday.

Somalia: Al-Shabab sentence French agent to death: Somali armed group says hostage held for three years will be executed in response to failed French rescue bid.

Algeria: French National Killed and Five Japanese BP Workers Abducted by Al-Qaida Islamists: Islamists have stepped up retaliation against French military intervention in Mali by abducting six BP workers, five Japanese and one Irishman, and killing their French colleague at an oil facility in southern Algeria.

Briton reported killed in kidnap raid in Algeria: David Cameron holds crisis Cobra meeting after claims that militant group is holding 41 hostages

Car bomb kills policeman in Benghazi as Libya violence escalates: A car bomb killed a police officer in Benghazi early on Wednesday, a police source said, the second attack on the eastern city's security forces in two days.

Libya paid Mauritania $200 million to extradite ex-spy chief: lawyer: Libya authorized payment of almost $200 million to Mauritania months after it extradited the Libyan ex-spy chief to face trial at home in defiance of an International Criminal Court warrant for his arrest, Libyan government documents show.

Arab Spring makes region $225 billion poorer: Ousting dictators doesn’t come cheap. Between 2011 and 2015 the total lost economic output in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia is expected to amount to $225 billion. That is at least 10 percent of the cumulative GDP estimated by the International Monetary Fund in 2010 for those five years.

Pakistanis protest killing of 18 in village raid: Several thousand people rallied Wednesday in northwestern Pakistan, denouncing the killing of 18 local villagers in an overnight raid they blamed on security forces and displaying the victims' bodies in the provincial capital in a sign of protest.

Pakistan cleric propels protest into third day: Pakistani protesters rallied for a third day on Wednesday in the largest political demonstration seen for years in the capital, calling on the government to quit after the Supreme Court ordered the arrest of the prime minister.

Pakistan soldier 'killed' in Kashmir shooting: Pakistani FM accuses India of "warmongering" after Islamabad says one its soldiers was killed by Indian troops.

India, Pakistan reach "understanding" on Kashmir tensions: It comes after a deadly flare-up along the border region last week, in which two soldiers from each country were killed.

Kabul suicide blast left 10 killed, as many wounded: An allegedly suicide attack took place between Zambaq and Sadarat squares, close the NDS headquarter, killing and wounding ten people including the security troops in the capital, but spokesman for the ministry of interior said the situation was now under police control.

The US Will Give Afghanistan Its Very Own Fleet of Drones: In his first media appearance since visiting President Obama in Washington, Hamid Karzai announced that the United States had agreed to give his country a fleet of drones.

Fact or fiction: Secret State Department cable: Chemical weapons used in Syria: The cable, signed by the U.S. consul general in Istanbul, Scott Frederic Kilner, and sent to State Department headquarters in Washington last week, outlined the results of the consulate's investigation into reports from inside Syria that chemical weapons had been used in the city of Homs

US: No chemical weapons used in Syria: The United States on Tuesday poured cold water on a media report that chemical weapons had been used in the Syrian conflict, but reiterated that if Syrian President Bashar al Assad's government did resort to these weapons, it would be held to account.

Tony Benn hits out at unelected EU officials: Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn has criticised unelected officials who run the European Union and accused them of "empire-building". He speaks to VoR about his view that the UK should remain within the EU but "not be part of the empire".

'Aaron was killed by the government' - Robert Swartz on his son's death: “Aaron did not commit suicide but was killed by the government,” Robert Swartz said during Tuesday’s service at the Central Avenue Synagogue in Highland Park, Illinois. “Someone who made the world a better place was pushed to his death by the government.”

Internet Activist's Prosecutor Linked To Another Hacker's Death: Prosecutor Stephen Heymann has been blamed for contributing to Swartz's suicide. Back in 2008, young hacker Jonathan James killed himself in the midst of a federal investigation led by the same prosecutor.

Obama unveils gun control proposals: Video - Mr Obama has said he favours bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as broader background checks.

New York state enacts tougher gun control measures: Obama to reveal federal gun control plan on Wednesday

Unmasking the NRA's Inner Circle: The NRA's shadowy leaders include the CEO who sells Bushmaster assault rifles and a top director who lives in Newtown.

Germany to repatriate gold from US and France: Bundesbank voiced plans to withdraw its entire 450-ton store of gold bullion from the Bank of France in Paris, and a portion of the 1,500 tons currently held by the New York Federal Reserve, Handelsblatt reported.

We must focus on the working poor: New analysis of the most recent U.S. Census American Community Survey by the Working Poor Families Project shows that the number of low-income working families in the United States has increased to 10.4 million in 2011, up from 10.2 million a year earlier.


January 15, 2013

Mali and the Scramble for Africa:
A New Wave of Barbarism

By Ben Schreiner

The notion that the West’s renewed interest in Africa is derived from an altruistic desire to help African states combat terrorism and establish democracy is rather absurd.

The War on Libya Blowback in Mali

By Owen Jones

France used tactics of divide-and-rule in Mali, leading to entrenched bitterness between the nomadic Tuareg people – the base of the current revolt – and other communities in Mali.

Foreign Fighters Seek Islamic State in Post-Assad Syria

By Yara Bayoumy

"Syria...will be an Islamic and Sharia state and we will not accept anything else. Democracy and secularism are completely rejected,"

Rebranding the War on Terror for the age of Obama:
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the promotion of extra judicial killing

By Deepa Kumar

The film teaches us that brown men can and should be targeted and killed with impunity, in violation of international law, and that we should trust the CIA to act with all due diligence.

Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans

By Spencer Ackerman

“Does the President have to provide individual Americans with the opportunity to surrender before killing them?” Continue

Obama's Empire

By Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Obama has not challenged U.S. perpetuation of the most powerful and far-reaching empire in human history with an estimated 700 to 1,000 foreign bases.

World War in Asia?

By Linh Dinh

With the Asia Pivot, the US wants to encircle China, and supplies old and new allies with missiles aimed at its main rival. An amped up arms race means cash flow for the world's biggest death dealer.

How 20 Tents Rocked Israel

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

Palestinians take the fight to their occupiers.

Is AIPAC Waging A Shadow War On Hagel?

By Max Blumenthal

Is the Israel lobby’s premier organization outsourcing its assault on Chuck Hagel?

A New Jefferson Bible

By David Swanson

Jefferson created his Bible using two copies of the King James Bible and a razor blade. 

Mali: More than 60 Malian killed in Gao: More than 60 "rebels" were killed in their bases near the northern Malian city of Gao under intense bombardment by French air power, a security source and residents said on Monday.

France to 'gradually deploy' 2,500 troops to Mali following all-night bombing mission: The U.S. will also provide assistance in Mali, but no American troops will be on the ground and details are still being worked out, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday during a press conference in Lisbon, Portugal with Defense Minister Jose Aguiar Branco.

First of 900 Nigerian troops to Mali 'in next 24 hours': The first of a planned 900 Nigerian troops will deploy to Mali in the next 24 hours as part of a UN-mandated African force aimed at helping the country battle Islamists, a defence spokesman said Tuesday.

Canadian C-17 heading for Mali to support French troops: A Canadian military transport plane is set to take off from CFB-Trenton today for Mali, by way of France, to provide "logistical" support to French troops battling insurgency in the African nation.

U.S. moves to bolster French military campaign in Mali: The U.S. is preparing to ferry more French troops to Mali and provide other help. The fight against Al Qaeda affiliates gained urgency given the rebel advances.

Mali's crisis caused by development failures, not military aid: US military planners failed to anticipate Mali's collapse in the face of Islamist rebels, but the west let the rot set in years before

Somalia Govt 'Uninformed' of French Raid - Defense Minister: The defense minister in Somalia 's federal government has told reporters that they were 'uninformed ' of the French military operation in Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Somali militants post gruesome photo of dead French soldier: In a gruesome display that included a taunt of France's president, Somali militants on Monday posted photos of what appeared to be a dead French soldier surrounded by weapons and gear.

Libya: Italy shuts Benghazi consulate after Libya gun attack: Italy temporarily closed its consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday and pulled its staff out of the country following a failed gun attack on the consul in eastern Libya, the foreign ministry said.

Two policemen injured in Libya bomb attack: Unidentified assailants threw a bomb into the policemen's car Monday night. Security forces later detained the occupants of two suspect vehicles for questioning over the attack, dpa reported.

15 killed in "terrorist attack" at Syrian University: AT LEAST 15 people were killed and dozens wounded in two explosions that rocked the University of Aleppo in Syria's second largest city today.

Syrian government forces brutally torture a young man : Video - WARNING -

Rebels training child soldiers in Syria: Video -

Aleppo Dispatch: The Dark Side of the Syrian Opposition: Ibrahim's plight is indicative of the growing anarchy gripping Syria's "liberated" areas.

Worries about a ‘failed state’ in Syria: Growing chaos in the liberated areas of northern Syria is convincing some members of the Syrian opposition that the country will become a “failed state” unless an orderly political transition begins soon to replace President Bashar al-Assad.

Iraqi Sunni MP, 6 others killed by suicide bomber in western province as protests rage: The attack comes two days after a convoy carrying Iraq’s Sunni finance minister, Rafia al-Issawi, was struck by a bomb as he traveled to the city. Al-Issawi comes from the same tribe and is from the same political bloc as the lawmaker.

3 people killed in Iraq's violence: Three people were killed and eight others wounded in separate attacks in northern and eastern Iraq on Tuesday, the police said.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian youth in the occupied West Bank: Israeli soldiers shot dead a 17-year-old Palestinian near the village of Budrus in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, Palestinian witnesses and medics said.

Peres: “Arafat Should Not Have Been Assassinated: Israeli President, Shimon Peres, stated that late Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, should not have been assassinated, adding that “without Arafat, the current situation is more complicated.”

Hamas: Peres 'Admitted' that Israel Killed Arafat: Hamas has called on Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to end talks with Israel, due to its claims that President Shimon Peres "admitted" that the Israeli government was responsible for the "murder" of former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat.

IAEA Former Inspector: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Activity at Parchin: Video and transcript

Saudi Arabia rejects maid beheading criticism: Riyadh "deplores" international condemnation over recent execution of Sri Lankan maid convicted of killing infant.

11 security personnel killed in attacks in Pakistan: At least 11 Pakistani security personnel were killed in a militant attack on a check-post and a roadside bomb explosion in restive regions of the country, officials said on Tuesday.

Pakistan Supreme Court orders arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf: Ashraf is accused of taking bribes to approve new energy projects while he was Pakistan's minister for water and power. He denies the allegations.

Pakistan's Imran Khan calls on president to resign: "The government should immediately announce new elections and should also announce a date for it," Khan told the news conference. "Change is not possible without holding of free and fair elections," he added.

Cleric urges 'revolution' at Pakistan protest: Tahir-ul-Qadri, a Canadian-Pakistani cleric who led a two-day protest march into the Pakistani capital, has called for a "revolution" in Pakistan, after the government ignored a deadline he set for it to resign.

Afghanistan: Family Killed in Kandahar Bomb Blast: At least four members of a family including two children were killed in a roadside bomb blast in southern Kandahar province on Monday night, local officials said.

Afghan elders to decide on US troop immunity: Afghan president says decision on immunity for US troops staying in Afghanistan after 2014 to be made after a few months

Russia urges NATO to stop killing Afghan civilians: Killing of civilians in Afghanistan by NATO airstrikes has become a vicious trend and must stop, a senior Russian diplomat said on Monday.

Afghanistan: MPs Trade Blows over Ministers Impeachment: Parliament descended into a brawl in Tuesday's sitting session apparently over the question of whether to impeach 11 ministers whose ministries failed to spend more than 50 percent of their development budgets in 1390.

Bangladesh to buy $1bln worth of Russian arms on loan: Bangladesh will receive a $1-billion loan from Russia to buy Russia-produced weapons and military equipment.

‘Red October’: Global cyber-spy network uncovered by Russian experts: A sophisticated cyber-espionage network targeting the world's diplomatic, government and research agencies, as well as gas and oil industries, has been uncovered by experts at Russia’s Kaspersky Lab.

Mexico violence 'kills 38 in three days': At least 16 bodies were found in the Toluca region on Monday and another 22 in Mexico City over the weekend.

Military Suicides Reached Record High In 2012: Suicides in the U.S. military surged to a record 349 last year, far exceeding American combat deaths in Afghanistan, and some private experts are predicting the dark trend will grow worse this year.

Army psychologist critical of military rights abuses commits suicide: He went to Iraq to help U.S. troops manage post-traumatic stress disorder, and returned with the disorder, according to news reports.

US court drops charges on Aaron Swartz days after his suicide: According to a Huffington Post report, Swartz's defense team suspected federal attorneys were using Swartz as an example to show how serious they could be with online crime cases.

Anger at suicide of US internet activist: Family accuses US Attorney's office and MIT of contributing to the death of 26-year-old Aaron Swartz.

January 14, 2013

The Bombing of Mali Highlights all the Lessons of Western Intervention

By Glenn Greenwald

The west African nation becomes the eighth country in the last four years alone where Muslims are killed by the west. Continue

Gaddafi’s Libya Was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy

By Garikai Chengu

Contrary to popular belief, Libya , which western media described as “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship” was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States. Continue

The West's Strange Bedfellows
The War Against the Shia

By Patrick Cockburn

It is a ferocious war waged by assassination, massacre, imprisonment and persecution that has killed tens of thousands of people. Continue

Noam Chomsky: The Responsibility of Privilege


"Obama is actually the first president who hasn’t really imposed restrictions on Israel,” Continue

The Myth of Human Progress

By Chris Hedges

If human history is any guide, we like past societies in distress will retreat into what anthropologists call “crisis cults.” Continue

8 civilians killed as France defends failed Somali raid to rescue hostages: Somali witnesses said today that at least eight civilians were killed in the disastrous French operation to rescue a kidnapped secret agent but France's defence minister defended the decision to launch the raid.

Mali Islamists vow to strike ‘at heart’ of France: “France has attacked Islam. We will strike at the heart of France,” said a leader of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), an offshoot of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Mali rebels advance despite French airstrikes: Al-Qaeda-linked rebels overrun garrison of Diabaly in central Mali after fierce fighting with French and Malian troops.

Britain fights the fallout of the Libyan intervention in Mali: The rebellion against the Malian government has its roots in the fall of Gaddafi.

US mulls aid to French in Mali, including drones: US commanders were looking at providing intelligence and aerial refueling tankers among a range of options, such as logistical backup and boosting intelligence sharing, which would involve surveillance drones, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

French soldier killed by Al Shebab in Somalia: A French soldier who went missing during a rescue operation to free a hostage in Somalia was apparently killed by Al Qaeda-linked group Al Shebab, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday.

Air attacks kill 15 in Afghanistan: The planes of the InternationalSecurity Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan bombed a mosque on Sunday killing 15 people.

Pakistani opposition demands President’s resignation: On Monday, about 30,000 Islamabad’s residents took to the streets, demanding that the country’s incumbent President Asif Ali Zardari should resign.

Scores of militants killed across Syria: Government report: A number of armed men were killed during intense clashes with Syrian troops in the al-Lirmoun neighborhood of Aleppo city, situated 310 kilometers (193 miles) north of the capital Damascus, on Sunday, the official SANA news agency reported.

US, France plan attacks on Syria airports: Report: Citing a fugitive Syrian army officer, Palestinian Arabic website al-Manar said that attacks on airports had been planned by France and that the raids on airbases and air defense command posts are being carried out by militants under direct supervision of American military officers.

Fact or fiction? Assad 'Living on Warship': Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family have been living on a warship, with security provided by Russia, intelligence sources told Saudi newspaper Al Watan.

Fact or fiction? President Assad Orders Commanders to Target Israel, US Interests "If Assassinated": In the meetings presided by President Assad, Syria's top army commanders told him that "the foreign hostile states will strive to assassinate him instead of launching a military attack on Syria".

Enginering consent for attack on Iran: Iran could reach key point for nuclear bomb by 2014, experts say: U.S. nonproliferation experts say Islamic Republic could reach 'critical capability' within this time frame –production of enough weapon-grade uranium for one or more bombs without detection by the West.

Iran unable to get life-saving drugs due to international sanctions: "There are patients for whom a medicine is the different between life and death. What is the world doing about this? Are Britain, Germany, and France thinking about what they are doing?

Iran removes euro and dollar from its trade exchanges: Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Shamseddin Hosseini said Monday that Iran would no longer use euro and dollar in its trade exchanges according to a decission made by the government's economic working-group.

As US drones kill innocent civillians, Iran is accused of destabilizing Yemen: : Iran is working with southern secessionists in Yemen to expand its influence and destabilize the strategic region around the Strait of Hormuz, the US envoy to Yemen was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Turkish army strikes multiple targets in northern Iraq: Six F-16 jets took off from the 8th Main Jet Base, passed over the southeastern district of Hakkari and bombarded 18 different targets in the Zap, Haftanin and Metina regions.

Iraq frees prisoners in gesture to ease Sunni protests: Iraq's government has released more than 300 prisoners held under anti-terrorism laws as a goodwill gesture to try to appease Sunni Muslim demonstrators who are staging protests against Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Where is Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry report?: The resistance to its completion and publication are reportedly the political classes who supported and led the war effort – the very people most likely to be targeted by the inquiry findings

Netanyahu vows to push on with illegal settlement: Israeli police release activists detained after setting up camp to protest illegal settlement in occupied West Bank area.

Revealed: Gulf payments to British MPs: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and David Miliband, brother of the current leader of the UK opposition party, together accounted for more than half the expenses, fees and gifts paid by Gulf companies and governments to British Members of Parliament, according to the latest parliamentary report by the House of Commons.

Britain preparing for new Falklands War?: A series of military options are being considered by UK defense chiefs as tension mounts between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands, a report by the Sunday Telegraph claims.

Climate change having impact across U.S.: Study: - A congressional study found climate change is affecting the United States on several fronts, including health and agriculture, at a faster rate than expected.

How HSBC Bank Got Away With Money Laundering for Drug Cartels: Prison time? Felony record? Asset forfeiture? Not for drug trafficking executives of banks that are “too big to fail” or jail.

Half of Republicans in Congress Are Apparently Cool With America Defaulting: GOP leaders in Congress are saying that "more than half" of Republicans in Congress are willing to let America default "unless Obama agrees to dramatic cuts he has repeatedly said he opposes."


January 13, 2013

The War On Terror Spreads to Africa:

By WashingtonsBlog

The situation in Mali is simply a convenient, after-the-fact rationale for a long-planned expansion of the U.S. military footprint in Africa.

France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali

By Tony Cartalucci

NATO funding, arming, & simultaneously fighting Al Qaeda from Mali to Syria.

Noam Chomsky - ‘Assad Is Facing Assassination No Matter What Happens’

Audio and Transcript

President Obama is the major human rights violator. He is directing a global assassination campaign which is a major atrocity. I mean if Russia were doing anything like that – people would be talking about having a nuclear war.

Drones Bury Beautiful Lives


" A beautiful life was buried and the sound of crying and sorrow arose from peaceful homes. I say that this is inhumane.

A New U.S. Grand Strategy

By Patrick C. Doherty

America has never confronted a global challenge of the type or magnitude it faces today. If it does not change course, the United States will be racked by violent storms -- both figurative and literal -- as the global order breaks down.

We are All Aaron Swartz
Fighting Back Against the "Intellectual Property" Racket

By Tony Cartalucci

In your standard dictatorship, activists are brought out back and shot. In the United States' crypto-dictatorship, activists are bullied by the state until they go bankrupt - or as in the case of activist and Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, made to crack under the constant pressure, and commit suicide.

Violence: The American Way of Life

By John Kozy

Americans not only engage in violence, they are entertained by it.

Unhinged Tactical Response CEO Threatens to ‘Start Killing People’ over Obama’s Gun Control

2 Minute Video

The CEO of a Tennessee company that specializes weapons and tactical training is threatening to “start killing people” if President Barack Obama moves forward with gun control measures.

Love Lives In Everyone.
Peace Is Free

By Carmen Allgood

Peace, love, happiness, completion, and total understanding are inherent in who and what we're.

Words Of Wisdom with Teal Scott


Teal speaking a collection of her inspirational quotes. Sit back and relax.

French attack kills Over 100 people in Mali: French aircraft pounded Islamist "rebels" in Mali for a second day today killing up to 100 "rebel fighters", according to a senior army officer in the capital Bamako.

10 civilians including 3 children killed in Mali: Ten civilians including three children have been killed in fighting in the central Mali city of Konna between the Malian army backed by French forces and Islamist rebels, Human Rights Watch said Saturday, citing area residents.

UK to aid France in Mali attack: : "The Prime Minister has agreed that the UK will provide logistical military assistance to help transport foreign troops and equipment quickly to Mali," David Cameron's office said in a statement on Saturday, adding that London is not going to deploy British personnel in a combat role.

Could Mali become Cameron’s third war?: Hollande is upset because Mali is an ex-colony and home to 6,000 French citizens. But Cameron’s language over Mali (and the death of two French troops there) certainly suggests he also sees this as a shared mission of some kind.

In case you missed it: US "inadvertently" creates a terrorist haven in Mali: This catastrophe did not “just happen.” It is the direct result of an episode that may at first seem unrelated: the US-led intervention in Libya last year. Rarely in recent times has there been a more vivid example of how such interventions can produce devastating unexpected results.

In case you missed it: Mali Collapse: Libyan Blowback: Where did the Tuareg rebels overrunning Mali suddenly come from? Libya. The ethnically Berber fighters were displaced after the Western-backed insurgency toppled Khadafi’s government. The Tuareg rebels had to travel the Saharan expanse across Algeria to get to Mali, where they are now declaring independence.

Making sense of Mali's armed groups: Local groups and ethnic fighters are part of a complicated mix of instability.

France kills 19 people in failed bid to free Somalia hostage: Two French soldiers died and 17 “terrorists” were killed in a failed bid to free a French hostage in southern Somalia from Islamists holding him since 2009, the French defence minister said today.

France kills 8 civilians in Somalia attack: At least eight civilians were killed during France's botched attempt to free a hostage in Somalia, witnesses said Sunday.

Somalia: French Killing of Villagers Led to Failure of Raid: The French commandos killed some villagers and tied others when they landed at Daaydoog before they headed to BulMarer. But some villagers who survived the French killings at the seaside contacted and alerted Al Shabab fighters in BuloMarer telling them that there were at least fifty heavily armed foreign soldiers on their way to BuloMarer.

Al Jazeera's exclusive interview with an Al Shabab spokesman Video - Al Jazeera exclusively interviews a spokesperson for Al Shabab regarding the botched French rescue operation in Somalia.

Central African Republic president dissolves government: The decree came a day after signing of agreements between the government of Central African Republic and rebels in Gabon on Friday. According to the agreements, a new prime minister from the opposition will be named so that a national unity government would be formed to end the month-old political crisis.

Libya: Italian consul's car attacked in Benghazi: Gunmen targeted the car of the Italian consul general in Benghazi, Libya, on Saturday as he was leaving the consulate, the latest in a series of attacks targeting foreign missions and security officials in the eastern city.

Bomb kills 14 Pakistani soldiers in North Waziristan: A roadside bomb killed as many as 14 Pakistani soldiers in the northern border region of North Waziristan on Sunday, military officials said, a day after the Pakistani Taliban leader called for attacks on the military in the area to stop.

Pakistan Shi'ites watch over 96 bomb dead for second night: Talks between Pakistani officials and Shi'ite leaders on Saturday failed to quell a protest that brought thousands onto cold, wet streets for a second night to watch over the bodies of 96 people killed in one of Pakistan's worst sectarian attacks.

Balochistan government dissolved, Governor Rule imposed: Invoking section 243 of the constitution, the PM said that the Governor Rule would hopefully take steps to arrest the bombers who killed more than a 100 people in Quetta, most them belonging to Hazarra Shia community.

Pakistani Taliban say they will not attack Pak army: : The Pakistani Taliban said on Saturday they would cease their occasional attacks on the Pakistani army in the Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan and concentrate attacks on Nato forces in Afghanistan instead – an announcement possibly designed to head off divisions in the insurgency.

Afghanistan: Blast kills 12 after raid: An explosion Sunday killed seven Afghan villagers as they tried to pull bodies of dead insurgents from the rubble of a village mosque after a night raid by NATO and Afghan troops, officials said. Four insurgents and an Afghan soldier were also reported killed in the operation.

Afghan Peace Volunteer says drones bury beautiful lives: Video - I remember how, in my village, a drone attack killed my brother-in-law and four of his friends. It was truly sad. A beautiful life was buried and the sound of crying and sorrow arose from peaceful homes.

Syrian forces kill 26 in bombardment east of capital - Pro-rebel activists say: : Video footage showed women weeping over the dismembered bodies of children strewn across a field in Eastern Ghouta, near an air defence base on the edge of the town of Muleiha, 5 km (3 miles) east of Damascus.

Russia tells Syrian opposition to seek dialogue with Damascus: The Syrian opposition should propose its own ideas for dialogue with Damascus in response to those aired by President Bashar al-Assad in a speech a week ago, Russian news agencies quoted Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Sunday.

Consequences of terrorism support in Syrian worries Saudi Arabia: Why did Saudi Arabian Minister of Foreign Affairs, after 22 months of hostile positioning to Syria, demand political solution for the crisis and why did the country’s major Mufti ban the young Saudi Arabians from going to Syria for Jihad?

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood praises Iran's six-point peace plan for Syria: Secretary-General of Egypt's Ikhwan al-Muslemin (Muslim Brotherhood) Ibrahim al-Masri said praised Iran for its six-point peace plan for resolving the Syrian crisis, and said that both sides (the Syrian government and opposition forces) should be committed to Iran's plan.

Four Killed In Iraq Insurgent Attacks: Four people, including a 7-year-old boy, have been killed in two insurgent attacks in Iraq.

Three Iraq soldiers killed in checkpoint attack: An attack by militants on an Iraqi army checkpoint north of Baghdad on Sunday left three soldiers dead, security and medical officials said.

Pro- vs. anti-Maliki rallies: Demonstrations worsen political crisis in Iraq: Demonstrations pit Maliki against his erstwhile government partners, with premier facing accusations of authoritarianism, sectarianism.

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian near Hebron: According to Palestinian sources, the youth was shot as he attempted to flee soldiers on patrol in the area while he was on his way to Israel for work.

Egyptian court accepts appeal for ex-President Mubarak over life sentence, orders retrial: The Egyptian Court of Cassation granted ex-President Mubarak and his former security chief the right to appeal against their life sentences for the deaths of protesters and ordered their retrial. Mubarak will also be retried on corruption charges.

Hugo Chávez's brother dismisses coma rumours: Venezuelan president reported to be recovering in Cuba as brother attacks 'dirty war by necrophilic opposition'

US playing strategic arms game : chinadaily.com.cn The US has allocated more funds for the development of Prompt Global Strike, a system that can deliver a precision non-nuclear weapon strike anywhere in the world within 1 hour.

CIA Drone Wars Protested at CIA headquarters: Anti-killer-drone activists were joined by participants of Witness Against Torture who were on the last day of their week-long fast and work calling for the closing of Guantanamo, justice for the prisoners there, and an end to torture everywhere.

Protect Children, Not Guns: Key Facts: A child or teen dies or is injured from guns every 30 minutes.

January 12, 2013

AFRICOM's Imperialist Quest

By Burkely Hermann

Since 2003, the modern American ‘scramble for Africa,’ has begun, as “…in quiet and largely unnoticed ways, the Pentagon and the CIA have been spreading their forces across the continent. Continue

The Master as “Guest”:
The U.S. Military Swarms Over Africa

By Glen Ford

2013 is the year the U.S. kicks off its wholesale military occupation of Africa.

Syria: A Jihadi Paradise

By Pepe Escobar

Syria in the 2010s is the 1980s Afghan remix - with exponential inbuilt blowback.

“Mr. Obama, Tear Down These Sanctions!”

By Franklin Lamb

To continue to allow the dying and suffering under the weight of these sanctions suggests that we in America have learned nothing from the results of similar sanctions imposed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US, Saudi Arabia, Propaganda and Tyranny in the Middle East

By Glenn Greenwald

The ability to persuade people that the US opposes tyranny is a testament to the potency of propaganda. Continue

Netanyahu, Barak Spent NIS 11 Bil. on Preparations for Iran Strike that Never Eventuated

By Aluf Benn

The money was wasted on the reckless adventurous fantasies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak; fantasies that were not – and will not – be implemented. Continue

Buying Hearts and Minds
Netanyahu Headlines Israeli Birthright Rally

 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu headlines Jerusalem mega event for thousands of Jewish teenagers on (free) Israel-bonding trip.

In Case You Missed It
John Pilger - The War You Don't See


John Pilger says in the film: "We journalists... have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else's country... That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is. Continue

The “Disproportionate Venom of Online Commentary

By Robert Fisk

Anonymous trolls are as pathetic as the anonymous "sources" that contaminate the gutless journalism of the New York Times, BBC, and CNN. Rather than call it cyber-journalism we should stop drinking this digital poison. Continue

Human Progress Is A Myth
Contesting the Systems of Power

By Charles Sullivan

We Americans are locked in an asylum for the criminally insane with the criminally insane, and they are armed to the hilt. We are in a dangerous place.

Jacob Lew: Another Brick in the Wall Street on the Potomac

By William K. Black

Lew has gone from failure to failure.

Sudan army 'kills' 50 Southern Kordofan rebels: Government troops had pushed back an attack by rebels in the region, killing more than 50 and suffering some dead and wounded themselves, SUNA reported late on Friday, citing an army statement.

French soldier killed and hostage feared dead in Somalia: A French soldier has been killed in Somalia during a failed operation to free a hostage who is also believed to have died, the defence minister said.

French pilot killed in Mali helicopter raid: French defense minister warns of threat of new terrorist state if Mali falls

Hundreds of French troops drive back Mali rebels: France says its troops and warplanes in Mali have driven Islamist rebels from a key city and destroyed a militant command center.

Mali insurgent group Ansar Dine threaten French citizens across Middle East over air strikes: Spokesperson for Ansar Dine Sanda Ould Boumama said: "There are consequences, not only for French hostages, but also for all French citizens wherever they find themselves in the Muslim world

Niger says sending 500 soldiers to Mali operation: Niger will send 500 soldiers to join an international military campaign in Mali led by West African regional bloc ECOWAS to quash advances by Islamist rebels, Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum told Reuters on Saturday.

Afghanistan: 6 Killed in Nuristan Clashes: "They wanted to attack the Kamdish district governor compound but we knew that they were attacking. We were ready. When they came we started clashes with them," he said.

US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: The Defense Department says 28-year-old Sgt. Aaron Wittman died Thursday after his unit from Fort Stewart was attacked by small arms fire while conducting a mounted patrol in Nangarhar Province.

Special Afghanistan inspector blasts Pentagon, USAID waste: “At $28 million a day, the United States has spent more money rebuilding Afghanistan over the past 11 years than we spent rebuilding Germany after World War II,” said Sopko

Thousands protest Quetta sectarian attacks: At least 81 Shias killed in southwestern Pakistan, with dozens more dead in separate attacks elsewhere on Thursday.

2 NATO truck drivers killed in rocket attacks: Two drivers were killed and 10 NATO containers were damaged on Friday night when several brazen rockets attacks were carried out on a terminal near Hazara Ganji, on the outskirts of Quetta.

CIA drones have already killed at least 40 in Pakistan since the start of the year: The CIA has escalated its use of drones in Pakistan, launching seven deadly strikes during the first 10 days of 2013 and killing at least 40 people,

U.S. Drones Pound Pakistan, Which Responds by Doing Exactly Nothing: Tribesman rallied on Saturday in the “thousands” to protest the killing of Taliban commander Maulvi Nazir, who had reached a truce with the Pakistani military. So far, the main Pakistani politician speaking out against the drones is Imran Khan, who condemned the new strikes on Sunday as a violation of Pakistani sovereign

Indian air chief threatens Pakistan: Asserting that repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan are "unacceptable", IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne yesterday warned that India may have to look at "some other options for compliance" if such incidents continue.

Three policemen killed in Iraq attack: Three policemen were killed Friday in an attack on a security checkpoint north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a media report quoting security officials said, dpa reported.

Anti-government protests sweep Iraq: Thousands of Sunnis take to streets of Baghdad and other parts of the country to decry alleged targetting of minorities.

Iraqi PM supporters stage rally in Baghdad: They reject Sunni calls to abolish a tough anti-terrorism law and another law banning former members of the disbanded Baath party from holding government jobs

Iran warns of civil war in Iraq: cleric: "The United States and Zionist regime (of Israel) are behind Iraq's recent unrest and the rebellion originated from Washington's plot to divide Muslims for creating situation similar to Syria," according to semi-official Fars news agency.

Iraq to close two border exits with Syria: The concerns are that armed rebels could cross the border from either Jordan or Syria to take part in violent activities in Iraq.

Syria launches counterstrikes after rebels seize airbase: Anti-government rebels overran Idlib province's Taftanaz airbase, the largest in northern Syria, on Friday after days of fierce fighting. Syrian government forces have launched air strikes in a bid to take back the base, a rights watchdog said.

Syrian official says troops have captured most of the strategic Damascus suburb of Daraya: Syrian troops have captured most of a strategic Damascus suburb used by rebels as a base to threaten key government facilities in the capital, a government official said Saturday.

Russia rejects deal with Assad exit precondition: Russia voiced support on Saturday for international peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi but insisted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s exit cannot be a precondition for a deal to end the country’s conflict.

Turkey may have to accept transition period with Assad: A reference was made to a Geneva consensus at a meeting in Moscow of Turkish and Russian foreign ministry officials on the crisis in Syria that may indicate Turkey will have to accept a transition period in Syria that includes President Bashar al-Assad, analysts have said.

UK seeks deal to arm Syria rebels: Britain could ship hundreds of sets of night vision goggles, body armour and helmets to Syrian rebels under new plans to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Two soldiers killed in ambush in south Yemen: Two army soldiers were killed in a secessionist ambush in Yemen's southern province of al-Dhalea on Friday, a police officer told Xinhua.

Israeli forces kill man, wound another in Gaza: The incident happened near a cemetery by the refugee camp, al-Qidra said. Al-Mamlouk was in an outdoor area studying for an exam when he was killed, according to his brother Hani, who was not harmed in the incide

Palestinians set up "settler" outpost in E1 zone: "We chose this specific area because it is conquered Palestinian land and places a wedge between the northern and southern parts of the West Bank," said Mahmoud Zawara of the Popular Palestinian Committees. "I hope the encampment will be permanent and remain in the E1 area," he added.

Israel orders Palestinian E1 tent evacuation: The Israeli Civil Administration has given Palestinian activists an ultimatum to quit a protest camp in part of the occupied West Bank where Israel has vowed to build new settler homes.

The screenshots prove it: New York Times altered headline to remove words “Israeli-occupied”: A New York Times headline accidentally told the truth today about Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, before it was ‘fixed.’

Why Americans Should Care about the Hagel Nomination: Op-Ed: If Hagel survives this process, it will show that you can stare down the neocons and live to tell the tale.

Two airlines suspend Iran flights as economy weakens: Two European airlines said on Saturday they were halting services to Iran, a sign of the crumbling purchasing power of Iranians as their economy buckles under the weight of Western sanctions.

Most Russians and Pakistanis say they prefer a ‘strong ruler’ over democracy: The Pew global attitudes project, a big set of periodic surveys on everything from economics to religion, is a terrific window into the public opinions and ideas that increasingly guide our world.

Venezuela VP in Cuba to see Chavez: Nicolas Maduro is visiting ailing Venezuelan president, as leaders of Argentina and Peru also arrived in Havana.

Bolivia scores coca leaf victory at UN: Country re-admitted to UN anti-drug convention after lobbying for right of its indigenous people to chew raw coca leaf.

Night Terror in El Salvador: How Young Organizers Have Become Unwitting Victims of the U.S.-Funded Fight against Gangs

Gitmo 'medieval torture chamber' turns 11, more years ahead? : Video - Barack Obama recently authorized the military to keep holding terror suspects there without charge or trial, as Gitmo remains in business 11 years since it was opened

Protestant militants attack Belfast police as protests over lowering of UK flag reach 40th day: Thousands of workers fled the city early in expectation of what has become nightly disruption since Catholic council members voted Dec. 3 to remove the British flag from city hall except for 18 official days annually.

Greeks to pay over 40% of annual salary in tax: Annual incomes of as much as EUR25,000 for salaried workers will be taxed at 22%, incomes of as much as EUR42,000 will be taxed at 32%, while a 42% tax rate will be applied to those paid more than EUR42,000. Currently, a 40% rate is applied to those earning more than EUR60,000, while those earning more than EUR100,000 are taxed at 45%.

Over a quarter of US kids on food stamps, under-50s dying young – reports: American health is in decline as new data finds that one in four US kids are on food stamps as of fiscal year 2011 and the younger generation is more prone to death and poorer health levels compared to their counterparts in other developed nations.


January 10, 1213

Syria Must be Defenseless for America to Illegaly Invade, Rated:XXX

By John Robles

The arrogance of those debating the fate of Syria from thousands of miles away, as if they even have a right to in the first place, is mind boggling.

A Short History Of Palestine


The colonisation of Palestine fitted well the interests and policies of the British Empire on the eve of the First World War.

Learning to Love Torture, Zero Dark Thirty-Style
Making U.S. Torture and Detention Policies Palatable

By Karen J. Greenberg

Hollywood has provided the final piece in the perfect blueprint for the whitewashing of US torture policy.

Our Killer President

By Arthur Silber

This is a man without a soul in any healthy, positive sense. He murders -- and he's proud of it.

Chris Hedges on Gun Rights, Obama's Empire, and Serious Revolt


Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges, about Obama's presidency, the death of the liberal class and the second amendment.

Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns


"The president is going to act," said Biden. "There are executive orders, there's executive action that can be taken.

We Have Created a World of 'Civilised Savages'

By Hussein Tahiri

A brief look at the way we human beings conduct ourselves entitles us to be seen as no more than ''civilised savages'' who have achieved modernity without the underlying moral compass of civilisation itself.

In case you missed it:
The Power Principle

Video Documentary

"Simply brilliant. This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy."

U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report

By Ryan Gallagher

January 10 2013 "Information Clearing House" - Europeans, take note: The U.S. government has granted itself authority to secretly snoop on you.

Americans Die Younger Than Others in Rich Nations
U.S. ranked at or near the bottom in life expectancy.

By Liz Szabo

The USA has had the highest infant mortality rate of any developed country. The USA also has the highest child poverty rate, the report says. Continue

The Unseen War On American Family Farms


The movie succinctly poses and addresses the question “why is this happening in 21st century America?” Continue


Pakistan: Bombings kill 101, injure 200: At least 101 people were killed in bombings in two cities in Pakistan on Thursday, officials said, with most casualties caused by sectarian attacks in the city of Quetta.

India 'provoked Kashmir clash after woman crossed LoC': Two Indian soldiers died on Tuesday after what Delhi says was a Pakistani raid, days after Pakistan said one of its soldiers died in an Indian attack.

India rejects UN probe of soldiers' killings at LoC: India on Thursday rejected "any suggestion" that the UN investigate the killing of two soldiers at the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir--an attack which it blames on Pakistan.

4 "Taliban commanders" killed, arrested in Afghanistan: Four local commanders of armed Taliban were killed in military operations by Afghan and NATO forces in Afghanistan last night and this morning.

Afghan Amnesty Program Falls Short, Leaving Ex-Insurgents Regretful and Angry: “The moment I feel like I can move, I will go back to the mountains, rearm myself and fight you again,”

Misplaced Secrecy on Targeted Killings: For years, President Obama has been stretching executive power to claim that the authorization to use military force against Al Qaeda gives him the unilateral authority to order people killed away from any battlefield without judicial oversight or public accountability — even when the target is an American citizen.

Ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates say 'Zero Dark Thirty' is aimed at excusing torture of US detainees: Iraqi-born Bisher al-Rawi and Libyan-born Omar Deghayes — who was partially blinded after what he said was an American guard's attempt to gouge out his eyes — said the movie legitimizes abuse.

14 dead after car bomb explosion in Iraq: An Iraqi security source said a car explosion that rocked Baghdad has killed 14 and injured many others. IraqiNews.com said the blast Thursday morning killed three civilians and 11 others.

Force from Baghdad deployed east of Falluja, Anbar Council requests Arab League, UN to interfere: Organizer at Anbar protest, Khamees al-Mohana, affirmed that a military force coming from Baghdad has camped east of Falluja.

More than one million killed and : Iraq War Poll Finds Most Americans Think War Was "Mistake": According to the survey, 52 percent of Americans think it was a mistake for the U.S. to send troops to Iraq in 2003, while 31 percent say it was not. In addition, 55 percent of respondents said the war was not worth fighting, and only 27 percent said it was.

He died for a lie: A Navy SEAL’s tragic secret: Video - When Navy SEAL Robert Guzzo returned from Iraq, he feared seeking treatment for PTSD would endanger his career.

KBR, Guilty In Iraq Negligence, Wants Taxpayers To Foot The Bill: In November, a jury found KBR, the military's largest contractor, guilty of negligence in the poisoning of a dozen soldiers, and ordered the company to pay $85 million in damages. KBR says taxpayers should be on the hook for the verdict, as well as more than $15 million the company has spent in its failed legal defense

PKK Executions In Paris: Kurdistan Workers Party Founder, Killed In France : Three Kurdish women, including one of the founders of a militant group battling Turkish troops since 1984, were slain in Paris, French officials said Thursday. Angry Kurds immediately flooded the area, with some claiming the killings were a "political assassination."

Theories Link Paris Murders to Kurdish Peace Moves: The killings prompted instant speculation that the execution-style triple killing was linked to an attempt to disrupt peace talks between Turkey and a jailed Kurdish guerrilla leader. The negotiations, are an effort to persuade the rebels to disarm, possibly in exchange for amnesty for their senior commanders and greater rights for Turkey’s Kurdish minority.

Brahimi does not see Assad in Syria future: International peace envoy says he does not see President Bashar al-Assad being part of a transitional government.

Brahimi accused of 'flagrant bias' by Damascus: Damascus denounced the international envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, as “flagrantly biased” today, casting doubt on how long the UN-Arab League mediator can pursue his peace mission.

Engineering consent for an attack on Syria: Will the US stop helping al-Qaida in Syria?: By empowering legitimate groups with the firepower to achieve results, Obama could have removed the space for al-Qaida to operate.

Senators urge White House to impose no-fly zone over Syria: The U.S. should make use of “Patriot missile batteries en route to Turkey, to protect people in northern Syria from Assad’s aerial attacks.” Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) argue

Saudi Arabia mulling over changing approach to Syria: Report: The consolidation of Syrian military’s positions across the country and the withdrawal of foreign-backed militants from their strongholds have fuelled speculations that Saudi Arabia is considering shifting its policy towards Syria, a report says.

Gunmen kill Yemeni who mediated with Al-Qaeda: sources: A Yemeni tribal leader who mediated between the government and Al-Qaeda was killed at a checkpoint ambush in Abyan province in the country's south on Thursday, official and tribal sources said.

Oil surges on Saudi output cut: Brent crude oil rose more than $1 to a 12-week high today after news of a sharp cut in Saudi oil production, an explosion in Yemen that halted most of the country's oil exports and bullish Chinese trade data.

US supported Gulf rulers take sharper aim at Web dissent: If the Arab Spring uprisings represented the coming of age for social media activism in the Middle East, then the Gulf Arab rulers who have ridden out the upheavals appear to be mounting their own counterrevolution.

Act of war: : Australia announces new Iran sanctions: They include a ban on transactions between Australian and Iranian banks, a ban on the export of materials linked to Iran's nuclear program and a ban on the import of natural gas from the country.

As Fatah, Hamas meet, PM vows not to cede land: Netanyahu slams Abbas for meeting "terrorists trying to annihilate Israel," asserts Hamas would seize any territory Israel evacuates.

Palestinian leader rejects deal on Syria refugees: Abbas said Ban was told Israel "agreed to the return of those refugees to Gaza and the West Bank, but on condition that each refugee ... sign a statement that he doesn't have the right of return (to Israel)."

4 killed in Libya: Four people were killed in clashes against a brigade linked to the Libyan army in the southern town of Kufra, a military official told AFP on Wednesday.

Libya PM threatens force to protect oil sector: Zeidan warns he will use force tosecure vital oil installations that have become protesters’ bargaining chip.

Fighters clash with army in central Mali: Islamist armed group Ansar Dine, among the groups occupying the north of Mali for nine months, has taken control of the central Malian city of Kona in Mopti province, reports said.

Harper has lost the will to venture into Mali: The hard knocks of the military mission in Afghanistan made Mr. Harper think of dusty ground fights like Mali as politically unprofitable and possibly unwinnable.

Canada: Justice will remain absent: Since before confederation, Canada has pursued a single policy objective vis à vis Indigenous peoples; make them go away by making them like everyone else.

Idle No More: Indigenous Uprising Sweeps North America: Idle No More has organized the largest mass mobilizations of indigenous people in recent history. What sparked it off and what’s coming next?

77 percent of Americans strongly disapprove of Congress: Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they believe Washington is causing “serious harm to the country,” shedding further light on the low approval ratings of the most recent US Congress and the widespread pessimism regarding the country’s future.

Student wounded in California school shooting: Shooting comes as US Vice President Joe Biden meets with National Rifle Association about tackling gun violence.

Families grieve as Chicago killings increase: Community organiser Darius McGraw was one of more than 500 people killed in the US' deadliest city in 2012.

All out of ammo: US cops can’t stay stocked up as gun and bullet sales soar: A spike in gun and ammunition sales has caused a nationwide shortage that has delayed police training exercises and is putting a substantial amount of weaponry in civilian hands.

Blumenthal calls for background checks to buy ammo: U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said he wants legislation that would require instant background checks for the sale of gun ammunition. He is expected to take up the proposal once Congress reconvenes.

Why Americans are dying earlier than their international peers: Despite spending more per person on health care than any other country, Americans are getting sicker and dying younger than our international peers -- a problem persisting across all ages and both genders, according to a new report.

New data show 1 in 4 children in US on food stamps in FY 2011: Approximately 15.5 million additional recipients have been added to the SNAP rolls since the beginning of 2009.

Obama nominates Jack Lew as new Treasury chief: Senate approves appointment of Orthodox Jewish White House chief of staff to replace Timothy Geithner; Obama says Lew, a "man of deep and devout faith" knows how to express US values.

January 09, 2013

Are Israeli Fears Of A Nuclear Iran Overblown?

By Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

Strategically, as we’ve argued before, there is no way that a mythical nuclear-armed Iran, much less an Iran enriching uranium at well below weapons grade, poses an “existential threat” to Israel.

Why Progressives Should Oppose Hagel

By Allen Ruff

Those to the left should not fall into the trap of cheering on Obama’s latest War Department pick, solely because the Right stands opposed.

John Brennan vs. a Sixteen-Year-Old

By Medea Benjamin

A nation of laws? Really? Going around the world killing anyone we want, whenever we want, based on secret information? Just think of the precedent John Brennan is setting for a world of lawlessness and chaos.

Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Denied: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated

By Glenn Greenwald

The ruling is but the latest repudiation of claims from Obama supporters that Manning was treated fairly and justly.

The Fascinating Case of Lynne Stewart

By Jacob G. Hornberger

In the age of the national-security state and never-ending emergencies, it pays to keep your mouth shut.

Bill Burr on the NDAA and Politics


Bill talks about the NDAA, politicians and sociopaths. - Warning - This item contains strong language that may be considered offensive by some people.

Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Are Not in Sync With Its Faltering Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans were told a packet of lies designed to win their gullible acceptance to an economy that produces high returns for Wall Street, shareholders, and corporate executives at the expense of everyone else in the country.

Banks, Get-out-of-jail Free Card
U.S. Banks Win Mortgage Fraud Settlement, Borrowers Lose

By Pratap Chatterjee

Ten major U.S. banks settled charges of illegally kicking people out of their homes for pennies on the dollar, under two agreements with the government announced this week.

At least 30 Darfur rebels killed in clashes: The Sudanese army says its soldiers have killed at least 30 rebels in clashes in Sudan's troubled North Darfur region.

Obama regime kills 25 people in Pakistan: Report: According to reports, three separate drone attacks in Pakistan’s South Waziristan mountains killed at least 17 people Tuesday. The AP reported that eight suspected militants were among the dead in a separate strike in North Waziristan today.

Three "Taliban Insurgents" Killed In Kunar: As a result of air attacks of NATO forces in Watapor district of Kunar province 3 Pakistani Taliban were killed last night.

One of Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir beheaded: army: One of the two Indian soldiers killed in a clash along the disputed Kashmir border was decapitated by Pakistani troops who then carried away his head, India's chief military spokesman said on Wednesday.

Gunmen kill 2 local officials in attacks in northern Afghanistan: The commander of a police detention centre in Dashti Archi district was ambushed by gunmen while driving on a main road through the area in the afternoon. Commander Abdul Salam and his bodyguard were killed.

Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm: A defence contractor whose subsidiary was accused of conspiring to torture Abu Ghraib prisoners has settled with former inmates for $5m (£3m).

Jihadist Al-Nusra Front executes three Syria troops: NGO: Rebels from the jihadist Al-Nusra Front executed three captured soldiers in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Tuesday.

Syrian plane attacked as it attempts to land - video: Footage appears to show a non-military aircraft under fire as it attempts to land at Deir al Zor airport in eastern Syria on Tuesday.

Aleppo misery eats at Syrian rebel support: In large areas that have been under rebel control for six months or more complaints are getting louder about indiscipline among the fighters, looting and a general lack of security and necessities like running water, bread and electricity

Surviving in Aleppo: As fighting in Syria’s largest city enters its sixth month, the economy has ground to a halt. There is no electricity, and the prices of basic goods such as bread and cooking oil have skyrocketed. Residents are selling off their possessions to survive.

48 Iranians freed by Syrian rebels arrive in Damascus: Syrian rebels on Wednesday freed 48 Iranians held captive since August in exchange for the release of more than 2,000 detainees in the first major prisoner swap of the country's war, officials said.

Russia: Assad’s ideas should be heeded: Assad “affirmed readiness for the launch of an inter-Syrian dialogue and for reforming the country on the basis of Syria's sovereignty ... and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Engineering Consent For Attack On Syria: Report: Syrian chemical weapons ready: Israel informed the Pentagon of satellite imagery in the last days of November showing Syrian soldiers mixing chemicals at two storage sites and filling dozens of 500-pound bombs, The New York Times said in a report published Tuesday.

U.S. troops arrive in Turkey: For now, about 400 U.S. troops are being airlifted from Oklahoma to Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey. The first wave of troops and supplies arrived Friday, with more scheduled to come in the following days, according to the U.S. European Command.

Shimon Peres: President Obama would hit Iran: Shimon Peres is confident President Barack Obama would approve a military strike to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions if it came to that, the Israeli president said in an interview published Wednesday.

Iran annual inflation hits 27.4 percent: Iran's central bank says the annual inflation rate hit 27.4 percent at the end of 2012, one of the highest rates ever quoted by Iranian authorities.

Hagel’s group sees Iran as a future ally: Says Israel must give olive branch: The Washington think tank overseen by President Obama’s defense secretary-designate predicts that Iran one day will be a “natural partner” for the United States and could possess nuclear weapons

Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz give thumbs down to Hagel: Dershowitz said the pick is a stinker and will increase the likelihood that Iran pushes forward with its nuclear program. But he still believes in the president:

Maddow Slams Hagel’s ‘Akin-esque’ Views on Rape, Abortion, LGBT in the Military: Video - Rachel Maddow continued her skepticism of Chuck Hagel by revealing his views on rape, abortion, and LGBT service members that are lined with controversial Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.

Pro-Israel hawk gets top spot on House Foreign Affairs's new Middle East panel: The term-limited chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), has been named to the coveted top spot on the panel's new Middle East and North Africa subcommittee, giving her a key platform to pursue her hawkish pro-Israel views.

Hamas, Fatah leaders meet in Cairo for Palestinian unity talks: Meeting hosted by President Mohammed Morsi meant to pave way to elections and unity government; Iran FM in Cairo to discuss Syria crisis.

Russia, China Plan to Boost Cooperation on Missile Defense: – Russia and China are planning to intensify their cooperation on missile defense in response to America’s growing missile defense potential around the globe, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia's riches conceal a growing problem of poverty: In a country with vast oil wealth and lavish royalty, an estimated quarter of Saudis live below the poverty line

Malaysian sultan forbids using ‘Allah’ outside Islam: The Sultan of the Malaysian state Selangor has issued a decree that the sacred word ‘Allah’ can be used only by Muslims. The move put more fire into controversy in the state where language peculiarities also make Christians use the term.

Poverty stalks 'economic powerhouse' Germany: Despite unemployment under six percent, poverty affects 16 percent of people.

Hugo Chavez: Venezuela assembly delays inauguration: The Venezuelan National Assembly has approved a request by President Hugo Chavez to postpone his inauguration for a new term in office, which was scheduled for Thursday. Legislators voted to give Mr Chavez as much time as he needed to recover.

Venezuela attracts flocks of immigrants seeking better life : Video - As unemployment brings despair to what once was a land of prosperity, many of those who are hunting for a better life are now making some unexpected choices. Lucy Kafanov reports from Venezuela on why the country's becoming a more attractive place to move to.

Ecuadoran Government Alert to Possible Destabilizing Actions: Correa said it would not be the first time that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has acted in Latin America with thoroughly reprehensible means.

The US and the Privatization of El Salvador: There are countries which are still very much living under the hegemony of the United States. In El Salvador, this means subservience to Washington and international investors who seek nothing less than total control of that nation's economic destiny.

10 Ways the Drug War Is Causing Massive Collateral Damage to Our Society: From racial injustice to flawed foreign policy, the war on drugs causes harm on many fronts.

Record Heat Fuels Widespread Fires in Australia: Bush fires raging across some of the most populous parts of Australia — feeding off widespread drought conditions and high winds — pushed firefighters to their limits and residents to their wits’ end on Wednesday as meteorologists tracked the country’s hottest spring and summer on record into uncharted territory.

2012 was warmest year ever for US, second most 'extreme': The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.2 degrees above normal and a full degree higher than the previous warmest year recorded -- 1998 -- NOAA said in its report Tuesday. All 48 states in the contiguous U.S. had above-average annual temperatures last year, including 19 that broke annual records.

Canada: Oil Sands Raise Levels of Cancer-Causing Compounds in Regional Waters: From carcinogens to acid rain, tar sands development is raising levels of industrial pollution across the north

Washington's jaw drops at possibility of AIG lawsuit: Remember when AIG took a $182 billion bailout only to turn around and hand out seven-figure bonuses to the same guys who tanked their company? Grab the pitchforks — it gets better.

Federal Judge Rules Texas School Can Force Student to Wear Tracking Device: The Tuesday ruling gave the school the right to expel or transfer 15-year-old Andrea Hernandez from the district. It said that if the girl is to stay at the school, she would be required to wear the badge. Otherwise, she would have to transfer to a new school.

January 08, 2013


The Syria Endgame:
Strategic Stage in the Pentagon’s Covert War on Iran

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

"Rebel" attack on Syria is a front in the covert multi-dimensional war against Iran.

Destabilizing Iran as a Nation State:
Targeted Sanctions as an “Alternative” to War?

By Ben Schreiner

Sanctions are an act of war.  After all, what else are we to call the deliberate crippling of a nation’s economy? 

The Day After Iran’s Tomorrow

By Benny Morris

A pre-emptive Iranian strike to ward off an Israeli or American attack on its nuclear project is a real threat, one that could send the region entirely off-kilter and one we must be ready for.

Will There Be A World War Three?

By Sergei Vasilenkov

According to General Ivashov, this is not a question of protecting Turkey from an attack by the Syrians, but the invasion of Turkish troops into Syria, as Ankara has been interested in the country for a long time.

Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense

By The Onion

“Because congress does not possess the necessary nine-tenths majority to override an Israeli veto, they’ll have no choice but to head back to the drawing board and provide a Defense Secretary whom we find more suitable.”

“So Many People Died”
The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014

By Nick Turse

Nobody will ever know just how many civilians were killed in the years after that.  “The number is uncountable,” he said Continue

Dehumanising War

By Lesley Docksey

Killing at a distance dehumanises those doing it – it is not killing but a computer game.  Scoring a ‘hit’ that involves no blood, no entrails, no broken lives brings no guilt, no remorse and no proper awareness of the hurt inflicted on others.

Murder Inc.
Obama Names Head of Drone Assassination Program to Lead CIA

By Barry Grey

Obama gave a clear signal that he intends to expand the illegal program of drone assassinations that has already killed thousands of innocent civilians—men, women and children—and mutilated thousands more in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. 

Excusing Torture, Again

By Ray McGovern

Jose Rodriguez now seeks to rewrite this sordid chapter in the CIA’s history and put his own complicity in a more favorable light.

"Why you came to fight U.S.A.?"

Video and Transcript

Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj on 6-Year Ordeal of U.S. Detention, Torture.

Contesting the Systems of Power

By Charles Sullivan

We Americans are locked in an asylum for the criminally insane with the criminally insane, and they are armed to the hilt. We are in a dangerous place.

"Rambling' And 'Unhinged"?
Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control


Things get a little heated.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

By William Blum

How can the country of Henry David Thoreau, separation of church and state, and family Thanksgiving dinners produce American super-nationalists capable of firing missiles into Muslim family reunions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia?

Secrets and Lies of the Wall Street Bailout

By Matt Taibbi

The federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy – it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst may be yet to come.

Whither Hugo?
Chavez’s Enemies See Opportunities in Cancer

By Mike Whitney

These rumors just illustrate how despised Chavez is among the racketeer class of brandy-drooling plutocrats who want to return Venezuela to the pre-Chavez glory days of widespread ignorance, injustice and grinding poverty.

Obama regime kills another 8 people in Pakistan: : At least eight people have been killed in two suspected US drone attacks in Pakistan's northwestern tribal areas, security officials say. Both attacks took place in the Mir Ali area of the North Waziristan tribal district in the early hours of Tuesday.

Pakistanis hold protest against US assassination drone strikes: The protesters in the central city of Multan condemned Washington’s unsanctioned drone strikes that claim the lives of hundreds of Pakistanis every year.

Retired general cautions against overuse of "hated" drones: Aerial reconnaissance and attack drones have had a liberating effect on U.S. military forces, but they are deeply hated by many people and their overuse could jeopardize Washington's broader objectives, retired General Stanley McChrystal said on Monday.

US drone attacks 'counter-productive', former Obama security adviser claims: US reliance on drones to target terrorists undermines rule of law, is ineffective and has strategic drawbacks, argues Michael Boyle

7 Taliban Killed In Afghanistan: NATO said in these operations seven militias attributed to Taliban and Haqani network were killed.

British occupation force soldier killed by Afghan Forces: A British soldier from 28 Engineer Regiment, attached to 21 Engineer Regiment, was killed by a suspected member of the Afghan National Army yesterday in Afghanistan.

India says troops killed in Kashmir skirmish: Army spokesman says two Indian soldiers are fired upon by Pakistani troops in Indian-administrated Kashmir.

India: Maoist rebels kill seven paramilitary soldiers: Seven paramilitary soldiers have been killed in a clash between security forces and Maoist rebels in India's eastern Jharkhand state, police say.

Militants shoot dead 11 Syrian civilians in Homs: The militants in Syria have shot dead at least 11 Syrian civilians in the city of Homs as the fighting rages on between the country's army forces and the militants.

Five civilians killed around Damascus Palestinian camp: Five civilians were killed in heavy fighting around a Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital on Tuesday as rebels withdrew from a northwestern town after a night of clashes, a watchdog said.

Syrian Jihadist Al-Nusra Militants Execute Three Assad Soldiers [VIDEO]: Syrian rebels with the jihadist al-Nusra Front, labelled a terrorist outfit by the US government, have executed three soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the city of Deir Ezzor, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syria’s foreign minister calls for ‘unconditional’ dialogue with opposition: Zo’bi urged opposition forces to participate in what he called a “national dialogue,” and said that a specialized committee will start communicating with all political forces and figures to facilitate the inception of a national dialogue.

Syria rebels rejects Assad offer: Opposition group says it has ruled out direct talks, day after president outlines peace plan.

Study shows rise of al Qaeda affiliate in Syria: A jihadist group with links to al Qaeda has become the most effective of the different factions fighting the Syrian regime, according to a new analysis, and now has some 5,000 fighters.

Syrian Rebels faking dead child! Video -

Germany begins deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey: Tuesday morning saw a ship carrying two Patriot missiles set out from a northeastern German seaport and a convoy of German soldiers fly out of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. They will assemble along the Turkish-Syrian border in preparation for the arrival of the defense systems in several weeks’ tim

Militants attack Turkish outpost, 13 killed: Twelve Kurdish militants and one Turkish soldier were killed in clashes along the Turkey-Iraq border after the militants opened fire from inside Iraq on a remote outpost in southeast Turkey, security sources said on Tuesday.

Israel Pushes Washington to Give Iran an Ultimatum: Israeli Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz parachuted into Washington Monday for two days of meetings focusing mainly on Iran. Steinitz’s main message to the Obama Administration: it’s time to give Iran an ultimatum.

Iran urges US officials to stop warmongering against nations: Mehmanparast advised the US authorities to respect the rights of the nations and not to interfere in other countries’ affairs for the world to show less hatred toward the United States.

Israel responds with concern and caution to Hagel nomination: Conservative U.S. Jews have been vocally criticizing Hagel since his name was first floated last month, for his past warnings against the “Jewish lobby” and his preference for engagement with Iran and the Palestinian group Hamas

Jewish Democrats ‘confident’ Hagel will follow Obama’s pro-Israel lead: J Street, National Jewish Democratic Council welcome nomination while the ADL, AJC express reservations, and several Republican representatives express outright opposition.

6 killed, 18 wounded in 2 car bombings in Iraq: At least six people were killed and 18 others wounded in two car bomb explosions at commercial areas in the east and north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Tuesday, the police sources said.

Demonstrators rally to support Iraqi government: Demonstrators took to the streets in Iraq's second largest city Tuesday to show support for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government, which has weathered over two weeks of angry protests.

Iraqi Sunnis, Kurds boycott cabinet session: Iraqi Sunni Muslim and Kurdish ministers boycotted a cabinet session on Tuesday to show support for protests that threaten Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s fragile cross-sectarian government, lawmakers and a government source said.

Two policemen killed in firefight in southern Egypt: Two policemen were killed in an exchange of fire with gunmen in Egypt's southern province of Qena Tuesday, the province's security chief said, dpa reported.

Qatar buys Egypts support for war on Syria: Qatar to aid Egypt with extra $2.5 billion to boost ‘critical’ foreign currency reserve levels: Qatar announced Tuesday it was doubling its financial aid to the Egyptian government with a new injection of $2.5 billion, underlining its role in propping up Cairo’s foreign currency reserves and highlighting its strong ties with the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

Assailant killed in assassination attempt on Libya Islamist: Assailants tried to kill a prominent Libyan Islamist leader by planting a bomb under his car in an apparent revenge attack dating back to the uprising that ousted veteran leader Muammar Gaddafi, police said on Monday.

Arab spring in N. Ireland? Belfast police say British must intervene: Rioting in Belfast has continued for the fifth night in a row. According to Terry Spence, chairman of Northern Ireland's police federation, local politicians have lost control of the situation.

European unemployment hits ‘unacceptable high’: The 19th rise in a row for the eurozone, home to some 330 million people, represented an increase of more than two million on the dole compared with a year ago, according to data published by the EU statistics service Eurostat.

Venezuela plans pro-Chávez rally for president's swearing-in: The Venezuelan government called on its citizens to ignore the "psychological warfare coming from abroad" on Tuesday in a public declaration stating that the president, Hugo Chávez, remains in a "stationary condition" and is still suffering from a lung infection almost a month after emergency cancer surgery in Cuba.

Caught at the Canadian border with $7M in Iraqi currency and two handguns: Three family members from California were arrested at the Ambassador Bridge after they were discovered carrying the equivalent of $7-million in Iraqi currency and two handguns.

Judge: Manning endured unlawful pretrial punishment: The military court grants the soldier 112 days sentencing credit but does not drop his charges

We Now Spend More On Immigration Than the Rest of Federal Law Enforcement Combined: The big, headline-grabbing stat is that we now spend roughly $18 billion annually on immigration control.

11,000 US teachers laid off in December: Since the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report was released last Friday, very little discussion in the media has been devoted to the fact that of the 13,000 local government workers that were laid off last month, more than 11,000 were teachers or school-related staff.

‘Armed Teacher Training Program’ Launches In 15 States: An Ohio gun owners’ group is launching an “Armed Teacher Training Program” to instruct teachers and school staff on how to shoot off firearms in the classroom.

Guns off the street? Fleet of cop cars robbed of weapons in Kansas City: Is it really all that easy to just get weapons off the streets? It’s hardly a challenge in Kansas City, Missouri, where six law enforcement vehicles were robbed of weapons in a single morning this week.

Fiscal cliff deal includes at least $67.9 billion for special interests: Lawmakers gave the green light this week to extending dozens of business and industry tax breaks, like a cost-recovery program that will save the owners of "motorsports entertainment complexes" (that is, racetracks) about $70 million over the next two years.

US government spent $80.4 bn on food stamps in 2012: The US government has spent a record USD 80.4 billion on food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that helps Americans who cannot afford to buy food.

BofA Earmarks $11.7 Billion to Cap Fannie Mae’s Claims: Bank of America Corp. agreed to an $11.7 billion package designed to resolve most mortgage disputes with U.S.-owned Fannie Mae after a deal announced two years ago proved inadequate.

January 07, 2012

Syria: Why Assad May Yet Claim Victory

By Simon Tisdall

Perhaps it's not Bashar al-Assad who is detached from reality but Obama and Hague.

Illegal Occupation of Iraq: US-UK Crimes against Humanity

By Felicity Arbuthnot

I write to draw your attention to just a few of the the chilling events currently taking place in Iraq under the US-UK’s despotic, imposed, puppet Prime Minister.

U.S. Senator Calls for Gradual Cut in Aid to Israel

By Aron Heller

Paul insisted Washington should first cut aid to countries with strained ties to America, such as Pakistan and Egypt, and only later wean Israel off aid.

Obama: Hagel Is 'the Leader Our Troops Deserve'

By David Jackson

President Obama nominates a new Defense secretary and a new CIA director. Continue

Is Chuck Hagel a Hippie?
Only If You Ignore His Record

By Spencer Ackerman

Hagel earned his reputation as a skeptic of American military adventurism, as anyone who remembers his consistent criticism of the Iraq war will remember. But that criticism has blown Hagel’s reputation for dovishness out of proportion.

Why Hagel Matters

By Peter Beinart

It could signal the beginning of a new era in American foreign policy.

John Brennan's Extremism and Dishonesty Rewarded with CIA Director Nomination

By Glenn Greenwald

Here we see the ethos and morality of imperial Washington. Continue

Does Truth Have A Future In America?

By Paul Craig Roberts

If a majority of Americans were like the readers of this site, truth could prevail over special interests.

Human Resources
Human Behavior Is Predictable, Therefore Controllable

Must Watch
- Video

“Brilliant…Riveting…The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…

America's White Male Problem

By Frank Schaeffer

The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far-right ideologues. I used to be one of them. It's time to tell the truth about our white male problem.

The Last Bastion Of Traditional American Values


Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.-USA) appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the attack against prayer at West Point.

State of Fear
An explicit warning to all who consider dissent

By Chris Hedges

Anyone who defies corporate power, even if he or she is nonviolent and acting within constitutional rights, is a suspect.

Bolivia Accuses United States of Plotting Against Morales


Bolivia has "irrefutable evidence" that the US has been working to destabilise the government of President Evo Morales, a senior minister has said.

Ecuador vs The Bankers
President warns of possible 'CIA attack' before elections

By Real News

President Correa passes legislation that raises taxes on financial sector to finance a "Human Development Bond"

Idle No More


"We are not going to be silenced, no more!" "Idle No More" is a worldwide indigenous movement started by the First Nation Tribes of Canada as a way to help protect the Constitutional Treaty Rights of the Indian Act.

Obama regime kills 17 people in Pakistan: : At least 17 people, all believed to be suspected militants, were killed and eight others sustained injuries in three separate US drone attacks in the mountainous Babar area of Ladha subdivision in South Waziristan Agency

Afghanistan: 13 Taliban Rebels Killed In Helmand, Kandahar: Quoting from NATO occupation force press statement said, these Taliban lost their lives when they wanted to attack on security posts and a caravan of Afghan forces.

Three killed in northern Iraq: : Gunmen killed two policemen and security forces discovered the corpse of a Christian woman stabbed to death in Iraq's main northern city on Monday, officials said.

Iraq troops fire in air to disperse Sunni Muslim protesters: Iraqi troops fired shots in the air to disperse Sunni Muslims rallying against Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday in another day of protests threatening to upset the fragile cross-sectarian government.

2 Palestinians killed in Yarmouk camp: Activists: Two Palestinian refugees were shot dead on Monday by the Syrian army in Al-Yarmouk camp in Syria, activists said.

Foreign fighters using Yarmouk as base: ex-Arafat aide: Foreign nationals are using the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus as a base to fight the Syrian government, a former adviser to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said

UN estimate of Syria death toll highlights discrepancies in casualty reporting: “They are being used as propaganda,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who believes the new numbers overstate the number of dead. “The UN is not a human rights organization, it is a political one.”

Syrian troops repulse rebels in Aleppo: report: SANA news agency said members of the "terrorist group" were killed and wounded in the late Sunday battle but did not specify the number. The government and the pro-regime media refer to rebels as terrorists.

Report: 100 foreign jets training for Syria scenarios in Israel: - Israel's Channel 2 TV station reported on Sunday that 100 fighter jets from around the world are training in Israel, including preparation for possible intervention in Syria.

Russian Naval Force Gathers Off Syria In Warning To West: Five Russian landing ships carrying hundreds of marines and military vehicles are gathering in the eastern Mediterranean in a show of force said by one Russian diplomat to be aimed at deterring western intervention in Syria's civil war.

Anti-war group calls for vigilance as battle for Syria continues: “The ominous signs of impending war with Syria escalate. NATO is massing troops and military equipment on Syria’s borders, and preparing to install missiles aimed at Syria. U.S. warships are stationed off Syria’s coast.

1 dead in failed murder bid on Islamist Libyan leader: Libyan Islamist leader Ahmed Abu Khattala said on Monday that a man was killed and another injured when planting a car bomb in a bid to assassinate him.

Libyan president survived attack: Libya's interim president says he has survived an assassination attempt in an oasis city in the country's southern deserts.

Libya Crackdown Makes Benghazi Ghost Town as Police Fight Gunmen: As night fell in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi, masked men pulled a senior officer from his car at a traffic light.

Are the Arab monarchies next?: As the chaotic transition towards democracy continues in North Africa and Yemen, the fighting in Syria is intensifying. And, less noticed, opposition to the Arab monarchies is growing.

Iran oil exports 'plunge 40% in nine months': "There has been a 40 percent decrease in oil sales and a 45 percent decrease in repatriating oil money," Qasemi told the Iranian parliament's budget commission, according to the ISNA news agency citing MPs.

New Iran sanctions target industry: The new measures passed by Congress and signed by President Obama last week are intended to deliver powerful blows against key industries ranging from shipping and ports-management to the government-controlled news media, congressional officials and economic experts say.

Leaders unmoved by Israeli objections to State of Palestine IDs: The Palestinian leadership couldn't care less about Israel's objections to planned State of Palestine passports and other identity documents, a Fatah official said Monday.

What Netanyahu and Liberman really mean when they speak of a two-state solution: Liberman has never made a secret that he favors a “population exchange” leading to “maximal separation.”

Sen. Graham blasts Hagel pick as an ‘in your face nomination’ from Obama: This is an in your face nomination of the president to all of us who are supportive of Israel,” he added.

The Real Reason Republicans Hate Hagel: They fear that Hagel will cut the military budget. They fear that he’ll roll over if Iran builds a nuclear weapon. They fear that he’s too reluctant to use military force generally. And they fear he doesn’t much like Israel; the extremists on this point claim he’s anti-Semitic.

Chuck Hagel's views on war forged by Vietnam experience: Badly burned after his armored personnel carrier hit a land mine in Vietnam, Chuck Hagel sat in a medical evacuation helicopter thinking of the horrors he had experienced during combat. "If I ever get out, if I ever can influence anything, I will do all I can to prevent war," he would later tell his biographer, Charlyne Berens.

Max Cleland: Next Week ‘The Bullshit’ Stops On Hagel Nomination: “I don’t see the United States Senate rejecting Chuck Hagel. Under any circumstance that we can foresee at this point,” he said. When the chips are really down, Cleland says it’s virtually impossible to imagine his Senate vote failing.

Netanyahu probed last year for allegedly accepting money from businessman: No criminal investigation opened following initial police check; Justice Ministry confirms such investigation was underway last year, says police concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to warrant a criminal probe.

U.S. Intervention in El Salvador, by Privatization This Time: Unions in El Salvador are fighting a bill that would auction off everything from highways, ports, and airports to municipal services and higher education to private companies—mainly foreign multinationals.

The Only CIA Officer Scheduled to Go to Jail Over Torture Never Tortured Anybody: Reporter for the New York Times, Scott Shane, wrote a feature story on the case of former CIA agent John Kiriakou, who is the first from the agency to face jail time for a classified leak. He is to be sentenced to 30 months of jail on January 25.

112th Congress succeeded most at ‘erosion of civil liberties’: Video - “How disturbing is it that the success of the 112th Congress is to pass legislation that essentially criminalizes elements of democracy?

Bank of America to pay Fannie Mae billions to settle mortgage claims: Bank of America has agreed to pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae $3.6bn (£2.2bn) to settle claims relating to residential home loans. In addition, it has agreed to buy back 30,000 mortgages for $6.75bn, and pay a further $1.3bn in compensation.

GOP Threat: Cut Social Security and Medicare or we’ll kill the economy: Op-Ed: Republicans are very clear about their latest extortion threat to the American people: Unless you cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, within the next two months we will throw the US economy back into recession – by refusing to allow the US raise the debt ceiling and pay our bills

US to become 'net energy exporter': Shale gas boom rewrites geopolitical rules, as US is set to produce more petroleum than Saudi Arabia within a decade.

US Created 1.8 Million Jobs in 2012: Where Did They Come From?: Other than maybe food services and professional services, no single industry grew at a particularly rapid pace


January 06, 2013

President Assad Outlines Political Solution to Syrian Conflict  

 Updated - Full Speech - Video & English Translation
President al-Assad : Out of Womb of Pain, Hope Should Be Begotten, from Suffering Important Solutions Rise . Continue

The Historical Roots of US-NATO's Covert War on Syria
The History of America’s Death Squads

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome US history of covert funding and support of terror brigades and targeted assassinations going back to the Vietnam war.

The 'War On Terror' - by Design - Can Never End

By Glenn Greenwald

Why would anyone in the US government or its owners have any interest in putting an end to this sham bonanza of power and profit called "the war on terror"?

War Addiction Default:
America’s Political Dysfunction at Root is an Unwillingness to Cut War Spending

By Dave Lindorff

The US spends $1.3 trillion a year on a military it does not need. Politicians won't talk about cutting it down to size.

Six Years Ago, Chuck Hagel Told the Truth About Iraq

By Michael Moore

Thank you, Chuck Hagel. We may not agree on much, but we agree that politicians should tell the truth about war and peace and life and death.

Choosing Hagel Sends An Important Message

By MJ Rosenberg

US interests are being damaged by Israel's current shift to the extreme Right, so why not nominate Chuck Hagel?

War Against The People Of Palestine


The US is complicit in these vicious crimes by our direct financial support and by our silence.

Guns and Drugs
We can curb gun violence by ending the War on Drugs.

By Michelle Chen

The American brand of power operates through a continuum of warfare: from Pentagon drone targets to mass school shootings and neighborhood gang battles, and exported across the border to the blood-stained streets of Ciudad Juarez. Continue

Why Gun-control is Certain to be Effective
The New Soviet Asylum"You will take this pill, comrade."

By Fred Reed

Consider this seriously. The United States has no military enemies, or only those of its own manufacture. Continue

Technology is the Opiate of the Masses

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Consumers willingly surrender their freedom, money and time in pursuit of what exactly?

Obama regime kills 16 people in NW Pakistan: At least 16 people were killed and seven others injured when U.S drones fired a number of missiles at different targets in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of South Waziristan on Sunday, reported local media Geo.

Pakistani soldier killed in border clashes with Indian troops: Islamabad accused Indian soldiers of crossing the Line of Control and attacking a military post, an accusation denied by New Delhi.

Twin blasts kill five at Afghan meeting: Two suicide bombers struck a meeting of community leaders in a southern Afghan town near the Pakistan border yesterday, killing at least five people and wounding 15, officials said.

133 Children Die Every Day in Afghanistan: According to available figures, about 73 percent of people in Afghanistan lack access to clean drinking water and 95 percent do not have access to sufficient sanitation. As a result, diarrhoeal diseases are responsible for the death of 48,545 children every year in the country.

Five alleged terrorists killed in Indonesia: police: Five suspected terrorists were killed in raids on militant camps in eastern Indonesia in the latest in a series of anti-terror operations, police said Saturday.

US-funded anti-terror squad in Indonesia under criticism for killing suspected militants: Indonesia’s U.S.-funded police anti-terror squad has killed seven suspected militants in recent days, triggering renewed allegations that the force is not trying to take suspects alive — a trend that appears to be fueling the very extremism the predominantly Muslim country is trying to counter.

Obama’s New Year’s Resolution: More Extrajudicial Murder: Welcome to 2013, yet another year of the drone.

5 killed in violence in Iraq's Diyala: A car bomb exploded at a popular market in the town of Kan'an north of the provincial capital city of Baquba, some 65 km northeast of Baghdad, killing three people and wounding six others, a provincial police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Three people killed, 23 injured in blasts S. Baghdad: Three persons were killed and 23 others injured in explosions in the city of Hilla, southern Baghdad, on Saturday, a security source said.

Maliki blames Iraq mounting crises on regional polarisation: Maliki said "regional competition" was negatively affecting Iraq, an apparent reference to the violence in Syria where mainly Sunni rebels are fighting President Bashar al-Assad's regime, and two weeks of rallies in Iraq's western Anbar province, which is mostly Sunni.

Assad 'peace plan' met with scorn by foes: Arabian Press - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejected peace talks with his enemies on Sunday in a defiant speech that his opponents described as a renewed declaration of war.

Assad offers nothing new - Turkish FM: Assad did not offer a new approach in his address and the ideas included in the proposal were already discussed in his meeting with Assad two years ago, he said.

Assad Calls for War on Rebels, Israel to Fortify Syrian Border: Israeli Press - Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel would erect a new security fence along its armistice line with Syria in order to protect the Jewish state from "infiltration and terrorism.”

President Assad outlines peace plans for Syria: Shanghai Daily : - SYRIAN President Bashar Assad yesterday outlined his vision for a road map to end nearly 22 months of violence in Syria but also struck a defiant tone, calling on his countrymen to unite against "murderous criminals" whom he said are carrying out a foreign plot seeking to tear the nation apart.

Britain's Hague says Assad's speech 'beyond hypocritical': "Assad speech beyond hypocritical. Deaths, violence and oppression engulfing Syria are his own making, empty promises of reform fool no one," he said in a message on Twitter.

Morsy wants al-Assad tried for war crimes: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy supports calls by people in Syria for President Bashar al-Assad to be tried for war crimes, he told CNN on Sunday in an exclusive interview.

Iran Unveils Copycat Arsenal: Tehran’s copycat arsenal could contain a few nasty surprises for the U.S. and its allies in the unlikely event that tensions over Iran’s nuclear program come to blows.

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Iran should be key topic at hearings: Op-Ed: Recent Israeli media reports have cited a former member of President Obama’s National Security Council staff predicting a U.S. attack by about midyear.

Netanyahu unreliable, 'possessed' by Iran: Former Shin Bet chief levels sharp criticism over the decision-making process at the highest echelons of Israeli government.

Egypt policeman killed in Sinai: Security officials say unidentified gunmen shot and killed an Egyptian policeman in northern Sinai's main city of el-Arish.

In pictures: Fatah rally in Gaza

Who is Fatah? Fatah Palestinian movement: Founded by Yasser Arafat in the 1950s, Fatah was once the cornerstone of the Palestinian national cause, but its power has since faded.

Abbas changes name of Palestinian Authority to ‘State of Palestine’: Under new decree, all stamps, signs, and official letterheads will be changed to bear the title

Major Test for Israel Lobby As Obama Leans to Hagel for Pentagon: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), faces a major dilemma. If it mounts a vigorous campaign to fight Hagel’s confirmation by the Senate, it could put at serious risk its relations with the president, who is about to be inaugurated for another four-year term.

U.S. Jewish leaders express 'concern' about impending Al Jazeera incursion into millions of American homes: Both Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents and Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League publicly voiced their apprehensions on Friday in the wake of reports that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore had sold his Current TV network to Al-Jazeera

Gore under fire from conservatives, Jewish leaders, for selling to Al-Jazeera: American conservatives and Jewish leaders are up in arms over former vice-president Al Gore's sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera, accusing the noted climate change activist of everything from hypocrisy to lining his pockets with cash from anti-Americans.

Gunmen attempt to assassinate head of Libyan political party: Gunmen attacked the hotel where Magarief was staying an engaged in a three-hour gun battle with his bodyguards, three of whom were wounded, the politician told state TV

S. Africa sends troops to Central African Republic: The South African presidency announced Sunday that is sending 400 army troops to Central African Republic to help the country's army as it faces a threat from a coalition of rebel groups.

Central African rebels seize one more town: Fighters take control of Alindao shortly after UN Security Council urges them to retreat from captured territory.

Russia Plans Construction of 50 Warships: The Defense Ministry said in a statement six strategic nuclear submarines and special operations support vessels, 18 surface warships, and 30 special-purpose and counter-subversion vessels are planned for construction, RIA Novosti reported.

Construction is complete on behemoth airship; first flight planned: According to aircraft maker Worldwide Aeros Corp., construction is complete on a 36,000-pound blimp-like aircraft designed for the military to carry tons of cargo to remote areas around the world.

At least 26 dead in Mexico drug gang violence: At least 26 people were killed in Mexico in the past 24 hours in apparent drug-related crimes, including six men shot dead whose bodies bear signs of torture, authorities said Saturday.

Ecuadorian president warns of possible 'CIA attack' before elections: Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has said the CIA may try to kill him prior to upcoming elections. Citing reports of a plot to “destabilize the region,” Correa said the threats were “credible,” given the history of US involvement in Latin America.

Venezuela says Chavez oath can be delayed: Official says ailing Hugo Chavez will not relinquish presidency even if he must be sworn in to new term at later date.

Chavez allies re-elect legislative chief in Venezuela: Allies of President Hugo Chavez on Saturday chose to keep the same National Assembly president — a man who could be in line to step in as a caretaker leader in some circumstances.

Eric Margolis: Chavez’s Illness may Sink Cuba: Op-Ed : Venezuela’s 29 million people are praying for their ailing Commandante Hugo Chavez – half that he will survive his latest bout of cancer, and the other half that he won’t.

In case you missed it: US, EU agencies fund Venezuelan opposition with $40-50 million annually: A revealing report prepared with funding from the World Movement for Democracy (a project of the US-based National Endowment for Democracy, NED), has disclosed that international agencies are funding the Venezuelan opposition with a whopping US$40-50 million annually.

Nightmare Continues For US Man Jailed in Bolivia : Ostreicher languished for a year and a half, among the murderers, rapists and pretty drug criminals locked up in the bizarre and dangerous place, where prisoners run the prison and guards rarely enter. He was never charged and no evidence was brought against him.

The World Sends Us Garbage, We send you back music: Video -

Idle No More targets Canadian travel routes: Some U.S. border crossings and rail lines shut down by First Nations demonstrators

US credit agency sues JP Morgan again: US federal regulators have launched a lawsuit against financial firm JP Morgan Chase & Co over the sale of risky mortgage securities that contributed to the collapse of three credit unions.

U.S. public schools cut 11,000 jobs in December: - Local U.S. governments cut jobs for the fourth straight month in December, including 11,000 in public schools, dragging down the nation's fragile economic recovery, jobs data showed on Friday.

Headlines Continued





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