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Guantanamo Comes to Main Street U.S.A.

By Mark A. Goldman 

12/02/08 "ICH" -- -- They say that the difference between how democracy in Europe has evolved compared to that of the United States is that in Europe the government is afraid of the People whereas in the United States the People are afraid of the government.  That's a dangerous state of affairs and it looks like it's going to get worse. 

It's not only a matter of who you vote for... it's a matter of how well informed you are when you do vote... and Americans now are notorious for not being nearly as well informed as the citizens of many other countries are.  So in America, we don't really think that deeply about the range of choices that are or are not available to us.  Fatal mistake.

The video below is indicative of the evolving consciousness of law enforcement in our nation... and it's our 'Shock and Awe' government, with its penchant for gratuitous and unconscionable violence, and the People's refusal to hold them accountable, that is setting the stage for our future in this 'land of the free and home of the brave.'

When we allow fear and force to dominate the way in which our government deals with people we don't know... we open the door to despotism, for surely when we fail to protect the legitimate rights of any group or person, we sow the seeds of our own destruction.  Take a look at this video if you want to know what is happening to civil liberties in our own country.  I guess for some members of our community, this is not news at all.  

Apparently local law enforcement officers are now being trained to treat citizens the way military personnel were trained to treat Guantanamo prisoners.  Your government doesn't seem to care anymore what you think... except maybe during an election year and even then, not so much.  And like the military, many police officers who have been trained to just follow orders, are doing just that...just following orders.  Watch this video.

Everything by the book


Woman is stripped naked and abused by Start County Sheriff Dept. email them at to let them know how you feel

Our silence and indifference to the plight of others is what allows this kind of thing to happen.  You probably won't get a better wake up call than this.  No doubt bad public relations will force this kind of evidence into dark corners.  The question is, will we wake up, or will we remain silent until something like this happens to someone we know and care about... or maybe to a lot of people we know and care about?

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