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Obama Names Foreign Policy Panel

By Reuters

18/06/08 -- - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has named a foreign policy panel of former U.S. officials from whom he will seek advice on weighty foreign policy matters such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The list may offer hints about how the Illinois senator might fill senior jobs if he is elected to the White House.

Obama met with the panel on Wednesday and said his advisers shared his approach of pursuing a "pragmatic" foreign policy which he contrasted with what he said was a "rigid ideology" of the Bush administration.

These are the advisers on Obama's senior working group on national security.

* MADELEINE ALBRIGHT - Served a secretary of state in former President Bill Clinton's administration and was a top adviser to the campaign of Obama's former rival, Hillary Clinton.

* DAVID BOREN - The former governor and senator from Oklahoma chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

* WARREN CHRISTOPHER - Was Bill Clinton's first secretary of state and also served as deputy secretary of state in the Carter administration.

* GREG CRAIG - Was a former senior adviser to Albright in the Clinton administration and later led the team defending Bill Clinton against the impeachment charges involving Clinton's affair with a White House intern. Despite long ties to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Craig was an early supporter of Obama and has been part of his inner circle of advisers.

* RICHARD DANZIG - Served as secretary of the Navy under Bill Clinton and is an expert on counterterrorism.

* LEE HAMILTON - The former Indiana congressman co-chaired the blue-ribbon commission that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks and was a lead author of Iraq Study Group report that offered recommendations on Iraq to President George W. Bush in 2006.

* ERIC HOLDER - Was deputy attorney general in Bill Clinton's administration and is working with Caroline Kennedy, daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy, in helping to guide Obama's search for a vice presidential running mate.

* ANTHONY LAKE - Was national security adviser to Bill Clinton and has been part of the inner circle of Obama's campaign.

* SAM NUNN - A former senator from Georgia who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee, Nunn has long been viewed as a leading Democratic voice on foreign policy and some have speculated he might be looked at by Obama as a potential running mate.

* WILLIAM PERRY - Was secretary of defense under Bill Clinton.

* SUSAN RICE - The former assistant secretary of state for African Affairs is Obama's senior foreign policy adviser.

* TIM ROEMER - The former Indiana congressman was a member of the 9/11 commission.

* JAMES STEINBERG - Was deputy national security adviser to Bill Clinton.

(Reporting by Caren Bohan; Editing by David Wiessler and Cynthia Osterman)

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