Drenched in profits: Drenched in blood

By Nathaniel Turner

09/04/05 "ICH"
-- -- The economy of the United States has matured to the point of nascent fascism at home and imperialist empire abroad. As events in New Orleans and Iraq dramatically illustrate, the earth is daily being made more toxic for human beings by the American Reich. 

They are drenched in profits as we are drenched in blood. Their mass murder knows no limits and recognizes no national boundaries. The people of New Orleans were as thoughtlessly slaughtered as the people of Baghdad have been. In the years to come this planet will either become a vast slave labor camp or capitalism will be uprooted and destroyed. 

The people of the world feel this threat to life and liberty in their bones but they are leaderless, confused and unaware that there is a way out. But resistance is possible! Our vast numerical superiority gives us a shot to win. No matter, we must fight! Label a resistance movement as revolutionary, give it whatever name you want, but labels as disparate as revolutionary and conservative are rendered meaningless when there is only the choice of slavery and death or survival and liberty. 

How to get to an effective insurgency in the United States? 

First, stop deluding the frantic and desperate American people that there will be any more honest elections in this country. How sad it is to hear good hearted people offering hope based on the 2006 or 2008 elections. The mass media and electoral machinery is fully under the control of those in power. Elections are now a quaint feature of American history. The men in charge of this country will only release their grip on us when their hearts are stopped or they are confined to prisons by a powerful armed force capable of overcoming their hired killers. 

Second, enlist people and accept the leadership of people in this insurgency without regard to race or nationality. Unbeknownst to most oppressed white workers in this country, his natural ally is his African-American, Hispanic and immigrant counterpart. Racism and xenophobia and every other tactic of division have been the lifeblood of capitalism with good reason. Our unity is the only potentially deadly threat to this gang. White supremacy, Black-nationalism, religious fundamentalism, sexism, and homophobia are dead ends for all of us. 

Third, simplify the ideology and clarify the battle lines. The U.S. is one of the last safe houses of people who live in obscene material wealth. The few people in this American safe house long ago declared war on all poor and working people. So far in that war we have been doing all the dying and the starving and the suffering. It’s time to make it a fair fight! It's got to be “even Steven” as the great warrior Malcolm X once said. And so it will be. 

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