Sandra Day O'Connor: “My Life as a Buck-Passing Phony”

By Mike Whitney

12/10/06 "
Information Clearing House" -- --- Do you like Sandra Day O’ Connor?

You know, the peevish ex-Supreme Court Justice with the mug like George Washington?

O’ Connor’s placement on the Iraq Study Group is one of the more striking political ironies of our time. After all, who played a bigger role in securing a spot in the Oval Office for our Crawford Interloper than O’Connor?

Nevertheless, O’Connor was rewarded for her loyalty by sticking her on a panel that is designed to derail the Bush juggernaut before the entire Middle East disappears in sheets of flames.

Apparently, O’Connor has forgotten her part in the 2000 election-swindle and now believes that the media has an obligation to clean up the mess she made.


That’s right; in a terse warning to the press, the wizened O’Connor admonishes them on their responsibilities to the public:

“We’ve said in the report that we agree with the goal of US policy in Iraq as stated by the President: an Iraq that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself. And, to do that, we’ve made these various recommendations on a consensus basis. It’s my belief that if a large segment of our country gets behind that on a consensus basis, it’s very likely we can move forward and make some progress toward that statement of goals. And this is not an ongoing commission. It really is out of our hands, having done what we did. It’s up to you, frankly. You are the people who speak to the American people. You’re there interpreting this and talking to the American people. And I hope that that the American people will feel that if they are behind something in broad terms, that we’ll be better off.”

“Its up to you”?

What gall. What unmitigated gall!

In the 2000 election, 60 million votes were tossed on the burn-pile and only ONE FU**ING VOTE WAS COUNTE....Sandra Day O’ Connor’s. That was the vote which overturned the 225 years of democratic rule and put George Bush in the White House. O’Connor cast that vote by rescinding the constitutionally-guaranteed right of the states to conduct their own elections and by invoking the “equal protection” clause which had never been used except in cases of blatant racial discrimination.

And, now it “up to us”!?!

O’Connor knew that she was repealing democracy by stopping the counting of ballots, just as she knew that her ruling was flagrantly partisan and political in nature.

And, she went ahead anyway.

She sold out her country and paved the way for the disaster we all face now. O’ Connor’s bloody fingerprints are all over the Iraqi tragedy, as are Lee Hamilton’s, who whitewashed the 9-11 report to spare his fellow-traveler and plutocrat, George Bush; and , James Baker, who defended Bush in 2000 before the Supreme Court with perhaps the most cynical defense in American history: If the votes are counted my client will suffer “irreparable harm”.

“Irreparable harm” if the votes are counted!?!

Of course, he would have lost; what could be more harmful than that?

Ahhh, yes; but the biggest trophy still goes to O’Connor. It was her vote that revoked democracy in America and it is SHE who must be held responsible for its horrible consequences.

She could have remained invisible, in self-imposed exile; enjoying her life as a footnote in history’s chronicle of vile traitors. Instead, she wanted to fix some of the damage she’d done by joining a group that was organized to stop Bush’s genocidal march through the Muslim World.

I can still remember a photo of O’Connor which 2 appeared weeks ago in the New York Times and showed her leaving the White House after conferring with President Blockhead. She wore a look of utter dejection, perhaps, realizing that Bush is a recalcitrant, impervious numbskull, who is neither moved by friendship or reason.

What a bitter pill that must be for the woman, who, above all others, is responsible for putting him in office.

Now, of course, she’s trying to pass-the-buck just like Rummy passed-the-buck with one lame excuse after the other.

“It really is out of our hands,” O’Connor moaned. “It’s up to you, frankly. You are the people who speak to the American people. You’re there interpreting this and talking to the American people”.

Oh, so now it’s the media’s responsibility?

Sorry, Sandra, that bullsh** ain’t gonna cut it.

When the final text is written, the name of Sandra Day O’ Connor will feature quite prominently right next to Rasputin, Pol Pot, Henry Kissinger, Pinochet and the other scoundrels who litter the history books.

You sold us out, O’Connor. Now take your lumps like a man.

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