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How US Capitalism Will End US Military Adventurism

By Peter K. Vickers

16/04/08 "
ICH" --- - You know those overused phrases right? Those quips like 'What goes around comes around'; 'Karma is a bitch'; 'You reap what you sow'; the trite off the cuff sayings about shared human morality that used to hold some wisdom, but have long since become empty verbiage? I'm sure if you thought for just a moment you'd come up with another cliché in the same vein, that you could say and then laugh at how stupid it sounds, how meaningless it has become.

How about 'The bigger they come the harder they fall.'

I hope all of you in the USA are ready because Karma really is a bitch, and Ezekiel's Wheels are spinning out of your control, and the weight when they come to ground on America is going to hurt more than anything you can imagine. The gods of Mammon you have raised up will not be kind and millions of you are already beginning to feel the financial pain. You will not only lose your economic advantages in the fall to come, but harder to bear will be the loss of your illusions about your morality, your superiority, your supremacy, and your vaunted exceptionalism. As in your blind aggressions in foreign lands the innocent within America will be collateral damage. None but those of you who have so blatantly looted your country's coffers will be spared in the coming economic conflagration, and those vultures will simply flee to their international redoubts and leave you to your wretched misery.

Most Americans know instinctively, beyond the fog of flag-waving and hollow hymn singing, deep in their souls, that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is a crime of monstrous proportions, one committed in their name, with their permission, by those they elected and those they armed and equipped, a crime they could end at any time but do not. Any student of history also recognizes this aggression to be just the latest in a series of heinous crimes committed on innocents around the globe by the modern world's most egregious and dangerous country, a country once blessed, now drunk on power, cursed with addictions to venality, gangsterism, careless obese consumption and usury the likes of which has never been witnessed before. With so much original promise squandered America has allowed itself to become a vampire culture, consuming all it touches including its own natural wealth, its principals and institutions, its legacy, and in a final maddened act of social cannibalism devouring the future of its young and itself.

Poetic blind justice is about to render her verdict there in the land of the 'light on the hill', the Camelot of history’s most brutal and deluded killer culture. Not one country has had the strength to stand against American weapons and legions as they have killed millions in brutal aggressions over the last hundred years, but the USA has sown the seeds of its own destruction in the wanton, neo-liberal capitalism it has inflicted on the entire world, in the cost of its endless military adventures, in the social Darwinism that underpins American 'morality' and ‘theology’ and therein lies the self-administered poison that has rotted out the heart and guts of America and signals its inevitable demise.

We know that the distress of this impending collapse in the US economy will extend into Canada and abroad, and that it will be very tough, and with the consequences clearly held, most global citizens stand ready to bear the suffering of this most necessary cure. A small price to pay for the future of our planet and our children, for those who are dying and will die under the guns of your young murderers in far-flung countries; a pittance in pain to finally be freed from all facets of this terminal malignant made-in-USA malady! It is finally becoming obvious even to Americans that their country has swallowed the poison pill which as we speak brings on the systemic failures which will ultimately silence the ravening dogs of war and deadly consumption that exude across the 49th parallel and around the world, a plague that left to continue its feral spread would be the end of all of us.

For you Americans who smell the rot that pervades your country and your culture, we feel pain and comradeship for what is to come but this cleansing must take place. The alternative is not something that humanity or the biosphere as we know it can survive.

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