Democrat's Defacto Pardon Bush et al

By Karl Sanchez

12/05/06 "
Information Clearing House" -- -In what will be seen as the greatest political crime in US history--the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern times far beyond Ford's pardoning Nixon--the Democrats will provide the members of the Bush administration--who've committed known, documented, most heinous crimes--a defacto pardon by their unwillingness to do their sworn constitutional duty of aggressively investigating, impeaching, convicting, removing from office, and formally charging them with the multiple felonies and crimes against humanity they've so openly committed. It will be a defacto pardon because if they are allowed to leave office normally they will be able to use the assets of the US government to defend themselves from any civil or criminal charges they might face while retaining secret service protection and the massive pensions and perks. This act will essentially torch the Constitution.

On the face of it, this might seem surreal, until it is acknowledged that the Democrats are the other faction of our one Imperial Party and that they hoped Bush's Iraq project would succeed for the same reasons it was undertaken--maintaining Middle East hydrocarbon production within the dollar denominated "free market" exchange system and reduction of Iraq to a US dejure oil colony through the use of production sharing agreements that affectively cede all Iraqi hydrocarbon control to the US/UK oil majors--the so-called international oil companies as opposed to Iraq's state-owned or national oil company. [For a greater discussion of this, please read this item, ]

Another piece of evidence for this is contained in Congressman Kucinich's observation regarding the lack of Democratic opposition to funding Bush's Iraq conquest,

The upshot is that Democrats want to maintain the institution of Presidential Impunity, which is totally opposite any principled stand on the bedrock of Law & Order. In fact, I would argue that by granting the Bush administration this defacto pardon for all practical purposes the Constitution will no longer exist, as the fundamental law consciously will not be upheld, all congress people who swore to uphold the Constitution will have consciously lied to Congress--a felony--which means that for all practical purposes our democratic/republic will cease to exist as the fundamental law no longer applies if its basic premises aren't upheld. The ground work for our current dilemma is from the pardoning of the Reagan administration for very similar crimes whose only difference is their lack of such great overtness. The only bond holding the country together is the old concept of Union; but we are beginning to see centrifugal forces driving states away from the federal organization due to the gross criminality centered in Washington and New York. There's only one remedy: The proper and immediate use of existing law while it still exists.

Karl Sanchez, a retired educator living on the Oregon coast. Visit his blog

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