"What we are doing over there is wrong"

Confessions Of An Iraqi War Veteran

[Ed Note: This item has been removed - Some readers suggest Jessie Macbeth, may not be as he portrays himself. Many have cast doubt as to the validity of his experiences. See  Reader Comments (191) Further investigation as to the validity of his history and allegations are ongoing and will be added to this page as the become available.]

 IVAW Statement on MacBeth Video

Iraq Veterans Against the War recently learned of a video interview with Jesse MacBeth that directs viewers to IVAW’s website and phone number. IVAW was not made aware of the creation of this video program and our input on it was never sought by its producers. Jesse MacBeth is not a spokesperson for IVAW and any claims made by MacBeth about his service have not been verified. We are currently investigating these claims and will have a full statement pending its resolution."

A PepperSpray Production

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 This item is no longer available 

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War makes beasts of men :

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