Gergan Says: Bush May Be Religious Fanatic.

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David Gergen is the about last person Washington looks to for outlandish, strident judgments about the political scene. Especially about the dim son of his old boss and great pal, George H. W. Bush.

But now, appearing on CNBC, Mr. Conventional Wisdom Gergen had described Dubya, with obvious shock and dismay, as a "radical" right-winger who may well be operating under fanatic religious delusions of grandeur.

GERGEN: But his act--his policies, his actual governance... [...] is far--much farther to the right of Reagan. It's--it--there--there's a radical conservatism that runs through much of the Bush policy, whether it's tax cuts or affirmative action or the environment or education or dismantling The Great Society. It's--I think it's been a major surprise.

Later in the interview, Gergen confirms the frightening possibility that Bush may truly believe that he is God's anointed, fulfilling some crackpot fundamentalist religious mission:

GERGEN: One of the interesting questions that I don't think anybody knows the answer to is whether, to--to--to some extent, he believes that--that providence intervened in his life at an earlier stage and whether, somehow, providence is now on the side of America and that he somehow may be an instrument of providence that--par--part of what he's on [...] is a mission that has so--some sort of theological roots.

Remember, folks, this isn't some librul Democrat talking, let alone someone who likes to stir it up, let alone some looney-tune like Cynthia McKinney.

This is bland old David Gergen, Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

Scared?  You should be.  Very scared.

Especially you, Howard "The Duck" Fineman.  You -- and the vast majority of the Washington press corps too, but you're so special, Duck -- you should be saying your own prayers, but for a different reason.

David Gergen has announced what political insiders call  a line modification of the conventional wisdom.  Dubya, according to the new C.W. line, isn't a bold, decisive leader. He's a right-winger who may also be certifiably nuts.

So, Duck: How long will YOU last with your slavish brownnosing of Dubya, now that Mr. Conventional Wisdom has proclaimed the object of your affection, the boss's boy,  a "radical" and quite possibly a religious fanatic? Has the tide suddenly turned, Duck?  Are you going to be caught where no Washington reporter ever wants to be, way far away from the safe C.W.?  Off to the fanatic "radical" right?  What's that you've holding, Duck?  A one-way ticket to Palookaville, writing filler copy for NewsMax?

Scared, Duck?  You should be.  Very scared



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