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Impeach Cheney, Bush and Pelosi!

By Ted Lang

11/28/07 "ICH' --- - A
s has been consistently reported by the real American news media, the Internet, a vast majority of Americans want the war in Iraq ended, and also want Cheney, the real head of the Executive Branch, along with his puppet, George W. Bush, impeached. It is the belief of this writer that no president in American history is not only more disliked, but is actually more hated by the majority of Americans. The lies that got US into a war of invasion and mass murder of innocent, unarmed people perpetrated under the guise of “bringing them freedom and democracy” is the cruelest of absurdities, and totally un-American.

Our so-called two-party system has always been touted as a naturally evolved complimentary political support system that enhances our constitutionally limited republican form of government thereby ensuring the individual freedoms of each and every American citizen. The Cheney-Bush regime clearly underscores the fallacy and absurdity of this continuing mainstream media hype. A year ago, voters, including Republicans, handed Democrats a card blanche authorization in the interim elections voicing this nation’s desires to end the war in Iraq, to impeach Cheney-Bush, and to block these lunatics from initiating World War III by invading Iran. The resultant non-action is testimony to the farce of the “two party system.”

The chief obstruction in Congress has been House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. As far as this writer is concerned, her treason is much greater than that of Cheney-Bush. For it is Pelosi, and only Pelosi, who enjoys the most powerful position in American government, a power which solely enables her to remove these proven criminals from office. Remembering and considering the lies, falsehoods and propaganda, now all proven as such as generated by the criminals in the Bush White House, and employed to enrage the American people into believing that vengeance could be delivered to the doorstep of those who planned and perpetrated 9/11. Bush, in a post Iraq press interview answering a reporter’s query as to what Saddam and Iraq had to do with 9/11, replied, “Nothing!” Then why are we there? Why are we still there?

The answers to these questions are obvious when considering the intransigent position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the obvious collusion of the Democratic Party. Reflect upon this, the most golden of opportunities, for one party to not only openly demonstrate “product differentiation” as well as its opposition to the other, but to, at the same time, satisfy the will of the overwhelming majority of voters and to dispel the growing anger of the American people who are increasingly coming to hate their government. What an opportunity to do the right thing. But the governing attitude in play is that of the “American” mainstream media [MSM] and that of our now-affirmed criminal political class: “The public be damned.”

Even given the advantage of Cheney-Bush former insiders coming out and coming clean, Paul O’Neill, Colin Powell, and now Bush’s former press secretary Scott McClellan, Democrats are electively hamstrung. The MSM did more than a yeoman’s job in marginalizing the Plame Affair: who said what to whom, was Plame really an agent, was the information concerning her role damaging or even classified at the time, etc.? All the usual MSM obstructionism of misinformation, disinformation, editorialized facts to fit a political template, as well as the total spiking and suppression of facts and truth. It can therefore be expected that the same journalistic obstructionism and obfuscation will be used against McClellan. And let’s not forget the eventual ridicule from “The Three Stooges” [Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly].

The Plame Affair represents the exposure of an undercover supervising agent and her operatives during a time of war, which implies that just perhaps some of those operatives could have been placed in serious danger, rendered permanently ineffective, or even murdered. Of course, such outcomes have been minimized and ignored by the media. And even though the question concerning the impact upon operatives was posed during Plame’s interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Plame indicated that the answer couldn’t be given because she implied that such information was highly confidential and that she was therefore also under a government gag order; yet another secret to protect the Cheney-Bush federal crime machine. And recently, Sibel Edmonds revealed that the primary subject of information she had and for which she was gagged by Cheney-Bush arch criminals Mueller and Ashcroft concerned the criminal activities against the United States by the Israel lobby, AIPAC. Surprise, surprise!

The Plame exposure is a violation of Title 18 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. Virtually any and all Title 18 violations constitute a felony. In the case of Plame, exposing an undercover federal agent on assignment investigating a potential enemy’s [Iran] weapons of mass destruction, a potential enemy Cheney-Bush has all along indicated as being precisely such, indicates that Cheney-Bush had knowingly exposed Plame to a potential enemy of the United States for solely political reasons to enhance their own positions of political power and wealth. Such an offense, under Title 18, and during a time of war, constitutes a capital offense punishable by death. Cheney-Bush’s brief but frantic efforts to re-word the “Global War on Terror” [GWOT] to render the military incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan as non-war activities is irrefutable testimony of the fact that Cheney-Bush knew they were in violation of Title 18 when they actively and deliberately outed Plame. McClellan’s pronouncements to advance his book now manifest themselves as more such evidence in the American court of public opinion relative to the felonious outing of Plame.

Proof of criminal espionage against our nation was established in the Larry Franklin/AIPAC spy case, where the top AIPAC officials received confidential Executive Branch secret documents from Franklin and then passed them on to the Israeli government in Tel Aviv. These secret documents concerned the Cheney-Bush strategy for igniting war with Iran as per Israel’s latest warmongering desires and directives. And clearly, our criminal-dominated federal government is now dragging its feet in prosecuting the AIPAC spy case, while at the same time allowing Cheney-Bush to dodge the bullet concerning Plame and the entire CIA’s findings that Iran poses no nuclear threat! At the very least, Pelosi should never have caved into AIPAC’s booing and hissing at her speech announcing her intent to congressionally and constitutionally restrain Cheney-Bush from initiating a preemptive attack against Iran. It will be recalled how she quickly returned to her office to remove those restraints per AIPAC and Israel’s commands.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a traitor! Her joy and giddiness at achieving Speaker status in January 2007 now demonstrates clearly that gender makes absolutely no difference in terms of integrity, compassion, morality and service to the American people via the faithful performance of required constitutional mandates. The need to impeach Cheney-Bush to preserve the Union, preserve the two-party system, and assure a people-responsive federal government, have been egregiously ignored as well as orchestrated and amplified by this immoral traitor. It is Pelosi who now represents Cheney-Bush’s most powerful and effective enabler and supporter. Pelosi is now a vital part of the Cheney-Bush crime machine. She is an accessory before, during and after the fact. And she assuredly supports the AIPAC/Cheney-Bush crime machine’s intended and unwarranted, unconstitutional invasion of Iran.

Any impeachment effort must now include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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