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Audio Booklet - "The Myth of the Innocent Civilian"

"The Myth of the Innocent Civilian", questions the relationship that people have with artificial entities such as governments and corporations. An artificial entity does not spring into existence on its own, has no will or intelligence of its own and cannot be held accountable for "behavior". Only people can reason, act and take responsibility.

In exchange for a variety of benefits, citizens submit to "government" demands which include all manner of taxation, licensing, and even compelled servitude. Great numbers of citizens are even directly employed by government. Yet when confronted with evidence of gross misdeeds commited in the name of government, citizens typically do not see themselves as accountable or responsible in any way.

"Corporations" provide goods and services to patrons, return on investment to stockholders and a livelihood to employees. Yet when confronted with evidence of gross misdeeds commited in the name of "their" corporation, most patrons, stockholders and employees will not see themselves as accountable or responsible in any way.

This little booklet may be a useful tool for anyone wishing to convince neighbors, friends or family that We the People cannot hide forever from responsibility and accountability for wrongs committed in the name of governments and corporations that we support. Whether those affected are our fellow Americans or people in foreign lands, failure to take responsibility will sooner or later come home to roost!

Click here to listen to the audio files. - If you have only limited time available please listen to chapter 16 here. MP3 file. Click Here To Download Free E-Book Version

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