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Strangelove's Wet Dream

A Nuclear Free Fire Zone 

By Peter Chamberlin 

"You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You are a slave..., like everyone else you were born into bondage.  Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch.  A prison for your mind." – Morpheus - The Matrix

02/04/08 "ICH" --- - Never before have so few invested so much, for such long a time, to confuse so many people, about so many things.  Never before have so many free people willingly betrayed their own country, their own religion, even their own family, in order to gamble for the opportunity to serve the interests of the powerful few, who are known to reward loyalty so extravagantly.  This is typical behavior for a country that gambles enough to support its public school system with proceeds from lottery ticket sales.   

Our government, with the help of the psychos and sycophants who worship at its feet, has created a police state, which the people allow to masquerade as a democracy.  The various wars against this or that problem in America, but more specifically, the "war on drugs," have been used successfully by our overlords as an excuse to create a police state apparatus, and with it, new omnipresent agencies which made illegal searches and the invasion of privacy in America commonplace, long before the Patriot Act applied it to every facet of our lives.   

The American government, in bed with the magnates of big business (the dictionary definition of "fascism"), have been at war with the American people for a very long time.  Fat cat Republicans, who regularly bankroll both parties, have long plotted to replace democracy with a fascist dictatorship.  (SEE: THE PLOT TO SEIZE THE WHITE HOUSE)    Corporations have invested billions in foundations to study the people, in order to make more efficient war upon their minds. 

America has the largest prison population in the world, not by accident, but by design.  Many years ago it became apparent to the masters of our government that the American people would never submit to the involuntary slavery that awaited them.  One day, when the people realized what was being done to them, circumstances would devolve into a military confrontation between Washington and the people.  When that day comes, it would be better for government mercenary forces if most young men of fighting age were either overseas, or in jail. 

Like the revolutionary movie "Matrix," every totalitarian state will eventually produce an underground resistance, which will find its own charismatic leaders, who can convince enough fellow slaves to rise-up into an irresistible critical mass.  It will be the same way here in America, once Internet researchers finally manage to blow the lid off the 911 cover-up, or one of the other pressure cooker political cover-ups that are now being brought to a boil on the stove.  When the people can finally get a clear glimpse of the totalitarian state rising around them, they will throw off all pretense of self-serving self-restraint.   

The nature of the overthrow will depend upon the length of time required to alert the masses to the dangerous truth.  If the people can be aroused to perform their patriotic duty to restrain their government from destroying the world, before it crosses the nuclear threshold, then peaceful change is still possible.  The lunatic-in-chief and his supporters in both the political parties are prepared to use nuclear weapons against vast civilian populations, if We the People are unwilling to stop them.  This new phase in the war that is allegedly being fought in America's defense will represent the final transmutation of that war into a totally new war, fought to prevent alleged nuclear weapons construction, by unleashing actual nuclear destruction.  Strangelove's "wet dream," a nuclear free fire zone. 

The disaster unfolding in Washington is like nothing the earth has ever seen.  The highest form of government ever produced by man is putting the final stages of planning on freedom's demise, and yet the freest people in the history of the world believe that they are powerless to change anything, as they watch excitedly from the sidelines, screaming patriotic hymns to Clinton and McCain.  The planners and their stooges ultimately believe in their own ability to carry forward the grand "success" stories of Iraq and Afghanistan into the rest of the Muslim world.  The illusion that they can destroy select areas of the rest of the world without destroying us, helps to calm the delirious worry-free psyches of an immoral society, ready to kill the world to save their own sorry asses.  

The war on terrorism uses our beliefs against us.  It has been exposed as a holy war between Christianity and Islam, at least that is evidently what the Jewish neocon authors of the war want it to be.  It is only a matter of time before it becomes obvious to everyone that the war of the new world order is a war against all religion.  Religious belief and basic human morality must be allowed to serve as the basis for the fight against this war, because it is a war on life itself.  The inherent evil of the whole operation must become the rallying point for the people to oppose the war.  It is nothing less than an egotistical human attempt to overthrow the moral basis of international law, replacing it with the inhumane law of parasitic capitalist Darwinism.  Kill everyone who refuses to be made into a slave! 

Religious extremists are primary tools for manipulating religious populations into embracing false violent beliefs, in direct contradictions to the peaceful books they were taught from.  In both politics and religion, it is the extremists who stand-out, commanding attention, if not respect.  It is through the various targeted extremists that the false religious and political beliefs are introduced into the mainstream of ideas.  It is within this flow of ideas that we must wade, to fight the false ideas of a war of civilizations and its counterpart a "holy war" between Christianity and Islam. 

It is time that extremists in the cause of religious truth and freedom took the fight to our corporate government.  We do not have to bow before a form of Zionist-sanctioned political correctness, which leaves no room for truth in an entertainment/indoctrination bureau which masquerades as a free press.  Our "free press" has allowed itself to become the greatest threat to freedom our nation has ever faced.  It is impossible for a free people to defend itself against an administration of deadly lies when the truth is so easily buried.  The American people must become their own press, in order to get around the main obstacle to freedom.    

The revolution must be a national rejection of a political system based on lies and cover-ups.  Our national resistance movement must take the form of a fight for truth, and it must take place in the national arena.  The truth we have learned from the rest of the world, through the alternative media, must become common knowledge.  You would think that the way Americans love ironic, sarcastic humor, the majority would eagerly join us over here in the alternative media, to share our fascination with the hypocritical stage theater now being performed for our national amusement, which masquerades as politics and foreign policy.      

The national debate has been strangled because of the news blackout over American/Israeli relations and American duplication of Israeli tactics in the war.  Criticism of Israel or its tactics which are used by American forces will not be found anywhere in the "legitimate" American press.  This news "dead zone," which is  geographically centered on Israel, is certain to be where the planned conflict against Iran and everyone associated with Iran will break-out.  We have to overcome this news blackout over the selected zone of conflict. 

The Zionist censorship of American debate relies upon the accusation of "anti-Semitism" as their primary weapon, to silence fair-minded Americans, who would normally refuse to remain silent in the face of such massive cold-blooded murder on this scale.  This instantly has the effect of elevating whatever position they are defending from debate to an (so far) unassailable position beyond debate from the "racist" rabble, otherwise known as "anti-Zionists."  By openly making Israel's war America's war, the magical talisman of "anti-Semitism" insulates the Israeli roots of the war on Islam from criticism.  Israel must be exposed as the progenitor of this war and the even bigger battle about to be let loose upon the innocent Muslims of the world.  

The real racists are the Zionists.  It is impossible to fight the racist basis of the war, without exposing this cold hard fact.  Ideas of Jewish superiority based on Biblical accounts of ancient Israel are embraced by "Christian" leaders, who ignore the obvious ethnic cleansing and state policies of today's "Israel" that easily match the accepted international definition of "genocide."  The ongoing "Shoah" (holocaust) being inflicted upon the Palestians is ignored by the loyal press, while the most cynical Zionists seek to derail true debate by mislabeling feeble homemade rockets as genocidal weapons.    Once again, the Zionists turn truth on its head, with its genocidal weapons claim, while denying that the truly horrific thermobaric, phosphorus and uranium-based weapons it has used in Gaza and Lebanon were used in contravention of international law.   

If the indigenous people of Palestine are not made to seem inferior, as somewhat less human than the citizens of the "Jewish state," then it becomes much harder to rationalize a "Shoah" upon them, or to "broom them" from their land, like an infestation of vermin.  The war against Islam is based on this false position of superiority over all the Muslim people, just as it has been in previous American wars against other non-white populations, who had land or lives available for the taking.  The would-be tyrants of the world have always looked at the American genocide of Native Americans as the ultimate example to follow.   

For those of you still on the sidelines, who have never been baptized by the fires of vitriol and accusations of "anti-Semitism" that always come from criticizing our government for fighting catastrophic wars to enshrine Israel's security above our own, I invite you to wade into the political waters and be baptized in organized hatred, for daring to speak-out.  For I guarantee that the first comments you will hear for breaking the taboo and telling the truth will be very abusive in a special mad dog sort of way.  The Jewish extremists (who call themselves Zionists) have manipulated Christians, (who also call themselves Zionists) into fighting a genocidal war against Muslims (whom the Zionists call Islamists), so that the Jewish extremists in Israel could safely, openly, remove all Muslims from "Greater Israel," the land coveted by "the chosen people."     

It is wrong to allow a new holocaust of one people to fulfill the territorial ambitions of the descendents of the survivors of the last holocaust.

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