Only 7 Democrats Had Courage to Vote Against Blank Check for Israel

By ICH Reader

07/22/06 "
Information Clearing House" -- -- Only 8 Representatives had the courage to vote against this terrible 'blank check' for Israel.

Call them and thank them so that they'll keep doing it and so that others will get the courage to follow their brave example!

Any U.S. resident can use the toll-free numbers for the Washington, DC switchboard at:

1-888-355-3588 or 1-800-828-0498

I called them all, and all of their staffs were very, very appreciative because they are getting negative calls and probably threats of retaliation from AIPAC.

They are:

1. Jim McDermott - D from Washington
2. Carolyn Kilpatrick - D from Michigan
3. Neil Abercrombie - D from Hawaii
4. John Conyers - D from Michigan
5. Ron Paul - R from Texas
6. John Dingell - D from Michigan
7. Fortney Stark - D from California
8. Nick Rahall - D from West Virginia and a Lebanese-American


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