Blessed Are The Peacemakers
by W. David Jenkins III    

How Can Bush Say Christ Is His Favorite Philosopher?

During one of the Republican primary debates back in 2000, the moderator asked the candidates to name their favorite philosopher. When it was governor George W. Bush's turn, he blurted out "Christ!" Between the look on his face and the tone in his voice, I was almost sure he had just taken the Lord's name in vain on national TV because he couldn't think of an actual philosopher. Five seconds after he blurted that exclamation, the easy going smirk returned to his face and he added, "Because he changed my life." Well, the thought was fun while it lasted.

It was a lie then as much as it's a lie now.

For the past two years now I've been wondering when those Christian values Bush keeps talking about were going to reflect in his policies. I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I just don't see it happening. After the events of Saturday, January 18 - and the subsequent reactions by Bush and his supporters - I am thoroughly convinced they are anything but Christ-like.

In the weeks leading up to January 18, the world saw many demonstrations taking place all over the world in opposition to Bush's regime and its policy of inciting illegal and immoral aggression. Well, they saw these demonstrations if they weren't tuned in to CNN and MSNBC. Literally millions of people have protested America's stance on Iraq and yet we still have Ari Fliescher making idiot statements like "there is no sizable opposition" to Bush and his war-mongering.

Oh, get off it, Ari!

Take a look around.

There are even staunch conservatives and veterans who oppose this action. There are protests taking place all over the world voicing opposition to America the World's Bully. There are more and more calls coming into broadcasts like C-Span's Washington Journal bringing up, not only opposition, but inconsistencies and the questionable history of many of those who can't wait to throw us into a war. Of course there are also those callers who still are buying the bunk put forth by the most corrupt administration ever. They seem to revolve around the same talking points.

Saddam gassed his own people. Yup, he sure did. He also gassed the Iranians. Then we rewarded him with billions of dollars in goods, he got to shake hands with Donald Rumsfeld and he continued to do business with many American companies like Cheney's Halliburton and the ATCC. American companies have been selling him "dual purpose" goods, chemicals and biological strains for decades after he gassed his own people. Shouldn't we be locking those people up?

Saddam helped fund the events of 9/11. He did? I haven't seen one shred of evidence that proves that. In fact, the CIA has said there is no evidence supporting such a claim. If these people want to go after the countries that funded 9/11 then they need to take a good hard look at Saudi Arabia. That's where the money trail leads, by golly. But the only threat we leveled against them is making them ride around in a pick-up truck on a ranch in Crawford, Texas, with a "recovering alcoholic" at the wheel.

Saddam is an immediate threat to America. Um, no he's not. In fact, CIA director George Tenant stated that Saddam has never been less of a threat! Unless we try to invade Iraq. Especially without the support of the world community. Then we've got a problem. A unilateral invasion of Iraq will set off a domino effect which will erase not only any sense of stability in the Middle East but will also increase chances of another attack like 9/11. In all actuality, Bush Inc. is more of an immediate threat to America than Saddam ever hoped to be.

But one of the things that irks me even more than the clueless callers voicing their ignorance in this matter is that they sometimes refer to those who disagree with Bush as "un-American." This has been a kind of pathetic and dangerous mantra with those who blindly follow and support the actions of the proud "C" student in the White House. Y'know the guy - the one the Canadians called "a moron" and the rest of the world views as a kind of Hitler without the camps and ovens. The guy who has supporters who have attested to his being "un-read and un-curious" about the world around him. According to these poor sheep, we who oppose this guy and his gang somehow hate America. What a sad commentary on Bush's America.

Those who exercise their constitutional right to dissent and utilize their freedom of speech are un-American. Those who refuse to goose-step to the recklessness of Bush's foreign policy - those who demand answers and proof that what this administration accuses Iraq of is fact instead of wishful thinking - those who will not allow their sons and daughters to die because "he tried to kill my daddy" - are unpatriotic. The founding fathers must be spinning in their graves at 120 mph.

How can a man who stated Christ was his favorite philosopher pursue such a policy? How can he continue to thumb his nose at the world and those in his own country? How can he ask young men and women to do what he and his supporters were too afraid to do? Is it possible that Bush actually thinks that this is something Christ would do? Is it possible that, not being content to rewrite history, now Bush feels compelled to rewrite the Bible?

The Book of Bush. Chapter 1, verse 1; "And I sayeth unto you, love thy neighbor - unless he has a stink-load of oil to make thy Father richer. Then just bomb the crap out of him. Amen"

One of the speakers in D.C. on January 18th quoted from Christ's Sermon on the Mount and spoke the ultimate truth when he said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." Anyone with the most minimal knowledge of Christianity can see the hypocrisy of George W. Bush professing such devotion to the teachings of Christ while, not only threatening an immoral war, quietly imposing policies which hurt the poor, the cold, the hungry, the innocent and the beauty of this Earth.

These are not the things Jesus would do.

Contrary to what Bush's people might think, the peacemakers are the ones speaking against this administration. The blessed are the ones who do not want this immoral and illegal war. And the patriots are the ones down in Washington, D.C. and other cities around the world last Saturday.
Go back and have Laura read your Bible to you, George. You'll see I'm right.




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