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Why Not Nancy?

By Cindy Sheehan

14/06/08 "ICH" -- -- This past week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh) historically and courageously introduced 35 articles of impeachment against (p)Resident George W. Bush. Repeated calls to Speaker Pelosi's offices gave many of us the assurance that impeachment was still off her "table." The latest absolutely frivolous reason is that impeachment would be "divisive."

Hello!? The constitution (of our what now has become a rogue nation) DIVIDES our federal government into three distinct branches that were set up to be "checks and balances" on each other. This week, we also witnessed the Supreme Court place a legal check on BushCo by overturning provisions in the Military Commissions Act. Does Ms. Pelosi believe that the nearly eight years of the most criminal administration (and that's saying something) in US history has been divisive to our country? The founders placed tensions in our founding document to uphold the rule of law and oftentimes divisions are productive when the rule of law is followed.

She has also claimed that she trampled all over our constitution because the House is trying to "change course in Iraq." This is the most laughable excuse, unless one considers appropriating over half a trillion dollars and the deaths of 1100 American troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis (since she has been in "charge") is a new direction.

Last Wednesday (June 11th) when the House voted to send the articles to be buried and for all intents and purposes killed in the House Judiciary Committee EVERY DEMOCRAT voted to do this. A simple majority is needed to send the indictment of the president or vice president to the Senate, where there does seem to be an insurmountable 2/3rds vote need to convict and remove from office, but Pelosi's "not enough votes in the House, and Senate," is probably one of the lamest excuses. The vote on Wednesday was proof that the Dems can vote in a block and it is NOT Ms. Pelosi's job to worry about what happens in the Senate. The closer this nation gets to impeachment, the more healing can begin to happen and the reps that courageously stand up for our country and the rule of law will be honored in posterity, but the ones that do not will be vilified by a future that is bereft of peace and justice.

Instead of offering us silly justifications for abdicating her constitutional obligations, I challenge Ms. Pelosi to answer each and every one of the 35 charges that Dennis leveled against George Bush and explain, in writing with the same attention to detail that Dennis gave to the articles, why her good buddy, George, is not guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors (if not treason). I would like to see her put foth constitutional and legal arguments befitting the stature of her office.

One of the statements defending Nancy's lack of oversight that I find to be the most dismissive and abhorrent to 4100 American families is that George Bush is not "worth it." What is he worth? A retirement from politics where he slinks off scott-free to Texas with his pointy tail tucked between his legs, (or by some reports, Paraguay), where he will be able to bike and/or clear brush to his heart's content while millions of people suffer from his regimes' scorched earth policies?

If George is not "worth" Ms Pelosi's troubles, then I want to suggest to her billions of beings that are "worth it:" My new grandson, Jonah, and his peers who deserve a world where peace and prosperity are the norm: not war, poverty, famine and violence.

A few of the articles (torture, war, and warrantless spying, for some) definitely implicate the Democrats as much as BushCo and the Republicans, but for future justice, impeachment must be instituted immediately or Ms. Pelosi must cogently and speedily answer the American public as to why she refuses do her duty. We are sick of tired platitudes, sound bites and talking points.

We demand answers.

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