Oppps, Hold On, Eureka. We found it! 

Perhaps the mail was late to the Al-Jazeera office. Powell should have sent the tape by DHL

 Jazeera: Bin Laden Urges Muslims to Support Iraq

DUBAI (Reuters) - The al-Jazeera satellite television channel said Tuesday it had received a statement from Osama bin Laden urging Muslim solidarity with Iraq and would broadcast it later in the day.

Al-Jazeera said the statement "urged Muslims to show solidarity and defend the Iraqi people."

"We have a statement and we will show it later tonight. It has a message," Editor Saeed al-Shouly told Reuters.

Earlier Tuesday Secretary of State Colin Powell told the U.S. Senate Budget Committee that he had read a transcript "of what bin Laden, or who we believe to be bin Laden, will be saying on al-Jazeera during the course of the day."

Al-Jazeera has often received audio tapes and statements said to come from bin Laden, blamed for the September 11 attacks on U.S. cities. The United States has accused the Arab TV channel of being a mouthpiece for al-Qaeda propaganda.


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