Worshipping the Dollar: New Orleans and Iraq--Same Story 

By Sam Hamod 

09/02/05 "ICH"
-- -- “Don’t save people, stop the looting.” thus sayeth the government of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans. 

You can see what is most valuable—business, not people, not the citizens who might be saved if the police, national guard and others concentrate on saving people who may be trapped and alive in the flooding in New Orleans and environs. But no, the word went out today—forget about saving the people, stop those looters. 

What has American come to? Has it finally become that dastardly nation that Middle Easterners have claimed for a long time—that we are inhumane, that we use and abuse people, and that we worship the almighty dollar? Sorry, but New Orleans is clear proof that the real worship is not that of God, or the messages of Jesus, but of the almighty dollar—the golden calf that all the great prophets spoke against, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. 

Of course, our president, GW Bush, joins in this same matter; no reason to spend money on veterans and their wounds—so he has ordered cuts in the budget for military hospitals and doctors, has refused to allow the facts to come out about the overcrowding and long waiting periods for care in the military hospitals, and has even refused to divulge how many troops have been wounded, maimed or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, he has made clear, he will stay the course—but on someone else’s back, with someone else’s blood and let the mothers and loved ones who complain be damned! Just like New Orleans, let the people die, save the business people’s merchandise. 

Also, have you noticed, that not until today did we see that there were actually two white people involved in the looting. Prior to this, CNN and others gloated as they showed black people doing the looting; finally, today, it all came out, many of the organizers of the looting are white, and many white people have been looting as well—but the media decided once again that only black people break the law. This is analogous to the myth in America that only Arabs and Muslims can be “terrorists”, while Bush poisons the soil and the people of Iraq with Depleted Uranium, destroying hospitals, homes, water supplies, electric facilities and then calls those who defend their land, “terrorists.” In the case of America, the white man can do no harm, only black people break the law and join the outcasts and terrorists. One never hears the name of Timothy Mc Veigh any more or any other white men who have committed terrorist acts. Incidentally, no Arab or Muslim has ever been convicted of any terrorist crime against America. No Arab or Muslim has ever been charged with spying against America for an Arab country, but many Israelis and American Jews who identify with Israel have been caught spying and selling American secrets to Israel, China and Russia. 

Something is wrong in our country, and the illness starts at the top with the world’s number one terrorist, GW Bush, followed by his cronies, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. 

Let New Orleans be a wake up call—nothing was done to help set up safety dikes to save the city, though this threat of a major storm has been on the horizon for over a dozen years; now that the “big one” has come, the people are to be allowed to drown, but don’t one single “looter” get away. Police, man your guns, let the people drown, but stop that looting, save our business’. Ah, worship of the dollar, worship of power, worship of the devil for sure.

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